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Part no.: 36135


Suction cup

With sealing ring OL.

Suction cups complete with rigid connecting thread

- VAS: Suction cup, diameters 1 to 125 mm

- VASB: Bellows suction cup, 8 to 125 mm

Materials Perbunan (NBR)

- Minimal markings left on shiny surfaces
Polyurethane (PUR)
- Long service life
- Gentle handling with soft suction cup material
Silicone (SI)
- Excellent thermal resistance

- Suction retention of workpieces with smooth, impervious
- Silicone suction cups are approved for the production of
food products
- Can be adapted for use with uneven, curved and inclined
surfaces with bellows suction cups

- VAL: length compensator for compensating tolerance
- LJK: elbow with vacuum port at the side
- AD: adapter for vacuum generators, for attachment to
piston rod thread
- ISV: vacuum efficiency valve for reliable vacuum with
several suction cups

Festo AG & Co.

Printed:09.10.2002 18:41:31 73734 Esslingen
VAS-8-M5-PUR Data sheet
Suction cup Part no.: 36135


Feature Data/description

Shape of suction cup Standard

Nominal diameter 8 mm
Effective suction-cup diameter 5,5 mm
Nominal size 2 mm
Mounting type, suction gripper Male thread
Mounting thread 1 M5
Minimum ambient temperature -20 °C
Maximum ambient temperature 60 °C
Air connection type Male thread
Connection position top
Suction force, theor. at -0.7 bar 1,6 N
Material of screw-in stud brass
Material of suction cups TPE-elastomer
Medium Atmospheric air

Festo AG & Co.

Printed:09.10.2002 18:41:50 73734 Esslingen