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 Collect salvage parts for bridge- Use roller beetle right after you get teleported to the main camp.

 Tag all the escorts to main camp- Activate each escort after you tagged the previous one. Once you’re on your third escort you can finish it till the end.

 Usually your 3rd escort will finish first and you will kill a champion (drops 3 keys) and 3 chests appear. Loot the chests and finish other escorts on the two
other lanes. If noone stayed and escorted the first two escorts, you can make it in time to kill the other two champions aswell and also loot chests.

POTENTIONAL KEYS anywhere from 7- 13 keys. (depends on total tagged champions)


 CRYSTAL BLOOM – I start here after all camps are set up and chests are looted. I tag the first escort that appears and then go 1-2-3-4-5. (this rotation is always
consistent everytime you port to CRYSTAL BLOOM WP).
 OLMAKHAN- I go here after finishing crystal bloom, again tag the escort from the camp being set up then go 1-2-3-4. (consistent rotation everytime you port to
 MIST WARDENS- I go here after finishing with olmakhan, I first go 1-2-(escort somewhere in middle)-3 and 4. (consistent rotation everytime you port to MIST
AFTER THAT YOU REPEAT THE ROTATION- go back to Crystal bloom etc.

 E means ESCORT – happens right after camp is set and regularly after that with pact bulls&life bringer escorts etc. Tag these events only once
 C means COLLECT – usually happens after camps hit lvl 2. If you see one is up on a waypoint you ported, it means it’s active on all. You want to finish them
camp by camp.
 L means LIFEBRINGER- it's an escort you have to activate at the wp. It will lead to a champion that drops a key and 3 chests appear after. Try to tag the escort
and keep in the back of your mind to come back soon enough for the chests after doing the corresponding camp rotation.

All the numbered circles are kill events- from champions to cull the enemies to branded storm enemies aka easy and fast events, try to always do them!
You will often encounter different escorts throughout your normal rotation, just tag them once..If you encounter events such as Kill the skritt! Or Kill the patrol
mobs! Do them. (they seem random).

POTENTIONAL KEYS anywhere from around 30-40 keys. (depends on your speed/squad effenciency and if there are people outside of the squad doing solo
raids which screws the whole squad and the rotation flow.)

 This is a very important part most people/key runers ignore. After all camps turn T4, the premeta aka escort the engineers begin. Alot of key farmers I
encountered call this downtime..aka over with the farm. But this is not true. You must tag all 12-13 escort events for 12-13 keys. You basically hit any mob
that spawns and immidiately leave and go to next camp. It is definitely doable to tag them all, but you musn’t overstay at an escort.
 After tagging them all, you can leave the engineers alone and check if there are any rotational events still available. After everything is cleared, return to
finish up the meta.

POTENTIONAL KEYS anywhere from around 10-13 keys. (depends on your speed and squad coordiantion.)
If you add all the keys from the key run+ 3 from kralk bosses and +3 from finishing kralk you can definitely easily achieve 60+.
With this amount of keys you can basically join 3 endgame maps and complete them with kralk+ ley line bosses without 45min-1h long pre-meta since most gold
comes from rare gear.

by Aercaeda

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