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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ohio Company Selected as First US Distributor of Kaeline Cosmétiques Argan Oil Body Care Products
Hudson, Ohio, July 28, 2007 – Xandra Renouvelle, an organic cosmetic distributor based in Hudson, Ohio, has been selected as the first USA distributor for Kaeline Cosmétiques exclusive line of Argatherapie® skin care products. Kaeline’s luxury line of professional spa and retail skin care products are based on 100% organic Argan oil blended with aromatic essential oils. Argan oil is unique in that it contains twice the amount of the antioxidant Vitamin E than any other natural source on the planet. Known in Europe as "liquid gold", its rare oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree, which is native to the North African country of Morocco. Kaeline is headquartered in Marrakesh, Morocco with European production facilities in Rodez, France. "We are very excited to launch Kaeline in the USA; we chose Xandra Renouvelle for its excellent knowledge of the US cosmetics market. The US market represents a fundamental stake for us as we strongly believe in the Argan oil appeal to US customers." said Jean-Marie Bugarel, Managing Director, Kaeline Cosmétiques. Argan oil has been prized for centuries, not only for its therapeutic benefits, but also for its cosmetic and culinary usages. On the skin, it is a superior anti-wrinkle treatment that combats the effects of sun, age, and other skin conditions. The plant sterols active in the Argan oil have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is one of the few 100% natural treatments for acne, helping to heal active blemishes and reduce scarring. Argan oil can also help improve chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It rapidly absorbs into the skin and is not greasy, a common concern of people unfamiliar with Argan oil. Numerous scientific and medical research studies have been published on the many benefits of Argan oil. “Using Argan oil to treat acne was surprising to me,” says Jackie Miles, founder of Xandra Renouvelle. “My 14 year old volunteered to test it and she was amazed with the results. Not only did it work, there were none of the side effects of the harsh chemical lotions she used in the past.” High quality Argan oil cosmetics have been virtually impossible to find in the USA, in part because of the oil’s rarity. An even more significant reason is that broad scale commercial production was nonexistent until 2001. Historically, the local Berber women hand-produced Argan Oil in small quantities for themselves and their family. Processed entirely by hand, it takes 20 hours to produce one liter of oil. --MORE—

The Argan forests are located in remote rural areas of Morocco. For both economic and cultural reasons, women have almost no opportunity to work outside the home. Women who are unmarried, mostly widowed or divorced, often illiterate, are destitute. They were only able to earn a meager living by selling Argan oil to the occasional tourist. In 2001, supported by international grants, the first all-women Argan oil cooperatives were formed thus transforming this cottage industry into one of modern and sustainable production. Now, the 22 self-governed Berber Women Cooperatives control the full production process and employ over 1,000 women from these rural regions. These women and their children now have hope, literacy education, and a more secure future. Kaeline procures its Argan oil from these cooperatives at fair trade prices well above market levels. “It was this compelling story that helped launch our business and pursue a distributorship with Kaeline,” commented Miles. “As a female business owner, I believe strongly in women helping women. Offering Kaeline’s skin care products has the incremental benefit of providing income to women in need.” Kaeline’s Argtherapie® products are targeted to upscale spas and hotels and currently have a strong market presence in Europe and Morocco. It also offers a full range of professional massage oils. Kaeline’s products are 100% pure and organic without any additives, preservatives or chemical components. They are ECOCERT certified. ECOCERT is an inspection and certification body accredited to verify the conformity of organic products against the organic regulations of Europe, Japan and the United States. ECOCERT is accredited to the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP) standards. "Kaeline’s Argan oil based offerings turned me from a skin care skeptic to a true believer in the powers of natural products. We hope to help more people discover the benefits of this multi-purpose organic oil,” says Eric Boesinger, president of Xandra Renouvelle." About Xandra Renouvelle Xandra Renouvelle, a Hudson Ohio company, offers extraordinary products that promote beauty, health and well-being. They represent companies who engage in ethical production practices and embrace fair trade principles. Xandra Renouvelle seeks products from areas of the world where, whenever possible, they can make a positive impact on social and economic development.

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