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My First Essay

Whenever I try to write I am always trying to produce something extraordinary. I try to write something that would be a delight to read for those minutes it will be in a reader’s hands. When it is dropped, I want to see a smile on a face, and I want it to earn the coveted title of ‘Very interesting’. I write constantly comparing my writing with those of international bestsellers on how absorbing it is. I always wish for a million people, who would read my writing and review it immediately. The success stories of writers like J.K Rowling and those books I loved to the extent that I wished I could control amnesia and forget them, so I could have the luxury of reading them all over again. Sometimes I wonder how I would have turned out if I didn’t have a TV stand with a bottom layer full of books when I was little. I started reading them when I saw my siblings (I am the last born in a family of four children) doing so. I was probably bored that I didn’t have someone to play with. Soon I got interested in it on my own. I would dig through the pile of books hoping that there would still be one I hadn’t read and it seemed to last a fairly long time. Enid Blyton is not a name I believe I will forget. The thing is, unlike this essay, my whole life is not about writing. I have my engineering studies to face, I really love football and I am currently trying to unseat Bill Gates on that list. Some people might label me an over-achiever, as now I have created my master of all trades personality to fit into, with no instruction manual on how to actually achieve it. Well the answer I choose to believe in is God. With God ANYTHING is possible and I really truly believe that. It seems every dark cloud really has a silver lining because that was something I picked out of a really stormy cloud.

Back to my writing. My sister used to write and I always wanted to as well. She used to write on and off, never really developing a story before throwing it away. Through some seemingly ripple effect I started writing sometime later and barely made 3 pages and then stopped altogether. She at one time wrote about 80 pages of a book then all of a sudden, stopped. She was probably my subconscious source of motivation because as she stopped I didn’t pick it up again either. I was about 10 ten then and though I excelled at essays in class, that was about it. Fastforward 8 years, and I got a new push. This time my inspiration was someone I met and only spoke a few words to. It was a girl I sat beside during a show, she was holding a book. One of the few words I spoke to her that night was to ask her if I could see the cover of the book in her hands, it was one of those motivational/leadership books (which some people who knew I liked books found odd, but I figured I didn’t need any) from the library. After the show that night I was for some reason I can’t remember now, thinking about her. It was probably because she had that calm demeanour, with this really beautiful skin and she was a bit pretty. It wasn’t that I had suddenly fallen in love with her, whoever she was, but I guess she was the type of person that was easy to take a liking to. The next day or so at the library (which was of a respectable size), I somehow ran into the book while looking for something else. It was quite a coincidence more so as the book was the only thing I really remembered about her. I took the book down from the shelf and read it for about three minutes, believing it must be more than a coincidence that I saw the book. I was thinking of how books never seem to reflect a trace of the person who last held them as I flipped through the book to finish and put it down, then I saw three pieces of paper inside. I froze for a second as I remembered she was holding those. I really felt all of a sudden it must be a kind of sign from God to go and find her. It almost made me break a sweat for a second as I was jokingly contemplating that earlier. On one of the pieces of paper in the book was

a name. I doubted it was hers as it would be kind of odd to write your name on a piece of paper and carry it about with you in a book. So I basically had nowhere to start my search. I started to think what I would say to her when I do eventually find her, when I thought of writing a short story of what I imagined she would have been doing from the day before we first met, to the day I would give her my story. That sounded really cheesy and even a bit stalker-weird to me especially as I wasn’t falling for her. I decided to do it anyway, I thought it would be a good test of my writing, a chance to resurrect my writing skills (if they were there in the first place) and imagine what a university girl would do every day. I started off and in a few days, procrastination set, I hadn’t found a way to see her and her features were rapidly blurring in my memory. Gradually the project got canned and I didn’t manage to finish the story before I left that session as all this happened from 10 days to the end of term. I transferred away from the University, I almost gave up on the book in total, but I encouraged myself to finish it deciding to resurrect my long dead writing passion with it. I decided I would sell the book online in eBook format if I decided it was good enough, even if I sold it for 1 dollar the point was that I would have achieved something. I was determined and eventually returned to it and decided to rearrange the plot and make it a week long story on an average girl in my University. At first I spent a couple of days fruitlessly trying to get an idea then while I was reading my Bible one day when I received what I would like to call inspiration on what to write. Everything seemed to fall into place and it looked like I could have a short story of about 50 pages. I started writing and set aside a daily period of time for the book. I started to get impatient and soon I decided to I decided to write a short story that would only be about 10 pages so I would feel satisfied that I had written something at last then go back to this University-with-a-Bible-passageoverlay story. That one grew longer as well and I put that aside and finally settled to do what I am doing now, writing an essay. I hope my writing

itch to finish before I begin wears off now, and hopefully someone will read this essay. I guess now I will head back and continue with story. I have to create something that would better what Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye did with the Left Behind series. Here we go...

Alaba Baju

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