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Water is our life

Water is a gift from Mother Nature. We get water from rain,

rivers, streams, tanks, wells fountains and taps. Water is useful.
All living beings and plants need water to survive.

People require water for different purposes. We can live a few

days without food but we can’t live without water. We need
water for our daily activities like bathing, cooking and washing.
In addition water is a must for agricultural purposes. We don’t
get any food if there is no water.
We need to protect our water resources as water is our life.
Water is the life blood of the earth. It’s very useful to man.

Man and animals can’t live without water. The amount of

drinkable water in the world is only 1%.
Water adds to the beauty of nature as waterfalls and rivers.
Water has no colour.
It is our duty to protect water.
So we have to use water very carefully. Do not waste water.