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IV. Share your learning by making your own Values Education Program/Model following the format below.

(40 points)

Name of Model Respect others Optimistic Action in being Resilient (ROAR Model)

Rationale, Goals & Objectives

1. To Ensure fairness and equity in the way of work and being honest in dealings
with others (Acting professionally at all times)

2. To show respect for colleagues, councils and members of the community

(Valuing diversity)
3. To empower everyone to play a leadership role (Approaching our goals with

4. Being flexible, open to change and willing to adapt (Embracing new ideas and
technologies, finding new ways to meet challenges, managing our resources
Content This values model focuses on working collaboratively for a strong and sustainable
goal. Its focal point is on doing things better and achieving a positive impact, showing
initiative and innovation as well as measuring our success and reflecting on what we
have achieved by taking responsibility on our decisions and actions. And lastly being
clear in our direction and having a shared commitment to achieving our vision

Methodology There will be interaction in this proposed model. Since there are individuals that are
being included therefore collaboration is a must. Contents will be discussed so that there
will be thorough understanding and clear mindset on this.

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Name: Quennie Marie Daiz Francisco_________

I. Share your assessment about the Values Education Programs in the Philippines. (20 points)

Values education is a method in which every attitudes, morals and way of life are formed
as an individual like students interacts with their surroundings under the supervision of a
teacher. Behavior can only be influenced when a value is experienced and a commitment
made to it in belief and attitude. In the Philippine setting on the programs in accordance to
Values education, since Values are the bases of judging what attitudes and behavior are
correct and desirable and what are not. It is therefore essential to provide an appropriate
framework as well as approach in providing context and operational guidelines for
implementing a values education program. It is commonly expressed that the key values at
school stage need to be anchored in the framework of student’s holistic development as a
human being and as a responsible citizen of society as well as the ground realities in which
the schools are placed. Values Education Programs here in Philippines has its own way of
development; at some point it gives our learner a chance to learn more and to be morally
inclined. Although there are some instances that it is somehow deserted and being not
observed. Values education in Philippines blooms on the type of training that the Philippines
have. Since Filipino practices more extensive, thorough and realistic one. Values education
gives benefit to everyone to be more particular on the actions that they are going to take
and make, I believe that education is still based upon an individual’s character and insight in
life. It is dependent on how one values education with that, schools must strive to resolve
and sustain the universal and eternal values oriented towards the unity and integration of
the people enabling them to realize the treasure in valuing the programs provided to us that
can aid us improved the values that we have.

II. In your own understanding discuss the following: (20 points)

1. What is Values Education – Education is essentially a course of action on inculcating

values to prepare the learner lead a life. The kind of life that is fulfilling to the
individual in accordance with the esteemed ideals of the society. Values are
foundation traits and qualities that represent an individual’s belief and guiding
principle which form a foundation of who and what we are. Values education is a
practice wherein people can give moral principles to each other and must continues
throughout the life.
It suggests a range of stand toward the broad goals of moral development in young
people as well as those individual who needs ethical supervision. Values education,
no doubt, is important; yet, on what I have observed I have become neglected
subject area in today’s classrooms and curriculum. This should be given importance
and worth for it helps in shaping the life of a person and enable him/her to fulfill
their goals and which them successful. Each one of us is entitled to have this. Values
education molded us to be a better individual that can create and be a part of a
better world.

2. What is Valuing Process – Values are the core on creating a meaningful life. It can
help us to resolve one’s own personal values, whether or not those values are
paralleled with societies and authorities outlook in person's life. It is then the
person's accountability to abide which path stays right to their values and will make
them contented. Values are learned it is a process to undergo and everyone must
have. Just like the writer Robert Paulsim said where I quote; when trying to
understand the decisions of one person in their life, there is this first question
coming to mind: what are the reasons for doing that? But before the reasons
of actions can be understood, it’s best to know the trail back from the fork in
the road we are trying to perceive. It implies that we need to be familiarized first
on things before giving inferences. It is a process to go through, to cope up and to

III. Summarize and critique two (2) of the six different Values Education Models below. (20

The Values Integration for Government Renewal or VIGOR Model.

Political issues, Drugs, Scandals, Extrajudicial killings were just some of the problems that
create downbeat implications and images to the government, which tend to obliterate
people’s mentality gradually. As time goes by, these issues become of inferior quality, until it
finally reaches its peak- now in our generation. Concerns related to them become a morning
delicacy in tabloids, newspapers, magazines and everyone considered it as a hot button topic.
All these causes citizens to question the credibility of those who are in the higher position, in
short they become cynical. Individual critic almost all verdict made by the government.
Responding to this urgent need to resolve this problem, the Civil Service Commission issued
Memorandum Circular No. 2, s. 1991 entitled ‘’ Enjoining Agency Support in the Conduct of
Value Integration for Government Renewal (VIGOR). Its universal aim is to improve the
obligation of people to public service, especially in the Government and to promote primacy
public interest in the performance of their duties. This program is a big help in enhancing the
progress of our government as well as the people in our country. Every individual most
especially our youth need to be knowledgeable to live out the usually held values of
harmony and tranquility with self and others since they are envoys of the future.
The Moral Recovery Program (MRP) Model

It is an overview Proclamation No. 62 dated September 30, 1992 declared a Moral

Recovery Program in response in the need to strengthen the moral resources of the Filipino
people rooted in Filipino culture, values, ideals that are pro God, pro People, Pro country
and pro nature. Its vision is to help Filipino nation to become God centered, people
empowered, and prosperous national community living in unity, justice peace and loved.

As to what we can observe, the Filipino nation at present is on the verge of a crisis. We
can say we, Filipinos, generally have a considerable number of strengths but these strong
points are also the root of our weaknesses, and this program can be a help in order for us to
surpass the trials that we are encountering. We can never deny the fact, that we Filipinos are
strong ones to face life’s trial, the way of life that we have makes us stronger and brave
enough. Also with the rich culture that we have which makes everything easy since every
one of us can relate. And as for Filipinos, this national campaign on MRP for moral renewal
can really help to restore and establish the Filipino culture, and by this we can learn to love
our country more. This also strengthens the Filipino traits and it can help to enhance a
character which is helpful in the development of our country. For me this program is a big
help in building people holistically and so the values need to be put into practice so that
national unity, integrity of the country is upheld, rich heritage of the country is preserved,
inequalities are not reinforced and perpetuated, respect for diversity transcending all
barriers is maintained, democratic logic for empowering citizens is upheld and the culture is