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It was a fine Sunday morning with the beams coming out from purely blissful

daylight agendum at Macapagal Bypass Road, Cagayan de Oro City Dream Café, there was a
couple named Nathalie and Daniel who were deeply in love with each other for 8 years
and 2 months. Months went by, they both decided to open up their dreamed business which
is a café since Daniel is an architect and Nathalie is a graduate of Business
Administration major in Marketing, she is also good in pastries. They are perfect for
this business, such a match made in heaven. “Heaven” is the name of their café, they
made this place perfect for couples like them. Through all the challenging weeks,
struggling months and finally into a fruitful year of success, they’ve finally brought
noise into their place and became one of the most prominent café in the city. City
lights started to illuminate the dark streets of the Bypass Road. Nathalie was busy
preparing a surprise for Daniel because it is their 10 anniversary, on the other hand
Daniel is on his way home driving his car in maximum speed for he can’t wait to see
Nathalie and ask her hand. And then suddenly… an unknown number of breaks in, while
Nathalie is busy waiting, she felt nervous.

Nathalie: Hello?

Caller: Is this Nathalie Rivero?

N: Yes. Why?

C: Ma’am your boyfriend is in the ICU right now and he’s unconscious due to a
car accident.

Accident changed their lives. Nathalie got depressed and was broke seeing his
Daniel lying on the bed. She spent all her time looking after him to the extent that
she forgot about their business, without even knowing that it is already on the verge
of bankruptcy. But Nathalie didn’t give up. She believed that Daniel would soon wake
up and come back to her. Her world indeed shattered pieces by pieces.

Pieces of leaves started falling,

Just like my hope slowly disappearing.
If life’s a battle of the strongest, then I am losing
If the only strength I have is somewhat dying,
With that I realize my life is not worth living.
Therefore, I am no longer fighting,
My love, wherever you are, wait for me I am coming.
Coming home without Daniel is like a thousand turned into cent. It was the poem
Nathalie wrote for Vincent, when she knew that Daniel’s family decided to let him go
after 9 months of waiting. She can’t handle the pain; she can’t live without him, so
she took her life in an instant after hearing what Daniel’s mother told her. She gets
a knife and cut herself. [not knowing that as they were about to remove the machine that
keeps him alive, he woke up and everyone was shocked, but it is too late for Nathalie.

Nathalie and Daniel had nearly 11 fantastic years full of love and sacrifice. The
void left behind Nathalie’s death is vast and the emptiness is deafening. Daniel can’t
believe she lost the woman he loved the most, the woman who waited patiently for him,
and the woman who sacrifice everything for him, even their dream café, the woman he was
about to marry, the woman whom he treated his queen, the woman who became his world and
everything. In the midst of darkness, it can be almost impossible for him to believe
that it will be again a normal life.

Life should be live forward and not backwards. Daniel thought of following
Nathalie, but he knew that it will not make her happy, instead he brought back their
dream café and even made it more successful and prominent than before. He invested to
other companies to expand their business and now it reaches worldwide. He dedicated all
his hard work to the only woman he loved, Nathalie. He patiently waited for the time
that he’ll get to see Nathalie again and tell her how much he loves her, for his love
is eternity.

Submitted by:

Rementizo, Allyssa Nicole A.