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TRIGGERED SWEEP OSCILLOSCOPE HIGH STABILITY CS-1562A DUAL TRACE OSCILLOSCOPE INSTRUCTION MANUAL @ TRIO CONTENTS FEATURES. SPECIFICATIONS. CONTROLS ON PANELS. Front Panel Roar Pane! OPERATION a Preliminary Operation Operating Procedur APPLICATIONS. Dual-trace Applications Single-channel Applications. FM Receiver Adjustments X-¥ Applications. ‘Amptier Square Wave lest PRECAUTIONS. MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT. Maintenance, ‘Adjustment SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM, Page v 18 19 2a 24 24 25 27 FEATURES "+ ne adoption of Cs troughou sere high performance + Vert an of low put expacsance (22 4398) tor [BCDC conwetar, ts the eens and igh ae The horizontal axis Sensis a8 high as 1OmV/an, ALT and between V Wertall and HInensona ef + AVAUTO poston of TRIG LEVEL ti posable check the brgnness at o-sga! time and fast tiogeng SPECIFICATIONS Sweep Ti: 1 said 10 08 sfdw in 18 (6529018 or 19086891 attri tangen, 1-28 or Versi between ranges Vertical Axis (fr both CH1 and CH2) 10 mv/dw~20 Vid 38% 10" mifaw %0 20V/a in 11 calibra ranges in 1-2-5 36 anges. 8% on a rangen. 1 0C:10 Ate ess tan 3 2 Rising Time: Les nan 38 ae Overshoot: eee mans (Gr 100 kite square wave) ‘crosstalk Sener than 708 at 2 Operating Mode: CHT” Chaanel } ony CH2 Channel 2 oly DUAL Zenannel (CHOP ana ie~ 05 malt ALT (aternate see 1 rly 08 a cwor” (200 tH: wena! ‘CHOP Frequency: 2004He +208 Votage: 600 Ve or 300 v (Oc-+AC Sweep Circuit Sweep System: Twgpetes and sutomase. tn sutomatie mods mee if ob {ined without mou sna. Sweep tne seausney: 25% Smee £108 (PULL 6 MAG) 3% oF los dstoraton 15 uv Sos saw (asldw 2 uals Triggering Source: INT hangover vy MODE (QUAL: CH input sgl ont) ExT) EXT TRIG put onl Syne Section: NOR: pontve and'negative TV. ootve and negate stones by SWEEP TIME/ON) TWH (vtine tual ~50 ‘Tw (TV-Frame) ‘01 ma/d=08 afew CY and CH. Amplitude on “Tiagering Vota Horizontal Axis (CH2 input) Operating Mode: XY made i slated by SWEEP Ha Xone Same as C2 (Wo mvidy~20 vid 258) CDC ~ 1 Mie ess than AC 2 He — 1 Me es han “a8 Inout impedance: Some ae H2 1 M2 +53) Input Capecttence: Same st CH2 loorox 207) Sensiiy