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LONNIE L GRADY TRUST - MEMORANDUM OF TRUST for (A ptvate unicorprated revocable ‘Common ia" rus!) To alto whom these presents shall come, Greetings: This Memorandum of Trust othe LONNIE L GRADY TRUST (tne “Frust) sal be considerea lal noes as evens of tho existance ofthe {ereaoing Decrston of Trst unde: horeamort, exeetad 22% cay of Noverbar, 2018 by and among LONNE'L GRADY, CAPITAL, tho “Gran (a Disrepardod Eiysoparate from is One and Minister Lonnie L Grady- Eth Tries” ‘Whereas, the Grantor fr and in consideration of the covenants contained ther, hereby Irevocably ‘signe, raster comveya, and delvere at acces whethar ral or personal and oer such valuable ‘Sonaieraion as now owned o ne ute may so be Vansfered unt tho Tus, IN FEE SIMPLE to cum ‘and possose fll and sbeolte igh, le, ond wires Io propery caled "Trust Asses’ more particulary ‘desorbed inthe stachesherelo and made spat heret “Schedule, ore purposes nd Ube of te Benoteiary ‘Whereas, the Benaficary shal be krown a¢ "The Lonnie L Grady Estate” and is hors, lopatoos, ‘sueossers and assigns as a whole and ot as any vals thereunder the Tru. ‘Whereas, he Trustees nthe Tucary capac in Ofice, herby accepts and ackrowadges io mans contol maintain, and sect rus assets pursuant tothe terns ara conatons as selon inthe Declaration of Tas. ‘Now, Therefore, ary parson or parties may rly upon this Memorandum of Thus as evidence of tho ‘ocslonce of sé Dotraton of Trust, and le raleved of any obigaton over hat any ansacton {nloro bio by Trusts thereunder s consort wi hs terme and contons of sad Decaralion of “Trust wih or without apectying sry change Trustees: With the heb of God his Memorandum of Trust hal continue in flfore and perptuty unt ohervse terminated ora LONNTE | GRAOYs 3, Name: LONNIE L GRADY, CAPITAL, “Te: GRANTOR LONNIE LGRAO CERTIFICATE OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF NOTARY PUBLIC In the united States of America )) SS: : ~ LONNIE L GRADY TRUST - Gs Tine op On this day of-dengematamnin the year-4@#®, the Grantor named above, personally Oo tet Pershore as presen ae Oe eecreneh Peper rice teresa rte Eel es tenuaaroa th GIB LOG wy *L AFFIRM UNDER THE PENALTIES FOR PERIURY, THAT HAVE TAKEN [REASONABIE CARETO REDACT EACH SOCIAL SECURETY NUMBER IN THIS DOCUMENT, ‘UNLESS REQUIRED BYLAW! Prepared By :|ONNTE LG RADY Under the Common Laws of the United States of America CERTIFICATE of TRUST for - LONNIE L GRADY TRUST -