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Juan Miguel P. Valiente Ms.


CEI/BI5/ENG10 July-28-15

PNOY’s SONA 2015

As President Benigno Aquino III delivered his final state of the nation address, he noted

the past issues concerning about the corruption of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Pnoy said that we Filipinos can “move-on” when justice is attained. In addition to that, our

president gratified the accomplishments that his administration achieved. Fighting against

corruption and poverty is the main point of Pnoy’s straight path which we heard from his

campaign back then. Pnoy quoted “Corruption was the root of our people's suffering” and he

further added “when there is no corruption, there will be no poverty” which is ideally true for

such Filipinos wherein high officials of the government enjoy fancy living while many people

are still suffering. Pnoy mentioned matters regarding tax evasion wherein many were caught

proving that there is no escape within Pnoy’s reign. He also exploited some of the nation’s

developments such as 8% growth rate in the manufacturing sector from 2010-2014, claimed that

our unemployment rate dropped at 6.8% last year and considered as the lowest recorded in a

decade, decrease of out of school youth in our country due to PPPP’s beneficiaries, upgraded the

learning system in our country such as k-12 program which falls under the education sector, 89.4

million Filipinos are already member of Philhealth program, Pnoy served 25,257 sitios out of

32,441. Issues regarding transportation such as the MRT unresolved problems came into Pnoy’s

attention and said that they already have a plan of purchasing a new MRT train and improving

more of the railway system. Additional budget was offered to the military sector regarding

transportation. Aquino cited the issue with concern of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, imparting us

that “how many lives would have to suffer in order to attain peace in Mindanao region?” Reports

are still ongoing with respects to the killing of Muslims in the said region. When the president
started talking about the passing of the “Anti-Dynasty law”, he received the loudest applause

from his audiences. He also requests that the next administration should continue to uphold the

same advocacy. From what I’ve noticed, our president did not mention issues regarding China’s

expansionism in relation to West Philippine Sea argument which is still ongoing up to now, our

president should tackle more about this issue because we also have rights regarding the said

territory. He also didn’t confront the Priority Development Assistance Fund wherein many

politicians were involved. I found the SONA 2015 a kind of interesting due to Pnoy’s way of

delivering his speech which is appealing to students like us and more spectators who watched

and listened to the said event. Prior to that, Pnoy’s achievement called the attention of many

citizens. Our president encountered different problems, issues and difficulties with our country

though he did not reach all of what he wanted for the Philippines, he did his best to help the

Philippines change and develop in terms of the way of living. I hope that the next who will take

the position as the president of the Philippines will notice the corruption within the senate, help

decrease unemployment rate and out of school youths, and focus on the peace and order with

regards to the Bangsamoro Basic Law.