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Environmental Education Process in Primary School

Zeynep ÖZTOPRAK 1, Sebahat DOĞAN 2, Dušana BUCHTOVÁ13, Maria Elena TOZZİ4

Didier BROSSARD5, Mirela-Florentina MAZİLU6, Magdalena GOCHEVA7

Şehit Erkan Kendirci İlkokulu, Primary School Teacher, Kastamonu, Turkey
Şükriye Onsun İlkokulu, Primary School Teacher, Konya, Turkey
Súkromná základná škola Dotyk, Primary School Teacher, Ružomberok, Slovakia
ICS "Diomede" di Celenza Valfortore, Primary School Teacher, Celenza Valfortore (FG), Italy
Ecole Le Bourg, Primary School Teacher, Chatonnay, Fransa
Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.4, Primary School Teacher, Suceava, Romanya
Ist Primary and Secondary School , Primary School Teacher, ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, Sandanski, Bulgaristan
8 - Oleksandro-Kalynove Gymnasium, Primary School Teacher, Ukraine
School of ı-ııı Degrees №102 of Dnıpropetrovsk Regıon, Primary School Teacher, Kryvyy Rıh Comprehensıve,

Within the scope of our eTwinning Project ‘’Nature Protectors eTwinning Project’’ conducteel with
the participation of nine schools’ teachers and students from 7 countries, environmental education is given
to the 53 primary school studens in Turkey, …. primary school studens in Slovakia, …. primary school
studens in Italy, …. primary school studens in France, ….. primary school studens in Romania , …. primary
school studens in Bulgaria, primary school studens in Ukraine

In 2018-2019 Educational Year the Project is consist of awereness – raising and evironmental solutions
of the students participating in environmental education.

2. AIM
Nowadays, especially with the development of industry, the damage to natüre has reached such points
that climate has changed and glacierin the poles have started to melt because of global warming.
Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, deforestation, nuclear waste, unplanned, urbanization etc..
environmental problems continue increasingly. This rapid deterioration of the natural enviroment heralds
much greater disasters. To prevent this situation precautions should be taken worldwide and people should be
informed. Sustainability is to ensure that natural resources are used without comromising the ability of future
generations to provide their own needs and to establish a proper community order and living standards
The aim of this work is tor ise awareness fort he participated students about the reasons of
environmental pollution though various activities.
With this training, it is planned to provide students with solutions to problems and also to regulate their
lifestyles about reducing those problems in their daily lives.

Videos about enviromental pollution ara watched the students who joined the Project. After watching
the videos, wanted to prepare a concept map about the factors causing envrironmental pollution. Thus,
students were able to discover the factors causing the problems students desingned solutions and inventions
fort his the problems they identified. Students from different countries came together and designed various
products to raise awareness on environmental polution.
In the proces of activities we only guided for needs of them and products were evaluated with the
evaluations, environmental education process was closely monitored


According to the ….. primary students from seven countries, the students who participated the activities
in the draft of the Project produced solutions to the problems.
With the activities that determined according to their wishes. It was observed that the solution and
inventions of the students were orginal and creative.
With these activities, it was observed that the imagination and problem solving abilities of the students
improved in the right proportion.
Activities revealed that students adapt an environmentally sensitive life style.


It was observed that students discovered environmental pollutions problems though environmental
In addition, the students’ solutions to the problems they identified. And invented designs showed that the
education they received was at the level of analysis.
Providing environmental education at the age of primary school will give students an opportunity to
develop their awereness in this field
It was revealed that these trainnings were easily transferred to the students’ lifestyles by transferring them
to practice rather than theorical as expected.

Keywords: Environmental Education Process, Ability of Problem Solving


eTwinning Project; Nature Protectors eTwinning Project