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clothing store news stand

tienda de ropa quiosco

checkout, cashier, cash desk
shoe store size
zapatería talla, tamaño

sale(s) bookstore fitting/dressing rooms

rebajas librería probadores

salesperson (US), shop assistant (UK) department store Verbos

dependiente/a almacén
to look for
price-cut, discount supermarket, grocery store buscar
de oferta supermercado
to wrap
bargain jeweler envolver
ocasión, ganga joyería
to try on
receipt toy store probarse
recibo juguetería

Useful Phrases (Frases útiles)

Is there anything I can help you with?(¿Hay algo en lo que pueda ayudarle?)
I’m just looking, thanks.(Sólo estoy mirando, gracias.)
Can you please help me?(¿Puede ayudarme?)
I’m looking for…(Estoy buscando…)
How much is it?(¿Cuánto cuesta?)
I’ll take it.(Me lo quedo.)
What is it made of?(¿De qué material es?)
How late are you open?(¿Hasta cuándo está abierto?)
What time do you close?(¿A qué hora cierra?)
May I try it on, please?(¿Puedo probarmelo por favor?)
Where are the fitting rooms?(¿Dónde están los probadores?)
What size is it?(¿Qué talla es?)
It’s too big/small.(Es demasiado grande/pequeño.)
Do you have a smaller/larger size?(¿Tiene una talla más pequeña/grande?)
Do you accept credit cards?(¿Acepta tarjetas de crédito?)
Can I have a bag?(¿Tiene una bolsa?)
Can you please gift wrap it?(¿Podría envolverlo en papel de regalo por favor?)
The receipt, please.(El recibo por favor.)
Can you ship it?(¿Puede enviarlo?)
That’s all, thanks.(Eso es todo, gracias.).
Types of shops

1. department store

1.1. a large shop that sells many different things in different sections

1.2. Harrods is probably the world's best known department store.

2. supermarket

2.1. a large shop that sells mostly food and household items

3. grocer

3.1. a shop that sells food

4. greengrocer

4.1. sells fresh fruit and vegetables

5. butcher

5.1. sells fresh meat

6. baker

6.1. sells fresh bread and cakes

7. fishmonger

7.1. sells fresh fish

8. chemist

8.1. sells medicines and toiletries

9. newsagent

9.1. sells newspapers and magazines

10. stationer

10.1. sells paper goods

11. optician

11.1. sells glasses / contact lenses

12. DIY store

12.1. sells things for home improvement

12.2. DIY stands for 'Do it yourself'

13. hardware shop

13.1. sells hard goods, such as nails and screws

14. delicatessen (deli)

14.1. a shop that sells food (cooked meat, cheese, wine, ...) from other countries

15. bookshop

15.1. sells books

16. petshop

16.1. sells pets and pet food

17. tea shop

17.1. like a cafe, but sells tea and cakes

18. petrol station

18.1. sells petrol, car products and sometimes food

19. hairdresser | barber

19.1. a shop where you can get a haircut or a shave

20. shoe shop

20.1. sells shoes

21. clothes shop

21.1. sells clothes

22. shopping centre | mall

22.1. a large building with a lot of shops, restaurants, and sometimes a cinema

23. market

23.1. market traders (people who work on a market) have stalls that sell fruit and vegetables,
clothes, household items and so on

24. flea market

24.1. a group of stalls selling old furniture or clothes

25. flower shop | florist

25.1. a shop where they arrange and sell flowers

26. music shop

26.1. a shop that sells CDs, records or musical instruments

27. jewellery shop

27.1. a shop where you can buy rings, bracelets, necklaces etc.

28. toy shop

28.1. sells all kinds of toys

29. jewellery store

30. travel agent

30.1. a shop where people can plan holidays and make travel arrangements

bakery (béikeri) - panadería

barber's (bárbers) - barbería
bookstore (búkstor) - librería
butcher's (búchers) - carnicería

cake shop (kéik shop) - pastelería

candy store (kándi stor) - tienda de golosinas
children's wear (chíldrens uér) - ropa de niño
clothing store (klóuding stor) - tienda de ropas

coffee shop (kófi shop) - cafetería

confectioner's (konfékshoners) - pastelería
dairy store (déri stor) - lechería
delicatessen (délikatesen) - fiambrería

drugstore (drágstor) - farmacia

dry cleaner's (drái-klíiners) - tintorería
estate agency (estéit éidchensi) - agencia inmobiliaria
fishmonger's (físhmonguers) - pescadería

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florist's (flórists) - floristería

fruit shop (frút shop) - frutería
furniture store (férnicher stor) - mueblería
gas station (gás stéishon) - gasolinería

greengrocer's (gríingrousers) - verdulería

grocery store (gróuseri stor) - almacén
hairdresser's (herdrésers) - peluquería
hardware shop (hárduer shop) - ferretería
herbalist's shop (hérbalists shop) - herboristería
ice-cream parlour (áiskrim párlor) - heladería
ironmonger's (áironmonguers) - ferretería
jeweller's (dchúelers) - joyería

jewellery store (dchúelri stor) - joyería

kiosk (kíosk) - quiosco
ladies' wear (léidis uér) - ropa de señora
laundromat (lóndromat) - lavandería automática

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leather goods shop (léder gúuds shop) - marroquinería

mall (móol) - centro comercial
market (márket) - mercado
men's wear (méns uér) - ropa de caballero

music store (miúsik stor) - tienda de música

newsstand (niússtand) - quiosco de periódicos
optician's (optíshans) - optica
perfumery (perfiúmery) - perfumería

pet shop (pét shop) - tienda de animales

pharmacy (fármasi) - farmacia
shoe shop (shú shop) - zapatería
shopping center (shóping sénter) - centro comercial

shops (shops) - tiendas

souvenir shop (suveníir shop) - tienda de souvenirs
sports store (spórts stor) - tienda de deportes
stationery store (stéishoneri stor) - papelería

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stores (stór) - tiendas

supermarket (súpermarket) - supermercado
toy store (tói stor) - juguetería
travel agency (trável éidchensi) - agencia de viajes

vegetable store (védchetabl stor) - verdulería

video store (vídiou stor) - tienda de videos