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available for public performance In the U. 8. A. by licensees of Broadcast Music, Ing. BESAME MUCHO Arranged by JACK MASON (Pronou! -sat-meh Moo- Musle antl Spats nyse By {Pronounced Beh-sal o-cho) Music ant Sale wai by (KISS ME MUCH) = Engtish Lyric by SUNNY SKYLAR 4th Bb Tenor Sax. Fox-Trot 1 MODERATELY SLOW, WITH BROAD EXPRESSION oo sco z . a = Tato SF SS — = =— NO Sout eoorun 1) by Promto Mens Amer fe Mann hs Me, Be ceypage nu by roma Mes Arua fsa Maa BS Re oar Arceneanietn Risa oe cues orale shy Dialed ee cli ern Se GRIST SD cau re he on rae ravomnene Pe “eo 474 SAX. BP TENOR aN 3 ran r3f5 a Bors] 32 Eo got! ————_ & corre eee ares OPTIONAL FEMALE VOCAL if : CRANE DTOCLAR. Fig a ~——= . © eRaneteco = OO ery, ChANGe TO TENORD SAK 2> cresc. --~------- $f BIN TIN iS dim.-------~---"f—_ os