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Danielle Whitley

November 5, 2017
Understanding by Design: Comprehension lessons

Stage 1-Desired Results

Established Goals: The student will improve their reading fluency accuracy and rate.
The student will be able to answer comprehension questions with details and

Understandings: Essential Questions:

The student will be able to connect What is this text about?
events in the story to each other and
put them together in order correctly.

Students will be able to ask and answer questions as who, what, where, when, why,
and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.

Stage 2-Assessment Evidence

Performance Tasks: The activities listed below.

Stage 3-Learning Plan

Learning Activities:

Date/ Activity Objective: Assessment: Instructional Materials:

Sight words: Ralph will be - check in daily for 1 - Individual sight words
11/06-09/17 able to week to practice the - My teacher check list
recognize and words Ralph doesn’t
say the first know. Check off words
100 Fry sight Ralph knows each time.
Danielle Whitley
November 5, 2017
Understanding by Design: Comprehension lessons
11/07/17 - Ralph will 11/07/17 - Beanie and the Missing Bear
Comprehension: be able to Comprehension quiz for book at Ralph’s independent
(verbal) verbally leveled text. level.
explain 11/09/17 - Comprehension quiz
11/09/17 who the summary rubric to
Comprehension: main include characters and
(written) characters at least 2 key details.
are and
happens in
the story.
Ralph will
be able to
write a
Fluency: Ralph will Check in daily for 1 - Fluency passages
11/06-09/17 improve his week to practice the - Teacher running record
fluency passages. Daily running
accuracy and record.