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Improving students' understanding of basic programming concepts through visual programming

language: The role of self-effica


The use of the VPL language is the Computing, taking into account the
basis fundamental of this article which different levels of self-efficiency. They
has as a purpose to show a study in the are I teach the basics as they are the
which was an induction done to people sequence, condition and loop.
that were not science students of the
loop, conditions are determined by the
base of "if-then-else".
This design was used in a simple of 180
students participating in courses general Taking into account several studies the
in a university south of Taiwan. article mentions that there is a certain
amount of students who have
Taking into account the different studies difficulties in learning some concepts
that show that learning from some of them are in the structure of
programming presents a series of programming, just like. There are
difficulties you have at the time of learn different concepts to study, many of
specific concepts, which focuses that students are frustrated when "ERROR"
the problem lies in the self-efficacy of appears, this generates that students
students and not in loan teaching, in who have good management of design
turn other studies propose that in a complicates the understanding and
learning environment that the VPL is proper handling of the syntax.
managed can reduce indeed the
difficulty of the students when it comes Many related studies show that the
to learning new Languages. proper handling of the VPL allows
improve the quality of learning of
One advantage of using the VPL is that
students since it manages a structure of
it can prevent participants from making
mistakes of syntax in programming, block and modify the teachings that
also in learning the sciences and have remained in the present. This
mathematics, allowing the gap, the article does not just mention the VPL
previous investigation can be language but also the language
diminished or fill in. Bimodal, these languages have their
pros and contras and a textual language
The basic programming concepts are
is not conducive to conditions, but the
considered an essential part as they
allow be clear about the management of textual codes allow to display or show
the structure and basic concepts, some viewers a greater amount of data.
studies include nests, sequences and
This article proposes a cycle of learning performance in the capacity of
in which you can use to design practical understanding of knowledge about
courses; the cycle consists of the computers and the network. Previous
following steps: studies have revealed that self-efficacy
improves the programming learning.
1. Identify and define the context
2. Background research Self-efficacy and the basic concepts of
3. Development of personal ideas and programming are correlated so positive,
considering this, it is important to
4. Build artifacts
5. Comments mention that for students have a better
Note: it is not necessary to follow the effectiveness it you need a stimulation
foot of the letter since this cycle can which generates that the student has a
skip a step specifically to support that better knowledge about programming.
idea is attached the following image:
In conclusion the students who were
part of this experiment narrated in the
present article acquired a better
understanding of the basics of
programming from teaching the VPL
language. The implementation of a
learning environment based on the
design allows students to learn through
practice the application of language of
programming in situations real and feel
a sense of achievement.

To be able to implement a study in

Uniagraria of this magnitude, it would
Source: article about computers in take gather a population that presents
human behavior difficulties in programming, with the
obtained data, workshops is held where
If we take a look at teaching this is involve the VPL language and explain
carried out through explanations of a how it would be used in both the class
teacher towards the students passively. of algorithms like in real life. After the
workshops were completed, the
Knowing then that self-efficiency plays
developing of is population,
an important role, since the individual
periodically, taking into account that
he trusts in his ability to complete tasks,
you must have a motivation so that the
with this self-efficacy the individuals
development is generated
can implement this ability on the
internet or ICT, generating better