1. What is the situation?

The homeowners association of an eldery community is suing the two grandparents of a 3-year-old that is currently living within the community. She has been living there for 3 years because the grandparents claim that the mother is an unfit drug addict. The homeowners association has the right to sue, since the couple is indeed violating their contract.

2. What are your objectives? Informational: Inform the public that it is indeed the homeowners right to sue, but also let them know that negotiations are being made and that every possible angle is being considered to resolve this legally and emotionally tricky situation. Motivational: It is in the best interest of the homeowners association if we get them to change their hardened stance on this issue. They need to negotiate with the couple and understand that they are attempting to relocate but are having problems. If it is possible, the homeowners association should try to help them sell their home. If that does not work, it is for the best if the case isn't pursued and settled out of court.

3. Who is the audience? Audience: Any adults interested in living in this community as well as current residents of the community.

4. What is your strategy? The best course of action is to have some sort of public gathering. At this gather, the 3year-old's grandparents can openly talk with the community's members that have problems with the current situation. Press releases will be sent to major news publications to let the public know of the efforts to fix the situation peacefully and sympathetically. 5. What are your tactics? An out-of-court settlement is the optimal outcome for this situation. For this, the public meeting that will be set up will be organized and executed as soon as possible. In this meeting, both them grandparents and the homeowners will publically state their grievences. After that, possible non-legal solutions can be discussed and hopefully decided upon by everyone at the meeting. As for press releases, two will be sent out to

local media outlets. The first will announce the meeting in general to let everyone know peaceful steps are being taken to solve the problem. A second will be issued after the metter is resolved to let the public know the outcome benefited everyone involved.

6. How will the campaign be timed? Everything needs to be set in motion as soon as possible in order to show that this is important to the community that this matter be resolved quickly and peacefully.

7. How will the campaign be evaluated? The obvious evaluation would be how happy the homeowners association and the grandparents are with the outcome of the situation. Other than that, it would be a good idea to monitor the amount of applicants that want to live in the community after the situation is resolved. This will help measure how the public viewed the outcome.

1. What is the situation? McDonalds wants the term "McJobs" removed from the dictionary because they feel as though it is offensive and demeaning. It officially means "low-paying unskilled job." Obviously, this definition reaffirms negative stereotypes about McDonald's and its employees.

2. What are your objectives? Informational: inform people of the positive aspects of a McJob (such as the jobs are necessary and are convienient for many people ie. students) Motivational: change the official definition of the term "McJobs" as well as the publics opinion

3. Who is the audience? - Dictionary employees, publishers and writers

- McDonald’s employees - teens and young adults

4. What is your strategy? Let employees know that they are indeed appreciated in the McDonalds work place. Additionally, let the public know about these efforts via press releases and internt buzz. If public opinion of a McJob increases positively, then it can be confirmed that the dictionary's definition of a McJob is indeed out-dated.

5. What are your tactics? An employee appreciation program that lasts at least a year that will do a variety of things to let employee know they are indeed appreciated. Also, send press releases to news outlets about how the term McJob is outdated and how it is actually a positive job for many people.

6. How will the campaign be timed? Immediately instate an employee apprectiation program that spans the year at strategically place intervals as well as immediately let the public know of this program.

7. How will the campaign be evaluated? In order to track this PR effort, it would be important to monitor employment rates or applications submitted at McDonalds. Have they gone up? This might suggest an increase in positive public opinion of a McJob. Additionally, look at news coverage and finally find out if dictionary makers change remove the term McJob.