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When wind rise up November

Call around
When ice break up April
Pull the plug

Sunset red, bad weather

Dawn red, alert tether

Foghorn foe, fogarty slow

Signal clear, port a lo

Shipping freight, hold that line

North sea swell, red call rime
Look to grey line, wind up blind

Sailor go tailor come grind

Playing out ain’t no sin
Candle stand bend shoal haluin

Dead in the harness Dreadlock furnace

Lockdown bestes Monster festes

​ tares
If it come up all s
Stay your hand
If it come up all s​ pades
Spend your arm

If it break bulk, ​shake n bake

If it dry, ​chain a stake
If it liquid, ​make napalm
Ride the tide, soul becalmed

Call old nick and make it quick

Yesterday for nobody
Today, a hot toddy
Tomorrow will be another day
Deck’s a rockin, the gang’s allay