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D. Maslow

1. Harold, a 6 y/o boy likes to play with his friends, but easily
gets angry when defeated. Piaget’s Theory states that this
7. Freud: Sexual in nature ; Erickson:____________
pupil is under what development stage?
A. Social
A. Concrete operational
B. Cultural
B. Sensorimotor
C. Physical
C. Formal operational
D. Biological
D. Pre-operation

8. Metacognition is primarily characterized by:

2.What is the most likely characteristic of children aged 3-5
according to Erickson? A. Recalling the past lesson
A. Mischevious B. Visualizing in advance
B. Ego-Centric C. Formulating hypothesis
C. Lazy D. Thinking about their thinking
D. Altruistic

9. The following are characteristics of ADHD EXEPT:

3. Two years of age are described as “terrible two” by Erickson A. Hyperactivity
because _______.
B. Focus
A. They are inquisitive
C. Inattention
B. They are sickly
D. Impulsivity
C. They are playful

D. They are assertive

10. Teacher Alejandro would like to focus the lesson on the
definition of “dicotyledon”. His lesson therefore is focusing on
_____ skill.
4. A person who is friendly and has a capacity to make people
laugh possesses: A. Affective skill
A. Naturalistic Intelligence B. Cognitive skill
B. Spatial Intelligence C. Psychomotor skill
C. Intrapersonal Intelligence D. Holistic skill
D. Interpersonal Intelligence

11. HE is considered as the first special education student.

5. A child who always fight with his/her classmates , who has a A. Victor of Aveyron
very short attention span, and who has frequent tantrums is
believed to be suffering from : B. Tarzan of the Jungle

A. Mental Retardation C. The hunchback of Sparta

B. Down Syndrome D. The court Jester

C. Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder

D. Learning Disability 12. A teacher calls a student before he asks the question during
recitation. This practice is considered:

A. Right, because it gives certain formality to the recitation

6. If teachers want to attain effective learning, they should first
satisfy the basic needs of their students. This is based on the B. Wrong, because the question may not be suited for the
theory of ________. particular student

A. Rogers C. Right, because it makes the student very attentive

B. Murrey
D. Wrong, because the moment the teacher calls a name, the C. To secure conformity to rules with ease
rest of the class will not listen anymore to the question since
D. To make children realize they cannot do everything they
it’s not for them.

Answer : D. Question must be asked first before calling name

Answer: B. Effective teaching is the product of classroom

13. The primary concern when choosing instructional aid

should be ____

A. Made skillfully

B. Mirrors Filipino setting

C. Maintains student’s attention

D. Must be suited to the lesson objective

Answer: D. First and foremost, the instructional aid must be

suited to the lesson objective

14. If i want my students to master the skill in adding fractions,

which among the following would be my best option?

A. Discovery method

B. Type method

C. Unit method

D. Drill method

Answer: D. Drill method allows the students to repeat the

procedures again and again which will lead to mastery

15. Which of the following shows a well-managed class?

A. Th students pursue their tasks without inhibition

B. The learners are controlled by the teacher

C. There is blind obedience among the students

D. The learners are eager to reach their objectives

Answer: D. Well managed class is shown when students are

actively involved to reach the goal

16. The ultimate aim of classroom management is :

A. Remove the physical conditions in the room that distract

children’s attention

B. To set up conditions that bring about effective teaching and