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Christoph Nussli - Googly Eyes

Cpress 2019 ISBN 9783952471043 Acqn 29549
Pb 23x31cm 68pp col ills £16

'googly eyes' is an inventory of fried eggs on Deli store fronts in Brooklyn. Through re-
photographing these food replicas and cutting up texts Nussli explores a fast changing
neighbourhood, while trying to understand current American politics and consumer culture without
loosing his humor. "Stick with us. Don't believe the crap you see from these people. Just
remember what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening." - Where to look
if you do not want to watch anymore?

Everyone a Photographer - The Rise of Amateur Photography in the Netherlands.

nai010 publishers 2019 ISBN 9789462084773 Acqn 29319
Hb 23x29cm 240pp 250col ills £45

By the end of the nineteenth century, people began to record their daily lives using small,
handheld cameras. This made photography more direct, faster, and dynamic. The similarity with
our time, in which more and more people are taking photographs, is striking. In this publication,
Mattie Boom describes the rise of amateur photography in the Netherlands: the photographers,
the photographs, the albums, the key figures, and the backgrounds. At the time, amateur
photography was mainly a pastime for the wealthy: upper-class gentlemen, gentlewomen and
even the young Queen Wilhelmina. Especially young entrepreneurs, however, set out to bring
photography to the general public.

Paola De Pietri, Petra Noordkamp, Olivo Barbieri: Terre In Movimento (3 Vols)

Quodlibet 2019 ISBN 9788822903068 Acqn 29357
Hb 24x32cm col ills £57.50

'Terre in movimento' is a commissioned artistic project wherein three artists were invited to offer
their perspectives on the Marche region in Italy. In late 2016 a series of strong seismic shocks
rocked the small towns on the slopes of Mount Vettore, places which have been inhabited since
prehistoric times. The earthquakes precipitated the loss of structures and formation of ruins, yet
also the creation of temporary structures of all kinds, such as shelters and storage areas for
displaced people and objects. Reportages by the artists Olivio Barbieri, Paola De Pietri, and Petra
Noordkamp initiate a broader, multifaceted artistic research into the metamorphosis of this

Jose Luis Cuevas - On The Resistance Of Bodies

Cabeza De Chorlito 2019 ISBN 9788493968281 Acqn 29358
Pb 18x27cm 124pp col ills £40

A photographic essay shot in Mexico City between 2009 and 2017 by Jose Luis Cuevas, 'On the
Resistance of the Bodies' emerges from his personal experiences and observations about the
political, economic, and social systems that govern and erode us, and by extension, our bodies.
The series of photographs is interspersed with heavy machinery, portraits of individuals deformed
by injury, abuse, and obesity, images from the morgue, car wrecks, medical apparatus, and other
objects. Violence is the common thread linking these confronting images, which together propose
a symbolic approach that highlights the vulnerability and ephemeral nature of the human body.

Omnipresent - Beyond Borders

Birgitta De Vos 2019 ISBN 9789081005944 Acqn 29518
Hb 17x23cm 416pp col ills £70

Birgitta de Vos presents her third book of pictures and poetry, for which she crossed borders of
time, mind, culture, and country. By visiting places both near and far, she connects with the soul
of the soil, and with the very building blocks of our world. A self-professed avid adapter of new
technologies, De Vos explains how half of the photographs in the book were taken with a drone
flying high above the earth, while the other half were made close up, using a macro lens. From
the combination of stunning images of countless kinds of rocks, minerals, and landforms with her
thought-provoking words, a dialogue of creation emerges, its beauty resonating within and around

Northern Ghana Life

Noorderlicht 2019 ISBN 9789076703657 Acqn 29050
Hb 22x29cm 256pp col ills £33.75

Northern Ghana is home to a society in continuous change. Though relatively underdeveloped in

comparison to the country's south, the region's culture is diverse and rich, with longstanding
traditions. The numerous ethnic groups that coexist there preserve this in various ways, including
religion, education, festivities, and livelihood. This photobook highlights a part of Ghana that has
thus far received limited attention, both in terms of its traditions and culture and its economic
potential for development and growth. With contributions from Ghanaian and international
photographers, this broad visual introduction is published as part of the project 'Society and
Change in Northern Ghana'.

Scheltens & Abbenes – Zeen

Case Publishing 2019 ISBN 9784908526237 Acqn 29464
Pb 17x22cm 418pp col ills £50

Artist duo Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes are considered among the most progressive
still-life photographers in the Netherlands today. With the creative craftsmanship of artists, they
produce images that draw viewers into a sense of wonder at the things we encounter in everyday
life. At once fascinating and demanding, their meticulous examination brings overlooked details
into sharp focus, in turn both flattening the pictured objects and bringing them to life. This
publication coincides with a retrospective exhibition in Amsterdam covering eighteen years of
colourful, minimal, and challenging work by Scheltens & Abbenes. With a text by Louise

Amsterdam Canal Houses

Lectura Cultura 2019 ISBN 9789082135404 Acqn 29508
Hb 25x31cm 416pp col ills £55

Amsterdam Canal Houses, with photos by Arjan Bronkhorst, tells the story of four centuries of life
on Amsterdam's canals. In the 17th century these magnificent edifices were erected by the
wealthiest merchants and particians. In later centuries, they were home to their descendants or
newcomers to the canals who renovated them. In this book the doors to these urban palaces are
opened. Over thirty houses are displayed in all their splendour; interiors of unparalleled opulence
that few have ever seen. Meet the people who live here, who have succeeded in restoring and
conserving historic interiors that are among the finest in the Netherlands.

Isabella Hunts - Photographing Hunting Cultures

Isabella Rozendaal 2019 ISBN 9789082722116 Acqn 29510
Pb 24x34cm 64pp col ills £42.75

"The hunting experience is a difficult thing to translate into words or images, because the hunt
has countless faces." Isabella Rozendaal has had a lifelong fascination with hunting and its
cultural differences around the world and the immense contradictions it engenders. She travelled
with her camera through the United States, Abu Dhabi, Germany and the Netherlands, and even
into the Brazilian Amazon in pursuit of learning more about practices around hunting non-human
animals, whether for sustenance or livelihood, as an age-old aristocratic pursuit, or custodial
management of wild animal populations. The images promote reflection on the romantic and
moral notions of hunting.

Karianne Bueno - Doug's Cabin

Eriskay Connection 2019 ISBN 9789492051431 Acqn 29514
Pb 19x30cm 180pp col ills £43.95

In 2010 Karianne Bueno met Doug on his campsite deep in the forests of Canada's Vancouver
Island. Two years later she returned with her camera to document his life away from society.
Doug built his cabin on the foundations of a pioneer's house and worked as a carpenter at a
military radar station. To better understand Doug, Bueno immersed herself in the history so dear
to him. Over time, her once tangible photography project about living away from society turned
into a labyrinth of stories across multiple layers of time and reality. Through photos, diary
fragments, and found footage, she takes us deeper into the forest, questioning if we actually have
control over our lives.

Lynn Alleva Lilley - Deep Time

Eriskay Connection 2019 ISBN 9789492051424 Acqn 29631
Hb 20x28cm 160pp col ills £41.50

Photographer Lynn Alleva Lilley continues her interest in the confluence of art, science, and the
natural world with 'Deep Time'. For a number of years she photographed the interplay of light and
water in Delaware Bay, mostly during the summer. Seeing stray horseshoe crabs washed ashore
was a familiar sight, but one day for the first time she saw one swimming on its back. Fascinated
by this observation, she started exploring the world of this 450-million-year-old "living fossil". The
result is this immersive book in which she poetically captures the beauty of our planet and the
mysterious life of the horseshoe crab, pondering our place in time and evolution among life forms.

Kazuo Shinohara - View From This Side

Rollo Press 2019 ISBN 9783906213286 Acqn 29644
Pb 13x18cm 98pp col ills £21.95

Kazuo Shinohara passed away in 2006, leaving behind a vast legacy of works and influence. This
book offers a selection from his rarely seen colour slides, which were made during his travels.
The pictures are for the most part rapidly composed and casually shot, and were mainly taken in
cities. Featured are snapshots from his five significant overseas journeys, which he embarked on
between 1972 and 1985. From street scenes and impressions of townscapes, to the occasional
monumental building or open space, the images were captured on 35 mm film for the purpose of
recording details, unusual perspectives, and mere oddities. It is the travel diary of a seasoned

Dive to Bangladesh
Little More 2019 ISBN 9784898155059 Acqn 29613
Pb 25x19cm 144pp col ills £34

Born in Japan, Syoin Kajii graduated with a degree in Esoteric Buddhism and thereafter
underwent formal training as a monk. The various countries he has since visited and
photographed include Vietnam, Cambodia, and Papua New Guinea. The photo series 'Dive to
Bangladesh', made between 2013 and 2018, turns a casual and light-hearted but very critical eye
on the living and working conditions in Dhaka, particularly the lives of the women and youth
working in garment factories, as well as the tight-knit communities of "hijra" (transgender) people,
who face social stigma, poverty, and indiscriminate violence. Walking among the outcasts, Kajii
witnesses their struggle.

The Essence of Toshiko Okanoue

Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2019 ISBN 9784309256207 Acqn 29616
Hb 13x18cm 95pp 41ills £17.50

Toshiko Okanoue - The Complete Works Of

Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2019 ISBN 9784309279114 Acqn 28560
Hb 15x21cm 192pp ills £59

Hajime Nakamura – Wagashi

Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2019 ISBN 9784309279145 Acqn 28562
Pb 360pp col ills £45

Kagaya - The Sky of Eternity

Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2019 ISBN 9784309278940 Acqn 28561
Hb 15x21cm 80pp col ills £22.50

Kagaya - Paradise of the Stars and Sea

Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2019 ISBN 9784309279954 Acqn 29617
Hb 19x27cm 80pp col ills £17.95

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