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IOT solutions in Centralized IED Management, Fault file

Collection and Analysis

B. Venkateswara Rao, Sr. Manager (NTPC-Simhadri), B.K Pandey, DGM (CC-OS).

Now a day’s protection systems generate large amounts of useful data. The most important
of which are the Disturbance records. Analysis of faults and disturbances play crucial roles
in secure and reliable electrical power supply. Disturbance Records (DR) stored in
numerical Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) provide relevant information associated
with faults in the power system. But when it comes to analyzing events using these records,
more time is spent in collection of files rather than analysis due to the significant time and
effort required to gather the data.
Every utility is facing tremendous challenge in managing IEDs manufactured and supplied
by different vendors. DR retrieval is typically done using a different set of software tools
supplied by each vendor. This necessitates maintaining multiple sets of tools on different
laptops/desktops. Mostly DR collection is a manual process done locally at individual
substations and there were occasions where the delay in retrieving the DR and analyzing the
same extended the equipment outage time.
The paper discusses IOT solutions to collect DR and event report automatically from multiple
relays installed in various substations and sends them to a central server for analysis. It also
discusses centralized collection, storage and version management of setting and configuration
files of the IEDs, which further aids analysis. Development of mobile applications to send the
alerts to a group of people with new fault record generation in the central server and enhancing
the provision to view the fault record in the mobile device itself which helps in easy
identification of problem, getting multiple expert views and solutions etc. is also discussed in
this paper.

Keywords: Disturbance Records, Event analysis, Mobile applications, remote care, IOT,
Comtrade etc.