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Algebra 2 HONORS Name: | —~ + 2.7 WS ‘Write equations for the piecewise funetions whose graphs are shown below. YEx AS 1, 2 7 fanny mel yc we ye 0 X#Zo xe-1 He) = #3 -lexet x +I x21 Graph each function, Then evaluate each value for x. xe-2 2exe2 X22 roi No 5 f-)= - yt duG FO= acgya 32-217 30) FR= Uryer 9-2 Ee) Real World Application You have a summer job that pays time and a half for overtime. That more than 40 hours per week, your hourly wage for the extra hours is 1 normal hourly wage of $7. if you work times your viet ares caso a, Write and graph a piecewise function that gives your weekly pay P in terms of the number h of hours you work. 2804105 (h-40) b. How much will you get paid if you work 45 hours? “°° HOSK- NO a. Cian oexe4o Btn = 3 Clo.Sh - IO xe YO ww lo.stasy MO | ) 332 50\