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1 Schwerdtfeger

Jill Schwerdtfeger
Mrs. Davis
Composition II
12 June, 2019

Family tried and true

I believe in many things but the most important one to me is my family. When I say family it is

not always blood relation, but can also be friends that have become so close you add them to the

list. Family to me means having certain values like, love, togetherness, forgiveness and always

being there for you. My family, I believe is the best and they hold all of these values. I have had

many trials and tribulations but always know they will be there for me to lean on or talk to. I

have two sisters and one brother and my parents, who are more than I could have ever asked for.

I am very fortunate and will never take them for granted. But that hasn’t always been so in all of

the family relations ships in my life.

I have had many relationships with families in my life. Friends, boyfriend and an ex-husband and

their immediate family. I was previously married four years ago to a very nice guy but he did not

have a strong family support system. That was very strange to me because my family is so close.

But I learned instead of having blood family, when I married him I had gained a friend family.

This was nice to have people that would look out for you and be there even when they didn’t

have to. I had always had close friends but not any like this because I had my own family. It

opened up new doors for me to allow people in that were not related to me in some way. Even

with the friend family that my ex-husband came along with, I still felt like something was

missing for him. His blood family! This became more apparent to me as we would have
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gatherings with my family and he could not understand that I would want to stay forever with

them. It became awkward with us at family gatherings how different we were raised. It became

apparent to me that he couldn’t welcome my family like I had welcome his. It feels like it was

jealousy but I will not put a name on it as it was not my feeling. Eventually I believe it pulled us

apart and we got a divorce. I hadn’t realized that it was such an issue until that time, but do you

know who was there to pick my back up my family with open arms.

In the last four years I have been through many changes in my life. I got married, started

schooling for a new career, sold a house, moved across the state, bought a house, stared a new

job and am now expecting. I don’t believe I could have done that will out the love and support of

my family. I got married four years ago, and one of the most important things to me with my

husband was finding someone that loved their family as much as I loved mine. The only time

that it is hard is when we have to share holidays. It is nice to know someone that I am building

my life with will expect our family to be as close as we are with ours. I love his family and they

have welcomed me as their own and I them. That feeling of us all being one big family warmed

my heart and made me feel whole.

I was having a hard time coming up with a topic that I believed in enough to write an essay with

today. But I was on the phone with my Mom of course (family) and she said, “I know one thing

you believe in is family.” It hit me that it was so true! I do believe in family they are the one

people that you cannot get rid of. Other people have no obligation to be in your life but your

family does and always will. You might not always get along or see eye to eye but when that is

all over there they are. I am feeling very emotional ending this essay about my family and the
3 Schwerdtfeger

love I feel for them. I cannot put into words what they mean to me or how loved they make me

feel. I just know I could not go through life without them. So my mom was right (of course she is

my mom) the thing I believe in most is FAMILY!