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Jan Kempenaers - Belgian Colonial Monuments

ROMA Publications 2019 ISBN 9789492811509 Acqn 29587
Pb 22x22cm 72pp col ills £27

This book contains an inventory consisting of 40 colonial monuments related to the Belgian
colonial past, from King Leopold II's Free State to the independence of Congo in 1960, which to
date and without exception can all be found in the Belgian public space. Today we experience
monuments and the symbolism of memory and veneration in a different way than when they were
conceived. The colonial era still has an impact on today's society, which is why the memorials are
now rightly under discussion.

Walid Raad - Better Be Watching The Clouds / I Want To Be Able To Welcome My Father
To My House
ROMA Publications 2019 ISBN 9789492811554 Acqn 29640
Pb 21x30cm 128pp col ills £31

Walid Raad investigates how violence affects bodies, minds, art, and tradition. This artist's book
highlights two of his thoughtful and witty artworks. Here, as elsewhere in his artworks, Raad
departs from historical events linked to the protracted Lebanese wars of the past 40 years to
create somewhat absurd, outlandish but plausible documents. The first part concentrates on the
local, regional, and international political figures whose faces and names became fixtures in the
Lebanese landscape; the second relies upon diaries that Raad's father kept during the wars.

Katinka Bock - Tomorrow's Sculpture

ROMA Publications 2019 ISBN 9789492811523 Acqn 29641
Pb 22x29cm 400pp col ills £47.50

'Tomorrow's Sculpture' results from three consecutive exhibitions which took place in 2018:
'Sonar' at Kunst Museum Winterthur, 'Smog' at MUDAM Luxembourg, and 'Radio' at IAC,
Villeurbanne/Rhone-Alpes. Around 50 works circulated between the three institutions. In dialogue
with the spaces, Katinka Bock displayed the works in different configurations and added site-
specific interventions. The photographs by Johannes Schwartz, which were exclusively
commissioned for this book, offer a multi-perspectival view on Bock's sculptures and installations
from the past fifteen years. With texts by Simone Menegoi, Christina Vegh, Francois Piron, and
Christophe Gallois.

Silke Otto-Knapp – Buhnenbilder

ROMA Publications 2019 ISBN 9780996524131 Acqn 29642
Pb 22x28cm 128pp col ills £33.75

'Buhnenbilder', the title of Silke Otto-Knapp's recent exhibition in Minneapolis, are the fabricated
views resulting from dressing sets. Neutral until they are costumed, they are like blank volumes
awaiting a set designer's meticulous treatment. The only colours in these works are black, grey,
silver, and white. The artist's palette and methodology, in which she applies a dark watercolour
wash and then subtracts from it using absorptive implements, raising images from the dark,
reflects the photograph's urge to resurface something whose very location - in history, memory,
desire - eludes the grasp of any image.

Inge Meijer - The Plant Collection

ROMA Publications 2019 ISBN 9789492811530 Acqn 29648
Pb 21x30cm 112pp col ills £31.50

When Willem Sandberg, the newly appointed director of Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum, held an
exhibition in 1946 in honour of Piet Mondrian, he did something quite remarkable. He placed a
Swiss cheese plant next to Mondrian's paintings. For Sandberg, the aesthetic placement of a
plant in the museum made a statement. No longer would the Stedelijk be an elite temple for art;
rather, he wanted the public to become accustomed to contemporary art in a familiar, domestic
environment. Artist Inge Meijer investigated the vanished and subsequently forgotten vegetation
in the museum during the 1945-1983 period for this book, rendering its history once again visible.

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