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1.1 Background

The development of globalization that is increasingly re-amazed affects

the community's mindset. The conservative view points are inherited to the

hereditarily in the way of human thinking. This way of thinking is supported by

the rapid development of the sectors of the life which is increasingly showing its

character and called it the modernity. Our society mindset tends to be linear to the

Western societies’ ways of thinking.

This situation is also experienced by the Manggarai community. They are

no longer oriented to the agricultural sector (as the major sector) but it opens the

other possibilities. The influence of education is viewed as the cause of the

community movement. The birth of the new scholars has also encouraged the

spirit to hold changes

Through those agents are expected the change community later. But it

cannot be denied that to realize it is not an easy way. Disclosure, economic

limitations and other factors are the reason. However, with the spirit of

collectivises based on religion and tradition, the various issues can be overcome.

In relation to the improvement of the human resources quality in a

community through the formal education, the wealth of tradition is manifested in

the form of the main family participation (relatives) in supporting the dreams of

an individual in Manggarai society. Wuat Wa'i is one of the momentums of

togetherness which is usually conducted by Manggarai people. Through this

moment, all the prayers and expectations of people are poured to support to

glorious dreams. There are lots of good values can be inferred by people in

Manggarai during this togetherness. If this wealth of the tradition is not dig up or

reviewed scientifically, it can cause kinds meaning of conducting Wuat Wa'i

ceremony. In short, the writer hopes Wuat Wa’i is not conducted based on they are

like or not. But, it should be pointed out lots of values and even teachings to

Manggarai people from generations to generations. Based on the reason that is

listed above, the author is eager to dig up and find out the real meaning on Wuat

Wa’i ceremony. That is why; he wants to “Analyze the Moral and Religious Value

in Wuat Wa'i Ceremony”

1.2 Problem Statements

1.2.1 How/what is the moral value in wuat wa’i ceremony?

1.2.2 How/what is the religious value in wuat wa’i ceremony?

1.3 The Objectives of Study

Based on the description above, this study is intended to give:

1. The Moral values convey on Manggarai Wuat Wa’i ceremony?

2. The religious values convey on Manggarai Wuat Wa’i ceremony?

1.4 Operational Definition of the Key Words

To avoid misunderstanding, the writer needs to define some terms:

Value is the way of life that influence the people behaviors

Wuat Wa’i is Manggarai traditions that are usually done by people in

Manggarai in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara.

1.5 Significance of Study

The result of this paper is expected to be useful for readers; firstly, this

paper is to enrich knowledge the insights of Manggarai’s culture especially to

grow the awareness and appreciation of the values of traditions in the community

life. Secondly, it is to promote the quality on the tradition of Manggarai to the

wider society.