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Republic of the Philippines


CARAGA Regional Office
Surigao del Sur Provincial Office

Documentation of Success Stories of Regional Winners

Category of the award Individual category

Name and nature of Abelito Elic’s Salted Ansuhan

Name of Name: Abelito Elic
Proponent/ACP Contact Number: 0948-163-4931

Project Location Purok 4, Barangay Bunga, Lanuza, SDS

Purpose of Project [x] Formation [ ] Enhancement [ ] Restoration

Number of Beneficiaries 1 – Abelito Elic

Date started Date of Start of Project: 2017

Date and amount of P 20,000.00 released in the year 2017

Contact person Abelito Elic

Contact number 0948-163-4931

Background/Profile of Abelito Elic is a husband and a father of 2 daughters. He was one of the
the Beneficiary TUPAD beneficiaries of LGU-Lanuza, Surigao del Sur in the year 2016.
When the emergency employment period concluded, DOLE SDS
oriented the beneficiaries of the livelihood assistance that the
Department provided under DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program
(DILP). Upon learning of this opportunity, Abelito decided to submit a
proposal to gain additional capital for his and his wife’s salted raw
ansuhan small business which started in the year 2007 but cannot be
considered as established.

With the livelihood assistance from the Department of Labor and

Employment amounting to P 20,000.00, Abelito and his wife decided to
enhance the raw ansuhan that they are selling before and venture on
selling cooked ansuhan with pork to make it more appealing to the
consumers, which didn’t fail them as the market grows bigger at
present. Abelito, together with his wife have secret ingredients for their
salted cooked ansuhan with pork. Their market at present expands to
neighboring towns and cities, outside the province and region and even
reaches Dubai, UAE. With the use of social media and radio
advertisement plus the LGU is also promoting their product, Abelito
Elic’s salted cooked ansuhan with pork is now gaining popularization in
and out of Lanuza.

Intervention Provided A. DOLE

- The Department has provided additional capital to augment the
production of cooked salted ansuhan of Abelito Elic in the amount of
P 20,000.00.

B. Other Agencies
- The Local Government Unit of Lanuza has been promoting the
product to other residents in the municipality and local and
international tourists.
- Private individuals also advertise the product thru word of mouth,
social media and radio stations which made the product become
more popular to neighboring LGUs such as Cantilan, Madrid, and
even in Manila and Aklan and Dubai, UAE.

Significant Information/ With DOLE’s financial assistance, Mr. Elic was able to augment the
Milestones family income to support the education of his two daughters. In fact, the
eldest graduated in 2017 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in
Information Technology in Surigao del Sur State University – Cantilan
Campus. He shared that his daughter also brings cooked ansuhan in
school before to sell it to her classmates and teachers. Mr. Elic’s
second daughter who is currently in Grade 12 in Lanuza National High
School also does the same to help her parents sell the products. Abelito
shared that the livelihood assistance provided by the Department has
greatly helped them send her children to school and suffice their basic
needs such as food and clothing.

Moreover, Abelito recalled how they started their small business.

Before, only 5 kilos of ansuhan per month is processed. But with the
assistance from DOLE, the raw materials processed increased into 20
kilos per month. Basically, the profit of 1,500.00 per month increased
into 6,000.00. The label also added the marketability percentage of the
product. The container used now is also sealed, assuring the
consumers of the cleanliness of the product.

Lastly, Mr. Elic’s products are displayed in local, province-wide and

regional celebrations and festivities such as Araw ng Surigao Agri-Fair
Trade and Labor Day which is initiated by DOLE. Because of these
kinds of exposure, the product slowly became popular and gained
costumers from other towns/municipalities.

Impact to the DOLE’s livelihood assistance to Mr. Elic’s salted ansuhan business has
Beneficiary a great positive impact not only to Abelito alone, but the whole family as
well. With the continued production and marketing of ansuhan, the
household income is augmented by P 6,000.00 per month (net income).
Mr. Elic’s eldest daughter has finished college. Now, her youngest
daughter is in Grade 12 but he is confident that he and his wife are
prepared to support her studies when college comes because of their
ansuhan business.

Impact to the The livelihood assistance received by Mr. Elic also helped the barangay
Community earn additional revenue since he is paying the required tax and permit
for the business. Their neighbors and the rest of the LGU and the
neighboring towns also can now avail of a quality product in a
reasonable price.
Aspirations Mr. Abelito Elic aspires to make his business grow so as not to waste
the trust and assistance given to him by the Department of Labor and
Employment. He hopes to be able to display his products in agri-fair
trades in different towns and cities in and outside Surigao del Sur to
gain more costumers. He also plans to display a number of ansuhan in
pasalubong centers such as the Sanctuary Café in Sibahay, Lanuza,
Taboan Center in Carmen, SDS and in grocery stores like Gaisano
Capital in Tandag City. His wife is already working out on the display in
Gaisano Capital. Their aspiration for their product to be popularized not
only in SDS but outside the province as well is not as easy as it is but
they believe it will always start with a small, single step and they are
willing to take it.

Figure 1. Mr. Abelito Elic and his wife with their Salted Ansuhan products

Figure 2. (Cooked) Salted Ansuhan with pork is sold at P 100.00 each.


Figure 3. The product has an appealing label and bears the logo of DOLE Integrated Livelihood
Program (DILP). It is also sealed to ensure cleanliness.