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Praise and gratitude to the Almighty Lord for all permits and the gift has

allowed the writer to complete this paper. The writer realized that some of other

hands had helped the writer in completing this paper. So, the writer would like to

express his gratitude to:

 Father Ferdinandus G. Hanspurna, Pr. S. Fil as headmaster of SMAK. St.

Familia, who had prepared time and facilities

 Mr. Ignasius M. Dontong, S. Pd who had guided the writer in completing this


 His parents, who love, care, raise and also educate lots teachings to the writer.

 Informants and all parties who were involved to support the writer of both

information and materials, especially his friends in school dormitory that were

loyal to help him in completing this paper

At last, the writer realizes that this paper is still too far from perfection.

Therefore, he expects criticisms and advices from the readers for the improvement of

the next work. Hopefully, may this paper is useful for readers as well as in digging

the values of the tradition of Manggarai society or other societies to preserve the

heredity of Indonesian legacy.

The Writer