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1. A mild steel shaft transmits 23kw at 200rpm it carries a central load of 900N and is
simply supported between the bearings 2.5m apart. Determine the size of the shaft if the
allowable shear stress is 42Mpa and the maximum tensile or compressive stress is not to
exceed 56Mpa . what size of the shaft will be required if it is subjected to gradually
applied loads ? (Nov – Dec 2007)

2. A 600mm diameter pulley driven by a horizontal belt transmits power through a solid
shaft to a 262mm diameter pinion which drives a mating gear the pulley weights 1200N
to provide some fly wheel effect.the arrangements of elements, the belt tensions and the
components of the gear reaction on the pinion are indicated in the figure below .
Determine the necessary shaft diameter using a suitable value for commercial shafting
and shock fatigue factors of kb and kt = 1.5.

3. Power is transmitted to a shaft supported on bearings , 900mm apart by a belt drive ,

running on a 450mm pulley , which over hangs at the right bearing by 200mm . power is
transmitted from the shaft through a belt drive , running on a 250mm pulley located mid
way between the bearings. The belt drives are at right angle to each other and the ratio of
belt tension is 3. With the maximum tension in both the belts being limited to 2KN.
Determine the diameter of the shaft. Assuming permissible tensile and shear stresses are
100Mpa and 60Mpa respectively ? (Nov – Dec 2004)
4. A machine shaft turning at 600 rev/min is supported on bearings 750 mm apart as shown
in figure below. 15Kw is supplied to the shaft through a 450mm pulley located 250mm to
the right of the right bearing . the power is transmitted from the shaft through a 200mm
spur gear located 250 mm to the right of the left bearing. The belt drive is at an angle of
60º above the horizontal. The pulley weights 800Nto provide some fly wheel effect. The
ratio of the belt tension is 3:1. The gear has a 20 º tooth form and mates with another gear
located directly above the shaft. If the shaft material selected has an ultimate tensile
strength of 500MN/m2 and a yield point of 310 MN/m2 . Determine the necessary
diameter using kb = 1.5and kt = 1.

5. In an axial flow rotary compressor the shaft is subjected to a maximum twisting moment
of 1500N-m and a maximum bending moment of 3000N-m neglecting the axial load on
the shaft .Determine the diameter of the shaft. If the allowable shear stress is 50N/mm2 .
If the shaft is to be a hollow one with di /do = 0.4 what will be the material saving in the
hollow shaft it is subjected to the same loading of the same material as the solid shaft.
Compare the torsional stiffness of the two shafts ?

6. A shaft is to transmit 50Kw at 1200 rpm it is also subjected to a bending moment of

275mm allowable shear stress is 60 N/mm2 . The shaft is not to twist more than 2º in a
length of 2m.Design the shaft take G = 80 x 103 N/mm2 .
7. The coefficient of friction between the cam and the follower in the figure below is 0.3 the
torque require d to turn the cam under this condition is supplied at the right end of the
cam shaft if the cam shaft is made of steel quenched and tempered to an ultimate tensile
strength of 550MN/m2 and a yield point of 390MN/m2. What is the required minimum
diameter of the cam sshaft. The shock and the fatigue factors selected foir the loading
condition present are Kb = 2 , Kt = 1.5. neglect the weight of the shaft and assume it is
continuous from bearing to bearing it is also assumed that the maximum effective torque
occurs when the follower is at the top of its travel. Where it is shown in the figure ?

8. A solid shaft is supported on the two bearing 2m apart and rotated at 500rpm. Two
pulleys whose diameters measuring 800mm and 600mm respectively are mounted on the
shaft at a distance 400mm and 1200mm respectively to the right of the left hand
bearing .A 20º involutes gear of 300mm diameter is keyed to the shaft at a distance if
200mm to the left hand bearing. A power of 50kw is supplied to the gear out of which
30kw is transmitted by the bigger pulley weighing 600N and 20kw is transmitted by the
smaller pulley whose weight measures 450N. the drive from the bigger pulley is
vertically downward and from smaller pulley is horizontal. The tension ration for both the
pulleys is 2. Design the shaft for the working stress of 45Mpa in shear and 80Mpa in
tension assume the combine shock and the fatigue factors for bending and torsion is 2 and
1.5 respectively ?

9. Design a hollow shaft to transmit 25 hp at 300 rpm . the loading is such that the
maximum bending moment is 1000 Nm the maximum torsional moment is 500Nm and
axial thrust is 15 KN. The shaft is supported on rigid bearings 1500 mm apart. The inside
diameter of the shaft is 0.8 times the outside diameter. The load is cyclic in nature and
applied with shocks .The value of shock factors are C1 =1.5 and Cm =1.6 .