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B.Com. (Part I)/All'Professional = Courses (Regular/Ex-Students) | EXAMINATION, 2018 ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (eae sat) Time : Two Hours | | Maximum Marks ; 50 Note: All questions are to be attempted, Each question caries | mark and should be answered on Answer Sheet (OMR). wi wel & om ee) wake wer 1 oe ay & aan wh uel a ome weeete (i, wl ane) # afar | 1, The process of eating and being caten is called : (a) Trophic level i. (b) Food web ; » () Food chain % (d) All of the above ; ail on “© A noe-biodegrndable pollsant, rereremve, a aT eh (@) ten (@) =e fa) aR (2) ra Pyramid of enengy in an ecosystem-is = (a) Inverted (b) Always upright (c) First ewerted then aprughe (4) None of the abowe worm 4} Sat a Aaee Ben Be @ wa (a) ata Gen (a) See seer fee ay (2) ajar at anf ae DD. Tis (a) An aeaiblotic (b) A biodegradable pollutant id) None of the above