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nz ox geen 7 0 > * 7 ei ie cd my cm Experimental set-up of the British inventor John Searl ty om ener 39 a re THE MANUAL OF 24.72% Sli’ FREEENERGY "== DEVICES AND SYSTEMS Volume II by D.A. KELLY ee Y —=_ = ‘Schauberger’s models of “flying saucers’. H Note solid core in D.C. £ field coils, Paul Brown's Project Work THE MANUAL OF FREE ENERGY DEVICES AND SYSTEMS THIS MANUAL FULLY DESCRIBES THE VARIOUS PIONEERING PROTOTYPE "FREE ENERGY" POWER PRO- JECTS BEING DEVELOPED AND EVOLVED IN THIS MAJOR NEW AREA OF APPLIED PHYSICS. THE MANUAL IS DIVIDED INTO FOURTEEN TYPES OF SPECIFIC PROJECTS IN BOTH ROTATING AND SOLID STATE UNITS, AND HYBRIDS, WITH SOME TYPES SUB- DIVIDED INTO OTHER SUBCLASSES, AS NOTED IN THE ENCLOSED TABLE OF CONTENT. CONTRARY TO THE OUTMODED OPINION OF MANY WELL ESTABLISHED PHYSICISTS, THESE VARIOUS UNITS AND SYSTEMS ARE HERE AND NOW EVENTS WHICH WILL CON- TINUE TO BE IMPROVED UPON UNTIL A "NEW WAVE" OF APPLIED ENERGY PHYSICS IS IN PLACE, AND THE OLD BELIEFS AND VIEWS FALL BY THE WAYSIDE! Copyright © 1986 General Content & Format, other Copyrights, as noted ISBN 0-932298-59-5 Ast Printing 1986 ELECTRODYNE CORPORATION (Clearwater, FL, 33516 2nd Printing 1987 3rd Printing 1991 - Published by CADAKE INDUSTRIES & TRI-STATE PRESS P.O. Box 1866 Clayton, Georgia 30525 ‘THE SECRETS OF FREE ENERGY The subject of free energy and perpetual motion has received much undue criticism and misrepresentation over the past years If we consider the entire picture, all motion is perpetuall Motion and energy may disperse or transform, but wall always remain in 2 perpetually energized state wathm the complete system. Consider the “free energy" hydro-electric plants Water from a lake powers generators and flows on down the river. The lake though 1s constantly replenished by springs, run-off, etc. Essentially, the sun is responsible for keeping this system "perpetual" The sun may bum out but the total energy-mass remains constant within the cycling univer- sal system. Vacuum is charge flux without mass, containing 2 high electrical potential of approximately 200,000,000 volts relative to pure zero charge Within an ordinary electrical circuit, the ground hes a valued zero charge with respect. to something else with the same absolute potential, but actually has a non-zero absolute potential relative to the vacuum Present theory explains thet we can create a difference in potential “within" the parts of a system only by displeying electro charge mass. By pumping the elecirical mass between potentials we can only get back the work that we put into the system Orthodox science has confused charge and charged mass, ignoring scalar electrostatic waves (Note that ‘ignor-ance! is the operative word here) Recalling that the vacuums charge flux is massless, any charge flow would be scalar and normally incapable of do- ing any work (change of momentum - requires mass movement, -F = ma + v(dmidt) By electromagnetically cscillating the true ground vacuum potential, we cveate an added resonating electrical potential difference between that part of the circuit and the normal rate ground voltage of the rest of the system Maintaining the correc! henmonie ‘vacutim oscillation will proguce the excess potential needed during the negative half-cycle to sustain the work load ‘As can be seen, we have not produced energy from anywhere, but merely diverted and juggled the inate high poten tual ofthe energized vacuum! By ARSD,PO.B 303,CD.A,1D, s3814 ass) “The man with a newidea is a crank until the idea succeeds” ‘SAMUEL LANGHORNE CLEMENS Gant Twain