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Proposal of


Date to be published : 01 April 2010

Abstract : This proposal represents a community offering bilingual

as my lover as its chairman in Social Politics [FISIP] UI, like the
realization ICDDPI which has been going about two years ago by the
academic community FISIP, co-initiators, funders, local, and
international public relations staff. Form our brainstorming, an idea
which seems to be realized by the academic to be evident functions at
national and international sphere, the position of the University of
Indonesia in the eyes of the people of Indonesia are always positive
and would be better if the projection after this, can achieve a more
integrated existence and competent as an outsider country can learn
in the domestic sphere-the state of Indonesia, then FISIP UI students
are also expected to learn in the land of the so-called exchange
students. Confirm the advantages that we have at home to someone
else, do not dare at home to achieve the ideals for which effective.
Indirectly, the gain on the other.

Fresh graduate & minister

of Advertising FISIP UI

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

Situation of analysis


Now, changes in the indsutrial world have highlighted the needs of

professionals with global perspectives. FISIP UI-Department of
Commnunication Studies referring to beat the band has launched a program
together. That combines local insight with an international learning
experiences. Of course we also see the department of Communication
studies at other universities how they promote the essence of its
department, what could be a pioneer in the country concerned. Internally,
the faculty of social and political science, science communication requires
strategic communication to be able to compete in getting the student.
Communication strategies are activities that are informational or persuasive
to build understanding and support for an idea or ideas, product, and
services that are planned by an organization whether profit or nonprofit
oriented, have goals, plans, and various alternatives based on research and
evaluation. Genealogy little about Department of communication studies
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia standing on
December 12, 1959. Originally called the Department of Publication which is
under the auspices of the Faculty of Law and Social sciences. Along with
the development of estalishment of the Faculty of social Sciences which is a
fraction of the faculty of Law and Social Sciences, the Department of
Publication was switched to the faculty of social sciences and the name was
changed to Department of Mass Communication. The human resources
department is the backbone of the teaching staff who have adequate
educational qualifications communication. These are the doctoral, master’s,
and bachelor gradutes of leading universities both 14 doctoral degrees, 17
master’s, and 5 bachelor. In addition, the department also assisted by the
practioners in the field of an advanced communications lecturer is not
fixed. The graduates are widely scattered work in various fields of work of
both national and international. They generally work in the industry mass
media such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations, advertising agencies,
public relations agency, research consultant, government, community self-
help institutions, and other committees.

Based on the growth of new media, digital technology development, and

advances in communication are revolutionizing the work of communication

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

proffesionals. The main projection, we bent on really need expert into oral
communication, visual, or verbal and non verbalin the worldwide.

Currently the situation of analysis, FISIP UI has approximately 5000

students from various departments in the Faculty of Social. He has facilities,
adequate facilities, and qualified, which is air-conditined room equipped
with OHP and CIA, computer labs, a broadcast centre, sports facilities,
library MBRC, parking, canteen, garden plaza, Islamic prayer room, seminar
rooms and Korea restaurant.

Analysis of the macro environment:


Political  department of communication being world class of program in


 changes perspectives yang tadinya berbasis lokal bisa ditimpa

dan sejajar dengan internasional

Economic  central or local government funding decisions may affect

department of communication UI or establishment finances

 Closure of a local indsutry may affect fund raising plans

 Ability of parents to raise funds for optional activities

 Ability to invest savings or surpluses

 Costs of providing resources: staff-teaching & support,

basics-books or papers, technology solutions laptops

 Interest rates

 Shortages of materials on national although international


 The risk of highly valued, key staff moving on to more up and

coming FISIP UI or academies

Social  local population changes increasing or decreasing numbers

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

 demographic changes may affect likely university student rolls
or the nature of university student needs e.g. they with English
as important as Indonesia language

 closure of local firms providing employment

 changes to qualifications expected

 integration with local community and overseas

 staff were not given enough training or access to effectively

change their habits and how they expected information to be
made available

Tecnological  changes to standards or equipment required

 risk of selecting the wrong technology at times of change

 move from paper based books to e-book readers

 computer software & hardware being out of date

 mencatat bahan kuliah tidak lagi di kertas melainkan new

media seperti; iPad, ipod touch, yang berbau screen age

Legal  change to campus opening hours

 Health & safety legislation

 Raise the age of campus leaving age

Environment  waste disposal

 Reduction of green space available for activities

 A new highway layout nearby FISIP UI may create new

dangers for students FISIP UI

 Using a significant amounts of paper and photocopier toner

to produce printed information

Analysis of the micro environment:

Market segmentation;

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

 Demographic

:.: age 17 & 17+

:.: gender female and male

:.: educationcompleted high senior school graduates

 Social class

:.: social economic status A

:.: prestigious in active speak English

:.: Minimum score of Institutional TOEFL 500 (paper based) or IELTS

5.5 (should be aatached on the online registration account

 Geographic  all provinces in Indonesia

Communication objectives

Goal: to produce graduates of high-quality international-minded, who will

be acting as a proffesional and moral ethics in the science and
practice of communication in national and global arena

Vision: become institutional-quality research-based educational excellence

in science communication with international standards for
didication to the advancement of the nation


Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

 Through research-based education to produce graduates with high
academic ability, have professionalism, and morality, so that they can
compete in the international sphere

 Encourage enhanced performance of academic staff are active,

creative, and proffesional to the achievement and maintenance of
superior quality in teaching, research, and community service

 Produce creative works of axcellence in science research and

practice communication, in order to always be the leading reference
and to benefit the interests of the development of science and human

 Provide service to the public through donations of thought,

knowledge, services, and high-quality work, thus providing added value
for benefit and welfare of human beings in the national scope and

 Carry a sense of caring for each other individual and society, both in
the immediate neighborhood and broader community as well as
international although national

Positioning  department of Communication also joined in the association of

Communication in regional and international levels, that is a member
of ICA (International Communication Association) and AMIC (Asian
Media Information and Communication Centre). Starting the
academic year 2010/2011, the Department of Communication Studies
FISIP UI opened the special class International (KKI) with
specialization public Relations and Advertising. KKI aims to produce
graduates with a double degree from the university of Indonesia and
partner of University in Australia. Lecturer use the language of
instruction in English. The study period of two years at the UI and
1.5 – 2 years in the university of partner. Communication Studies has
been ranked one can prove in FISIP and is the top three best at the

Competitor  state university is also a Big 10 best in Indonesia which have yet
Communication Studies program, the UI campus trying to initiate as
pioneers in Indonesia, which as its name has represented the state of
Indonesia. In private circles, indeed they seem vigorous in the

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

promotion of international class to graduate high school but no one
has penetrated Communication Studies program and based although
class are held in English-oriented.


 Awareness effect  to increase knowledge of the target market opening

international class S1 program of Communication, Public Relations &
Advertising is about 95% of students come from Indonesia

 Acceptance effect  to grow and increase interest in 50% of the target

market to become a student of international class S1 Communication
Studies program

 Action effect  customer services received 2000 phones-toll free phone

numbers and 1699 visits from different public within 7 months to seek
information or confirmation regarding international class S1 Communication
Studies program

 Action effect  to get minimum 50 students in 2011/2012 academic year and

hope do really hold 400 new students registration application of international
class S1 Commnunication Studies program

Proactive strategies:

 Action strategies  convince the public that the organization has the
best quality for consumers, namely by proving that the Communication
Studies program UI as quality program and as demanded by the
development of information and communication tecnology globally

 Audience participation  provide the opportunity for the audience

to give feedback on messages has been delivered in order to do
outside in, for example by the holding of a survey to find out opinions
of students or graduates high senior school on the university that

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

they think deserve to be the choice, of course, will believe the UI
department of public communication, international-class advertising
and public relations potential in exploring the ideas. A dialog or
provide information and answer of questions from the public on the
website at or

 Aliances and coalitions  alliances with high senior schools in the

number of the capital and provinces that are potential in a state of
the economy, to penetrate the presentation and co-existence with the
popular radio in areas potentially


 University of Queensland (School of Communication and Journalism,

Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences) for Public Relations

 Curtin University of Technology (School of Media, Culture and

Creative Arts) for Advertising

 Deakin University (School of Communication and Creative Arts,

Faculty of Arts and Education) for Advertising

Communication strategy  using a model of informative and persuasive to find a

mutually beneficial understanding. Which acts as a spokes
person, spokes person of the department of
Communication sciences and ambassadors program
advertising of 2006 graduate of the armed ASIA UI
Communication studies. Which between them deliver a
consistent message on behalf of the department of
communication sciences UI. They are people who have
credibility, charisma, and empower to attract attention
and influence the target market.

Department of communication science to declare advantages of;

 two bachelor degrees: from university of Indonesia and the second from our
university partner in Australia (social scholar and Bachelor of

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

Communication) within the same lenght of study period for the regular
bachelor at University of Indonesia

 international experiences from living and studying abroad

 the opportunity of internship in large number of companies in Australia (part

of curriculum from our university partners)

Message reinforced by verbal evidence is to do comparison with other universities

in Indonesia, following the slogan of the department of communication studies:


Graduate competence;

1. international special class level graduates of Bachelor of science degree in

communication will produce graduates (or equivalent Bachelor’s) who have
the competence:

a) able to planning and public relations strategies and tactics of public

relations can be run professionally

b) able to manage fields of activity within the scope of promotion and

advertising of creative fields, the media, the field of community
development efforts, as well as the regulator of the flow of activities
between the area above the traffic.

Structure of curriculum:

International special class level curriculum Bachelor of Communication

Studies organized a lecture for only 2 (two) years at the university of
Indonesia. For that number of semester credit units to be taken by
students is 72 (seventy two) credit. Composition of the curriculum of 72
credits are designed based on the curriculum of Undergraduate FISIP UI
department of communication sciences (Rector’s Decree Numb.
753/SK/R/UI/2009). The curriculum is developed tailored to the needs, the

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

duration of the study period the students, the results of discussions and
agreements with partner universities abroad (Australia).

Area of expertise from department of communication studies are:


This program has ben designed to meet the present and future industry needs for
high competence proffesionals in advertising industry. It provides students with
both intellectual and practical skills to embrace many opportunities in
advertising, marketing communication, or sales and promotion areas

Public Relations

The program developes advanced level capabilities in analyzing complex

communication problems, designing and implementing PR campaigns, writing for
public relations needs, dealing with the media, government and competition, as
well as critically evaluating current public relations knowledge

do not forget to help prospective international students who wish to join the class
with the department of Communication Studies, this additional information;

 Registration for SIMAK phase-I: starting January 2011

 Registration for SIMAK phase-II: June – July 2011

 Registration Test SIMAK phase-III: 3 April 2011

 Entrance Test SIMAK phase-I: 3 April 2011

 Entrance Test SIMAK phase-II: Beginning of August 2011

 Period of international class dual degree program in communication:

November 2010 – June 2011

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

Medium of advertising and promotional media


:.: Nangroe Aceh Darussalam  Jati Fm

:.: Medan  Bonsita radio

:.: Padang  Padang Fm

:.: Palembang El John Fm

:.: PekanBaru smart mandiri Fm

:.: Tanjung Pinang  swara pesona bintan

:.: Pangkal Pinang El John Fm

:.: Bengkulu mitra Fm

:.: Bandar Lampung Andalas Fm

:.: DKI Jakarta  global radio & smart radio

:.: Bandung  global radio

:.: Jawa Tengah I.B.C

:.: Yogyakarta radio anak Jogja

:.: Denpasar  Global Fm

:.: Mataram radio riper Fm

:.: Kupang  DMWS

:.: Pontianak sonora

:.: Samarinda Borneo

:.: Banjarmasin J radio

:.: Palangkaraya canisa Fm

:.: Manado smart Fm

:.: Kota Mamuju 107,8 MHz GHODZILLA

:.: Palu  setia nada

:.: Kendari  raudhah fm

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

:.: Makassar Teras Fm

:.: Gorontalo Gelora Remaja Sibolga

:.: Ambon Cikal Anugrah Fiesta

:.: Ternate Radio Siaran Generasi Muda Creatif

:.: Manokwari GSM radio

:.: Jayapura  radio HMS FAKFAK

National newspaper {KOMPAS}: presence 7x/ 4 months  May - July of 1st

weeks and 3rd weeks. August only 1st weeks.

Design ad for KOMPAS newspaper:

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

Timeliness of Implementing The Strategic Plan

The Campaign Plan

Program name Target Implementation Implementation

public team date

Desire and students of Department of April 2010

persuasive High senior communication
survey school science team

Toll free phone General Customer April - May

service services 2010
numbers and

Department of General Directorat May 2010

communication promotion,
science fair cooperation,
relations, and

Promotion via General Editorial ad May – August


Announcement General Radio May – Oktober

with radios announcer 2010
from the

Presentation Students of ambassadors June 2010

to senior high senior high program
school that school advertising UI
became the of 2006
target marget graduate ASIA

*only in DKI

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

Promotions be Parents of Department of july 2010
concerned applicants – communication
with partners students of science team
senior high

alliance Radios & Department of August –

senior high communication Oktober 2010
schools that science team

the target and Directorat

market are

*The table above is a timeline that is certain

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

Budget design of ICDDPIC

Budget 100 million


1 phones & internet 1 paket 2000000 2000000
2 doubling proposals 4 proposal 22000 88000
3 ink of printer 4 buah 22000 88000
4 A4 papers 10 lusin 5000 50000
ambassador advertising
5 ASIA 2006 1 orang 4800000 4800000
6 radio:
global 8x broadcast per month 35000 280000
smart 8x broadcast per month 30000 240000
jati 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
bonsita 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
El John Palembang 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
smart mandiri 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
swara pesona bintan 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
El John Pangkal pinang 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
Mitra 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
Andalas 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
Global Bandung 8x broadcast per month 35000 280000
I.B.C 8x broadcast per month 28000 224000
radio anak Jogja 8x broadcast per month 20000 160000
Global Denpasar 8x broadcast per month 35000 280000
radio riper 8x broadcast per month 22000 176000
DMWS 8x broadcast per month 20000 160000
Sonora 8x broadcast per month 24000 192000
Borneo 8x broadcast per month 24000 192000
J Radio 8x broadcast per month 26000 208000
Canisa 8x broadcast per month 24000 192000
Smart fm Manado 8x broadcast per month 21000 168000
107,8 MHz GHODZILLA 8x broadcast per month 18000 144000
raudhah fm 8x broadcast per month 26000 208000
Teras 8x broadcast per month 26000 208000
Gelora Remaja Sibolga 8x broadcast per month 22000 176000
Cikal Anugrah Fiesta 8x broadcast per month 22000 176000
GMC radio 8x broadcast per month 27000 216000
GSM radio 8x broadcast per month 24000 192000
HMS FAKFAK 8x broadcast per month 39000 312000
7 display ad BW KOMPAS 7x/4months 3 coloumns 10617500 74322500
8 Bensin 600 liter 4500 2700000
9 unexpected costs 5% 100000000 5000000
10 total of spendings 95224500

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!

Summary  confidence to get a target candidate ICDDPI for November
2010 – June 2011 has the potential, especially communications and
integrated marketing communication strategy neatly arranged.
Providded expertise – advertising and public relations people awaiting
the arrival of selected from various provincies in Indonesia. We can
create a harmonious relationship with the public so that the goodwill
and support of their highly successful program helped the department
of communication science. Emphasized again, the human resources
department is the backbone of the teaching staff who have adequate
educational qualifications communication. These are the doctoral,
master’s, and bachelor gradutes of leading universities both 14
doctoral degrees, 17 master’s, and 5 bachelor. In addition, the
department also assisted by the practioners in the field of an
advanced communications lecturer is not fixed. The graduates are
widely scattered work in various fields of work of both national and
international. Gain a valuable opportunity for the glorious future of
graduate students ICDDPI.

Go Department of Communication-FISIP UI!