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Listening A [Track 11]

Olivia: What did you do last night, Andy? Did you watch TV?
Andy: No, I didn’t. I went to the mall with Jason.
Olivia: Really? Did you buy anything?
Andy: No, we saw a movie.
Olivia: Did you like it?
Andy: Yes. I loved it! I laughed and laughed, but Jason didn’t like it at all.
Olivia: Why not?
Andy: Because he doesn’t like funny sports movies.
Olivia: You’re kidding! He plays soccer and baseball and tennis! He loves sports.
Andy: Yes, but he hates funny sports movies.
Olivia: What movie did you see?
Andy: The Basketball Lesson.
Olivia: Oh. My brother saw that last weekend. He loves basketball, but he hated the movie.
Andy: Well, I want to see it again. Do you want to go with me?
Olivia: Uh . . . no, thanks. I don’t like sports movies – funny or not!

 Cambridge University Press photocopiable Four Corners 1 Unit 10 Quiz Audio Script