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Milirons, Molly Tamer, Scott Waterstone Valar Project, Inc. — 4509 Interlake Ave. N, #266 —Seatlle, WA 98013-6782 ‘Open Game Content & Copyright Information Slowel Erolc Fantasy & prevented under ne Open Game licefée. See page 190 fo the Jex! ofthe open game icenso. ‘All gome mecharics ond slates cre fo bo corsidared Opa Game Conlon! Alsigniicant characiore character names ond ait (weiner lustaions or phologrophs| helen cre copyrighted by Yawc Prot. Inc. the mention ot reference fo; ony company of product in these pages kno! @ challenge fo the Irademark or copytigh! concerned Chapter 1: Love, Sex, & Roleplaying Why Include Sex in Your Game? Handling Sex ina Mature Way Sex and Roleplaying Romance, Seduction, and Love Sex and Humor Sidebar: "Rating Sexin Your Game” Consent and Sex Sexual Orientation Love and Sex Between Player Characters ‘Kinks and Fetishes Prostitution: Secred and Profane Pornography (Consequences of Love and Sex ‘Marriage and Bonding Commitment and Infidelity Pregnancy and Childbirth ‘The Cons Chastity Sexual Taboos Cultural Taboos Universal Taboos Rites of Passage Marriage/Comunitted Union Customs Fidelity / Chastity Duration Dissolution Sex and the Alignments Lawful Good Neutral Good ‘Thunderhooves sidebar Chaotic Good Lawful Neutral Neutral Chaotic Neutral Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil Sex and the Species Player Character Races Dwarf BE Gnome Half-elf Sidebar: Intelligence and Sex TABLE OF CONTENTS 9 10 10 nl 1" ul R n B 3 B B 14 u u 6 Bb 6 v7 Vv » 9 BROVRERREBS B Haltore Sidebar: Hialébreeds and Pregnancy Halfling Human Other Humanoids Centaurs Doppelgangers Dryads Sidebar: House of a Thousand Pleasures Felids Giants Giantbom Grolls Goblinoids Kobolds Lizardfolk Merfolk and Tritons Minotaurs Nymphs Ores and Ogres Satyrs Serpentines Sprites Other Creature Types Aberrations, Animals Constructs Dragons Elemenials Oozes Outsiders Plants Undead Vermin Chapter 2: Rules, Skills, & Feats Rules? For Sex? Ability Scores Appearance Average Appearance Scores ‘Appearance and Species Appearance and Sexual Organs Size and Sex Sidebar: Variant: Spells Sustaining Sex Skills Appraise Bluff Craft Perform BRYSSR BR 7 39 39 39 39 40 40 41 4 42 42 a2 a B Profession ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases Social Consequences ‘Types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Fetishes Pregnancy and Childbirth Birth Control Conception Crossbreeding, Feats Types of Feats Chapter 3: Base & Prestige Classes Imagist Kundala Tantrist Prestige Classes Disciple of Aaluran Divine Celibate Sidbar: Divine Celibate's Mount Dominator Fey Enticer Frenzied Disciple Sample Frenzied Disciple Harem Protector ‘Sample Harem Protector Knot Binder of Kaladis Sample Knot Binder of Kaladis ‘Metaphysical Spellshaper Sample Metaphysical Spellshaper Pierced Mystic Sidebar Piercing Locations Rake Sacred Prostitute Voyeuristic Seer Chapter 4: Magic New Domains Body Domain Denial Domain Joining Domain Perversion Domain Pleasure Domain Voyeur Domain New Bard Spells New Cleric Spells New Druid Spells New Imagist Spells New Paladin Spells 4 44 45 45 a 47 48 49 49 50 51 55 55 59 2 65 6 7 68 6 2 B B 76 B 2B SBRE EB SRSRGELEL SSE