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The Respiratory System

I. Long Range Objective

The student will develop an understanding of living things.

II. Instructional Objectives

The student will:

A. Identify features of the human body.

B. Explore the needs of the human body by explaining the
importance of good health in relationship to the body.
C. Understand the functions and care of the human body
and its organs.

III. Instructional Strategies

1. The student will begin the class by copying the Daily Science
Question that has been displayed into their science journals. The
students will answer the question to the best of their ability. After
approximately 5 minutes, the teacher will invite students to share their
answers. The teacher will share the correct answer.

2. The teacher will introduce the Respiratory system and display a

visual aid of the Respiratory system.

3. The teacher will begin the lesson by taking a balloon and

blowing it up. The teacher will ask the class if they have an idea what
organ might be similar to the balloon and the way it was inflated. The
students should arrive at the answer: the lungs. The teacher will
present information on the Respiratory system. The students will
complete the Study Notes. The information that the teacher should
include is:

• The organs that work together in the Respiratory system are:

the lungs, the nose, the trachea, the bronchi
• Everybody has a set of two lungs
• The lungs are similar to balloons
• When we breathe in our lungs fill with air

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• When we breathe out, we are breathing out carbon dioxide

• Our lungs work together with our heart to carry oxygen all over
our body
• The air first enters our body through the nose
• The trachea is a tube that allows the air to go to the lungs

4. The teacher will discuss the effects that smoking has on the
lungs. The students will brainstorm additional areas of the body
smoking can effect.

5. The student will complete the paper doll/system picture. The

teacher may want to add small balloons to the available supplies to
depict the lungs.

IV. Instructional Considerations

This fourth grade class is made up of students possessing a variety

of learning styles and ability levels. This lesson plan has been
designed to accommodate kinesthetic and visual learners by
incorporating active learning strategies and visual aids.

V. Materials

• Sentence strips with Daily Science Question and facts about

the Respiratory System.
• Respiratory system visual aid
• Study Notes worksheet; Venn Diagram worksheet
• Paper doll outline
• Glue, scissors
• Colored construction paper
• Yarn, beans, macaroni noodles, sponges, straws, cotton balls,
• Small balloons
• Coloring utensils

VI. Student Practice

The student will compare and contrast the Respiratory system and
the Circulatory system using the Venn diagram worksheet.

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VII. Closure

The students will work in their cooperative groups to complete the

design of their assigned “organs” in order to ready them for

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