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Beatriz Rivera – DSH Patton Dietetic Intern CIM Rotation

Pressure Injury
Nutrition for Wound Healing

Nutrition Evaluation Micronutrients

Vitamin C Immune Response,
Hospital Course: Provides strength to
Chief Diagnosis: Pressure Ulcer Stage 3 Coccygeal Region newly developed
11/08/18 – Braden Score of 14, Wound Size: Ht 1cm W: 1cm collagen
11/23/18 – Braden Score of 16, Wound Size: Ht 1.4cm W: 1.2cm D: 0.5cm Vitamin A Important for cell
1/28/19 – No Braden Score, Wound Size: Ht: 0.5cm W: 0.5cm D: 0cm mediated immune
Lab Values: function, collagen
synthesis, and cross
12/27/18 – Chemistry Values were all within normal limits, except Lipids
were a bit abnormal. HDL 31 – Low, LDL 130 – High, TG 153 – High
B Vitamins Important in collagen
Nutrition Assessment:
synthesis. A deficiency
29 year old, M, African American can increase
Ht: 6 ft 2 in. Wt: 95.7kg Wt (3 months ago): 104.3kg Wt Change: 8% loss susceptibility to
IBW: 86.3kg BMI: 26.9 (Overweight) infections.
Nutrition Needs: Transports oxygen to the
30kcal-35kcal/kg, (2,871kcal – 3,350kcal) tissues and is necessary
1.2-1.5g/kg Protein (115 – 143g) for collagen synthesis.
30ml/kg Fluid (2,871ml) Zinc Necessary for membrane
Nutrition Diagnosis: stability, and helps
Increased nutrient needs r/t wound healing aeb pressure ulcer stage 3 and strengthen collagen.
current 8% weight loss in past 3 months
Nutrition Intervention/Monitoring:
Add extra fruits to meals to help increase nutrient intake.
Continue MVI and Zinc medications
Monitor PO intake and weight trend

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