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Richard Hamilton - Serial Obsessions

MMCA 2019 ISBN 9788963031729 Acqn 29389
Pb 21x27cm 220pp col ills £75

'Serial Obsessions' is an exhibition of work by Richard Hamilton, organised by the National

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, and curated by James Lingwood. This
catalogue reflects how it centres around the English artist's sustained exploration of particular
images through different groups of works from each decade of his career, from the 1950s to the
2000s. Though Hamilton, recognised today as being at the forefront of the Pop art movement,
applied a wide variety of techniques throughout his oeuvre, his best-known works were done in
collage. The overview invites us to consider how art is an essential instrument to understanding
our time and a tool for critical reflection.

Basquiat - The Artist And His New York Scene

Schunk 2019 ISBN 9789074106481 Acqn 29457
Hb 20x28cm 172pp col ills £33.75

Published to accompany an exhibition at Schunk, Heerlen, this volume approaches the figure of
Jean-Michel Basquiat not as the darling of the mid-1980s New York art scene, but as a young
artist oscillating between the street and the museum, and who quickly becomes an emerging
icon. His transition from graffiti artist to world-famous painter is now legendary, yet his social and
artistic context mirrors the post-industrial character of the city of Heerlen, the vacancies and drug
problems that followed the region's economic downturn in the 1980s and '90s. Special attention is
given to the 'Times Square Show', which was a breakthrough exhibition for Basquiat and his

Jurriaan Benschop - Salt In The Wound

Garret Publications 2019 ISBN 9789527222096 Acqn 29488
Pb 13x20cm 208pp £21

Salt in the Wound takes the reader on a journey through Europe, following different paths of 18
established and mid-career contemporary artists, including Anish Kapoor, Bridget Riley, Luc
Tuymans, Paula Rego, and Sean Scully. What drives their work? How do cultural landscape,
political climate, and other circumstances filter through it? By encountering the artists directly,
through conversation and debate, the author delves into both local and global dimensions of the
art world. Further reflection on various traditions and regions of the continent allow new
perspectives to emerge that speak to the diversity of art across Europe.

Raquel Van Haver - Spirits Of The Soil

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ISBN 9789050062046 Acqn 29511
Pb 23x32cm 40pp col ills £36.50

This publication appears on the occasion of 'Spirits of the Soil', Raquel van Haver's first solo
exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. As Azu Nwagbogu writes in his essay, "The best
way to approach [her] monumental paintings_ is to submit without trepidation to what is an
overwhelming sensory experience." On Van Haver's jute sack canvases, the inhabitants of
Amsterdam's infamous Bijlmer neighbourhood blend with the denizens of the favelas, barrios,
and slums of any number of marginalised urban districts the world over to form an ugly and grim
portrait, and yet she also imbues her work with a sense of the community formed by these
ordinary, unheroic figures.

Ricettario Immaginato - Giosue Fiorentino And The Other Prisoners Of Baracca B98
Kunstverein Amsterdam 2019 ISBN 9789490629199 Acqn 29382
Pb 17x24cm 192pp ills £21.95

This book's contents are based on two handwritten notebooks containing recipes collected by
Giosue Fiorentino between November 1917 and January 1918, while interned in a German prison
camp. He was captured along with other Italian soldiers during the Battle of Caporetto. The
imprisoned young men, exhausted and malnourished, took solace in compiling recipe books in a
reinvention of a community tradition. By writing down the fondly remembered recipes from family
feasts, they projected a convivial act of resistance into the future, hoping for a time of peace. This
is the first time that the recipes from the notebooks are transcribed and published in both Italian
and English.

Cy Twombly's Quattro Stagioni. Studies In Art-based Learning

ArtEZ Press 2019 ISBN 9789491444579 Acqn 29456
Hb 16x23cm 180pp ills £28.50

The fourth instalment of the 'Teaching Objects' series revolves around "Creation". In this art
novella the reader is guided by Lisa, a young artist who is facing death. A dialogue with four
works by the American painter Cy Twombly emerges from the question of life's duration, and Lisa
discovers the secret of creative speech. The protagonist's thoughts bring her to Gaeta, a seaside
town near Velia, the ancient Greek town in Italy, now named Elea - the place where the school of
Parmenides was located in ancient times.

Helen Verhoeven – Schamerkat

Abn-Amro Awards 2019 ISBN 9789080267701 Acqn 29543
Pb 23x32cm 60pp col ills £31

Helen Verhoeven's work connects restrained emotion and contemporary social dilemmas with
classical, historical, and art historical iconography. With her seemingly naive yet meticulous
painterly style, she presents reassuringly familiar compositions which on further consideration
prove to be full of conflicting messages. In her most recent work, Verhoeven's versatility merges
techniques like stained glass, mosaic, and sculpture with humanistic ideas about feminine beauty,
love and tensions in relationships, and the interrelation of violence and intimacy. Designed by
Irma Boom, this publication recognises Verhoeven as winner of the eighth ABN AMRO Art Award
in the Netherlands.

Art, No-art & Anti-art

Galerie A 2019 ISBN 9789081902410 Acqn 29576
Pb 21x26cm 160pp col ills £33

Dutch gallerist, collector, and author Harry Ruhe presents a treasure trove of "relicts" alongside
some "normal" art collected over the last 50 years. From an early age, Ruhe had been captivated
by the revolutionary art movements of the 1960s, and by kinetic art and Fluxus in particular. He
became acquainted with names like Armin Hundertmark, Henry Flynt, Yayoi Kusama, Stanley
Brouwn, Anthon Beeke, and others, and started collecting artworks. From 1976, Ruhe opened
Galerie A in Amsterdam, which would host a number of notable exhibitions, installations, and
performances. Featuring numerous artists, works, and correspondence, the book is his tribute to
this legacy.

Joris Geurts - Zonder Titel - Untitled 2015-2019

Slewe Gallery 2019 ISBN 9789080621909 Acqn 29579
Pb 22x27cm 144pp col ills £33.75

Joris Geurts has described his paintings as a mix of light, space, and weight. His style is abstract
and purely painterly, from shimmering blends of watery colour to, more recently, a palette of
varying intensities of acrylic paint that vibrates with crackling contrast. His works consist of one or
more single, wide strokes on paper, thereby seeking the bounds of possibility of body, brush,
paint, and paper, and revelling in controlled coincidence. This catalogue of recent work by Geurts,
published on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Slewe Gallery in Amsterdam, is designed by
Irma Boom and Eva van Bemmelen, and includes texts by Taco Dibbits and Frits de Coninck.

Prehistoire, Une Enigme Moderne

Centre Georges Pompidou 2019 ISBN 9782844268488 Acqn 29554
Pb 20x26cm 304pp 200ills 150col £40
Text in French

The idea of "prehistory" is a modern idea, invented in the 19th century. Prehistoric discoveries
have been photographed and reproduced countless times in publications, entering the popular
imagination and inspiring and artists of the 20th and 21st century such as Picasso, Miro,
Cezanne, Klee, Giacometti, Ernst, Beuys, Klein, Dubuffet, Smithson, Penone, Tacita Dean ,
Chirico, Moore, Nash, etc. The exhibition catalogue shows how contemporary artists view
prehistory as an object of fascination, "as a subject", but also as a model for artistic

Prehistoire, Une Enigme Moderne – ALBUM

Centre Georges Pompidou 2019 ISBN 9782844268495 Acqn 29555
Pb 27x27cm 60pp 66ills 59col £9.75

The idea of "prehistory" is a modern idea, invented in the 19th century. Prehistoric discoveries
have been photographed and reproduced countless times in publications, entering the popular
imagination and inspiring and artists of the 20th and 21st century such as Picasso, Miro,
Cezanne, Klee, Giacometti, Ernst, Beuys, Klein, Dubuffet, Smithson, Penone, Tacita Dean ,
Chirico, Moore, Nash, etc. The exhibition catalogue shows how contemporary artists view
prehistory as an object of fascination, "as a subject", but also as a model for artistic

David Austen – Underworld

Dundee Contemporary Arts 2019 ISBN 9781999322328 Acqn 29651
Hb 23x30cm 80pp 56ill 40col £20

Since the 1980s Austen has worked as a painter, sculptor, printmaker and filmmaker. The
stylistically diverse elements of his work come together to reveal an often dark yet endearing
vision of the world. The artworks in this exhibition, from oil paintings on heavy flax canvas and
delicate watercolour works on paper to suspended sculptural objects and cinematic film projects,
create an otherworldly space inhabited by Austen's strange and lovelorn characters.

With sources as varied as 19th century literature, poetry, ancient myth and film noir, the impetus
of Austen's work often derives from his immediate surroundings. There is a liveliness and
generosity in his approach to art-making, a delicacy of touch, a delight in the unexpected, and a
disarmingly nuanced understanding of complex human emotions. Each object and artwork in this
project stands alone and speaks for itself yet simultaneously connects with others in the spaces,
forming multiple narratives across the galleries.

Underworld seeks to create a mythical space for viewers to journey through, punctuated by the
artist's poetic musings on the known world, the imagined world, the bright celestial heights above
us and the shadowy, unknowable depths below.

Christine Ay Tjoe - Black, kcal1B, kcal1B

White Cube 2019 ISBN 9781910844342 Acqn 29614
Hb 30x38cm 96pp 38col ills £37.50

Ay Tjoe's gestural practice, which includes painting, sculpture and installation as well as a
number of printmaking mediums such as intaglio, woodcut and silkscreen, is rooted in an
exploration of expressive line and the fundamental principles of drawing. In her new series of
paintings, she addresses the duality of human existence and the dialogue between our inner and
outer states, between idealism and existentialism. Discussing her work The Comrade (2017), for
example, whose title alludes to the notion of a doppelganger and to the binary emotions and
character traits embedded within the human psyche, Ay Tjoe points to the eternal human
struggle: 'How do we build a relationship with the dark potential that we have which is permanent
and cannot escape?'.

Zhou Li - Original State Of Mind

White Cube 2019 ISBN 9781910844373 Acqn 29595
Pb 17x23cm 96pp 36col ills £25

Zhou says that when she paints she imagines her subject and then communicates with it through
her painting. This 'subject' could be herself, another person, an event or simply an emotion.
Equally, it can derive from a kind of meditation that is stimulated by a particular moment in time or
by social or political events. All of this subject matter is then consciously re-perceived as an
object, reduced to pure experience based on the relationship between selfhood and the object,
beyond established customs or rational rules. Zhou has described this position as akin to 'the
middle of the window', suggesting that experience shapes consciousness, and she examines
both. Through this approach, Zhou attempts to access original thought, which could derive from
her experience as a changing entity - the 'heart' - or, at the same time, the physical world which
shapes it. This inclusive approach, relating to Eastern philosophy of the mind, underpins this

Joe Tilson - New Paintings

Marlborough Fine Art 2019 ISBN 9781909707580 Acqn 29612
Pb 23x29cm 34pp 19col ills £12.50

Following on from his 2016 exhibition, Stones of Venice, this collection continues to draw upon
Tilson's love and knowledge of the city he has visited for over 60 years, bringing together some
18 works on canvas, painted in acrylic with his characteristic use of bright colour and expressively
layered texture. Opening 10 April, this exhibition straddles the unveiling of two exciting public
installations by the artist in Venice. Since the 50's, Tilson has nurtured a love of Venice, and is
celebrated in both his native country and Italy, dividing his time between London, Tuscany and
Venice. Essay by Waldemar Januszczak, critic and broadcaster.