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ID: 17001D3116,
R&AC, Mechanical Engineering,
JNTUA College of Engineering, Anantapuramu.
Phone: +91 8500052101

I am a good learner and like exploring new arenas of work, want to keep the learning curve steep.

Degree University/School Year of CGPA/Percentage
M.Tech JNTUA College of Engineering, 2019 8.52
(Refrigeration & Air Anantapuramu
B.Tech RGUKT, RKValley 2016 8.89
(Mechanical Engg.)
PUC (XII) RGUKT, RKValley 2012 8.86
SSC (X) ZPHS, Ganugachintha 2010 94%

Professional Experiance
 Project: Modeling of Bellow sealed-Extended stem, Vacuum jacketed Cryogenic Globe Valve
Organisation: Satish Dhawan Space Center-SHAR, ISRO.
Project Description: Globe type of Cryogenic globe valve is an important device that plays a crucial role in regulating and
directing the Cryogenic fluid at Liquid propellant storage and service facilities, rocket launching pad, SHAR. Model of this valve
will helps the organization (ISRO) in analyzing the flow, further manufacturing of the valve with accurate dimensions.

 Project: Design and Analysis of cryogenic safety relief valve.

Team size: 2
Software used: Solid works
Roles and Responsibilities:
 Designed Seal and Disc for the cryogenic safety relief valve.
 Submitted the results on analysis of the valve by carrying out flow analysis.

 Document: Seating Stress calculation of thermal relief valve

Reference: Rocket engine valve poppet and seat design (tech.Doc) by Rocket Propulsion laboratory, NASA.
Description: Suggesting modification in SRV by the analysis of seating stress calculation, considering the causes for leakage
up to surface finish level which will incorporate the leakage problem of cryoliquid in more than 400 SRV’s at LSSF, ISRO. Disc
and seal, both are important parts in SRV both are made up of SS316, which are suggested to be replaced with SS316 Disc
and Seal made up of PCTFE because of good surface finish and thermal stabilities. This modification will increase the life time
of the valve also gives accurate results in its operation.
 Adaptability
 Curiosity
 Good Communication Skills
 Good at team work
 Optimistic

Skill Set
 Operating Systems : Linux, Windows
 Programming language : C (Beginner), Python (Beginner)
 Modeling and Simulation : Solid Works, NX CAD, Altair Hyper Works Motion View, Altair Hyper Works – AcuSolve.
Academic Achievements
 Academically bright performance among top 5 students throughout academic career (till now).
 Stood as topper in mandal level during 7th (2007) as well as in 10th (2010) standard.

Co-Curricular Activities
 Participated in Experimental studies of SRV performance checks including MSLD leak checks at Satish Dhawan Space Centre-
 Participated in IC Engine workshop conducted by SRFMT&TI.
 Undergone intensive training on Tractor Transmission System at SRFMT&TI.
 Participated in IC Engine workshop conducted as a part of TECHNOTHON’14 conducted by RGUKT.

Extra-Curricular Activities
 Organized a Tech Fest VIPRASTA’14 on behalf of Engineers Day – 2014.
 Volunteered for Web Casting in 2012 General Elections.
 Volunteer in Tech Fest TECHNOTHON on behalf of Engineers Day – 2013.

Personal Details
 Date of Birth :21st june 1995
 Father’s Name : K Murali
 Gender : Male
 Languages Known : Telugu,Hindi,English
 Nationality : Indian

I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is best of my knowledge and belief.

Date: 26/09/2018,