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AVOW Magazine; for Women Veterans, by Women Veterans

AVOW Magazine launches and releases first issue for women veterans.

Groveland, CA, June 17, 2019 --( Today's women veterans are independent-thinkers. They
want to matter and make a difference, and they also want to be comfortable in and out of uniform. These
veterans are unique in that they serve alongside their male counterparts, but surprisingly they don't always
feel or know that they are veterans too. This is where AVOW Magazine steps in. One hundred percent of
the writing and editorial staff is comprised of women veterans. So, AVOW's staff knows what it's like to
walk in the same boots as the readers of this specialized magazine.

AVOW Magazine is divided into multiple sections to include: Feature Articles, Departments consisting of
Military, Art, Culture, History, and Living as well as Extras. AVOW is an invaluable treasure trove of
articles and information gathering these womens' expertise, all in one place. Jam-packed with enjoyable
lifestyle articles, to highlighting the careers of military women, humorous military stories, to healthcare
advice and insights from experts in their fields. The staff of veteran women at AVOW Magazine literally
“wrote the book,” or magazine in this case, on what life is like for the current military woman, those who
have retired, and those who have served.

The Feature Articles section highlights a cross-section of veteran women and emphasizes the amazing
things they are doing. Whether it be passing laws to help women veterans, to adjusting to careers outside
of the military, to renewing and balancing military and family life, managing career transitions, and
practical guidelines to navigate the many other challenges of being a woman who has served, AVOW
Magazine is on the cutting-edge of women who have served their country.

The Departments section offers information about military resources, military women who are still
serving, as well as those who have retired, career highlights from military into civilian life and health
information. Enjoy the success stories, as well as the stories of trial and tribulation; the ups and the

The Extras section covers shopping, discounts, humor and more.

From the moment you open the magazine, you'll be in awe of everything women veterans have done and
continue to do. You don't have to be a woman veteran to read AVOW; everyone can appreciate how these
women warriors have served their country. The first issue of AVOW Magazine is free to read online.

AVOW Magazine
Because of the variety of content, quality of articles and professional aesthetics, AVOW Magazine is on
par to become the flagship publication for women veterans. Get more information at
or call (209) 962-0613.

Media Contact:
Christina Wilkinson

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