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Glenelg High School

14025 Burnt Woods Road

Glenelg, MD 21737

Dear Mrs. Kristin Gagnier,

I am a 10th​ ​grade student enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program at Glenelg High School in
Howard County, Maryland. In this program each student gets the opportunity to research a topic of
his/her choice. I will be undertaking an academic-year-long, research-based study of preferential
bias in schools. My investigation is on how specific combinations of teaching strategies (for
example, a lecture with a visual aid followed by a hands-on activity) will increase information
retention in high school sophomores. I'd like to investigate combinations of strategies that might be
effective in different disciplines. My goals this year are to generate an extensive source list that will
ultimately help me argue a thesis related to this topic. I will also undertake a research project in
which I will generate primary data. To date, I have used my school’s electronic databases, as well as
other print and online sources, to locate information on my topic.

As a high school student, connecting with a professional in my field of interest is an extremely

valuable part of conducting my research. I am hoping you might be willing to share any resources or
suggestions that could help me in investigating my topic. I am looking for research that supports
how different academic results correlate to different teaching strategies in different STEM fields.
Resources might include articles from a research or trade journal, an opportunity to talk by phone for
a brief interview, suggestions of other professionals with expertise in my topic, or other items
relevant to the topic. I would like to request advice on how to carry out a study to measure different
results on an assessment due to various teaching styles in English and Science. In my investigation,
specifically, I would like to measure the effectiveness of different combinations of presentations
such as visual and kinesthetic as well as whether there is a difference in effectiveness across
different types of classes.

Additionally, I am seeking a professional advisor who might provide guidance for me throughout
my research. Advisors are asked to provide periodic guidance throughout the school year. This
might include:
· Offering/suggesting readings and/or introducing students to other professionals in the
· Reading occasional assignments for content accuracy.
· Providing guidance, via email or telephone as needed.
If you or someone in your organization would consider assisting me in this capacity, I would be
genuinely appreciative.

Thank you for your consideration of my request. Any information can be sent to the return address
above, to the attention of Leila Chawkat/Arthur Wang. However, if it is more efficient, information
can be emailed to I hope to hear from you at your earliest

Arthur Wang