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Chapter-9 Technical specification


Following codes shall be followed for HDPE & PP-FRVE Piping:
SN DVS Code No. Description

Welding of Thermoplastics – Heated Tool

1. DVS 2207-1 Welding of Pipes, Pipelines, Components, Sheets
made from PE-HD

Testing of welded joints of thermoplastic materials

2. DVS 2203 -2
– Tensile Test

Testing of welded joints of thermoplastic tubes and

3. DVS 2203-4
plates – Tensile Creep Test

Industrial Pipelines Made of Thermoplastics –

4. DVS 2210-1 Planning & Execution, Above ground Pipe

Industrial Pipelines Made of Thermoplastics –

DVS 2210-1 Design & Execution, Above ground Pipe Systems
(Supplement 2) – Recommendations for the Internal Pressure &
Leak Test

Imperfections in Thermoplastic Welding Joints-

6. DVS 2202-1
features, descriptions & evaluations

Plastic Welding Personnel - Qualification Testing

7. DIN EN-13067 2003
of Welders

Design & Construction of Glass Reinforced

8. BS 7159 : 1989 Plastics (GRP) Piping Systems for individual
plants or sites.

9. BS 6464: 1984

a) HDPE Pipes as per IS 4984 – 1995 &material grade PE – 100, PN-16 to with stand
a pressure of 16 kg/cm2(g) shall be supplied.
b) HDPE pipe and pipe fittings shall be of M/s. Reliance/ M/s Nocil / M/s. Masti
brands as per following data sheet and technical specifications.
c) HDPE flanges shall confirm to the dimension of #150 ANSI B 16.5 and provide
with 10mm thick metallic back up flange from IS 2062 MS plate.
d) Miter bend and stubbed TEES are not permitted.
e) PP Ball Valves shall be of reputed brand only.
f) HDPE welding shall be done by the Hot Plate Butt Welding and by hot gas filler
technique for fillet joints. In that case inert gas to be used which is free from

Tender No.: Tender No.: HWB/ISP/2018/01 Mechanical Tech. Specs. PageM-40of

Chapter-9 Technical specification

g) Electrodes to be used shall meet the minimum requirements of applicable code.

HWB shall approve the vendors for the procurement of electrodes for which a list of
manufacturer of electrodes shall be submitted. Approved Test procedures by HWB
shall be carried out by you.
h) Welders engaged in the HDPE fabrication shall carry out specified approval test
before commencement of fabrication.
i) The flange shall be square to the axis of the branch to within 1º up to 100 mm
diameters and to within 0.5º above 100 mm diameter.
j) The stub ends and full face flanged pipe connection and bolting shall be designed to
connect Class 150 of ANSI 16.5.
k) Consistency in both material and fabrication shall be ensured and appropriate
supervision shall be provided all stages of manufacturing.
l) All surfaces shall be smooth, continuous and irregularities which may cause high
local loads shall be repaired.
m) After completion of all fabrication pipes shall be cleaned inside to be free of all
traces of release agents, fibers, dust and other foreign matters.
n) Copy of Material test certificate for HDPE shall be submitted along with the
o) HWB reserves the right to check the HDPE material by FTIR and
Thermogravimetric Analysis. HDPE used for pipes and fittings shall be pure and
there shall be no addition of fillers etc.

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