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The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange PLC (DSE) Enterprise Acceleration Program “the Program” is a tailor-made program
aiming at enhancing the capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), encourage long-term investments in growth
companies and enable SMEs to attract diverse sources of capital i.e. Bank borrowing, Private Placements, Crowd-Funding,
Public Offerings, etc.

The objective of the Program is to enhance capacities, increase outreach, train SMEs to build understanding, interest, and
capacity of targeted SMEs owners/managers in order to manage their businesses sustainably and become attractive
investees from diverse investors/financiers’ base. Among others, the Program intends to:
• Inspire and influence business owners/managers across various industries to take actions on issues that facilitate their
businesses prosperity;
• Enhancing business profiling and visibility while adhering to principles of business sustainability as well as access to a
range of financing options that will enable their growth and development;
• Develop business leaders and their businesses by building a strong network of community in the business growth
ecosystem and encourage them to act;
• Improve the ecosystem to better serve companies at different stages of growth and different types of investors/financiers; and
• Enhance SMEs with capacities on areas of strategic planning, financial management & controls, corporate governance,
and legal/regulatory environment for sustainable business management.

What are Qualification Criteria?

The successful Participants to the Program should preferably possess the following attributes:
• An exciting and ambitious company with a business model anchored on clear growth strategy and commitment to
implement useful changes for their further growth and development;
• Companies with clear intention to engage other participants during an 18-months thought-provoking journey of
exploring and implementing sustainable growth-oriented business ideas in their area of business;
• Growth companies from agribusiness, manufacturing, infrastructure, consumer goods & services, tourism, healthcare
services, financials, real estates & advisory services, mining, and ICT sectors;
• Companies whose owners/managers are committed to growth by adherence to principle of enterprises sustainability
such as environmental, social and good corporate governance (ESG);
• Companies with a desire to obtain sustainable funding from long-term sources to accelerate their enterprises expansion
and growth;
• Companies with at least 3-years of growth and have strong future potential -- with annual turnover of at least TZS 15
billion and Net Assets of at least TZS 1 billion;
• Companies who will consider raising capital from the public or by way of crowd-funding and subsequent listing into the
DSE within 3-years since joining the Program.

What are Supporting Documents for the Application?

The applicant must submit the following:

• Copy of Company Registration, VAT and TIN Registration Certificates;
• Certified Board Resolution committing the company to the Program;
• Audited Financial Statements for 3-years;
• Business Canvassing Document/Business Plan/Business Profile;
• Business License and/or Industry specific License (where applicable);
• Copy of latest Tax Clearance Certificate; and
• Copy of latest Annual Returns submitted to BRELA.

Are you interested? Let us know by sending your application to:

Chief Executive Officer

Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange PLC
3rd Floor, Kambarage House, 6-Ufukoni Street
P.O Box 70081
Dar es Salaam.

Deadline for application submissions is Friday, 5th July 2019.

Is there a Participation Fee?

Yes. Participants will be required to pay a token program sustainability fee.

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You want to know more about the Program? reach us via:

Email:; Tel: +255 22 2128983/2128522 or +255 756 391 897