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By Petra Else Jekel

[This is a Google Translate automatic translation of an originally Dutch written blogpost, it is not
ideal, yet mostly understandable. When there is more time, we may translate it more diligently in
the future. It was originally posted in December 2014.]

The back-to-the-roots theme has occupied me for years. I lived in Groningen for 10 years, but when
the light went out there in 2008 (I literally experienced this physically, on a best morning in the
summer!), I went back to my roots in Arnhem. In the landscape that I missed for years. The hills
and the trees called me home.

I grew up next to Arnhems famous city park Sonsbeek. But was trained as an art historian at the
University of Groningen. Because Sonsbeek was back in my life, I not only took walks there, but it
also became the subject of my writing, my poems to be precise. I preceded my official, national
poetry debut OER from 2009 (Uitgeverij Passage, Groningen), by a small, bibliophile collection at
my own publishing house, which was entirely devoted to Sonsbeek: Here the leaves are blowing
over the paths…

For how the stories (leaves) in my life had spread over Sonsbeek: as a girl I fed the deer, I played
boat rides with my brother, standing in Jansbeek, I sat with my childhood love on the stone bench
on the Apostelenberg (in our family language called 'the witch circle') ... and much more. My
grandmother was known for her stories about clandestine kissing with grandpa on the benches
around the large pond near De Boerderij. From her I heard the stories about my great-grandmother
(her mother), who visited the Heilig Hart church every day, which is located on top of the hill,
overlooking Sonsbeek - as it were.

Back to the roots ended up in my work - and the title OER refers to that. The theme also came up in
my creative coaching work. After all, you also go back to yourself for creativity. First, at least. I
think. You get something out of yourself that you didn't know you had in you. As this blog article is
created while I am typing. In the movement to the outside, you take the new to the world. Back to
the roots ultimately passes on your enrichment to the world in that movement.

Back to the roots gives the creative process itself in short.

But it gives even more. You don't go to yourself first for nothing. Something can be obtained there
that cannot be found purely and alone in the world. Apparently.

What do you really want to unleash with your creative process? What makes all the effort worth?
Why did you first go to yourself and not immediately spit around the world? Love. The vibration of
the heart.

Love is the new blueprint for business with a mission from the heart.

Love. Creative process brings her out. By first going back to the roots. After all, that brings you into
a process in which you can better allow and integrate love again. And then the rest comes after it
more easily and with more fullness: artwork, services, business, collaboration, project, enterprise,

Love can then influence various aspects of what you shape as a mission in the friendship of your
Love is what comes from the soul and connects souls. Business also means relationship. Bringing
love into business means that love can then do the work for which it is intended.




Re 1

The love model in which boy falls in love with girl, girl falls madly in love with boy, girl in girl,
boy in boy, transgender in girl, etc. ... is no longer what it was. Of course it is wonderful to be
dragged into a rush of hormones, romantic dreams and sexual ideals. Nobody takes that away from
you! But it's still the tip of the iceberg when it comes to love.

In the new love model there is just room for adolescent togetherness based on personality, because
nothing opposes this. But you soon notice that you are actually driven by something deeper.
Through the relationships as they are unmistakably already at the soul level. A relationship based on
your being is something that is already done. It is not necessary to work on it. You no longer have
to go to the psychologist ;-) or the relationship therapist ;-)!

It can be discovered in the sense that it is noted which relationships are present for you. And mined
and in the sense of actually making contact to taste what the relationship brings you - and whether
your knowledge and assessment on a soul level in reality is supported by experiences that also
reflect this. Point 1 tells you: welcome this level in your life. Recognize that you experience this. It
was about time!

Re 2

Recognizing the possibility of unconditional soul love and the existence of multiple soul
relationships that are already present is step 1 in downloading the new relationship blueprint.
Downloading sounds more like IT - and it is! But then at a substantial level. Information and
communication technology at the soul level is already built into our system (body, energy field,
everything ...). We may not have activated the buttons properly yet. However, the subscription has
been running since your birth. And the cabling is also certified. Now another spark!

In the program Reset your MoneyDNA (the basis of which is also available on CD, about to be
revamped and brought out in English soon in 2019) your soul love is activated on a new level. I
thereby assume that all information and also the seed for the new blueprint are already present in
you. However, you get a small tour in your creative vortex and you answer what you find there,
even if only in embryonic form. #GeldDNA in a certain sense lays the umbilical cord between
yourself and your essential ground. Or connect the loosened or damaged (by trauma or habit or
otherwise) synapses in your brain.

If your new blueprint is activated, you will notice that you are going to sail on a new sea, with a
fresh sea chart, as it were. The metaphors in my writing are starting to pan out (IT, sea, map, etc.).
You have that, that damn creativity too! ;-) But: it's not about the metaphors but about experiencing.
That is the new luxury. You arrive in the plush of your experiential world, which, under the
individual, ultra-personal, becomes universal at the soul level.

Re 3

Sexuality is necessary for the realization of that which is present in your creative vortex. What!?
Yes, so sexuality. No sex, in the sense of sexual acts. Not that they are forbidden. far from! Feel
free please. But this is about freedom of sensuality, of your feeling throughout your sexual zone of
your body and feeling. Just as much in the bedroom as outside it. Just as much in your partner or
love relationship as outside it. It's about letting your energy experience exist fully, not repress it.

By releasing your sexuality in this way, you arrive at "giving birth" to what is present in your soul
vortex. You come to speak with your soul relationships, you come to action in your soul-connected
mission, you come to form for your soul-related business. It is not about a loose indulgence. Neither
for a controlled release of what you have mapped out. It requires a certain balance and also the
freedom to allow imbalance. Because otherwise you will not come to something new or to a
relationship, but "stay inside".

In other words: dare to play. Invent a game. Play it with gentleness and love. Feel affectionate to
something new. Innovate yourself with sensuality. Play sensitively with your senses to explore fresh
options. But don't lose it. Find what essentially resonates with you in it. Do you want a few steps to
play? Then become a member of Creativity TV (will be revamped soon in 2019 as Creative
Universe checkpoint Earth TV).

Re 4

You don't play the game alone. That is a given; no question. We are here together and you certainly
did not come to earth just for yourself as a soul. If you embark on a development at the soul level
(in which all other levels are included, such as psychological, emotional, physical, professional,
etc.), then you can certainly come across periods in which you are largely alone. I do.

In your soul development you will notice that a period is coming when all your existing
relationships are taken out of the socket to be reconnected, but then to another current level - or
possibly no longer to be connected. Then you can be alone. Only running. That is not so bad!

You will start attracting new relationships, which flow on your new power level. Or your existing
relationships will be updated with the new current software. These new relationships also apply in
business: you will either start attracting clients for who you really are or attract other clients that fit
your soul vibration instead of randomly approaching you because of your slogans. Not that good
marketing would no longer play a role ... But there is clearly a new dimension.

Re 5

Starting a business with the ultimate soul-minded business partner, based on a jointly felt mission:
you can't dream more beautiful !? A team made in heaven. For equivalent results. It is possible that
this is the intention for you. Do you feel drawn to this scenario? Is this what you dream about at
night and fantasize about during the day? An image that calls you from the depths?

The ultimate soul relationship can also become your business partner. This can be found in the
identical soul vibration that has become known (especially in recent years) under the name twin
soul. It is possible that this is a reality for you. Only if this is also true for you. I have been called
and have been walking around more consciously than ever with this option for the last 4 years.
Sometimes as a headless chicken ... that is. Each is his unconsciousness - also (or: right!) Within a
path of consciousness such as that of the twin soul.

In addition to a whole path that I walked and walked and walked, towards life in unconditional love,
in which I took great risks that 'a normal person' would not take and in which I went through inner
transformations that thoroughly tired and robbed me of everything that I was familiar with ... I read
endlessly, got myself coached and watched dozens, if not hundreds of videos that became available
on this subject via YouTube with the latest 'eyewitness testimony' - I would almost say. I had a side
job. ;-) In the meantime I have arrived enough to share my knowledge, knowledge and experience
with those for whom this is relevant. And I would love to do that.

Oh, before I forget, points 1 to 5 are guided in MEconomy. Reset your MoneyDNA is essentially
also included (to be revamped soon in 2019).

All this from points 1 to 5 also leads to creative leadership, in which a balanced male and female
side forms the basis for co-creating at a substantial level.

From now until 2015, you will hear more and more about #CreatiefLeiderschap

- male and female aspects in balance in yourself and in relationships;

- your information supply transformed to a baseline that fits your creativity;
- your senses have been transformed through the deepening effect of creativity into gateways to
your deeper knowledge, being and truth;
- your professional communication has become an essential expression of your soul mission.

An in-depth dimension that comes on top of this is the soul-relationship aspect, with the twin-soul
relationship as the top. Which by the way is so incredibly misunderstood outside of those who
experience her. Because there are totally different characteristics of connection, other physical and
mental symptoms, which are often reversed to what the love relationship system, which is
considered normal, indicates!

An important and intensely known example for this is given by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua /
Jesus Christ. A deeply spiritual couple. They form the new relationship model - and business equals
establishing relationships and assigning value within them.

They worked together to spread a new level of consciousness. The fact that the role of Mary has
hardly been recorded in the official writings does not mean that it was not ... The life of Christ is
still seen as an example - and not just at Christmas. So why wouldn't the saying "behind every
man ... et cetera" deep in their past have apply ;-)?! That is the least that can be said about this.

On the photo a Jesus-and-Mary scene that is known from the Bible of the phrase: Noli me tangere.

"Rabboni," says Mary. "Master!"

Within the relationship, it was with Jesus that the new consciousness first came through, which at
the same time had an equal love and also (equivalent) master-student relationship.

Mary sees him in the garden where he was buried after his crucifixion. First thought it was the
gardener. Is then more than surprised to see him - risen from the dead.
Mary wants to grab him.

"Noli me tangere", says Jesus. “Don't hold on to me. Just as I was not the human garment that I
wore with life, I am not this risen appearance either. I am the essential who also lives in you. We
are One."

Jesus tries to heal Mary from her urge to grasp everything and to identify with form instead of with
love, that love is already in her.

The new relationship model asks the woman to stop manipulating the man, but let him exist - and
go, when the time comes. It asks her to recognize the love in herself.

It asks the man to learn to understand who he really is and not to avoid love but to be. To show his
love self to her without reservation. Not to manipulate her by pretending that he is needy for the
care reflex that actually involves manipulation.

The new relationship model thus transforms at cell level from mutual manipulation to relationship
at soul level.

That is why this Bible scene moves me so much. (Everything my interpretation.)

Which of the 5 ways in which soul love works deeply and generates business, appeals to you?

What challenges would growing in Creative Leadership welcome for you?

How do you see yourself in relation to the new relationship model of Mary and Jesus?

Feel free to leave your comment below. I'm curious.

PS A piece from Book OER and also in a collection of poems Here the leaves are blowing over the
paths … [as a note – translating poetry by a machine is the worst thing ever]

here the leaf is blowing over the paths. it runs

continue naturally if the wind wants it. nearby
the spray head I am hanging over
the fallen tree that binds both banks.

the water is becoming increasingly thin here. the tragedy

reduces with the flow. the current
soothes with every mill more. the nuns mill
tranquility, the white watermill runs invisibly.

here is the workplace. here I give the hammer.

the servant takes the leaves from the mill stream.
the blades rake the excess from the water.
the water again drives the intestines.

Petra Else Jekel (Copyrighted)