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Part 1 Diary entry Raphael

Today was a rough day. My family have finally found a place to live, the Behala dumpsite. Since losing our
house, life has been tough, money has been a struggle, family have been dying like flies. When I was
young, maybe like 14, I was a normal trash boy living with one of my best friends, Gardo we were both
skinny so skinny that you can see our bones we were also very dirty and we had ripped cloths. One day as
I was searching through the trash. To my surprise I found a leather bag. My excitement went up to the
moon. We came past a kid named Rat and we hid the bag with him the. Next day, the police rolled in and
asked us for the bag they were acting very suspicious because Raphael knew what the were talking about
we found last excitement increased by 100 percent we went back to Rat and Rat told them were
the locker to the key was he said locker 101 in the train station and went to locker 101 all of us were
excited. They found a parcel addressed to Gabriel Olondriz. I heard that Gardo went to vest Gabriel
Olondriz in prison.

Part 2
The scariest moment of my life the police took me to their station and I was arrested if my auntie did
not mention any thing that I found to the nasty police men this would have never happen in my hole life
they would have just forgot and say we never found it but I can’t really blame her she said that to them
so she can save everyone is life they kept on asking me were the bag is with a very angry voice but my
reply was the same the whole time I did not find a bag they beat me up and kept asking were the bag is
until they almost threw me out the window, but my reply was the same I don’t know what your talking
about and I have never found a bag I can’t believe I had the heart to do that I thought it might change
my whole life even though I almost got killed.

As I kept my mouth closed and said the same thing over and over again then after all that pain I have
went through they finally realized I was no use and I was going to keep on saying the same thing again
and again they let me go and I ran and ran like I have never ran before I did not known what location I
was in but I kept on running I wanted to go far away from the police station and never go back I gust
wanted to go back home no matter how long it took me and then finally I see smoke and run back to
Behala known as Smokey mountains I ran back to home and wrote this bag has got to be something that
will change my life cause I risked my life for it.
Part 3
I have known Gardo for at least my hole life he is one of the best actors I have ever knew yesterday he
tricked his sister Olivia she had no idea what was going to happen but she felt up for it we had to go vist
Gabriel to get a lot more of information about who owned the bag Jose Angelico Gardo pretended to
say that Gabriel was his Grandpa and wanted to see hm really bad to tell him and tell him that his
grandpa is house is about to get taken by random people with a very nice innocent face I even thought
that what he was saying was true while me and rat were waiting for him to come back from acting we
thought of doing something we thought we should go and visit the senator and find out what we can do
to go to Zapanta’s house it makes me happy and will make your soul sing what I mean there is this guy
that looks like Senator’s workers we got a bit of information about Jose Angelico we know so far that he
put a lot of money in a fridge and hid it. Know all we need to do is find the fridge with the money in it.

Part 4
Know this is the most important clue that will most likely to allow us to find want will get us to the very
end of this. Today is and will be the day Gardo Rat and me went to Marco to get Gabriel Olondirz’s bible
thanks to Gardo he is the one that meat up with him and got the bible but the thing is he wanted 20
thousand dollars for the bible. Rat ran as fast as he can to Behala’s Mission School and stool 20
thousand dollars for it we all felt really bad so we agreed when we find the money we will put it back
and will promise the same money we took we will put it back rat and I were ninjas and this point we
were hiding to see what’s going on with Gardo it semme dlike they were having a very good traide until
marco grabbed onto gardo and the police man I was running for my lifeere the bag is they might kill me
as I was running I joined up with my friends but we were all safe and had the bible now all we need to
do is find were the codes are.

Part 5
Go to the map ref were we lay our butiful lig]hts look for the brightest light it is my chilled this is what
the code standed for we finaly relized navarvo cemetery that day with all the bright light that repisents
the day of the dead. Everyone was there and when I mean everyone I mean everyone so we were 100
procent shure were we were headind FINDING THE most britest light was very challenging it was like
getting 300 peos and it is hard we were looking up and down side to side we were wondering around th
place after a long while. After a while of looking we relised we were looking in the long place the most
brightest light was the one in the poor grave yard where the candles we everywhere Rat asked grund
where aunt gelico iss witch the wich was an excuse and he said b25/8 we searched the contaniers for
the number we finaly found the grave but did not find the money but that is when a little girl came out
of pia danta and stood there in front of us she sade wating for my fathers dead bodey we put our final
plain into pratic withch wasto open pia danta is grave we undid the screws to the grave and opend the
lid and found the money