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Philippe Weisbecker - Japanese Folk Toys

Seigensha Art Publishing 2019 ISBN 9784861527074 Acqn 29542
Pb 15x21cm 248pp col ills £25

The traditional folk toys of Japan are simple dolls and figurines made from clay, wood, and paper.
Known as 'kyodo gangu', the delightful little animals and other fanciful creatures used to be given
to children to play with, but today these objects have become more coveted by collectors than by
young people. Philippe Weisbecker, an artist and illustrator, went in search of Japanese folk toys,
learning the craftmanship behind them in traditional workshops. The book includes a page by
page reproduction of the author's notebook, in which he sketched and documented objects he
discovered and places he visited, and recorded descriptions and personal reflections during his
travels in Japan.

A Magazine 19 - Curated By Kim Jones

A Publisher 2019 ISBN 9789077745182 Acqn 29615
Pb 23x30cm 246pp col ills £21.50

British fashion designer Kim Jones guest curates this edition of the magazine, for which he takes
the alphabet as his point of departure. He begins with "Africa", featuring a conversation with
Naomi Campbell, and ends up at Amanda Lear's "Zero", in which she formulates a personal take
on what each letter of the alphabet should stand for. In between, a wealth surprises awaits in
themes like "Vinyl", "Ornithology", "Queer", "Islands", and "Dogs", and with remarkably diverse
contributions from Jake & Dinos Chapman, KAWS, Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Ellie Grace
Cumming, Yoon, Giorgio Moroder, Takashi Murakami, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Bella Hadid, Dan
Tobin Smith, and more.

Rosmarie Tissi - Graphic Design

Triest Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783038630340 Acqn 29455
Pb 12x25cm 128pp col ills £44.50

The designs of acclaimed Swiss graphic designer Rosmarie Tissi are characterised by an
objectively clear yet undogmatic style. A defining aspect of Tissi's work is her playful approach,
combined with a predilection for bold colour contrasts, typeface, and geometrical shapes. Her
individual style has lost none of its originality and freshness in almost 60 years of design work, a
feat which is celebrated in this first synopsis of her complete graphical oeuvre. Covering a host of
magazines, logos, corporate images, headline fonts, advertisements, packaging, and more, it
rediscovers Tissi's achievements, unparalleled among female Swiss graphic designers of her

Hermann Eidenbenz - Teaching Graphic Design. Documents 1926-1955

Triest Verlag 2019 ISBN 9783038630364 Acqn 29513
Pb 16x24cm 168pp col ills £28

Hermann Eidenbenz (1902-1993) was one of the first people in Switzerland to describe himself
as a graphic designer. From the first half of the 20th century into the 1950s, he was involved in
graphic design education in Zurich, Magdeburg, Basel, and Brunswick, first as a student and later
as a teacher. The didactic material from Eidenbenz's time as a teacher of graphic design
published here throws light on this discipline at a time before graphic design in Switzerland had
achieved international recognition.

The Illustrators Survival Guide

Corraini Editore 2019 ISBN 9788875707705 Acqn 29570
Pb 13x18cm 56pp col ills £13.50

An illustrated survival guide for illustrators, a map to move around the sheer magnitude of the
trade and a behind the scenes look at the profession, including covers, illustrated books, self-
production, contracts and international meetings. Mimaster Illustrazione gathers the most
common questions and professional doubts that have come around in ten years of training and
seeks to provide an answer to the many "how do you do it?" queries in the creative, design and
market management areas. How to make a cover, how to prepare a portfolio, how to contact an
art director, how to use social media for self-promotion.

Italian Types - Graphic Designers From Italy In America

Corraini Editore 2019 ISBN 9788875707699 Acqn 29572
Pb 17x24cm 128pp col ills £27

Italian graphic design has and continues to influence the visual and cultural sector at home and
abroad: 'Italian Types' is dedicated to the history and achievements of Italian designers who have
lived and worked in the United States. From the arrival of Fortunato Depero in New York in 1928
to the work done by Unimark International between 1950 and 1970, the enthusiasm and
experimentation of Italian graphic designers working in the United States won them some
important clients, leading to them creating a number of iconic projects. The advertisements,
posters, magazines, albums, book covers, and corporate identity projects presented here give an
overview of the results obtained by Italians in the field of graphic design in America, exploring
their unique graphic language.

Inventario 14
Corraini Editore 2019 ISBN 9788875707491 Acqn 29567
Pb 21x27cm 160pp col ills £15

A plethora of offerings awaits in this instalment, beginning not least with the photography of
Robert Frank. Artistic contributions include the ambiguous, absurd assemblages by Amalia Pica,
and a map of the world made out of marbles by Palestinian-born Mona Hatoum, which makes us
think about the non-negotiable space between individual freedom and the violence of power.
Other items include a carpet with coloured abstract shapes by Bruno Munari, Alberto Burri's
"Grande Cretto" memorial to the destroyed Sicilian town of Gibellina, an interview with product
designer Lorenzo Damiani by Marco Romanelli, a meditation on cracks and how to repair them,
and elephants.

Seymour Chwast - The Man In The Moon

Corraini Editore 2018 ISBN 9788875707651 Acqn 29568
Hb 22x28cm 32pp col ills £24

Bamboo Island is divided in half between two peoples: to the north live the Biddles, fruit growers,
and to the south the Rattles, expert bakers. But when the island is hit by earthquakes and
tornadoes, they are ready to blame each other and become bitter enemies, eventually deploying
their armies. The soldiers face off and the clash seems imminent: fortunately, the Man in the
Moon sees everything from his place in the starry sky and has the perfect recipe to avoid war: will
a fruit pie be enough to restore peace?

Bob Gill - Dogs Are Just Like Us

Corraini Editore 2018 ISBN 9788875707316 Acqn 28978
Hb 21x27cm 32pp col ills £23.50

Man's best friends and faithful companions of life, dogs have many things in common with men
and share ways of doing and being, so as to behave sometimes just like their masters. They also
enjoy playing, they are curious to discover new things and it's easy to understand if they are
happy or sad, shy or nervous. But observing them for a long time, sitting on a park bench, leads
us to reflect on the great difference that distinguishes them from us and makes them so good.

Bruno Munari - In The Darkness Of The Night

Corraini Editore 2018 ISBN 9788875700799 Acqn 29663
Hb 16x23cm 60pp col ills £45

Published for the first time in 1956. Thanks to its intrinsic strength and the exceptional
timelessness of the pictures, the book has now become a cult and a reference point in children's
publishing. The different types of paper used, simplicity of the images and holes that echo the
story lead the reader along the mysterious path of the "darkness of the night".

Illustrators Annual 2019

Corraini Editore 2019 ISBN 9788875707552 Acqn 29569
Pb 23x28cm 192pp col ills £52

The Illustrators' Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair is one of the most important
international events in the world of illustration. For more than 50 years, the Exhibition has
featured works by the greatest names in children's publishing over the past half century. The
Illustrators Annual 2019 unites projects by the 76 artists selected from the 16,000 boards created
by 3,200 illustrators from around the globe. With a cover illustration by Igor Oleynikov, winner of
the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2018, in addition to the selected works the volume also
features contributions by the five jury members: Diego Bianchi, Alessandro Sanna, Harriet van
Reek, Maciej Byliniak, and Beatrice Vincent. This edition is completed by an interview with
Seymour Chwast.

NM& A New Collection

Art And Theory Publishing 2019 ISBN 9789171008848 Acqn 29327
Pb 30x24cm 184pp col ills £32

The result of a collaboration led by Matti Klenell, Carina Seth Andersson, Garbriella Gustafson,
Mattias Stahlbom, and Stina Lofgren, 'NM&' is both a new public living room and an explorative,
tactile exhibition of contemporary design. Outfitting the restaurant and cafe at Stockholm's
Nationalmuseum, part of an extensive restoration and remodelling of the museum, offered an
opportunity to shape a public space that tells the story of design in Sweden today. Roughly 50
designers and producers contributed their vision and voice to create a multifaceted art experience
that includes interior architecture as well as light fixtures, furniture, textiles, glassware, cutlery,
and other objects.

Raddar 1 - Function Design Annual Review

T&P Publishing, Mudac 2019 ISBN 9791095513032 Acqn 29547
Pb 20x25cm 200pp col ills £39.95

Switzerland's first dedicated research design journal, 'Raddar' aims to strike a balance between
solid scholarly content and attractive graphic design. For its inaugural issue, it explores the theme
"function" with a range of approaches in various analyses, case studies, and contributions from
Roberto Casati, Anna-Maria Meister, and more. The journal's cover is also a creative work in its
own right, designed this time by Formafantasma, the Amsterdam-based studio headed by Andrea
Trimarchi and Simone Farresin. Carefully folded and perforated, it is divided into partitions that
point to the possibility of cutting the paper into different segments and thereby providing a variety
of possibilities.

The Print Of Beauty

Aalto University 2019 ISBN 9789526083940 Acqn 29646
Hb 23x29cm 168pp col ills £47

Pasi Rabina has worked for over 30 years in Finland as a costume designer for the stage. A
stage costume is designed intentionally, focusing and framing the identity of a person, but it must
also corroborate the performance content. Stage costumes may deceive spectators, and painted,
printed, and dyed costumes enable us to examine their illusion as a mood from a certain era,
style, or costume. This volume presents modern, up-to-date working methods and techniques in
creating unique fabrics. Its objective is to add and share knowledge of the possibilities offered by
printing and dyeing fabrics, and to develop these techniques to meet current needs within the
performative arts.

Data Visualization Handbook

Aalto University 2019 ISBN 9789526074498 Acqn 29657
Pb 18x25cm 352pp col ills £47

The popular Finnish information design book by Juuso Koponen and Jonathan Hilden, 'Tieto
nakyvaksi', is now available in an English version, titled the 'Data Visualization Handbook'. Full of
research on data visualisation and international examples of functional and inspiring information
design, the publication is intended for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of how
data is visualised and how to make such forms of visualisation more interesting for the relevant

Extended French Theory & The Design Field... On Nature And Ecology - A Reader
T&P Publishing 2019 ISBN 9791095513056 Acqn 29550
Pb 11x18cm 350pp ills £22

Professor, critic, and curator Catherine Geel directed the anthology of reference texts that
comprises this book, which is published to document the common reflections of practitioners and
researchers of the French section for 'Broken Nature', the 22nd International Exhibition of La
Triennale di Milano. Besides an original text by Alain Badiou, the publication contains seven
previously unpublished texts by various authors and an original dialogue between artist Mathieu
K. Abonnenc and art historians Katia Schneller, Vanessa Theodoropoulou, Sandra Delacourt,
and Aliocha Imhoff.