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Crider Loeffler
Creative Media Extraordinaire and Educational Consultant
M.Ed., Educational Technology, University of Texas- Rio Grande, TX. 2014 - present
Concentration: Technology Leadership
M.A., Deaf Studies. Gallaudet University, Washington D.C. 2009
Concentration: Cultural Studies
B.A., Psychology. Gallaudet University, Washington D.C. 2006
Concentration: Psychology and the Expressive Arts, Spanish


Multimedia Coordinator National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes 2016-2018
Educational media consultant for CSD Learns Communication Service for the Deaf 2016
Subject Matter Expert and Instructional Designer ASL Connect, Gallaudet University 2016
Canvas LMS consultant, Center for Transformative Learning at University of Texas Systems 2016
Instructional Design Consultant, Big Tomorrow 2015 - 2016
Videographer, pepnet2, The University Corporation, CSUN 2014- 2016
Instructional Technology and Film Consultant, Disability Rights Texas & SafePlace 2013 - 2014
Video Modules Developer, Austin Community College 2013- 2015
Media Consultant / Film Editor, Educational Resource Center on Deafness 2012 - 2013
Trainer and Consultant on Distance Learning courses, Gallaudet Univ. Regional Center 2012
Deaf Music Curriculum Consultant, Deaf Music Camp, Holley Family Village 2011
Deaf Studies Digital Journal Assistant Editor, Gallaudet University 2009

Online Faculty, Gallaudet University, Department of ASL and Deaf Studies 2012 – present
Undergraduate online courses:
Multicultural Deaf Lives (DST 410)
Introduction to Deaf Culture (DST 201)
Courses re-developed:
Disability Studies (DST 314)
Oral Traditions/ASL Literature (DST 312)
Introduction to Deaf Studies (DST 204)
Introduction to Deaf Culture (DST 201)
Graduate course (co-taught):
Digital Pedagogy in the Sign Language Field (ASL 795)

Adjunct Faculty, Austin Community College, Department of Arts and Humanities 2012 – 2016
Taught ASL literature, grammar, and video production to Deaf adults

Online Distance Faculty, El Paso Community College, in collaboration with ACC/GURC 2014
Taught ASL grammar and literature to Deaf adults via. Online classroom.

High School Foreign Language Teacher, Texas School for the Deaf, Austin, TX 2009 – 2012
Taught Spanish, ASL, and Deaf Studies courses


Loeffler, S. Listman, J. Timm, R.L. (2018) Deaf Musicality and the Unearthing the Translation Process.
Journal of American Sign Languages and Literatures.
Educational Media consulting business: The Giving Cypress, LLC. Established 2014. Officiated by
the Texas Secretary of State. Austin, TX.
Film company SummaLove Films. Established 2013. Currently DBA under The Giving Cypress, LLC.

Loeffler, S. (2016). Signed literature: rhythm stories/songs. In Gertz, G. & Boudreault, P. (Eds.) The
Deaf Studies Encyclopedia. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.
Loeffler, S. (2014). Deaf music: embodying language & rhythm. In Bauman, H-D. & Murray, J. (Eds.)
Deaf Gain: Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.
Loeffler, S. (2013). Social justice project lecture series and remembering 9/11 lesson plans.
Educational Resource Center on Deafness. Austin, TX: Texas School for the Deaf.
Loeffler, S. (2011). The sensory world of deafness, who are you? Applied Ecopsychology, Project
Nature Connect, Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology. 1(20).
Hernandez, A. & Crider, S. (2009). Linguistic imperialism: The influence of ASL on Costa Rica Sign
Language. Deaf Studies Digital Journal, I.

Loeffler, S., (Producer) & Otalora, Flash (Editor). (2016-2018) All Media projects through National
Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes.
Loeffler, S., Singleton, D., Smith, M., & Williams, F. (Videographer). 2015. The Nathie Marbury ASL
Soul Poetry showcase, Intersectional Souls Project: Austin, TX.
Harris, R. (Author) & Loeffler, S. (Producer). 2015. Seizing Academic Power: Creating Deaf Counter
Narratives [Video lecture]. ASLized!, an ASL Studies Digital Journal.
Loeffler, S., (Co-Director, Producer) & VonGarrell, J. (Co-director, Actor). (2013). Same Love in ASL, a
music video project of Macklemore’s song. Available on YouTube under “Same Love in ASL”.
Loeffler, S. (Producer). (2011). Language for All. A short film for advertising campaign for Texas
School for the Deaf Foundation. Austin, TX: Sicola Martin.
Crider, S. (Producer). (2011). The Freedom Signers: Confessions from Classroom 316. [Documentary]
Educational Resource Center on Deafness.. Austin, TX: Texas School for the Deaf.
Crider, S. (Videographer). (2009). You Have To Be Deaf to Understand. Deaf Studies Digital Journal, I.
Crider, S. (Videographer) & Sorkin, L. (Producer). (2009).The Bison Song. [Master’s Thesis.]
Washington, DC: Gallaudet University.
Crider, S. (Producer), & Munroe, M. (Videographer/editor). (2008). Summer’s Story: Coming of age
with the Cochlear Implant. [Documentary]. Alachua, FL: Munroe Multimedia, Inc.

Berman, R. Loeffler, S. & Oliva, G. (2016). Enhancing Social Capital for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Youth. National Deaf Education Conference at the National Association for the Deaf, Phoneix, AZ.
Bernella, P. & Loeffler, S. (2014). Visual Language at Play: Letting Go of the Pen and Turning on the
Camera. Symposium About Language and Society, Austin at University of Texas. Austin, TX.
García-Fernández, C., Folsé, D., Loeffler, S., & Simms, L. (2013). Teachers for Social Justice. Presented
at National Deaf People of Color Conference, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.
Loeffler, S. (2013). Essential Video Tools for the ASL Teacher. Presented a training workshop for
Masters in Sign Language Education program, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.
Murray, J. & Loeffler, S. (2013). From Talking Culture to Culture Talking: Sign Language in the Public
Sphere. Presented at Implementation of CRPD Article 29, Al Experiential College, Olso, Norway.
Bernella, P. & Loeffler, S. (2012). Exploring the Mysteries of ASL Literacy in a Chromakey
Wonderland. Presented at the 6th National American Sign Language Round Table, Olathe, KS.

Crider, S. (2010). Embodying Language and Rhythm: The Deaf Music Aesthetics. Presented at Deaf
Studies Today! Conference at Utah Valley State University, Orem, UT.


Narrator in the “Deaf Moth Theory” a part of the R. Girard Motion Graphics “101 Things that Unite
and Divide” collection featured at S.X.S.W. Austin, TX. April 2011.

Interviewee in the History Through Deaf Eyes PBS Series (Broadcasted March 21, 2007). Produced by
Larry Hott of Florentine Films: Washington, D.C.: PBS.

Deaf Interpreter/ Support Service Provider for DeafBlind: 2016-2018. Provided access through
ProTactile at various conferences, workshops, events, & video conferences.
Board Member: 2011-2017. ASLized- an American Sign Language digital journal,
Advising/Mentoring: American Sign Language Task Force, 2011. Texas School for the Deaf School-
wide Language Planning Advisory Group: Vision Team, 2010-2011. Technology Mentor, 2010.
Conference/Event organizing: Teachers for Social Justice for Deaf Learners, 2013. Dedication of the
Nathie Marbury ASL & Deaf Studies Collection, 2013. Social Justice Showcase: A school-wide diversity
event, 2010. Forum on Linguistic Diversity and Human Rights, 2008.
Organization Co-founder: Deaf Experiential Education Program (D.E.E.P.), 501c3 organization. 2010.


Learning Management Systems (Canvas Instructure, Blackboard, Google Classroom)
Accessibility features (Captioning, image descriptions/video descriptions)
Final Cut Pro X (5+ years) and Motion
Photo editing (Pixelmator, Adobe Photoshop)
Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint
Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Pages)
Web development programs (Weebly/Wix/WordPress/GoogleSites)
Project management software (Evernote, Slack, Asana, Google Drive)
Media file storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud)
Word document (Pages, Microsoft Word, Numbers, Excel)


Online Teaching Certification, Blackboard Learn, Gallaudet University 2017
American Sign Language Teacher’s Association Provisional certificate. 2014
Texas Educator Certificate, SBEC approved Standard Classroom Teacher. 2010
Certifications: Special Education (EC-12), ASL as Foreign Language (EC-12)
Texas Canvas User Group workshop, Alamo College and Canvas Instructure. San Antonio, TX 2013
ASL Training Work Group, Project Flamingo ASL Resources, Austin, TX. 2011
Association Leadership and Management certificate, Gallaudet Leadership Institute 2009
Deaf Space: Exchanging Architecture Ideas symposium with MIT students, Boston, MA. 2009
Gallaudet University Inclusive Bilingualism Series. UG, Graduate, and Future Generations 2008-2009

Deaf Media Summit
American Sign Language Teachers Association
Austin Association for the Deaf

Texas Latino Council on Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Currently Manos de Tejas)
Austin Deaf Black Advocates
Deaf Business Owners Group
Deaf Women in Film
National Association for the Deaf

Dr. Stephanie Cawthon-
Ms. Wendy Abramson-
Dr. H-Dirksen Bauman-