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Every time I hear Nestor’s story I’m reminded of the tens of thousands of young undocumented people that share

or relate to
it. It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of fighting for undocumented folk not just on the anniversary of DACA, but every
I hope you’ll give it a read today, and then donate $10 or more to the DACA renewal fund. Every single dollar we raise
will go towards a young undocumented person in financial need to renew their DACA.

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On the 7th anniversary of DACA, UWD is raising funds for recipients who are in financial need to renew their status. These
renewal fees are costly, and every dollar you donate today will go directly toward helping a young person who needs it. Can you
donate $10 or more to our DACA renewal fund right now?


On June 15, 2012, President Obama and the federal government changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of
undocumented students and young people when they announced a new immigration policy: Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals (DACA). For the first time ever, young people who had lived their entire lives in America, who know nothing else but
this country, could finally feel safe from deportation from the only home they know and love.

Since taking office, Trump has done everything in his power to undermine this critical program that helps so many
undocumented people and their families. And right now, DACA is currently hanging by a thread -- a thread that's in place
only thanks to court orders that could be overturned at any moment.

Can you donate $7 or more today to our DACA renewal fund?


Being undocumented without DACA means no job, no driver’s license, no financial aid, no in-state tuition, no social
security number, and no government-issued IDs.

I should know -- I, myself, am a DACA recipient.

I also know firsthand what it’s like to suffer at the hands of deportation because, for 13 years, my family and I have been
separated from my father, who was deported over a broken taillight.

I still remember the lights flashing in my face as I heard my mother screaming from the living room, telling me and my younger
brother to not get up. Two immigration agents stormed into my parents’ bedroom and took my father away in handcuffs. I lived
my life in fear that the same would happen to me from that moment on.
Six years later, DACA changed everything.

After I got DACA, I was able to get a good job, and help out my family financially. When my mom got sick, I was able to drive
her to doctors’ appointments with my new driver’s license, without the fear of being pulled over and deported.

My story is not unusual. It mirrors the experiences of hundreds of thousands of other young people who've been able to get
good jobs, access higher education, and live life without worrying as much about the deportation force, all thanks to DACA.

But these days, many of us are rushing to renew our DACA while we still can. Sometimes all it takes is a lapse in renewal and
a person who was once covered is put back in danger of deportation.


At $495 per person, every two years, it’s very expensive -- especially for students and parents of young children. Will
you donate to the DACA Renewal Fund now to help people just like me continue to have protection from deportation?

These are real lives of young people with endless potential. They need our help, but more than that -- they deserve it.
Undocumented young people deserve to go to school, they deserve the same chances of success as their peers, and they
deserve to not be afraid of their immigration status every day.

Thanks for all you do to help us change lives. We’ll keep fighting because we are #HereToStay.
Nestor at United We Dream

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