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Eve’s Serpent: CANDIDA


This book is dedicated to all the young and old, men and
women, children, parents, teachers, spouses etc. that have
wondered the cause of some of their human behavior.

My hope in writing this book is to shine a light on the

biochemical motivations for very strange behavior, that
have spiritual, mental and emotional causes.

Please, read this book and pass it on to someone who needs

help. It’s extremely bold, RAW, and in your face. It’s a
style I’ve invented called, TILIS, tell it like it is. It might
not be your cup of tea, but if you stick with it, you will
learn something valuable.

Thank you,

Inga Ambrosia
Millennium Philosopher
“The world will be saved by the Western
~ Dalai Lama
Table of Contents
Chapter I: In The Garden 7
1. The Serpent 8
2. The Forbidden Fruit 9
Chapter II: Candida Unmasked 10
1. What is Candida? 11
2. How does it work? 12
3. How does it grow? 13
4. What is candida’s effect on the body? 14
Chapter III: Estrogen, Candida & Progesterone 16
1. Menstrual Cycle 17
2. PMS and PMDD Phenomenon 20
3. Estrogen Dominance 28
4. Birth Control 33
5. Pregnancy 34
6. Postpartum Depression & Postpartum Psychosis 36
7. Synthetic Hormones – Progestin & Pitocin 46
Chapter IV: Candida & Culture 52
1. Sugar Alcohol Feeds Candida 53
2. High Sugar Diet 55
3. Fat & Meat Consumption 62
4. Candida Drives The Retail Machine 67
5. Candida Cross Promotion 79
6. Gluttony & Excess 90
7. Children & Families 102
Chapter V: Candida Befriends Disease 116
1. Female Reproductive Diseases 117
2. Anorexia 131
3. Bulimia 151
4. Prader-Willi Syndrome 171
5. Autism (Childhood) 204
6. Autism (Adult) 236
7. PANS and PANDAS 250
8. Alcohol and Substance Abuse 268
9. Alcohol-Related Liver Cirrhosis 291
10. Insulin Resistance 303
11. Diabetes 322
12. Asthma 337
13. Lymphatic Disorders 346
14. Healthcare 354
Chapter VI: Narcissistic Mothers 363
1. Narcissistic Mothers 364
Chapter VII: Healing 390
1. Diet 391
2. Black Seed 395
3. Therapy 399
4. Meditation 403
5. Exercise 406
6. Environment 410
7. Hygiene Products 413
8. Media & Entertainment 424
9. Medicine Choices 430
10. Self-care & Maintenance 433
11. Water Sources 453
Candida - The Devil
Within You
Chapter I: In The Garden
1. The Serpent

In the bible, starting in Genesis, there’s a story of Adam

and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Not to be taken literally, of
course, but I will use it for this example. God made the
garden, put all the animals in it, the trees, the fruit, the
water etc. He made Adam out of a lump of clay, breathed
life into him, and then told him to tend to the garden. He
also told him to name all the animals.

Apparently, Adam was bored and so God put Adam to

sleep, removed his rib and made him a wife, Eve. God told
Adam not to eat of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and
Evil. He could eat of every other one, but not that one.
Eve wasn’t there in the conversation, so she went over to
there anyway.

The serpent (Satan) appeared to her, and tempted her to eat

of the tree, and that nothing will happen to her. She ate it,
and she offered some to Adam. He ate it, and then they
were naked, or realized they’d been naked, and were

God found them a little later, notice the word “found”, and
when he found them, they’d made some coverings out of
leaves to hide their private parts. They told him that they
were ashamed of their nakedness. He said, “Who told you
that?” Then, he figured it out that they disobeyed him and
he kicked them out of the garden. We know God is
sovereign and omniscient, so he didn’t have to figure that
out by asking them. This is just a story, an allegory.

Eve has been cursed ever since because she allowed herself
to be manipulated, then she manipulated Adam to disobey
God. God gave Adam a little pass for listening to the wife
he gave him. She was defective somehow. I will tell you
exactly how with this book. Take thorough notes.
2. The Forbidden Fruit

What is this forbidden fruit that came from this tree? They
never actually say. Some say it was an apple. Whatever
the fruit was, it had sugar in it. Lots of it. I may lose you a
bit here, but just tag along.

Eve and Adam were just fine until she started talking to this
serpent. God knew that something in the garden would
tempt them, or why would he warn them? If he made them,
perfectly, as only God can, why would he need to warn
them if he already knew they couldn’t be tempted?
Because they could be tempted. Just as we can be tempted
daily. Nothing has changed. At all.

When Eve ate this fruit, she basically became infected.

There was “something” within her that she fed now, and it
needed her to find others. This serpent enticed her to feed
something that was already within her. I hope you read
between the lines. From that moment, she became
manipulative. Then, she immediately became a “recruiter”.
Now, she wanted someone else to feed “something” that
was already within him. Whoever made Adam and Eve
made them DEFECTIVE. You can close the book now if
that offends you because it’s only going to get worse from

I don’t think I’m being sexist or cruel when I say that a

man is the easiest person to manipulate on this planet.
Every woman knows that you can convince a man to do
pretty much anything, especially if you feed his ego.
Women from time immemorial have been manipulating
men to do things, beyond their own conscious awareness.
When it really starts to get deep, is when you realize why
the serpent went to Eve, and not Adam.

Chapter II: Candida Unmasked

1. What is Candida?

Candida is a yeast-like parasitic fungi found in the gut,

mouth and vagina of healthy and unhealthy individuals.
Everyone has candida. However, it’s a silent passenger,
living inside your body. It’s affecting the way people eat,
shop, drink, celebrate, and even parent their children.

I’m going to show you in meticulous detail how Candida is

not only the elite’s biggest weapon against the 99%, but the
elite also take turn using it. They ALL know about it.
When I say ALL. I do mean ALL. They say “The Secret”
was the best kept secret. No, candida is the best kept

The powers that be, have been working your system from
the spiritual, mental, and physical plane from the beginning
of time. Candida is the devil. It’s inside your body, and as
long as you have enough “good bacteria” in your gut to
keep it at bay, it will behave. As soon as your system gets
out of whack, Candida will take the opportunity to
overgrow, and take over your mind, body and soul.
Dramatic, but it’s true.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like what the church says, ‘an idle
mind is the devil’s playground’? A gut out of whack is
candida’s playground. You’ve heard of women getting
yeast infections, right? That’s candida. You’ve heard of
people having alcohol addiction, especially beer, that’s
candida. You’ve seen overweight people abuse pizza,
bread, cheese, dairy, starches, sweets, candy etc. You
guessed it, it’s all candida. This is why the American
public, and beyond can’t catch a break on this weight gain
epidemic. They’re fighting a devil they can’t see, and don’t
know exists. They think the it’s an army of one,
themselves, but there are millions of soldiers crawling all
through their system. They brought a knife to a gun fight,
more like a nuclear war.
2. How does it work?

I will give you the layman’s answer first. Later on, I will
give you the scientific explanations in the clearest language
I can. For now, this is the gist of it:

Candida works by manipulating the hell out of you. It

needs to eat. It needs to grow. It needs to feed itself and its
kind. It needs to take over. It wants to dominate your
system. It wants to get you to spend money on its agenda.
You might say, “How can a yeast have an agenda?”

Let’s go back to the story of Adam and Eve. That serpent

was The Devil. There is good in every man, there is evil in
every man. Something has to activate the evil. You ever
see people become totally different people after they’ve
drank some beer or taken a drug? Their behavior changes
within five minutes. Why? Because that evil within has
been activated. Without activation, it lies dormant,

What’s the best way to control a nation? Activate

something that is already within them, have it take over
their system, convince them that their thoughts are their
own. I mean, that’s War 101. Get the soldiers to shoot
themselves. When a woman is sitting on her bed at night,
eating an entire tub of ice cream by herself, she thinks that
she wants to do that. She is out of her mind, and a slave to
candida. Candida wants the sugar, the dairy, because its
hungry, not her.

When men don’t come home at night, hang out at the bar,
sleep around, eat terribly and have a stomach that looks like
it belongs on a farm animal, he thinks this is his choice.
Would that man listen to me if I told him his mind was
being controlled by candida? I don’t think so. He is fast
asleep, candida wants the alcohol, candida wants the fried
3. How does it grow?

Candida grows in an unstable environment. It’s always

present, but some things create an overgrowth. For
instance, taking antibiotics will kill all the good bacteria.
This gives candida an opportunity to grow out of control
because there is no resistance. The good soldiers are gone.
Good bacteria have to be replaced. Other pathogens,
parasites and unhealthy bacteria will join forces to overtake
the gut.

They want to destroy your gut, affect your blood, organs,

tissue, hormones, and your brain. Yes, candida can talk to
your brain. Sugar will destroy the natural healthy balance.
Candida loves sugar, starch, alcohol, white flour, cheese,
meat, eggs, because it feeds off of it causing dysbiosis, or
microbial imbalance. Sugar is the ammo for candida.

Imagine there is a work environment. There are more nice

people than mean people. All of a sudden, the meanest
person gets more of the nice people fired, and starts
bringing in their friends, more mean people. The work
environment would change. Then, the mean people would
be bringing in drinks and unhealthy food to get everyone
off track. Soon, the mean people work their way into the
back office, and eventually make it all the way up to
President. That’s the kind of workplace Candida thrives in.
Chaos and Imbalance. Divide and conquer. Doesn’t this
sound like real people? Candida is working in the people
that do this.

When Candida takes over a person’s body, it’s like it’s

taking over an entire nation of sentient beings. Your body
has all types of microorganisms that work together and
against each other. If everything is in harmony, candida
can’t work its black magic. If it’s chaos, candida reigns
supreme. Anyone that isn’t aware of this is slave host.
4. What is candida’s effect on the body?

Many people don’t even know they have a candida

overgrowth. That’s not a word that’s thrown around when
people are tired, crave sugar or carbs. When I was growing
up, many of my friends and I had yeast infections. It’s
common to women. No one ever mentioned the word
candida to us. We didn’t know that it was something that
was going to affect us with or without specific symptom.

When a woman has a yeast infection, it means that candida

has taken the opportunity to overgrow in her vagina. She
can usually tell because the discharge is like cottage cheese,
and it itches like crazy. The term we heard from the doctor
was vaginitis. Not to be confused with Bacterial Vaginosis,
which is equally annoying but caused by different things.

Either way, you have to do something about it pretty

quickly because you smell like beer everywhere you go.
The doctor tells you to take an over the counter pill, or use
a cream and it will go away. They never tell you that you
can solve the problem a million other ways that won’t cost
you more than a few bucks. In the drugstore, they have
Monistat, Vagisil, and others that promise to heal it in 1
day, 3 days or 7 days. You can actually heal it in 1 hour,
with a tampon and some drops of tea tree oil. I found that
out years later because I didn’t have the money to pay for
the medicine, so I went on the internet looking for an
alternative. I used the products in my house and in an hour,
I was healed. The light came on.

What they didn’t tell us was that the yeast infection was
caused by some other problem going on in your gut. It
could have something to do with what we were eating,
drinking or medicines we were taking. I find that the
medical industry spends a lot of time fixing symptoms
without educating the public on the root causes. If you use
too many of these antifungal drugs, the candida will get
smart and become resistant to it. Doesn’t that sound more
like a virus? What would happen if women stopped using
these over the counter medicines and healed themselves at
home? Somebody will not be getting PAID. The problems
are yearlong also.

Before these infections would pop up, I would notice that

my dairy consumption, cravings for bread, potato chips,
sugar, and candy would spike. Silly me, I just followed
along with what I thought my mind was telling me I
wanted. Wrong. Candida can hijack your brain. It sends
signals to your brain, triggering cravings, because that is
what it wants to eat. No doctor is going to tell you that.
No doctor wants you to know that there is an intelligent
alien lifeform inside your body that can change your eating
habits anytime. You’d be petrified.

Let me tell you how fancy candida is. It creates something

called, Biofilm. It creates cell protection around itself so
any attempts to correct your diet, or eradicate it, has to
penetrate that wall first. It’s basically armor. That armor
becomes increasingly resistant, which means it get stronger.
The candida army is getting stronger while you don’t even
know they exist. They’re working your brain to feed
themselves, and you’re walking around LaLa because you
think you like ice cream at 12 midnight. You think you like
beer, you think you like donuts, and you’re clueless.

We’re going to get into how to win against the army that
has waged war on humans, and colonized us without
artillery, ships, and shackles. But first, we will dive into
how candida changes the personality of Eve, the woman,
and makes her into a manipulative, miserable woman that
nobody wants to deal with. It’s going to blow your mind!

Chapter III: Estrogen, Candida &

1. Menstrual Cycle

Women and young girls have to endure a menstrual cycle.

It starts around age 12 until around 50 or so when
menopause kicks in. Menopause is when the woman has
no more eggs. In the meantime, candida really works on a
female’s hormones when she is going through her cycle.
First, let me explain the menstrual cycle. We all know what
it is, but when I was researching, I didn’t even know that
there were 3 different phases. I’ll make it brief.

1. Follicular Phase (Day 1 to 13): This includes the

Menstrual Phase which is from (Day 1 to 5). In the
Menstrual Phase, the woman bleeds for 5 or so days.

On the first day of her menstrual cycle, her estrogen and

progesterone are low. Low hormone levels signal her
pituitary gland to secrete follicle-stimulating hormone
(FSH) that makes her eggs grow. It takes 13 days for the
egg cell to mature in the follicle. When the egg matures, its
follicle releases estrogen so the uterus gets ready for
pregnancy by developing a lining called endometrium.

2. Ovulation Phase (Day 14): The pituitary gland releases

Luteinizing Hormone (LH) so the follicle releases the egg
into the fallopian tube. The follicle secretes progesterone
and estrogen to get the uterus ready for pregnancy.
Testosterone surges on this day.

3. Luteal Phase (Day 15 – 28): The egg stays in the

fallopian tube for 24 hours. If the egg is not fertilized it
will be destroyed. The estrogen and progesterone that
keeps the endometrium in place falls, and the menstrual
cycle begins.
A few key points I want to make here are the amount of
times I typed the word ‘hormone’. Most men don’t know
the number of hormonal fluctuations that occur in a
woman’s body during these phases. Let me explain these

Estrogen is a growing hormone. It helps with completing

difficult tasks. Improves memory and learning.

Progesterone is a relaxing hormone, it balances estrogen.

Testosterone is a strength, drive and concentration

hormone. Testosterone in excess converts to estrogen.

These hormones sound like they have a positive effect on a

woman. The opposite is true when these hormones have
fallen or decreased to very low levels. You may ask what
this has to do with candida. Well, candida is an
opportunistic invader that will kick you while you’re down.

On day 1 of the menstrual cycle estrogen and progesterone

are low. Changes in these levels cause instability in
serotonin levels. Low serotonin causes depression.

Serotonin is a hormone/neurotransmitter found in the gut

(90%) and in the brain (10%) that contributes to feelings of

Estrogen helps candida grow. Candida grows during the

menstrual cycle, but the yeast cells decrease when
menstruation begins, because the pH level of the vagina is
raised and they can’t grow. For five days during the
menstrual cycle, candida is under control, but the hormones
that make a woman feel good are low also. That’s why you
will find women that have P.M.S. or premenstrual
syndrome, which includes bloating, abdominal cramps,
moodiness, crying etc.

The hormone levels a week before the period and a week

after are so low that she’s not feeling great about anything.
Some women have P.M.D.D. or premenstrual dysmorphic
disorder, which causes extreme mood shifts, depression,
hopelessness, anxiety and irritability. There are more than
5 million cases a year in the U.S. It’s P.M.S. x1000.

Women with PMDD likely have high candida overgrowth,

and when their estrogen levels fall, candida starts to die off.
I believe this is the primary cause of symptoms associated
with PMS and PMDD. Following this chapter, we dive
deeper into these two disorders.

For now, I want to prime it with the notification that

candida provokes these syndromes through hormone feast
or famine. If it doesn’t have the hormone it wants, the
woman suffers. If it has the hormone it wants, the woman
suffers. Women have been blamed for reactions in their
body that they themselves don’t understand, and haven’t
been educated on. That needs to stop. We need to stop
going to doctors who are only going to give us two
teaspoons of information, meanwhile our husbands suffer,
our children suffer, our workplace suffers, and we suffer.

Nobody cares more about the woman’s body than another

woman. Candida is fed to us by us on a daily basis, and we
don’t know that we’re sleeping with the enemy in our
2. PMS and PMDD Phenomenon

There are over 5 million women in the U.S. that have

PMDD. Of those women, 15% of women will commit
suicide, that’s 750,000. There is a strong link between
mental health issues and reproductive system malfunction.

It is believed that women with PMDD have a high

sensitivity to the rising levels of progesterone that appears
in the luteal phase. In fact, PMS and PMDD are syndromes
that only affect women in the 10 – 14 days before their
period. I decided to take a really close look at what is
going on in this part of the menstrual cycle.

What I found was that candida peaks in this phase also. I

will try to break this down as much as I can. I will start at
day 12 – 14 of the menstrual cycle and work my way up.
That is the only thing that made sense to me.

Day 12 – 14 is when estrogen and progesterone spike up to

let the follicle know to release the egg. Since estrogen
feeds candida, it made sense that symptoms start to appear
at this time. In most of my research, PMS and PMDD have
the same symptoms of candida overgrowth, except it’s
viewed as one disorder. I see it as two different sets of
symptoms masquerading as one. I rarely found anyone
talking about candida being the cause of PMS and PMDD.

It’s going to take me a while to explain, but stick with it

because it blew my mind when I discovered that candida
manipulates the hormones to create these symptoms.
During this luteal phase, a woman’s serotonin levels are
very low. Serotonin gives everyone a sense of well-being.
The last thing these women are feeling is well. What
causes the low serotonin is the sudden spike in hormones.
Estrogen increases serotonin, but not when candida is
around. Candida begins to overgrow in the luteal phase
because of the rise in estrogen, and it binds with the
estrogen to make it not available for serotonin production.

Candida also has a byproduct that mimics estrogen so a

woman’s estrogen level during the luteal phase is read by
the body as excess estrogen. Progesterone is always trying
to balance the estrogen, so progesterone gets to a level that
is out of balance with the estrogen. This called estrogen
dominance. This rise in progesterone is exactly what
women with PMDD is sensitive to. Progesterone turns into
a hormone called ALLO (allopregnanolone) specifically
during the luteal phase. The bodies of women with PMDD
interpret this morphing as an invader, instead of another
form of progesterone, so they think the progesterone is
gone, and experience progesterone withdrawal.

With estrogen dominance and perceived progesterone

withdrawal, the environment is perfect for candida to thrive
because now there is no resistance. Shortly after the spike
in hormones, they drastically fall on Day 14. This is the
beginning of the split personality many women feel when
they have this disorder. Couple that with low serotonin and
you have a woman that is moody, has low attention,
insomnia, and joint pain. Studies have shown that they also
experience a lowering of beta-endorphins, and their pain
tolerance is significantly lower than women without it. The
serotonin levels of a woman without PMS or PMDD is
sustained throughout the 28-day cycle.

Three women were studied that had candida. They took

daily swabs to see the colonization of the fungus during the
luteal cycle. After day 14, most women didn’t show any
colonization. By Day 19 all women had high amounts of
colonization, and 2 of them began to show symptoms of
yeast infections, which include itching, discharge. Candida
peaked from Day 19 – 25. This is the second spike in
hormones seen during the luteal phase where estrogen and
progesterone keep the endometrium in place. Candida is
having a field day because it is overgrown by now, and
progesterone is being blocked so there’s no balance at all.

After Day 25, the levels begin to fall so the menstruation

can begin on Day 28. Women still show symptoms during
Day 26 – 28. Candida thrives when the levels are high.
When they begin to fall, they can’t grow. This sudden drop
in hormones continues to inhibit serotonin, so the poor
woman doesn’t even get a break at the end. In the next
chapter, I really get into Estrogen Dominance and Estrogen
Deficiency. It’s a problem that has a lot to do with what
you do to your body. Many times, we think our bodies are
just running wild doing its own thing. Nope. We are
culprits. I will show you how.

I know I went backwards, but I needed to do it this way to

show you candida’s agenda in reverse. On Day 28, the
hormones are depleted which signals the endometrium to
fall and the menses to begin. The pH balance of a healthy
vagina is 3.5 – 4.5 pH. Menstrual blood is pH 7.4. This
raises the levels from acidic to a slightly more alkaline
environment. Candida prefers an alkaline environment, but
the growth is slowed down because of the low levels of
estrogen during the period.

The blood flushes out many of the yeast cells and the
symptoms will decrease greatly for many women. Some
women who have a more severe case of candida will still
experience symptoms.
This is where it gets really interesting. What happens to the
candida that aren’t be fed by estrogen? This is a
phenomenon called, The Herxheimer Effect or die-off,
when yeast starts to die and give off neurotoxins that make
it to your bloodstream. These are some symptoms:

 fatigue
 nausea
 brain fog
 joint pain
 headaches
 bloating and gas
 flu-like symptoms
 muscle or body aches
 loose bowel movements or diarrhea

Don’t you find it interesting that these are the exact same
symptoms as a regular period. No one is going around
having a period party. It sucks. We just never knew that it
was associated with candida die-off. Candida has been the
silent partner all this time, and ruining our menstrual cycles
since the beginning of time.

PMDD has symptoms that include: irritability, anxiety,

bloating and insomnia. These are because of candida. If
we knew that we had an original problem, we could heal
the root and eliminate the unpleasant related aftermath.

So far in this chapter, I’ve focused primarily on PMDD,

and there is a personal reason for that. I experienced
PMDD before I knew what it was in my last two years of
college. I was married at the time, and my husband said I
had two different personalities, ‘Rational Inga’ and
‘Irrational Inga’. I can see now that he was right on the
money. You feel like you are possessed with a foreign
spirit, and you are.

Let me go to Genesis 3:15 – 16 (NIV) where it reads,

Genesis 3:15 - “And I will put enmity between you and the
woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush
your head, and you will strike his heel.”

I’m no bible scholar, but I have my own interpretations of

this verse. The enmity that is spoken of is war. War will be
between the woman and candida. War will be between
candida’s offspring and the woman’s offspring. Candida
will crush the head of the offspring, in other words mess
with their minds. When it says strike his heel, it means that
you will cut off his supply (estrogen) at the beginning of

85% of women have a yeast infection when giving birth.

That pathogen is passed onto the baby. Even when the
woman has a C-section, she has candida at the incision site.
Babies born through C-section don’t receive the “good
bacteria” from the mother. Isn’t it convenient that in
private clinics 70% of babies are born now through C-
section. In public hospitals, its 30 – 48%, and highest
among black women, Mexican women and Cuban women.

C-sections come with unnecessary risks such as: raising

the death rate to 60%, bleeding and cardiac arrest by 500%.
That doesn’t seem convenient to me. When you see the
effects on the baby like increased risk of autoimmune
disease, respiratory problems and obesity, it makes sense
that 85% of these women are infected with candida. These
are the conditions that candida will thrive in.
Let’s return to Genesis 3:16 (NIV) where it reads,

Genesis 3:16 - To the woman he said, “I will make your

pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you
will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your
husband, and he will rule over you.”

Again, this is my interpretation of this verse. I will make

candida cause you unbelievable pain during childbirth.
When you’re ovulating, you will desire your husband, and
you will be so weak that he will rule over you during that
time. Ovulation is only 2 days so that’s not the case in
most marriages. Most men clearly admit that their wives
are “the boss”, if they know what’s good. However, her
submission days are short and bittersweet because after
that, it’s going to be hell on wheels.

You might say, “What does childbirth have to do with

PMDD?” The same hormones that cause painful cramps
cause labor pains. Candida is responsible for both.
Abdominal cramps are caused by the contraction of the
uterus. In labor, this is so the baby can be delivered.
During menstruation, this is so the uterine lining can fall so
menses can begin. Neither of these events should be
painful. That’s right. We don’t have to feel pain during
these times.

Some women claim that they barely felt a twinge of pain

during their labor. Other women don’t even know what
cramps are because they’ve never had them. I’m not one of
those people. They have been severe, for me, my sisters,
and every woman in my family. It’s inherited candida.

Estrogen is released so the uterus knows to start contracting

to begin the delivery process. An enzyme called
cyclooxygenases (COX-1 and COX-2) is activated at the
same time and produces prostaglandins, which makes the
uterus continue to contract. COX-1 is not the problem, it’s
COX-2 that produces extra prostaglandins, in other words
sounding the alarm when the body has already gotten the
message. Candida up-regulates this and it causes aches,
inflammation, fever, and excruciating labor pain.

Dysmenorrhea is the name for painful periods. There are

two types: primary and secondary. Primary Dysmenorrhea
is normal discomfort for 1 to 3 days, and can be
accompanied by fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Secondary
Dysmenorrhea is caused by a disorder in the reproductive
organs like fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, or
endometriosis, and lasts longer than the 1 to 3 days, without
nausea or vomiting. Either way, candida is involved.

When it’s time for a PMDD woman to have her period,

which almost always is painful and heavy, candida up-
regulates the exact same COX-2 enzyme so it overproduces
prostaglandins that cause cramping. It took me a while to
figure out why candida would want to cause pain and heavy
bleeding. The reason is vicious.

If a woman is bleeding heavily, then her period will end

quicker, in other words bleed out, because once she runs
out of blood candida can get back to overgrowing. If she
has pain, her blood will be filled with cortisol, the stress
hormone, which depletes progesterone because
progesterone helps to manufacture cortisol. When
progesterone is depleted, estrogen becomes dominant, and
candida feeds on it. It also creates higher levels of other
hormones to create a hormonal imbalance. Serotonin is
inhibited this way.
As I stated earlier, pain tolerance for women with PMDD is
extremely low compared to women without it, so naturally
they’re going to want to take medications NSAIDs, non-
steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, like Motrin and Ibuprofen.
Ibuprofen is a COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitor, and has anti-
fungal properties, but only if used in moderation. Candida
is going to make sure the women overuse the medication
which then creates a friendly environment for overgrowth,
by causing leaky gut, a condition the breaks down the
intestinal wall allowing candida to escape into the
bloodstream. COX-1 is an enzyme that protects the
stomach so inhibiting it is dangerous.

When I tell you The Devil, I mean candida, has figured it

all out already. If you don’t know the rules, you will never
know that the fix was in since Day 1, and you definitely
won’t win the war, because your weapons have been down
since birth, and your momma’s too. Candida also wants
you to take pain medication so your baby can get the
medicine too. Women that take pain medication while
pregnant, or breastfeeding are playing a dangerous game.

Birth control pills and SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake

Inhibitors) are often used to treat women with PMDD, but
they feed candida too because they have 20 times more
estrogen than you need. I hope you’re starting to get the
picture. Create a problem, create a solution for the
problem, and the solution feeds the problem. Pure Evil!
3. Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen Dominance is a condition when the system is

overproducing estrogen. Many factors cause this from
food, hygiene products, medication and alcohol. Too much
estrogen feeds candida and helps it to overgrow. As the
liver tries to remove estrogen build-up from the body, it
gets overloaded, and it redeposits excess estrogen into the
fat cells. Some diseases caused by Estrogen Dominance

 Obesity
 Infertility
 Leaky gut
 Endometriosis
 Uterine fibroids
 Ulcerative Colitis
 Multiple Sclerosis
 Fibrocystic breasts
 Gallbladder disease
 Thyroid dysfunction
 Rheumatoid Arthritis

Estrogenic is a term to describe foods that produce too

much estrogen in the body. These should be avoided:

 Soy products
 Genetically-modified foods (GMO)
 Factory-farmed meat, dairy, eggs, fish
 Non-organic produce, foods with pesticides
Dairy farm animals are injected with hormones so they
grow faster and produce more milk than humanely
possible. Those antibiotics and hormones get passed down
to anyone foolish enough to drink it or eat it. If you went
to someone’s house for dinner and you saw them empty a
bottle of pills into your food, would you eat it? Of course
not, yet we trust the dairy industry to show us the bottle of
pills and give us the choice.

Candida lives in the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and

genitals. Studies show that candida travels through the
mucus membrane. Anything you drink or eat that causes
mucus will house candida such as: sodas, cheese, eggs,
white flour, dairy and acidic foods. What are the staples of
The Standard America Diet? Fries, pizza, burgers, hot
dogs, sweets, bread etc. The foods below are mucus
producing foods that candida loves and will signal you to


 Eggs
 DAIRY: milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter
 MEAT: Red meat
 CARBS: bread, pasta, cereal, potatoes
 FRUIT: bananas
 VEGETABLE: cabbage, corn and corn products
 SWEETS: desserts, candy, soda
 DRINKS: coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages
 Soy products

If you combine mucus-producing foods with estrogenic

foods, you’ll be a candidate for estrogen dominance. Over
50% of women are, and men don’t even know it exists.
Stress can also cause estrogen dominance, because the
body uses progesterone to make cortisol, the stress
hormone. 8 in 10 Americans report that they’re afflicted by
daily stress. When progesterone is out of balance with
estrogen, candida erupts. High estrogen suppresses the
immune system, inhibiting serotonin, and candida blocks
the centers of the brain responsible for focus. That’s why
people that are under extreme stress say they can’t think
straight. What do you reach for when you’re under stress?
Alcohol, unhealthy food, illegal drugs, and pain medication
for headaches due to increased blood flow to the brain.

Another cause of estrogen dominance is personal care

products. Most people don’t read the back of their lotion,
soap, shampoo or toothpaste. They look for a brand they
saw on T.V., a newspaper ad, or they may be using the very
same one their parents gave them when they were younger.
Unfortunately, this is where the most toxic ingredients hide,
behind the bright shiny colorful box, and you put it in your
body without a second thought.

Xenoestrogens are a manmade endocrine disruptor that

comes from outside the body and mimics estrogen. When
they get in, the body thinks they’re estrogen and it causes
estrogen dominance. Since they aren’t real, your liver can’t
detoxify them, so they go into the fat cells.

They’re known to cause cancer in the breast, prostate, and

testicles. They contribute to obesity, diabetes, infertility,
endometriosis, and cause miscarriages. They’re the main
reason why young girls are reaching puberty at age 8, and
experiencing health problems that older women experience.
It might be that more young girls are wearing makeup and
using toxic shampoo, body wash, and perfume to appear
older. It comes with a huge cost because children should
not be getting cancer. These products are going directly
into their skin, into their bloodstream, and the mother is
providing it. The chemicals are 10 times more potent when
used topically, and don’t pass through the liver to detoxify.

It’s not just girls. When you see a young man with “man
boobs”, or gynecomastia, that’s a sign of estrogen
dominance. Just spend a night with your family, and take
out everything you use every day for personal hygiene.
Count how many ingredients you recognize. Look for

Parabens like methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben

and butylparaben can be found in shampoos, lotions.

Phenoxyethanol is used as a stabilizer or preservative in

cosmetics. Some of its aliases are phenoxyethanol,
ethylene glycol monophenyl ether, 2-Phenoxyethanol, PhE,
dowanol, arosol, phenoxetol, rose ether, phenoxyethyl
alcohol, beta-hydroxyethyl phenyl ether, euxyl K® 400, a
mixture of Phenoxyethanol and 1,2-dibromo-2,4-

Bisphenol A (BPA), industrial chemical found in most

plastics. Most canned foods are lined with BPA and that
gets into your food. Sun exposure is extremely dangerous.

Phthalates are a chemical used to soften plastics and vinyl.

Heating food in the microwave using plastic wrap exposes
you to high levels of xenoestrogens. Don’t ever use the
microwave. Period. Styrofoam should be avoided also.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer used in

Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed
meats. Also, food additives like red food coloring FD&C
Red No. 3 or a red dye Phenosulfothiazine.

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated

Hydroxytoluene (BHT), are preservatives found in
plastics, cosmetics, cereals, gum, fast food, processed
potatoes, drink mixes, snacks. Propyl gallate is an additive
that works with BHA and BHT to stop fats and oils from
going rancid. 4-hexylresorcinol is an anti-browning agent.

You can spend your whole weekend looking up how the big
companies are poisoning you and your family. There was a
documentary that I watched that tested the metal toxicity of
an entire family. The results made the mom cry because
she realized that she brought all the products into the home.
Her one daughter who was vegetarian had the least toxicity.
Many baby foods are filled with heavy metals. Imagine
doing that to your child before they can even walk. Lead
and mercury is lethal, and contributes to behavior problems
and have been linked to autism.

Last but most important, something we absolutely drink

and use every day, is water. The type of water you drink is
so important, especially the container you drink it from. I
used to leave my water bottle in the car in the sunlight,
come back 30 minutes and drink it. It took two separate
incidences of tonsil infection to realize that the water was
poisoning me. The estrogenic chemicals increase in
sunlight depositing toxic chemicals into the water.
Microwaving water in plastic, or anything exposes water to
harmful chemicals.

If you still drink tap water, please stop. The water

treatment plant in your city allows a certain amount of toxic
metal salts, hormones, pesticides, lead, and bacteria. In
some lab tests, 56 different drugs were found in 41 million
Americans water supply, including antibiotics,
antidepressants, and drugs for diabetes. In the Colorado
River, drugs containing estrogen turned male fish into
female fish. Think about that for about 30 long seconds.
Doesn’t this make you mad! You have to fight for your
family as they line their pockets.
4. Birth Control

It surprised me to know that 21% of high school students

reported that they use birth control pills. Birth control pills
contain high amounts of estrogen, which contributes to
young girls being overdeveloped and attracting their male
counterparts. Soon after, the pressure to engage in sexual
intercourse leads the student to request contraception from
their parents. If my daughter asked me for that in high
school, I would probably lose it. Then, I think of the
alternative, teen pregnancy, which is not a good alternative
either. Some parents say they would rather be safe than
sorry, but are birth control pills safe?

First of all, a young woman’s hormones are out of whack

anyway because she’s still going through puberty. To add
estrogen to the mix confuses her body into thinking she is
older than she is. The pill, the ring and the patch all
contain estrogen and progestin, a synthetic form of
progesterone. Birth control pills contributes to candida
overgrowth, because they upset the hormonal balance.
They create the same scenario as a menstrual cycle. The
difference is, the method prevents ovulation, artificially. A
woman takes pills daily at the same time to release
hormones that prevent the egg from being released. It also
thickens the cervix mucus to prevent sperm from fertilizing
the egg.

She can change her cycle to 21 days, 28 days, or 91 days.

If she misses a pill, she can take it later that day. If she
misses it for the day, she is at greater risk of getting
pregnant if she has sex for that cycle. How many times a
month do you think women forget that pill? All the time.
There are many other forms of birth control that don’t
involve estrogen, like progestin-only pills, patches, cups,
diaphragms, female condoms, male condoms and IUDs.
Do your research first.
5. Pregnancy

A woman that gets pregnant is going to go through many

hormonal changes, especially in the first trimester (1st three
months). During the first trimester, progesterone rises
exponentially, and then levels out. Progesterone helps relax
the blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure. This
lowering causes gastrointestinal problems like gas, nausea,
acid reflux, heartburn, and vomiting. Progesterone also
relaxes the muscle wall of the uterus.

Estrogen rises during this time as well, and is secreted until

it is later produced by the placenta. Estrogen plays a key
role in the development of the fetus, namely by producing
the adrenal glands in the fetus. The uterus responds well to
oxytocin thanks to estrogen. The “glow” that some women
get is attributed to estrogen, while other unlucky women
respond by getting morning sickness and the mask that
surrounds the woman’s face, making her look like a

In the 2nd trimester, estrogen and progesterone continue to

rise, and cortisol is added to the mix. Human placenta
lactogen (HPL) is secreted by the placenta, which helps the
baby grow, and causes insulin resistance, and can make the
baby get too big. Insulin resistance is when the body can’t
process the increase in glycogen produced during
pregnancy, and it gets stored in the fat cells. That’s why
some women gain more weight than is recommended by
their doctors. Fat interferes with the neurotransmitters,
reducing serotonin, and creating an imbalance in the
present hormone levels.
The insulin can’t give glucose to the cells. Candida can
thrive because it feeds off of the excess sugar in the blood.
Her blood sugar drops, which makes the woman crave
more carbs to get more energy which makes the problems
worse. Many women have these food cravings and they
don’t know where it comes from. It’s candida, sending
signals to their brain for what it wants. Too much sugar in
the bloodstream creates gestational diabetes.

The third trimester brings in the highest amount of estrogen

the pregnant mother will experience in her lifetime, about
6x higher than before pregnancy. Estrogen and
progesterone peak at 32 weeks. Her body produces more
sugar, and some of it gets deposited into her vaginal area.
Since she is pregnant, medication is not recommended
because of how close she is to delivery. In the latter part of
her pregnancy, progesterone goes down, which means
estrogen goes up, and oxytocin goes up to get her uterus
ready for contraction. When estrogen rises, candida rises.

Yeast infections are hard to treat during pregnancy, and

85% of women will deliver with candida overgrowth. This
means the fungus will be transferred to the baby. Even if
the baby is not delivered vaginally, studies show that
candida has been found at the incision site as well. As
stated earlier, babies don’t receive “good bacteria” from the
mother when delivered by C-section, so they’re born

Breast nipple thrush (BNT), is a yeast infection of the

breast that affects breastfeeding mothers. Its symptoms are
severe nipple and breast pain. Keep in mind, the baby
already has candida, and more is transferred after their
born. Not to mention that the progesterone plummets after
delivery, and estrogen remains high. Oxytocin is elevated
to create a bonding experience with the baby, and allows
her to breastfeed. She wants to breastfeed, and if it’s
successful, she has a reward, which is the “love hormone”,
that’s at a very high level. If she can’t, she’ll be subject to
postpartum depression, especially if she has a history of
mental illness.
6. Postpartum Depression & Postpartum

Women experience something called, “Baby Blues”, which

occurs in the first 4 – 5 days after a baby is born, when the
mother feels depressed, moody, tired, and has a disrupted
sleep pattern. It’s likely due to estrogen dominance. When
progesterone is expelled from the body by the placenta at
birth, the woman’s hormonal system is immediately out of
whack, and her estrogen levels remain high. Progesterone
is known to have an equalizing effect on estrogen. It
balances the woman’s mood, and makes her feel at ease.

The “baby blues” is experienced by 75% of women, but

Postpartum Depression (PPD), affects 15 – 20% of
mothers. They only become candidates for PPD diagnosis
when the blues lasts for 2 or more weeks after delivery.
Women with previous depression are at a greater risk. This
made me think that they were already sensitive to hormonal
imbalance, and this just exacerbated a preexisting problem.
A woman can even experience depression months before
the baby is born. They don’t tell anyone because they don’t
want to be judged for not being the happiest person on
Earth. Some women think when they deliver, they’ll feel

Some of the symptoms of Postpartum Depression are:

 Crying spells
 Anxiety or excessive worry
 Lack of interest in the baby
 Irrational thoughts about harming the baby
 Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness
 Depression, moodiness, anger, and irritability
 Suicidal ideation, baby better off without them
 Disrupted sleep, insomnia, and appetite changes

Women who are at risk have:

 Financial stress
 Child care stress
 Lack of social support
 Complicated pregnancy
 Prenatal depression or anxiety
 Personal or family history of depression
 Relationship problems, marital dissatisfaction

What I found so fascinating is that these were the same

symptoms as PMDD. It makes you wonder, what came
first, the environment or the symptom? Does this
depression have anything to do with candida? I think so. I
think the medical industry has been looking in the wrong
place. These women already had a problem, and it was
candida overgrowth. What do they say, life kicks you when
you’re already down? The estrogen dominant environment
creates a hormonal hurricane that produces all of these

Let me put it in a way that won’t be popular. These women

are addicts. The amount of adrenaline, oxytocin, and beta-
endorphins released after labor are so potent, they use the
same receptors as morphine. When she leaves that hospital,
she is cracked out, and she won’t be receiving another hit
of that anytime soon. The fall of progesterone keeps the
woman off balance, but she can rebound if she is able to
breastfeed and receive oxytocin. Keep in mind, she is still
jonesing for that other cocktail. Some mothers never

Postpartum Depression can last for 1 month, or it can last

up to 1 year. I think many women are still experiencing it.
Some mothers don’t ever bond with their children, even as
adults. I want to break down these risk factors, one by one.

1. Personal or family history of Depression – She already

had a problem and was sensitive to hormonal fluctuation.
If she thought the baby was going to solve that problem,
she was sadly mistaken. The baby is not medicine. If
anything, the baby will cause more problems because of the
care that it needs, and the selfish woman that was
preoccupied with herself and her own thoughts is put on the
back burner.

2. Complicated Pregnancy – Many women enjoy the extra

attention they get while pregnant, but if there are problems
during the pregnancy, this is the wrong kind of extra
attention. She is depressed, then she induces worry, which
produces extra cortisol, which depletes progesterone.

3. Financial Stress – First of all, if she can’t afford the

baby, she shouldn’t be having one, but if she had financial
problems before, that won’t get any better. Again, cortisol
suppresses the immune system, which suppresses serotonin.

4. Relationship Problems, Marital Dissatisfaction – If

she didn’t get support before, she probably won’t get
support after. I can’t tell you how many women I know
that broke up with their partners during pregnancy, or
shortly after. A large number of them didn’t even tell the
father they were going into labor, and he naturally didn’t
show up. She didn’t make the baby alone, but she sure is
delivering it alone, and she likely is going to be raising it
alone. I don’t think too many sorry men become great
fathers. The main reason she is depressed is because she
made a bad choice 9 months ago.

5. Lack of Social Support – If a mother is away from her

family, at odds with the family, has pissed off too many
people or friends along the way, they won’t appear
suddenly when she needs help. She might be unable to find
child care, lack funds, not able to take a break, lose sleep,
or just be out of her mind with depression, and no one will
come. She knew that beforehand. If she thought it would
change, well she was doing some wishful thinking. This
could cause her to become more depressed because her
expectation didn’t match her reality. Her serotonin and
progesterone levels are already low, and her candida is
rising. She’s probably crying nonstop, along with the baby.
They both need help.

6. Prenatal Depression or Anxiety - During her

pregnancy, whatever was bothering her will continue to
bother her. If she has anxiety about this child being her
firstborn, or how she will take care of the baby, or if she’s
worried about the health of the baby, all of this will
continue. These are obsessive thoughts, and whether
they’re based in reality or not, they’ll plague her past
delivery. Her baby will have a hard time bonding with her
because her mind is elsewhere.

7. Child Care Stress – All babies don’t come out smiling

and giggling. Sometimes they have health problems that
can make them cry constantly. Some women don’t have
the patience for that, especially when it’s not immediately
solved by giving them a bottle, changing them, or rocking
them. If the child is just fussy, women fall into deep
depression because there’s no solution to the problem.
They feel helpless. They question their ability to even be a
mother. The baby can’t tell her what’s wrong so this
irrational thinking is absolutely going to happen. If she is
already battling a mental illness, this will put her over the
edge very quickly. If the other factors above are present,
you can have a very dangerous situation.

You can do a quick online search for women that have

killed or harmed their children while suffering from
Postpartum Depression. It’s not something to ignore. I
guarantee you will find out these mothers had mental
problems before.

Postpartum Depression interferes with a mother bonding

with her children. A mother who drowns her children in a
bathtub one by one, has not bonded with her children. Do
you know how long it takes to drown five children? Her
mind had to be completely taken over by another force for
her to dedicate a full hour to that. At no time did her
conscious awareness wake up from its demonic sleep.

There is a part of the brain associated with reward. This

part of the brain is modulated by oxytocin. Oxytocin is
produced by the paraventricular nucleus, located in the
hypothalamus which handles attachment to the baby.
Breastfeeding releases oxytocin, so women that are unable
to breastfeed will not get these hormones. Oxytocin helps a
mother feel nurturing, happy and mother-like to the baby.
Her reward for breastfeeding is a nice cocktail. When
oxytocin is inhibited, she doesn’t feel motivated to bond.
Oxytocin is also related to the stimulation of dopamine. In
other words, she is not getting a hit from interacting with
this baby. The baby is seen as an inconvenience. I’m not
judging the woman, I’m trying to show you how these are
not her thoughts, this is an invasion of her mental

The hypothalamus is wired to the amygdala, which

processes emotions and fear. The amygdala is wired to the
prefrontal cortex and insula, which processes decision
making, motivation, and motherly instinct. The amygdala
is also connected to the striatum which helps the mother
experience reward.

When the mother is receiving oxytocin, she processes love,

decides to breastfeed, receives more oxytocin, and is
motivated to be motherly. When the mother is not able to
breastfeed, she is not receiving extra oxytocin, therefore
she experiences fear, and is not motivated to be motherly.

A study done with women who had PPD, using a function

MRI, involved showing them pictures of unfamiliar happy,
smiling babies. Their amygdala experienced a heightened
response of positive feelings and no stress. When those
same women were shown their own babies, there was
almost no response. This fascinated me because, that
means that these women were able to respond to babies that
were specifically not theirs. I went online to read blogs by
women who experienced PPD. One woman said that she
was experiencing severe symptoms for months, and as soon
as she was checked into a hospital, away from her children,
the symptoms dissipated. She just wanted to get away from
her own children.

Another woman, who has a video channel said that she

would take longer showers just to get away from her baby.
A woman who was giving a lecture said, that she had
recurring thoughts of driving her car off the road with her
babies inside. I watched numerous videos because I
wanted to hear from these women’s own mouths what they
were feeling, and I started to see some common themes.

Here are the statements made by all the women I saw:

“My husband was not home.”

“Nap time is the best time.”
“Kids are distractions.”
“I’m like a cow, letting her feed on me.”
“I feel like a cow, when breastfeeding.” (different woman)
“When family was around, my PPD was delayed 6 weeks.”
“I enjoy breastfeeding because of oxytocin.”
“I have to pump and pump and my husband does not.”
“I have a beautiful son, but I’m still in emotional pain.”
“I went on birth control after pregnancy.”
“I had fear of dropping the baby.”
“I didn’t enjoy being a mom.”
“You can end this, drive into that wall.”
“I stopped showering.”
“I wore milk-stained clothes for three days.”
“They’d be better off without me.”
“Sometimes, I wanted to throw the baby in the crib.”

I really honor these women, because they have to know that

they didn’t win Mother-Of-The-Year with all that honesty.
Some of them seemed to be purging, because they had kept
this secret away from their husbands, friends, family and
fans online. Many of them said that they were hesitant to
even talk about it. The shame was very evident.

Another common theme amongst the women was history of

depression or anxiety. They came into pregnancy with
problems, and the child made things worse. I did see a lack
of spousal support in terms of compassion. One woman
said that her husband was about to leave her. It makes you
wonder why men leave during pregnancy or shortly after.
Could postpartum depression, undiagnosed be the cause?
They don’t know what to do or what’s wrong. The women
are so afraid to admit they can’t handle this new job, and
the man, who’s away all day, is wondering what’s the big

He thinks it’s just diaper duty and breastfeeding. Men are

not aware of the hormonal fluctuations going on with the
woman for 9+ months. I can’t even say that the woman is
aware either. A few women stated that they never thought
in a million years that they would get PPD. They spoke
about not telling the doctor the full extent of their struggles,
for fear of seeming crazy. They were all put on
antidepressants. Only one person said they actually
benefitted from it. The others said the symptoms got

That took me into another area of research, because I’m

wondering why would an antidepressant make someone’s
symptoms worse. It led me down a nasty rabbit hole of
synthetic hormones and adverse side-effects that I know
these women weren’t warned about beforehand.

An extreme form of PPD is a rare illness called,

Postpartum Psychosis. Andrea Yates, a well-known
defendant, drowned her 5 children in the bathtub in 2001.
After her 4th child was born in February 1999, four months
later in June 1999, she overdosed on a medication to treat
depression. A month later in July 1999, she tried to kill
herself with a knife. Within a year, she was pregnant with
her fifth child, and gave birth in November 2000. By June
2001, she had drowned them all in the bathtub, one by one.

Did this woman have any business having a child? That’s

for you to decide, but if her husband thought that it would
solve her hormonal imbalance, he was grossly
misinformed. He put his children at risk. Postpartum
depression and psychosis ran in her family. He knew the
risks. After her fifth child was born, her father’s death sent
her over the edge. I also read that she was valedictorian.
The only person that becomes a valedictorian is an
obsessive person because they cannot handle failure. A
preacher she was following told her to have as many
children as possible. She probably was failing in her mind,
and all she needed was some stress to start that fire.
Thankfully, she is in a mental institution and not prison.
You may have different thoughts about that, but she is not
the only case like this. I wonder if anyone checked her for
candida overgrowth. I doubt it.

Symptoms of Postpartum Psychosis are:

 Sadistic
 Suicidal
 Paranoia
 Insomnia
 Incoherent
 Rapid mood swings
 Feeling very irritated
 Hyperactivity, manic states
 Delusions or strange beliefs
 Intrusive obsessive thoughts
 Auditory or Visual Hallucinations
 Desire to harm one’s self or baby
1- 2 of every 1,000 births will produce Postpartum
Psychosis in the mother. It is rarely spoken about because
of shame, and lack of information. Many women are
admitted into a hospital because of their uncontrollable
desire to harm themselves or their children. As the women
are treated, they’re removed from their children and put on
medication. Mother & Baby units are specialized and
aren’t available in every hospital. They allow the mother to
receive treatment, and still be able to bond with the baby
under supervision. We need more of these centers, because
precious time is lost when women are without their babies
for 3 – 6 months recovering at regular psychiatric centers.

Many of the women that I saw speaking about it online had

a history of mental illness. One mother had been
committed 7 different times, missing her children’s
birthdays. One of the predictors of this sudden onset,
which occurs in the two weeks following delivery, is a
history of bipolar disorder, and at least one psychotic
episode. Another man, who was speaking 12 years after his
wife killed herself and her child, said that his wife wrote
him a note saying that she felt that she had to protect her
child from evil. Only the devil could get a woman to write
that, when the evil was within her.

Common in all the women, was a description of feeling that

their body had been taken over by a dark presence. They
said that they were not themselves, and that someone else
was putting these thoughts into their heads. There is a 5%
suicide rate and a 4% infanticide rate for women with
postpartum psychosis. It’s a real dangerous situation.

In all the research that I looked into, not one of them

mentioned candida. The symptoms they were describing to
me sounded like demonic possession. There are women
that exhibit these symptoms even when they aren’t
pregnant. I personally think that PMS, PMDD, PPD, and
Postpartum Psychosis are all caused by Candida

The candida in the body is feeding off of the hormonal

imbalance. Clearly, these women already had a hormonal
imbalance, and were sensitive to sudden changes in
estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, adrenaline and serotonin.
Candida is opportunistic, and waits until the women are
completely out of whack, and the sooner the estrogen
drops, the sooner candida swoops in to get them to find
more food. If they don’t comply, all hell with break loose.

The dark side is, when all their hormones drop, it’s open
season for demonic forces to further a different agenda. A
more universal agenda. If the children aren’t contributing
to the negativity on the planet, they must go. The bible
says, the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy? If candida
can’t be fed, then the original agenda is activated. These
women aren’t killing their children. It’s the Devil in them.
They’re pawns in a much bigger game. Removing humans.
7. Synthetic Hormones – Progestin &

Progestin is a synthetic hormone that is supposed to mimic

natural progesterone. It is not bio-identical, nor is it
naturally occurring. Therefore, it doesn’t have the same
benefits as a woman’s natural progesterone, and it has
really horrible side effects. It is administered after labor
because of the potential for birth defects. It comes in the
form of birth control pills, vaginal gels, IUD, implants,
capsules, or injections/shots. There’s even a mini-pill that
contains only progestin, without estrogen for women who
are sensitive.
Some of the side effects are:

 Acne
 Nausea
 Dry eyes
 Headaches
 Depression
 Loss of scalp hair
 Breast tenderness
 Problems urinating
 Excessive worrying
 Menstrual irregularity
 Increased hair growth
 Muscle, joint, bone pain
 Mood changes, irritability
 Sneezing, cough, runny nose
 Changes in liver protein production
 Upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation

By the way, the list is much longer than that. Probably

twice as long. Why would anyone offer Progestin to a
woman with all these side effects? Why would she take it?
The answer is pretty simple. Natural progesterone cream is
naturally occurring and comes from plants. A woman’s
natural progesterone is produced by her body, and is
extremely beneficial in calming a woman, and
counteracting the effects of estrogen, it’s a balancing
hormone. She thinks it’s the same thing, and will have the
same effect.

When a woman gives birth, her progesterone production

decreases dramatically, and some women are especially
sensitive to this. As we stated earlier, women with PMDD
are some of the most sensitive to the fall of progesterone,
and the effects can change a person’s personality
completely. I don’t think this is much different from
Postpartum Depression. These women are given this
hormone to reduce the likelihood of PPD.

Why not just take natural progesterone? I would say, she

doesn’t know it exists. Everyone trusts their doctors
because they went to medical school, and we assume
they’re not in business to make money. I’m not sending
them all to the guillotine, but they’re in business to make
money, make no mistake. That degree costs money, and
they probably still owe. For that reason, their rent at their
office costs money. Their kids need shoes, and their teens
need to save for college. It’s a business. Can progesterone
cream that is natural make them any money? NO! It can’t
be patented. They can patent the synthetic form of
progesterone. Therefore, a drug company can make a
synthetic version, undercut the next guy in price, and the
wheel keeps turning. If you didn’t catch on, I just
explained the entire pharmaceutical industry.

There is a woman online that said she had Postpartum

Depression, and she had a history of depression in her
family. It took her a while to let her husband know, and
eventually she broke down and went to the doctor. Her
doctor recommended the mini-pill which is Progestin-only.
She noticed, almost immediately, that her symptoms got
worse. I’m not sure she even knows why. I can tell you
that by listening to her, she had the same symptoms of
PMDD women, namely the sensitivity to the fall of

After her pregnancy, her progesterone levels plummeted, a

symptom she had already before pregnancy. She began to
show symptoms of Postpartum Depression, and they
prescribed Progestin because, with low progesterone, she
was likely Estrogen Dominant, which feeds candida.
Progestin is fake. It goes into the body and pretends to be
progesterone. It doesn’t work, and this causes stress in the
form of cortisol, which depletes the little progesterone she
had. The reason her symptoms got worse is because,
progestin doesn’t provide real progesterone, which
equalizes estrogen dominance.

Progestin clogs up the receptors that take in the little

progesterone that her body was naturally producing.
Because it pretended to be progesterone, it made her body
reduce or eliminate producing her real progesterone. And
now, she has absolutely no real progesterone in her body. It
made a bad problem, even worse. She got off of it because
she started to have really dark thoughts, and I believe she
ventured into postpartum psychosis territory.

Not once did she mention candida. Not once did any
woman that I saw online in their vlogs mention candida. I
believe it’s all related. Synthetic forms of naturally
occurring hormones cause more problems than they solve.
The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care because they’re
trying to make money. Women don’t know that
progesterone cream is available, and they’re lab rats for a
fake hormone that is potentially life threatening to her and
her baby. Meanwhile, candida thrives whether she takes it
or not.

Pills with estrogen and progestin aren’t much better,

because they cause estrogen dominance. Of the 30% of
women that take birth control every year, they don’t know
that. They don’t know that the pill is causing them all
kinds of side effects. When I was on birth control pills, I
had no idea I was causing hormonal havoc to my body until
I started craving carbs and drinking obscene amounts of
water. I was beyond thirsty, and insatiably hungry. I
gained tons of weight, and was moody too. Never
associated that with the pill until it got out of hand. Then, I
decided to look at the side effects, and it was there in plain
English. Birth control pills are not good for anyone, ever.

There are tests that can be taken to test hormonal levels.

There is a blood test, and there is a saliva test. The saliva
test is better. Estrogen should be proportionally lower than
progesterone to have a healthy balance. The ratio I was
told was 30:1, progesterone to estrogen, but it depends on
the person. Some say 400:600, some say double, triple, and
you should consult with your OB/GYN. Again, do your
research. Nothing irritates a doctor more than when you
come in with a stack of papers, ready to counteract
everything they say. The same books he/she has access to,
you do too, and if you don’t do your research, shame on

Pitocin is a synthetic form of oxytocin. Oxytocin is the

love hormone, but it also helps with labor, by getting the
uterus ready for contractions. If a woman needs her labor
induced, the doctor will give her an infusion of Pitocin.
Women who receive a dose of Pitocin before delivery or
after delivery, have a 32% increased risk of having
Postpartum Depression or Postpartum Anxiety. I hope
you’re starting to see the connection between synthetic
drugs and mental problems.

Oxytocin is increased naturally in a woman when she has

skin-to-skin contact with her baby, and when she is
breastfeeding. If a woman can’t breastfeed, she likely will
have depression. Oxytocin increases the effect of
dopamine, another chemical associated with pleasure.
Pitocin, however, does not cross the blood-brain barrier, so
it doesn’t have the same benefits as natural oxytocin.

By the time a woman needs oxytocin, and is administered

Pitocin, she already has a huge problem. If she was given
Pitocin to induce labor, she probably was offered an
epidural, a spinal pain reliever. I’ve heard many women
talk about how they wanted to have a natural childbirth,
until those pains hit, and they changed their minds real
quick. What they probably didn’t know was that the
Pitocin caused the extreme labor pains by making the
uterus contract more than normal, and the epidural
decreases the body’s natural oxytocin that helps with pain.
They give you the problem, then they offer you the
solution. Crafty money maker.

The Pitocin and Epidural combo continues to affect the

woman after the baby is born. Oxytocin levels have been
manipulated, because the oxytocin receptors located in the
brain and in other tissues, receive Pitocin. This makes the
body think that there is enough being produced. When it’s
time to breastfeed, natural oxytocin is lowered, and cortisol
is increased after breastfeeding. This sends the
hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) into overdrive.
The HPA is responsible for depression and anxiety. Natural
oxytocin downregulates the HPA, reducing Postpartum
Depression. Don’t you think it’s strange for a hospital to
offer you two things that are going to cause you to have
hormonal imbalance before and after your baby is born?
Why did you allow it? Simple. You didn’t know.

Question to Ask Yourself:

 How many women do you know that have had
 What did you do as a friend to help?
 What did their doctor use as a solution?
 How did you feel after having your baby?
 How long did your “baby blues” last?
 Did you ever express any dark thoughts?
 How much help did you have after delivery?
 What was the cost of your epidural?
 What mental problems did you have before getting
pregnant? Did they persist?
 How long did you breastfeed?
 Did you feel like bonding when you had a C-
 How much of the information found in these pages
so far did you already know?
 How knowledgeable were you when you went to
get checked by the doctor after the 1st trimester?
 Which women taught you about motherhood?
 Did they warn you about the dangers of PDD?
 What are you doing to warn future mothers?
 How aware are you about your hormone
 Is your partner aware of feminine health?
 Are you willing to teach him?
 Will you teach your sons and daughters?
 Are there Mother & Baby Units in your city?
 How many women suffer because they don’t have
someone to stand up for them?
 Is that someone – You?
Chapter IV: Candida & Culture
1. Sugar Alcohol Feeds Candida

Sugar alcohols are found in foods labeled, “sugar free” or

“no sugar added”. They have names like:

 Isomalt
 Lactitol
 Maltitol
 Sorbitol
 Arabitol
 Glycerol
 Mannitol
 HSH (Hydrogenated Starch Hydrosylate)

The sugar they contain is manipulated through a chemical

process, and can’t be easily absorbed by the body.
However, they still make it into the bloodstream and still
feed candida. For people with diabetes, maltitol can cause
a sugar spike that sends the glucose levels off the charts.
Most people that read “sugar free” actually think that it’s
reality. It’s not.

Since your body can’t digest sugar alcohols, they get

trapped in the large intestine, and that’s where candida
feeds on them. There are two sugar alcohols that have been
shown to fight candida, and they are Xylitol and Erythritol.
When candida feeds on Xylitol, it inhibits its growth.
Xylitol, Erythritol, and Sorbitol protect against tooth decay.

Erythritol is toxic to dogs, specifically, but it is great for

humans. Of all the sugar alcohols, it has the least side
effects and the most health benefits. Any sugar alcohol
consumed in large quantities will cause digestive problems.
They get transported to the gut area.
Lactitol: is 30-40 percent as sweet as sugar, and is
found candies, baked goods, and ice-cream.

Isomalt: is 45 - 65 percent as sweet as sugar, and is

found cough drops and lollipops.

Mannitol: is 50-70 percent as sweet as sugar, and can

cause bloating and diarrhea.

Sorbitol: is 50 percent as sweet as sugar, and found in

sugar-free gums and candies, like Orbit Sugarfree gum.

Maltitol: is 75 percent as sweet as sugar, and is found

in chocolate-flavored desserts.

Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates (HSH) are 40 -

90 percent as sweet as sugar, and is used in

Xylitol: is equally sweet as sugar. It is found in

chewing gums like Trident Sugarfree gum.

You probably have never even looked at the back of a

sugarfree packet of gum, or a sugarfree pint of ice
cream. If you did, you would find all kinds of
chemicals that you have never heard of, nor how
they’re affecting you and your children.

Don’t be fooled. There’s a lot of tricky marketing used

to get you to pick one product over another, and the
health-conscious consumer is the target. Sugar alcohols
are listed in the ingredients if there is only one. If there
is more than one, they’ll list the sugar alcohol content
under the carbohydrates. That’s a number you need to
consider, as they do affect the gut.
2. High Sugar Diet

Traditionally, women cook the meals in the home. She is

the guardian for the family’s stomach. In the womb, the
child eats what the mother eats. If the mother wants to
change the dynamics of her family’s health, it starts with
her. You rarely find a mother that is unhealthy, but
conscious enough to feed her children healthy food.
They’re going down on the ship with her.

Women also carry on family traditions. For instance, men

don’t remember holidays. Typically, you have to remind
them of anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and
anything that involves him spending time and money. You
don’t have to remind him of the Super Bowl, or when the
Pay-Per-View Heavyweight fight is on, because that’s all
about him. All of these holidays, the ones for women, and
the ones for men, are always about MONEY!

The common theme in these traditions is candida. I’m

going to show you how all year long, there is a way to feed
candida, and the big companies know all about it. Let’s
take a few of our favorites. However, by the end of this
chapter, I would have combed through all major holidays
and shown you the way you’ve been tricked by “tradition”.

Valentine’s Day Statistics:

$ 18 billion – Annual Valentine Spending

36 million - # of Heart-shaped chocolate boxes sold
58 million – Pounds of chocolate purchased
8 billion – Heart candies with love messages on them
224 million – # of Roses produced, and wasted
$ 620 million – Wine purchased
I just want to talk about the wasted roses first. Can you
imagine the bees that were affected by this? For what, so
he can pretend to love on someone that he’s ignored and
cheated on all year long. Every February 14 th, we drink the
Kool-Aid, and the retailers are in on it.

As far as candida is concerned, women are the most at risk

for candida infection. All that candy, in one day, who do
you think is going to really be enjoying all that sugar.
When it hits her bloodstream, she might get a huge dose of
dopamine, which will make her a little frisky, but at what
cost. Yeast infections galore. Wonder why after all that
spending, she is a complete bitch the next week? Because
the man poisoned her with TRADITION!

Who is benefitting from our stupidity? The people that

created the chocolate, and the candy, and the champagne,
and the wine, and the flowers. They’re laughing all the
way to the bank. The women that are single, like me, we
feel like we’re left out because someone isn’t poisoning us.
Wow! Mind control at its finest. What do we do? We go
out and buy our own candy, roses, and drown our sorrows
in a bottle of wine. I don’t do that, but many women do.

Another holiday that’s every kid’s favorite is Easter. I

remember going to church, and only on Easter will you see
people you haven’t seen in years. For some reason, that’s a
day that gets everyone’s Jesus meter working. Maybe it
has more to do with the food, outfits, and fashion show.
Not sure, but people come out of the woodworks. It makes
me laugh, because they’re under severe mind control if the
only time you get a hankering to go to church is Easter.
What do they think? That’s the only day Jesus is in town.
Let’s talk about the spending that occurs during this
Easter Day Statistics:

$ 18.2 billion – Annual Easter Spending

$ 5.7 billion – Food for Easter
$ 3.2 billion – Easter Clothes
$ 2.9 billion – Gifts
$ 2.6 billion – Candy
$ 1.3 billion – Flowers
$ 1.1 billion – Decorations
$ 780 million – Greeting cards
90 million – Chocolate bunnies made
1.5 billion – Marshmallow peeps made
180 million – Eggs purchased for Easter
10 million – Easter Egg dyeing kits sold
16 billion – Jelly beans manufactured for Easter
80 percent – Rabbits purchased abandoned within 1 year

Reading all that probably makes you feel like you’re in the
wrong business. Who knew people were so loose with
their money for a holiday that was Pagan anyway? The
Easter egg is a sign of fertility, and so is the rabbit. Did
you ever wonder why the egg and rabbit are marketed
together, when rabbits don’t have eggs? Nobody stops to
think that it doesn’t make any sense. Easter is named after
a goddess named Eastra, the goddess of Spring. Do your
own research. Even the preachers know the truth. They
need you to come in there and give them some of that
Easter money.

Why is Easter the most popular day for Christianity? If

you don’t believe that Jesus died for you, then you can’t be
a Christian. Going to church on Easter is like getting a
refresher course on why you believe. You feed your kids
sugar, candy, chocolate, dress them up in silly clothes so
they can believe too. Meanwhile, candida is fed to the

You may say, ‘Oh, this is just one holiday. Let the kids
have fun!’. It sure seems that way, that it’s just one
holiday. Wait until I show you how the retailers have it set
up. You are feeding candida all year-long, all month-long,
all day long. You and your children. Let’s take a look at a
whole season.

In most parts of the United States, during the summer

months, it’s really hot. There are retailers that capitalize on
the fact that your children are hot, so they boost up the
advertising on the high sugar ticket items they want you to
buy. These high sugar items feed candida.

Summer Statistics:

$ 27 billion – Amount spend on Ice cream/frozen desserts

$ 2 billion – Frozen yogurt sold (121 million servings)
1.54 billion gallons – Ice cream/frozen desserts sold
2 billion – Popsicles sold per year
4.7 billion pounds – Watermelon grown in U.S.
48 pints – Ice cream average American consumes per year
32 grams – Fat content per pint of ice cream
60 grams – Sugar content per pint of ice cream

We haven’t even gotten into flavored drinks, fake juice

drinks, soda, or even chips/cookies/candy. These are
staples in a kid’s summer snack box. Anytime an adult
reminisces of summer, they automatically think of what
they ate or drank to cool off. Think of all the sugar you
were given as a kid. You weren’t thinking about food
coloring, sugar content, glucose levels, or fat content. You
were just trying to have fun. Guess what? You’re still not
thinking about it when you hand that very same
TRADITION to your children. Go look at some of the
chemicals on the back of these snacks. It looks like a
science project. You feed your kids your tradition.
Tradition feeds Candida.

I thought Easter was bad, but it had nothing on the biggest

candida festival there is, Halloween. It was a huge surprise
to see how sugar has found its way into all of our so-called
holidays and traditions. Let’s get right into it:

Halloween Statistics:

175 million – Americans celebrate

$ 2 billion – Total Annual Halloween Spending
$ 2.6 billion – 600 million pounds of candy
$ 2.7 billion – Decorations
$ 3.2 billion – Costumes
$ 1.2 billion – Chocolate
$ 400 million – Greeting cards
$ 575 million – Making Jack-o-Lanterns
20 million – Pounds of candy corn
147 million – People carve pumpkins
254 million – Tons of pumpkins wasted during Halloween
$ 147 million – Movie theater ticket sales Halloween week

More than 50% of Americans are pre-diabetic or have Type

2 Diabetes. What do you think they’re eating? Sugar, lots
and lots of sugar, or at least they used to. The candy
industry doesn’t care about your children’s health or their
teeth. Every kid has a birthday, but how many birthday
parties does that child attend per year? It could be dozens.

Birthday Party Statistics:

$ 38 billion – Total Annual Birthday Spending
$ 6 billion – Party Supply Revenue
$ 220 million – Party Balloons Revenue
74 million – Children in U.S. under 17
1 billion – Birthday cakes eaten per year

Those children are eating a lot more than just birthday

cake. Did you ever wonder what a birthday party would
look and sound like that didn’t have sugar? Many times,
we think the children are having the best time, but try
taking out the sugary drinks, cake, and candy. They would
probably look like catatonic zombies. It makes you wonder
if the fun is artificially induced. I remember going to a
kid’s birthday party and they had a Red Bull keg. These
children were 12 years old, and they were hyped out of
their minds.

Beverages Statistics:

39 grams of sugar – In the #1 soft drink, Coca-Cola

37 grams of sugar – In the #1 energy drink, Red Bull
$ 13.4 billion – Energy drink/Energy shot Revenue
$ 99 billion – Soft drink revenue (10.4 billion gallons/yr)

I’ve seen many high school kids drinking really large cans
of energy drinks before school. It’s not just the children.
Their parents are low on energy as well.

Coffee Statistics:

$ 24.7 billion – Total Annual Starbucks Revenue

6,031 – Total Starbucks stores in U.S.
181,000 – U.S. Starbucks Employees
15 million – Active members
8 million – Cups served per day
65g sugar - White Choc. Mocha Frappuccino, whip (15g
50g sugar – Pumpkin Spice Latte (18g fat)
85g sugar – Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino (150g fat)
30 million – Specialty drinkers in U.S. (lattes, espresso
150 million – Coffee drinkers in U.S.
400 million – Cups of coffee drinks consumed per day

There’s no way to tell how many sugars and creams are put
into each cup, but I promise you, candida is being served.
An interesting fact about coffee, is that it doesn’t make you
less tired. It blocks the adenosine receptors in your brain
that let you know you’re tired. Either way, before you can
start your day, you have a meeting with candida, and it
wants to know what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cereal Statistics:

$ 9 billion – Revenue in Cold Cereal

$ 1.3 billion – Revenue in Hot Cereal
3.1 billion – Boxes of cereal sold each year
816 million pounds – Sugar used in cereal in U.S.
1,000 teaspoons – Sugar consumed per person in a year
$ 264 million – Marketing dollars aimed at kids
$ 58 million – Rice Krispies Treats revenue per year
$ 2.59 billion – Kellogg revenue per year
$ 2.58 billion – General Mills revenue per year
$ 1.63 billion – Post revenue per year
$ 6.46 million – Private Label Brand revenue per year
$ 5.57 million – Quaker revenue per year
$ 4.13 million – Frosted Flakes revenue per year

When I was a kid, cereal was the go to for breakfast. Since

cereal has risen from $1.50 in those days to $4 - $5 a box, I
don’t think families are reaching for them now. If you look
at the cereals from 20 years ago, they were filled with
sugar, with no nutritional value. They were designed to
give you energy, and get you out of the house. Today, more
people are looking closely at the empty calories, and added
sugar in the cereals, so the cereal industry is in a bit of a
crisis. From my days as a teacher, many kids stopped off at
the convenience store and ate chips or cookies for
3. Fat & Meat Consumption

Fat consumption is related to tradition and emotions. We

eat certain foods because we’re used to the taste, and
because we have our favorite places and events that drive
our cravings unconsciously. Candida feeds off of sugar that
is leftover in the bloodstream when we can’t get insulin to
drive it into the cell. It circulates through the liver, and gets
deposited into the adipose tissue, or fat cells. If you’re the
type of person that eats when you’re emotional, high stress
increases cortisol, which suppresses the immune system.
When we’re feeling low on serotonin or dopamine, we
reach for more sugar, salt and fat to make up the difference.

Cortisol in the blood puts the body into survival mode.

Your body thinks that danger is present, and you may need
to hide out for a while. It stores fat around your torso to
use as energy, just in case you need to run or hunt for more
food. Meanwhile, you’re still eating sugar and fat, there is
no danger, and candida is having a feast. Candida releases
neurotoxins in the blood after it eats the sugar, which
makes you fatigued and depressed. You eat more sugar to

Meat is a staple in the Standard American Diet. Only 3%

of Americans identify as vegan, meaning they do not
consume any animal products. Only 5% of Americans
identify as vegetarians, which may consume fish, eggs or
dairy. However, 7% of millennials, ages 18-29, identify as
vegetarians, and 3% as vegans. For everyone else, meat is
on the table every meal.

One of the fattiest meatiest holidays in America is St.

Patrick’s Day, on March 17th of each year. About 33
million Americans identify as having Irish Ancestry, but
that doesn’t stop anyone from celebrating the Lucky
Charms holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Statistics:

$ 5.9 billion – Total St. Patrick’s Day spending

33 million – Irish Americans in U.S.
149 million – People who celebrate in U.S. (60%)
13 million – Glasses of Guinness beer served
41.5 billion – Pounds of corned beef consumed
2.5 billion – pounds of cabbage in shipments that week
36 seconds – frequency of fatal car crashes on that day
18g of carbs – Guinness pint (29g of alcohol)
61g of fat – 1 piece of corned beef (3,114mg of salt)

On this holiday, you can pretty much stop your heart by

eating corned beef, cabbage, and drinking green beer. The
people in Ireland don’t even celebrate the holiday like that.
How can you convince a bunch of people that are not Irish
to clog up their arteries to celebrate some other country?
That’s not the only holiday Americans celebrate that has
nothing to do with them.

Cinco de Mayo Statistics:

$ 20.7 billion – Total U.S. Cocktail sales

$ 2.9 billion – Revenue from Margaritas
12.7 million – Liters of Tequila consumed
$ 735 million – Beer sold
$ 2 million – Corona Advertising on TV for Cinco de Mayo
947 million – Liters of Corona Extra sold
$ 198.2 million – Hass avocados (1 million pounds)
349 million – Servings of Guacamole
16.6 million – Pounds of Tortilla chips sold
22 million – Salsa servings sold
25 million – Pounds of dip sold
51 minutes – Every hour a person killed from DUI

In the U.S., on July 4th, we celebrate Independence Day.

It’s ironic that no one thinks independently on this day. We
flock to the grocery store to buy food items for our
barbecue, and fill our trunks with fireworks. The amount
we spend to observe this holiday is astronomical.

Fourth of July Statistics:

216 million – Americans observe July 4th

30 million – Will go to a parade
15 million – Watch Macy’s Parade on T.V.
133 million - Will go to a picnic
$ 6.9 billion – Spent on food
$ 804 million – Beef (190 million lbs.)
$ 388 million – Hamburger patties
$ 371 million – Chicken (700 million lbs.)
$ 218 million – Pork
150 million – Hot dogs consumed
$ 133 million – Buns
$ 37 million – Ketchup
$ 107 million – Popsicles
$ 167 million – Watermelon
500 million – Gallons of ice cream consumed
$ 1 billion – Beer
$ 568 million – Wine
$ 825 million – Fireworks
42% reduction – Air quality after July 4th
46.9 million – People travel for July 4th
85% - Travel by car
44% - Purchase patriotic merchandise
As you can see, this is Candida Independence Day. There
is more sugar, fat, and alcohol to keep colonization brewing
in your intestines for months. Fat, Meat, and shopping
seem to go hand-in-hand. The reason is that when your
system is bogged down with processing all the extra
calories, you are more suggestible, and easily influenced.
That’s why many sales coincide with holidays. You think
these retailers don’t know that you’re already the type to
spend unnecessary money because you are mind-
controlled. They hike up their marketing around that exact
time. Memorial Day is supposed to be honoring our vets,
and the fallen. What does that have to do with discounts
and door buster deals?

Memorial Day Statistics:

$ 12 billion – Retails Sales (Discounts)

$ 1.5 billion – Meat and seafood
$ 139 million – Items lost
60% - Will have a BBQ
41% - Will go shopping
3.3 drinks – Alcoholic beverages consumed per person
44% - Traffic fatalities that are alcohol-related
41 million – Travelers
88% - Travel by car
1.5 million – Viewers will watch a parade on T.V.

Parades are nothing more than a giant commercial. While

you’re watching commercials, they’re watching your

Thanksgiving Day Statistics:

$ 3 billion – Total spent on Thanksgiving meal

$ 1 billion - Turkeys killed (45 million)
77 million – Pounds of pork
250 million – Pounds of potatoes
17 million – Pounds of cranberries
57 million – Pounds of sweet potatoes
40 million – Pounds of rolls
50 million – Pumpkin pies made
40 million – Green casseroles made
483 thousand – Pounds of pumpkins
$ 88 million – Pre-prepared deli food
$ 96 million – Stuffed bread crumbs
$ 37 million – Jams and jellies
$ 97 million – Packed mixes cakes, breads, cookies
$ 50 million – Pie filling
$ 42 million – Canned cranberry sauce
$ 112 million – Spices
$ 137 million – Frozen vegetables
$ 4 million – Kale
$ 4 million – Brussel sprouts
$ 293 million – Food waste after Thanksgiving
8.1 billion – Calories consumed
4500 calories – Average with 159 grams of fat
$ 19 million – Damage done in house fires (4x normal)
174 million – Shoppers for Thanksgiving weekend
$ 4 billion – Shopping on Thanksgiving Day
$ 6 billion – Shopping on Black Friday
$ 8 billion – Shopping on Cyber Monday
68 million – Watched NFL 3-Game
23 million – Watched Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV

After your food coma, you’ll want to go shopping because

your gut is suppressing your serotonin. You hit the retail
stores to get a hit of dopamine. When you’ve overextended
your credit cards, and your waistline, the $ 30 billion-dollar
fitness industry is ready to help you slim down. Gyms
know that 33 – 50% of their increase in volume happens in
January. They don’t worry about that because over 80% of
the people who sign up, won’t continue past March, but
will continue to pay through automatic billing. When new
members start to see results, and feel better, they usually
stop going, but also continue to pay for the entire year.
4. Candida Drives The Retail Machine

At some point, everyone will need to purchase something

from a retail store. I use the word “need” loosely, because
if we only bought what we needed, the retail industry
would collapse. Most of what we buy is garbage,
unnecessary, and motivated by a need for serotonin,
dopamine or adrenaline. Getting back to my idea that
candida drives tradition, here is a holiday almost everyone
celebrates, Christmas.

Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus Christ,

and how he was born in a manger, three kings visited him,
and bought him frankincense and myrrh as a gift. That’s
not who you see in the Christmas marketing. It’s Santa
Claus. Do your own research and find out who Santa
originally was, and why gifts were given to kids? It’s a
pagan holiday, the Christmas tree is pagan, the holiday is
pagan, originally called Saturnalia, and it’s to worship the
planet Saturn.

It doesn’t matter, people still rush to the stores to get the

gifts that the kids won’t play with for more than a week.
You should ask yourself, who benefits from the comatose
state that everyone is in just after Thanksgiving? It’s the
retailers. They call this Black Friday because they have
been in the red all year, and now their accounts are going
back to black, meaning not losing money, and making a
huge profit.

What would the kids’ faces look like if there were no gifts
under the tree? Sad, right, but why? Because the kids are
dopamine deficient, and they’re hoping to fix the chemical
imbalance in their brains, most likely caused by candida.
The parents are so helpless that they spend all their hard-
earned money trying to fix a problem they caused by the
candy, sugar, soda, fat, meat, salt, and dairy that handed
their poor children over to the Devil himself.

Christmas Day Statistics:

$ 691.9 billion – Total spent on Christmas

$ 5 million – Christmas presents for pets
$ 1.76 billion – Candy
$ 1.5 billion – Imports of ornaments
3 billion – Christmas cards sold
30 million – Real Christmas trees sold
20 million – Fake Christmas trees sold
22 million – Turkeys killed
7.3 billion – Shrimp consumed
1.7 billion – Candy canes
20 million – Fruitcakes sold
135 million – Pounds of Egg nog
19 million – Chocolate Santa Claus
400,000 – Americans will get sick from leftovers
7000 – Average calories for Christmas meal

There is a type of self-medication that many lonely

housewives use to make themselves feel better. It’s called,
Retail Therapy. They don’t even know what it means. It
means that she has been sitting at home all day feeling
sorry for herself, and now she needs to go buy something to
make herself feel better. She never stops to think that it’s
the soap operas, commercials, and candida in her system
that’s driving her to the mall. What does a mother teach her
children when she takes them to the mall with her to get her
fix? It teaches them that when they’re low in serotonin,
they must go to the mall to get their retail medicine. Which
is exactly why when Christmas comes along, they’re
waiting to get their biggest “high” ever. We’re training our
children to be drug addicts. The toys, games, shoes,
phones, clothes, makeup, and jewelry is the drug, and retail
is the dealer.

I guarantee you, the child with the most toys is the most
ignored by the parent. How can mom give the child
nurturing, love, attention, or soothing, when she doesn’t
have it herself. She is just as deficient as they are. They’re
deficient because she is deficient. The father is no better.

No one wants to admit that mom isn’t the greatest mom in

the world. That’s just not accepted. If she’s logged off, and
doesn’t give the kids the things they need, she isn’t the
greatest mom in the world. That doesn’t stop us from
spending money on her for Mother’s Day, the biggest scam
running. I have never seen so much flattery, brown-nosing,
and sucking up in my life. People want their mother’s love
so bad, they empty their wallets. That doesn’t sound like
unconditional love to me. Don’t even think about not
buying something extravagant. I mean, she did practically
die giving birth to you, even though that was 30 years ago.

There are some good mothers out there, but if they’re good,
they wouldn’t ask you to go broke to make them feel
special. She chose to be a mom, what did you have to do
with that?

Mother’s Day Statistics:

$ 23.1 billion – Total Annual Spending on Mother’s Day

$ 186 dollars – Average spent per person
$ 4.6 billion – Jewelry purchased
$ 4.4 billion – Dinner
$ 2.6 billion – Flowers
$ 2.5 billion – Gift cards
$ 2.1 billion – Clothing
$ 1.8 billion – Spa or personal services
$ 956 million – Gardening, housewares
$ 813 million – Greeting cards
$ 494 million – Books and music

Candida drives retail because these mothers are low on

serotonin and dopamine. Children know, because she told
them, that buying her things will make her feel better. The
people selling these things know that she is deficient, and
ill-informed to think that these retail items will fix the
problem. She watches drama shows and reality shows,
reads magazines, watches younger women walk by, and
assumes that everybody is having a better life than her.
External items won’t fix her, because the original problem
is within.

If you go back in time, you’ll find that these women

learned how to shop from their mothers. Sometimes, it’s
their fathers who are deficient. Either way, they learned
from somebody that buying things gives them a high. You
should check out a show called, Hoarders. It’s some scary
stuff, because the people literally don’t even take the tags
off the items. The high they get is so temporary. They
stack boxes, bags, and shoes up to the ceiling. They’re
barricaded in their homes by their deficiencies. Someone is
benefitting from that, and it’s the retailers. They know the
people coming in those doors have mental problems. If a
store attendant sees a woman come in 50 times a year,
buying crap she doesn’t need, you think the store is going
to stage an intervention? No, they’re going to try to get the
most money out of this unconscious woman to feed their
bottom line.
I know a woman that goes back to the store mid-week to
show the store attendant what her dress looks like. Are you
kidding me? That woman doesn’t give a damn what a dress
that already left the store looks like. She has already spent
the commission check. It’s an illusion, and the mall looks
like an insane asylum. I had to go there one time after
staying away for more than 10 years. The smell alone was
overpowering. All the food, perfumes, sweat, baby diapers,
and funk. I was in shock that people can walk through that
without an allergy attack. They didn’t seem to mind. They
were zombies, looking for energy. I’m pretty sure no one
in there really needed anything at that moment other than a
dopamine kick. These retailers know that, and they have
set it up so beautifully. You will watch their commercials
in between the regularly scheduled program. Then, you’ll
march yourself into the mall to buy things so you can look,
act, and maybe feel like the people in the program. Notice
the word “program”, I mean they put it right in your face.

People don’t pay Dad too much mind. I guess that’s

because the likelihood of him sticking around isn’t that
great these days. We know why though. He is dopamine
deficient, and so is his wife. What should blow your mind
is that he was dopamine deficient before he became a dad,
which is probably how he became a dad. Here are the

Father’s Day Statistics:

$ 15.3 billion – Total Annual Spending on Father’s Day

70 million – Fathers in the U.S.
$ 133 - $ 188 – Spent per person on average
$ 3.2 billion – Concerts, sporting event, dinner
$ 2.2 billion – Clothing
$ 2.1 billion – Gift cards
$ 1.8 billion – Consumer electronics
$ 878 million – Home Improvement supplies
$ 862 million – Personal care products
$ 844 million – Greeting cards
$ 830 million – Tools & appliances
$ 798 million – Sporting goods & leisure
$ 686 million – Automotive accessories
$ 628 million – Books and music

If you’re lucky, you have gotten married before you

became a mother or father. The tradition calls for a
wedding ceremony that includes families, dresses, cakes,
photos and booze maybe. What happened to getting
married in the courthouse or the backyard by the pool?
That’s not really going to impress your coworkers, so you
have to save up for things that have nothing to do with the
marriage itself.

Wedding Statistics:

$ 72 billion – Total Annual spending on weddings

2.3 million – Couples wed every year
44,230 – Weddings every weekend
$ 36,000 – Average spent per wedding, ring, honeymoon
$ 19 billion – Wedding gifts
$ 12 billion – Honeymoon
$ 2 billion – Wedding dresses
$ 4 billion – Furniture
$ 3 billion – Housewares
$ 400 million – Tableware
$ 23 million – Bridal party, groomsmen, bridesmaids
$ 16 billion – Destination weddings (340,000 a year)
$ 1.4 million – Honeymoons
Imagine a newlywed couple, spending $ 36,000 on a
wedding and ceremony, that lasts one day, and they go back
to their one-bedroom apartment. Does that make any
sense? It does if you follow tradition. The gifts you get
will not total the amount you spent. That’s a downpayment
on a house, but the girl must have her dream wedding.
Who is making all the money? The dressmaker, the caterer,
the florist, the jeweler, the retailer, the DJ, the
photographer, the makeup artist, the bartender, and the
vacation spot.

She thinks that filling her guests with all this food is going
to somehow make her marriage better. It won’t. If the
honeymoon phase ends before she thinks it should, she will
eat herself into a dress size her groom won’t like. Don’t let
her have a baby. This is her chance to get attention again,
and an excuse to overeat.

Baby Statistics:

$ 26 billion – Total spending per year on babies

$ 6.9 billion – Baby food
$ 2.0 billion – Baby formula
$ 8.6 billion – Baby clothes
$ 4.48 billion – Hasbro Toys
$ 12,000 – First year spending
$ 119 million – Car seats, high chairs, strollers
200 million – Used diapers per year

Let’s not even talk about the parents that dress their babies
in designer shoes, clothes, and jewelry, that cost more than
they can actually afford. I’ve seen a baby at a birthday
party, filled with unknown people, start off the party with a
nice expensive bracelet. By the end of the party, they’re
searching the ground for it because it’s missing. Bracelet
cost more than the whole party. They never found it.

There are baby Nikes for $50, and for $100 more, you can
get the matching adult pair. $200 for a pair of shoes, so
you and your baby can look like slaves. My question to the
father is, “Where is the baby’s college fund? How much
money you got in there saved?” He’ll look at me like,
“Huh? What? He’s just a baby. He won’t be going to
college for a long time.” Right. You said it. He won’t be
going to college at all because he’s wearing his tuition
every year.

I was watching this show where people pretend to be

employees when they really own the whole company. I’m
sure you know the name. Anyway, this lady was the
president of a company that holds retail space in the mall.
She talked about how the company imports a secret
ingredient from Indonesia, which I later found was
cinnamon called Makara. She said that it’s what makes
people come over and want to buy, like it’s calling to them.

Interesting to note, her company is the parent company of

the top two bestselling mall junk food court vendors. It
seems they have figured some things out about luring
people to buy extremely fattening products. Here is the

Food Court Statistics:

1. Cinnabon – cinnamon rolls ($177 million)

2. Auntie Anne’s – pretzels ($559 million)
3. Sbarro – fast food Italian ($236 million)
4. Panda Express – fast food Asian ($3 billion)
5. Mrs. Fields - Cookies
6. Haagen Dazs – Ice cream

I really wanted to get into why these cinnamon rolls were

so popular. It didn’t take long. They’re filled with sugar,
fat, and of course this hypnotic cinnamon.

Classic Roll – 880 calories, 37g fat, 127g carb

They asked her why people keep coming back. She said
it’s the sugar. I mean, she isn’t even trying to hide it. Get
people hooked on sugar, feed their candida, and their
candida will drive them back to get more. They sell 100
million rolls a year. Auntie Anne’s sells 100 million
pretzels per year. They’re in 1700 locations, and half are in

Mall Statistics:

$ 4.1 billion – Revenue Sawgrass Mills Mall, FL

24 million visitors – Per year Aventura Mall
1.5 billion visitors – Per month at All U.S. malls

In other words, people who are seeking retail therapy are

going to the mall, buying things they don’t need, and eating
extremely fattening food. The people running these
companies are capitalizing on the fact that people are
dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and oxytocin deficient.
The candida feeds the deficiency, and the retailers make
money off of the consumer’s desperate need to
biochemically hack themselves.

Are you hearing what I’m saying? Candida is responsible

for people overshopping, overeating, and overextending
their credit lines and waistlines. Everyone is benefiting
from the fact that shoppers don’t know that they have been
tricked from television, radio, social media and advertising.
In order for the retail machine to keep going, the people
have to remain asleep. If you look at how much these
companies are giving back to the community, it is

People don’t know where else to turn. Some think that if

they wear the latest fashion brand, it will ease their pain. It
won’t. The very people that they’re trying to get attention
from are deficient also. We watch our favorite celebrities,
and we think they have it all together. Trust me, they don’t
have it figured out any more than you do.

They have money, fame, cars, jewelry, women, sex, drugs,

and all the attention in the world. They still have trouble
finding happiness, and remaining happy. Your favorite
entertainers are the most deficient people you’ll ever find.
As long as they can make you think that all is right as rain,
you’ll keep buying what they’re selling, and they can
continue their quest for temporary happiness. You don’t
want to know how many famous people are suicidal.
Nothing helps. They get up to the top and wonder why
their childhood crap is still plaguing them, and why they
find themselves at the bottom of a bottle every night. Their
parents were deficient, and they thought fame would solve
it. They have more money and more problems. If they can
keep you deficient, then they can make money off of you.

Fashion Brand Statistics:

$ 36.4 billion – Nike Revenue

$ 25.0 billion – Adidas Revenue
$ 2.86 billion – Air Jordans released per year (184 pairs)
$ 32,800 – Price to buy every Air Jordan released per year
$ 15.0 billion – Gap Revenue
$ 11.6 billion – Louis Vuitton Revenue
$ 10.0 billion – Chanel Revenue
$ 8.0 billion – Gucci Revenue
$ 5.0 billion – Michael Kors Revenue
$ 3.4 billion – Forever 21 Revenue
$ 3.3 billion – H&M Revenue
$ 3.0 billion – Burberry Revenue

How many people do you know, or maybe even yourself,

that buy these brands because they want to impress
someone? Where does that come from? An emptiness. A
vast, dark, all-consuming emptiness that is rooted in
dopamine and serotonin deficiency. I’ve heard women say
that they feel orgasmic when they buy a pair of designer
shoes. That is mind control if I ever heard of it. How can a
pair of shoes cause you to have sexual feelings? They’ve
found a way to hijack their neurotransmitters because
they’re desperate. Obviously, there is no man around to
give them this same cocktail. Every time I see a woman
with a gazillion shoes, I know she is not sexually satisfied.
You don’t hunt for food if you’ve already eaten.

Women are also on the hunt for validation for their looks.
The cosmetics industry is fueled by women who believe
that their natural beauty isn’t enough as it is. If you follow
the animal kingdom, you’ll see that certain animals will put
flowers in their hair, accentuate parts of their body to attract
mates. We are no different. Women that wear bright red
lipstick and red heels to the club are sending a clear
message. They’re hot and ready to go. Mating season has

Cosmetics & Beauty Statistics:

$ 56.0 billion – Total Beauty Industry Revenue
$ 958 million – MAC Cosmetics
$ 800 million – Kylie Cosmetics
$ 573 million – Fenty Beauty
$ 6.0 billion – Sephora
$ 6.0 billion – ULTA Beauty
$ 8.0 billion – Fragrances Revenue

I’ve seen the reviews of some of the new beauty brands.

Some of them are overpriced, and the value is not there. It
doesn’t matter. The customers are way less interested in
quality, but they want to tell their friends that they have this
product on. The product has more to do with the person
who is the face of the brand. That person is extremely
deficient, except she is laughing all the way to the bank.

This same person makes over $ 1 million a day prostituting

her social media account to poor, impressionable people,
that are so desperate for acceptance that they buy the
brands she’s advertising. They’re under a deep spell. You
think she doesn’t know that? One time, I looked at one of
her posts minutes after it went live. The likes, comments
and impressions were so rapid, I couldn’t even read them.
She has deficient people in the palm of her hand,

Now, she is on Forbes Billionaire’s list and I don’t even

think she is a fresh 20 years old. She has learned the game.
Candida-infected people will buy whatever you put in front
of them. You think she cares that it’s their last dime? Not
at all. She knows what other advertisers know. If you feed
the beast, the beast will feed you.

We can see how candida is the driving force behind retail.

However, let me show you how it also applies to
necessities. Every August and September in America,
parents flock to the stores to get their kids prepared for
school. They have spent a ton of money on vacations,
camps, and parties. The retailers don’t care. They still
want that money. Labor Day happens around that time in
September, and the retailers advertise discounts, after
they’ve marked up everything.

Labor Day Statistics:

133 million – Plan to Barbecue on Labor Day

85% - Grill burgers
80% - Grill steaks
79% - Grill hot dogs
73% - Grill chicken
$ 58.1 billion – Online sales for Back to School
$ 2.1 billion – Online sales for Back to School on Labor
$ 685 – Average spent per child (K – 12)
$ 942 – Average spent per child (College)
$ 13.5 billion – Total spent on traveling (35 million people)
5. Candida Cross Promotion

There is a type of bait-and-switch technique used by the

media industry. We have collectively been bamboozled
into thinking that we like specific T.V. shows. Some have a
cult following and people tune in every week with pure
dedication. Hanging on every word, as though our lives
were somehow impacted by who dates who, or who kills
who, or who stole from who. It’s the biggest joke because
the people making this show only want you to watch so
they can sell you something. That something can be an
ideology, a product, or a way of thinking.
You won’t even know what they’re selling you if you aren’t
looking for it. Sometimes, I watch movies, and all of a
sudden something will show up that is so unexpected that
it’s obvious to me that an idea is being forced upon me.
More and more you see these “ideologies” presented in
movies, in shows, that years ago would be considered
inappropriate. Now, it’s the norm. That is to get you
desensitized to it in media, so when it comes up in real life,
you’ll already be accustomed to it. That’s what I mean by
cross-promotion. You watch a show to be “entertained”,
but you’re really being programmed to buy something else.

Let me give you an example. The Super Bowl is an event

that many people watch in February of each year. People
get their snacks, drinks, party favors, and sports gear ready
so they can watch the game with the rest of the United
States. Do you know that no matter who wins, the owners
of both teams still make the same amount of money,
BILLIONS? No, you’re so “entertained” that you don’t
realize the game itself is the bait. If they can create a
culture of consumers, willingly hypnotized, to watch a
sporting event every year, drunk and overfed, the
consumers can be sold ideas.

The people watching the Super Bowl are already hyped up

on fat, sugar, alcohol, and salt, so they’re primed for
subliminal programming that occurs during every
commercial. Nobody forced them to watch. I didn’t watch
even one second of it. I was in the minority.

Super Bowl Statistics:

$ 14.8 billion – Total spending by consumers on Super

188.5 million – Viewers watch the Super Bowl
$ 482 million – Ad Revenue from Super Bowl ads
$ 1.3 billion – Beer and Cider (325 million gallons)
$ 979 million – Soft drinks
$ 597 million – Wine
$ 503 million – Spirits
$ 278 million – Potato chips
$ 224 million – Tortilla chips
$ 198 million – Frozen pizza
$ 100 million – Meat snacks
$ 86 million – Popcorn
$ 80 million – Chicken wings (1.35 billion wings)
$ 74 million – Cheese snacks
$ 60 million – Deli sandwiches
2 million – Delivery/Take-out pizzas sold
$ 6.0 billion – Betting on Super Bowl (10% of viewers)
$ 5.05 million – Cost of a 30-second commercial (86 spots)
$ 42 million – Anheuser-Busch Ad spending
$ 42 million – Fiat Chrysler Ad spending
$ 26 million – Amazon Ad spending
$ 21 million – Proctor & Gamble Ad spending

Men, women and children sit down and watch a 3-hour

show to get them intoxicated on adrenaline, so they become
more suggestible to subliminal advertising. They do this to
themselves willingly. They invite the people to their
homes. They buy the food and drinks. They create the
culture. They’re feeding the beast before the show even
starts. It is just a show. Nothing about it is real. The
owners, managers, players, and opponents already know
who is going to win. It’s a huge set-up. The people in the
stands are being fed the same cocktail of fat, sugar, salt and
alcohol. The only difference is, they’re giving it to the
stadium directly. The advertisers want to capitalize on the
suggestible state of the viewers, that are eating exactly what
they’re expected to be eating, and they can get some
revenue from that too.

The amount of money the advertisers are spending must be

insignificant compared to the returns they’ll receive from
the hypnotized consumers. They’ll either get brand
recognition after the game is over, making them more
likely to purchase products. Or they’ll be so logged off that
they market the brands for free by talking about the stupid
commercials to their friends. They go to work and are
salespeople without benefits. This will make the people
that didn’t see the commercial, run to the Internet to see it
so they don’t feel left out. They’ll get a hit of dopamine
from it, but they’ll also be exposed to the same subliminal
programming. If they can make you laugh, they can make
you buy. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. These people
know that.

Meanwhile, days, months, or even years after the game is

long over, you still have that programming swimming
around in your head. How many people suddenly decided
to order a certain beer because they laughed at the
commercial? How many people decided to order pizza
because the cheese looked so good? They want to feel like
they belong to something bigger than themselves. If you
are a part of the collective of mindless consumers, you
don’t feel alone. The amount of nutrition consumed during
the Super Bowl, averages to 2400 calories, and 121g of fat.
If you are feeding your candida, candida will feed the
advertisers as a thank you. They brought the sheep to the
slaughter, and the sheep’s buying choices afterwards is their
reward. The big companies are on Candida’s Payroll.
Please believe it.

Broadcast / TV / Streaming Ad Revenue Statistics:

$ 42.7 billion – Total Ad Revenue
$ 2.0 billion – Over the Top Ad Revenue (OTT)
$ 1.5 billion – Hulu Ad Revenue
15.1 minutes – Viacom commercial minutes per hour
11.1 minutes – NBCU commercial minutes per hour
32% - Time people spend watching commercials
36% - Percentage of commercials for Jeopardy
33% - Percentage of commercials for Walking Dead
30% - Percentage of commercials for Shark Tank
137 million – Netflix subscribers
100 million – Amazon Prime subscribers

Out of Home (OOH) is an ad revenue stream that includes

marketing that happens outside the home.

Out of Home Ad Revenue Statistics:

$ 4.9 billion – Billboards (65%)

$ 4.5 billion – Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) (7800 faces)
$ 1.3 billion – Transit Signs/Wraps (18%)
$ 869 million – Point-of-Sale Displays (11.4%)
$ 424 million – Street, Bus Stop, Kiosks, Signs (5.5%)

They even have a rule to categorize what kind of fan you

might be. It’s called the 70/20/10 Audience Rule. 70% are
OK Fans, 20% are Good Fans, and 10% are Superfans.
There is Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD), and
Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD). These are the
ads that play when you watch a video. If you pay for the
service, you could still end up watching a paid
advertisement, which I thought was the sole purpose for
Next, is Digital Ad Revenue from search engines, banner
ads, product recommendations in free email, and on your
mobile device when you play a game. Companies like
Google and Microsoft charge advertisers a fee to get access
to you when you use their free services. They’re selling
your attention, and you thought the service didn’t cost you
anything. You’re being sold right under your nose.

Digital Ad Revenue Statistics:

$ 70 billion – Mobile Ad Revenue

$ 42 billion – Google Ad Revenue
$ 23 billion – Facebook Ad Revenue
$ 4.61 billion – Amazon Ad Revenue

Any service that is “free” is making a ton of money off of

you. They create a culture that makes you want to use the
app or program every day. You are sitting at the table
willingly, and you think they’re serving you, when it’s you
that’s on the menu. You ever wonder why Mr. Zuckerberg
is one of the richest young people on the planet? You think
you’re sharing your baby pictures, child’s graduation, or
wedding pictures, but meanwhile he’s calculating what type
of consumer you are so he can sell you to an advertiser.
Where do you think all that data is going? It’s going into a
server room, and churning out an algorithm that stamps on
your head, ‘This person is gullible’. Remember that you
used to be able to make your page ‘private’. Why did it
stop? Because they knew it was never private, and it was
an illusion. He’s making money because you are
subliminally being shown posts, articles, news, and
recommendations that are based on your “likes”, “shares”,
emojis, and follows. Instagram is no different. Facebook
owns that too.
Try to post an ad on Instagram, and they’ll ask you the
people you want the ad in front of. Some of the categories
don’t make sense. They’re categorized by what kind of
music they like, what they like to do for fun. How do they
know these people like these things? It’s because they
force you to connect your Facebook account, and they
already have your number over there. They can tell so
much about you by the photos you like and the people you
follow. If you aren’t selling something on Instagram,
you’re being sold. If you listen to music, you’re being sold
as well.

Music Streaming Ad Revenue Statistics:

$ 477 million – Spotify

$ 282 million – Youtube & Vevo
159 million – Spotify subscribers
75 million – Pandora subscribers
$ 291 million – Pandora ad revenue
38 million – Apple Music subscribers

They also get you when you don’t turn on any electronic
device. You have to check your mailbox, don’t you? How
many pieces of junk mail do you throw away a week? I
keep saying to myself, if they would just ask me I would
tell them I’m not interested. It’s worth it to them because
somebody is going to look at the card, letter, catalog or sale

Direct Mail Marketing Statistics:

$ 167 – U.S. Advertisers spend on direct mail per person

$ 2,095 – U.S. Advertisers earned per person (1300%)
56% - Customers went online or visited store after reading
80 – 90% - Direct mail gets opened
20 – 30% - Direct email gets opened
62% - Customers make a purchase within 3 months
88% - Millennial customers trust print over digital

I’m not going to lie, I will look through a catalog,

especially if it has pretty clothes. I’m not going to buy
anything, but I will look for entertainment purposes only.
There are plenty of people who will order. They’re getting
their money’s worth by sending it directly to your house.
It’s better than a door to door salesman because you don’t
need to be home, and you can’t close the door on them.

A sector that you don’t think of as a marketing machine is

the movie industry. Think about how movies are
announced. If a film house doesn’t promote a movie, it’s
not going to be selected when you go to the theater. Some
advertising budgets are almost half the production budget.
When you go to see one movie, if you get there on time,
you’ll be met with 15-20 minutes of previews. You never
think of previews as advertising. You view them as another
form of entertainment. At the end of the previews, there’ll
be a short advertisement for drinks and candy from the
concession stand. Again, you think they’re just letting you
know what’s available so you can have an even better time,

Wrong. You’re being summoned to the concession stand to

fill up on sweets so you can feed your candida. The movie
themselves are promoting an idea or a way to think. They
need you to be subdued so you don’t recognize the
subliminal messages. Advertisers even pay to get product
placements within the movie. If you ever see a consumer
brand on a soda can, a laptop, or a shirt, it’s been paid for.
The fact that you barely notice it means it went directly into
your subconscious. The food helps.
Let’s take a look at some of the offerings in the concession
stand. Our focus will be mainly on the nutritional content
rather than the revenue.

Movie Concessions Statistics:

Soda – 44 tbsp. of sugar

Ice – 76g of sugar
Pretzels/Cheese – 32g of fat, 14g of carbs, 3g of sugar
Pretzels – 14g of fat, 155g of carbs, 5g of sugar
Nachos/Cheese – 40 to 50 grams of fat, 95g of carbs
Butter Popcorn – 40g of fat, 98g of carbs, 1600mg of
Pepperoni Pizza – 30g of fat, 100g of carbs, 10g of sugar
Hot Dog Box – 33g of fat, 132g of carbs, 27g of sugar
50% - Of moviegoers buy concessions
90% - Buy candy, popcorn, and soda
$ 19.40 – Average spent by millennials

The fat in the bloodstream causes insulin resistance, which

makes the blood sugar spike within 3 hours. During that
time, the movie is playing, and the suggestible state of the
moviegoers is ripe for implantation of thoughts and ideas.
If you have some time, research subliminal messages in
movies, and you’d be very wise to check out the ones that
reveal the sick crap in children’s movies.

Some of the ideas planted are brands, products, and taboo

subjects. Sometimes, the movie could be built completely
around a car maker. The movie Fast & The Furious,
promotes car racing, violence, vanity, and narcissism. It’s
marketed to immature boys and men. These are the cars
that are marketed in the movie:
Acura Integra
Acura NSX
Audi R8
Aston Martin DB9
Bugatti Veyron
Chevy Corvette Grand Sport
Chevy Monte Carlo
Dodge Charger Daytona
Dodge Stealth
Dodge Viper SRT-10
Ferrari FXX
Fifth-Generation Ford Mustang Saleen
Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
Ford GT40
Ford Mustang Gen1
Honda Civic
Honda Del Sol
Honda S2000
Jensen Interceptor
Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita
Lucra LC470 SC
Lykan Hypersport
Mazda RX-7
Mazda RX-8
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Nissan 240SX
Nissan 370Z
Nissan Silva S15
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Toyota Supra Turbo
Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Touran/Golf
Yenko Super Camaro
Corona sent the filmmakers a few cases of beer, and gave
them permission to use the bottles in the film. There was
no official product placement agreement, they say, but a
beer bottle is clearly shown in the hands of Vin Diesel. The
film brought the beer company $15 million in free

What does fast cars, beer, and movies have to do with

candida? A young man that is dopamine deficient, will
absolutely look at these men in the movie, getting all the
girls, and idolize them. They have fast cars, they drift, they
drag race, and drink beer, and the girls love it. The young
man believes if he does the same thing, he will get a hit of
whatever they’re on. He might spend his money, risk his
life, and for what. The movie is selling him a one-way
ticket to hell, jail, the hospital, or the grave.

Millennials are especially vulnerable to subliminal

advertising, and culture programming. They really want to
fit in, and most of their parents are logged off, and are more
interested in making their kids popular because they
weren’t. That leaves a generation of impressionable young
people that focus more on appearances than substance.
Retailers already know this because the entertainment,
media, radio, and social networks promote popularity
contests. A meme can travel faster than the speed of light,
and anyone who hasn’t seen it is considered a loser. If
everyone is laughing except you, you’re just not as cool as
the rest of us. Nobody wants to be at the bottom of the cool
list. The fact that they want to be on the cool list shows
that they’re missing some self-sustaining personality traits,
that would make them immune to peer pressure.

School age children are already dealing with self-esteem

issues, and standing out in the wrong way is the quickest
way to be bullied. The deficiency within the child will
drive him to pressure their parents to purchase products that
he’s been tricked into believing will stop the pain of
bullying. He’s trying to avoid the reality of the sadness that
was already present. Most times, if you look at the parents,
they’ve shown them this is how to avoid feelings.
6. Gluttony & Excess

Candida draws a crowd. Whenever the 7 Deadly Sins is for

sale, the people will come. The 7 Deadly Sins are: Greed,
Lust, Laziness, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, and Wrath. There is
one event that covers all the bases, and it happens on Fat
Tuesday, a.k.a. Mardi Gras. It is a whole season, but the
final celebration always lands on the Tuesday before Ash
Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

The timing is significant because Lent is a Christian

observance that spans the 40 days before Easter Sunday.
Its purpose it to prepare Christians for Easter through
repentance, fasting, and praying to transcend the flesh, and
deny the ego. Most people give up something that they
enjoy, either meat, drinking, sex, social media, chocolate,
or whatever they love the most. Other people choose to be
of service to others, volunteer, or go to church more.

Twenty-five percent of Americans observe Lent. Like I

mentioned earlier, Easter is the biggest Christian day for
attendance at church. What do people do before Easter
Sunday? Not sure, but this day everybody’s holier than
they’ve been for a year. Mardi Gras comes right before this
40 Days of good behavior. People literally binge on meat,
eggs, cheese, and alcohol before they have to give it up.

Mardi Gras is observed all over the world, not just in New
Orleans, where the big parties and parades are held. It’s a
huge celebration in Belgium, Alabama, Canada, France,
New Orleans, Venice, Rio de Janeiro, and Cologne. The
purpose of the Carnival celebration is the same in every
country, to binge and praise candida before Lent. It makes
you wonder who comes up with this stuff. What would an
industry do that had to endure 40 days of low sales?
Mardi Gras Statistics:

$ 1.0 billion – Total Economic Impact in New Orleans

1.4 million – Visitors to Mardi Gras
41 million – Pair of beads sold
25 million – Pounds of beads thrown from floats
46 tons – Beads recovered in storm drains afterwards
7 million – Pounds of beads that clogged city drains
900 tons – Debris produced by Mardi Gras
500,000 – King cakes sold (sugar-coated pastries)
4.5 – Average drinks consumed per visitor
1900 – Patients transported to hospitals
471 – Arrests made

If you didn’t already know, beads are thrown from gigantic

floats when women expose their breasts. I have been to
Mardi Gras. Everyone exposes their breasts, the young
lady, the older woman, the grandmother, even the man. It’s
really a huge display of people that don’t know their worth.
The beads are plastic, people are taking pictures, everyone
is drunker than you can imagine, and self-respect was left
at the airport. As a matter of fact, studies show that more
people drink during Mardi Gras than any other holiday.

I had a boss of mine, find out that I went to Mardi Gras,

and he asked me if I was a swinger. I didn’t understand the
question because I never gave him any impression that I
was into anything like that. Until I found out that most of
those little houses I was passing by on the street were sex
clubs. There’s witchcraft, sex, drugs, drinking, prostitution,
and trafficking going on down there. It draws a huge
crowd because anything goes. You can see very clearly that
candida has to get its feast on before this 40 days fast
Another display of gluttony that I have personally
experienced is the cruise line industry. I have never been
asked to eat so many times in my life. You eat in the
morning, you eat at lunch, then you eat at dinner. However,
they want you to eat all times in between. Our room
attendant kept saying that the buffet was open. People tend
to gain between 10 – 15 pounds in 7 days from all the extra
calories shoved down their throat. They know if they can
load you up on fat, sugar, salt, and alcohol, you’ll come up
off some of that money in your back pocket on incidentals.

Once you pay for your room, they need to extract some
additional funds, and they can only do that if you’re
subdued. They have casinos, nightclubs, drinks by the
pool, shops, art auctions, jewelry, gift shops, and
sightseeing tours. The selling doesn’t stop. I didn’t realize
how serious they were about it until I researched the food
consumption that goes on.

Cruise Ship Statistics:

$ 45 billion – Total Cruise Ship Revenue

20 million – Passengers per year
3,500 – Average passengers per cruise
6 million – Coffee beans roasted
60,000 – Eggs
21,000 – Ice cream cones
20,000 – Pounds of Potatoes
19,700 – Pounds of Chicken
18,000 – Pounds of Beef
12,600 – Pounds of Flour
12,000 – Pounds of Tortillas
10,680 – Hot dogs
7,070 – Pounds of Fish
5,000 – Pounds of Fries
5,300 – Pounds of Bacon
2,100 – Pounds of Lobster
2,000 – Pounds of Wings
2,600 – Pounds of Apples
5,400 – Pounds of Bananas
700 – Pounds of Ice cream
479,000 – Gallons of Water
31,900 – Bottles of Beer
16,900 – Cans of Soda
6,000 – Bottles of Wine
2,622 – Gallons of Milk
900 – Cans of Beer
820 – Bottles of Vodka
765 – Bottles of Rum
293 – Bottles of Scotch

By the way, that’s one cruise ship. That’s enough to feed a

small country for a month. It’s excess and gluttony at its
finest, and for what? So, you can be so full of candida that
you seek more pleasure because your serotonin is hijacked
to the gods. People claim they had the best time of their
lives, when really they were tricked into thinking they had
the best time of their lives. It doesn’t stop there. The
feeding frenzy will continue when they land.

Theme parks are also designed to create a feeding frenzy

for candida. I haven’t been to a theme park in a couple
years, but when I did, it was all about the candy and
alcohol. There were more people in the bars than there
were waiting in line for rides. In fact, people have to get
sauced up before they can even gather the courage to brace
some of these dangerous rollercoasters. The kids are so
hopped up on sugar, filled with dopamine, and the parents
are already set to buy them whatever they want in the gift
shop. They make their money in the price of admission,
but the markup on items you can easily buy in the grocery
store is where they break the bank.

Theme Park Statistics:

$ 20 billion – Disney Theme Parks Revenue

$ 5.68 billion – Universal Theme Parks Revenue
55 million – Disney Theme Park Attendance in Florida
150 million – All Disney Park Attendance
21 million – Universal Theme Park Attendance – Florida
$ 3,634 – 3-night Family Package at Universal Hotels
$ 7,748 – 3-night Family Package VIP Upscale at Universal

Disney World Yearly Food Consumption:

5 million – Servings of Popcorn

18.2 million – Packets of Ketchup
10,000 – Dessert Soufflés
720 – Pounds of Pasta
75 million – Cans of Coca-Cola
13 million – Bottles of Water
10 million – Hamburgers
9 million – Pounds of Fries
6 million – Hot dogs
1.6 million – Turkey legs
1200 – Pounds of Ribs
3.3 million – Mickey Mouse Ice cream bars
1 million – Watermelons

Markup on Hamburgers Statistics:

$ 3.08 – Cost to make Upscale Burger

$ 14.00 – Price of Upscale Burger (Markup 355%)
$ 1.86 – Cost to make Standard Burger
$ 9.00 – Price of Standard Burger (Markup 384%)

In Miami, we have something called the Dade County

Youth Fair during the middle of March until the beginning
of April. The elementary and high schools use it as an end
of year field trip. None of the food is healthy, and it’s
preparing their young minds to associate fun with fat,
sugar, salt, and adrenaline. I took a look at the vendors for
the event, and created a chart of the nutritional content.

Dade County Youth Fair Statistics:

600,000 – Attendees

Food Items Fat Carbs Calories

Fried Oreos 8g 12g 1230
Burgers 29g 37g 590
Funnel Cake 29g 73g 580
Turkey Legs 26g 0g 542
Churro 21g 78g 530
Large Fries 23g 64g 480
Elephant Ear 15g 38g 310
Slice Pizza 10g 36g 285
Wings (5 pcs.) 17g 10g 270
Doughnuts 14g 29g 253
Slushy (22oz.) 0g 50g 192
Hot Dog 14g 1.3g 155
Cotton Candy 0g 28g 106
Pork Shank 11g 0g 103

It’s the same scenario. High fat, high sugar, high salt, and
high entertainment. Everything is on the menu, dopamine,
adrenaline, endorphins, and false good memories.
Attendees will take their future children, and their
grandchildren, and candida will be fed by all. How much
of a good time do you think the kids would be having if
they didn’t have any sugar in their system? If you follow
the same concept into adulthood, we’ll see how the
nightclub industry mimics the theme park and youth fair

Nightclubs in Miami are known for being loud, full of

beautiful people, drinks flowing, world-class DJs, and high
tech lights to blind you from who you’re really dancing
with. The second those lights turn on at 5 a.m., the carriage
turns into a pumpkin. They’re ambassadors for candida
also. They know that most people that come to nightclubs
are dopamine deficient. They also know that sugar,
alcohol, and loud music will induce feelings of euphoria.
The club is not directly selling illicit drugs, but they’re
creating the atmosphere where drug use is expected.

Why else would you keep coming to the club, week after
week? You have to have an original problem, hormonal
imbalance. They capitalize on that, by providing you the
space to biochemically augment your hormones, and a
soundtrack to dance to get adrenaline and endorphins. It’s
a recipe for a lifelong customer. Later on, I will show you
how illicit drugs create the customer for the pharmaceutical
company. They’re all in on it.

Nightclubs & Bars Statistics:

$ 27.0 billion – Nightclub & Bar Revenue

$ 19.9 billion – Food & Drink Sales inside Bars/Taverns
70,000 – Nightclub & Bar Establishments
1 in 12 – Adults in America are Alcoholics
17.6 million – People in U.S. with Alcohol Disorder
20.0 million – People in Recovery from Alcohol Disorder
65.0 million – People Binge Drink in U.S. every month
88,000 – Deaths related to alcohol abuse every year
4,700 – Teens killed a year by alcohol use
7 million – People bought wine in Nightclubs & Bars
200 million – Beer barrels sold
590,000 – U.S. Bartenders (including restaurants)
405,000 – U.S. Nightclub Employees
$ 20 – Average nightclub cover charge
$ 80 – Average spent per night

You and I both know that they’re not just drinking when
they go to these clubs. There is no statistic for how much
they’re spending on pills, weed, cocaine, ecstasy or who
knows what else. I’m not going to play games and act like
I didn’t live it up at the nightclub. I spent many nights, out
of my mind, so I know that it was $100 a night 20 years
ago. From what I read, millennials aren’t really interested
in nightclubs like they were before. They’re more
interested in house parties and music festivals. The same
drug use and drinking is going on, they just don’t have to
worry about the high prices of drinks, and the stupid velvet

The one thing I noticed when I left the party scene was that
the DJ became a celebrity. When I was a DJ, you would
see the guy or girl in the booth, and you focused more on
your friends than them. Now, the DJ is front and center.
Just like the number of bartenders in nightclubs, they have
a job to do also. The bartender is pushing alcohol, but the
DJ is getting you to dance so you need something more to
drink. He is also playing music that you won’t even enjoy
unless you are high out of your mind.

I remember going to a trance club, and if we didn’t get our

drugs fast enough, the music was unbearable. You don’t
realize how repetitive it is if you’re not in a hypnotic state.
All the lights and people dancing looks silly when you’re
sober. One club I went to was playing a track underneath
the music that said, “Drink, drink, drink.” I was the only
person that heard it apparently. I looked at the DJ just as he
put it on, and he laser focused on me. He even came out of
the DJ booth and took my picture. It sounds like a scene
from the movie, “They Live”, when the man put on the
glasses and saw that every billboard said, “OBEY”.

You should watch that movie. It is so accurate that you

wonder why people haven’t woken up since. In the movie,
the man went into a video store with the special sunglasses
on, and realized the people walking around him were not
human. One of them whispered into a watch and said, “We
have one that can see.” That’s how I felt that day.

I’m not hating on DJs, but please know they’re getting paid
for something you can’t see. Some of these people are
making millions of dollars. For what? Spinning records or
mp3s that aren’t even theirs. Industry Secret: Some of
those mixes are prerecorded, and they’re just dancing
behind the decks pretending to mix. If they don’t use
headphones, they aren’t mixing anything. They play the
same set 20 times a row in 20 different countries. There are
messages in the music, and they encourage the drug

People walk in looking for “religion” so to speak. Looking

for something to believe in. Looking for a “god”, and what
they get is an agent for candida. Drugs hijack your brain,
alcohol hijacks your brain, and meanwhile your wallet is
emptying because they’re offering you something that you
already have. It’s the best scam running. Let me show you
how much these people are making:
Dance Music & DJ Statistics:

$ 48 million – Calvin Harris - DJ yearly (Vegas Residency)

$ 45.5 million – Chainsmokers – DJs yearly
$ 33 million – DJ Tiesto – yearly (134 gigs a year)
$ 28 million – Aoki – DJ yearly
$ 23 million – Marshmello – DJ yearly
$ 22 million – Zedd – DJ yearly
$ 45 million – LIV – Miami Beach Nightclub Revenue
$ 30 million – Story – Miami Beach Nightclub Revenue
400,000 – Attendees at Electric Daisy Festival
165,000 – Attendees at Ultra Music Festival – Miami
30 million – Viewers of Ultra Music Festival Live Stream
2.49 million – Use MDMA or Ecstasy a year
75 to 150 – Gigs per year average for DJ

I don’t think I have to say it. These DJs are not getting paid
to play music. They’re getting paid to provide a soundtrack
so some other things can get bought. The illicit drug
industry feeds the pharmaceutical industry, because once
these young people realize they’re too old for the club, they
try to get off this stuff. When they do, something terrible is
waiting for them. Their dopamine receptors are DEAD,
they’re unable to produce serotonin, and they need legal
drugs just to get through the day. That’s why the
pharmaceutical industry has started making their drugs
available to the nightclub scene and the streets. They don’t
feel like waiting for these kids to grow up. They want their
market share now.

These poor kids, having unprotected sex while on drugs,

drunk on alcohol, infested with candida, and the next
generation is given a curse before they enter this world.
How many kids are born with serotonin deficiency because
their mother wanted to get high. How will they recover?
No one wants them to recover because they’ll become new
customers. I see more kids taking multiple types of drugs
at once, just to ease the pain of their parents’ dysfunction.
It was all written in the cards as soon as they stepped into
that club. They were walking into a den of Hell, but no one
told them, and the people that provide the music will pay.

Many retailers prey upon their customers’ known

addictions. One such place is the gambling casino. I went
to Vegas a few times as a young person. They don’t call it
Sin City for no reason. From the second you get off the
plane, you know that this a place where evil feels at home.
Walking through the streets, we were met with so many
flyers about prostitution, escorts, house calls, and strip
clubs. I mean, they were passing out hundreds an hour,
multiple people on the same side of the street. If you look
on the sidewalk, the flyers carpeted the street. Girls with
their legs opened, naked on the newspaper vending
machine. Some of the girls looked underage, no doubt
victims of sex trafficking.

The casino was filled with people. I remember playing the

slot machines, and this woman kept coming by offering me
drinks. It got annoying, but then I noticed that she wasn’t
asking me to pay. The drinks are free, and there aren’t any
clocks around, and it’s freezing cold too. This is so you
lose track of time, and then lose track of your money
because you’re drunk. No windows, so you have no idea
how long you’ve been in there, and you “believe” you’re
having a good time. I don’t even want to get into the
buffets. If you’ve never been to a Las Vegas buffet, you
really don’t know what life is about. The hotels are the
biggest buildings you’ll ever be in, and it’s just a gluttony,
dopamine, adrenaline, and excess extravaganza. Candida is
served on every menu. Candida is worshipped in every
casino, and the nightclubs are just a place where fantasy
becomes reality.

I went with a friend, then I went with a family member,

then I went with a significant other. All of those
experiences were completely and drastically different.
When I went with men, I felt protected. When I went with
my female friend, we were seen as bait. The men were like
vultures ready to attack. We got tons of stuff for free, they
thought a downpayment on something else. We got to the
front of the line, passing scores of people. A guy tried to
buy us drinks, and he opened up his wallet, and he had 20
or so stolen credit cards. He had no shame. I told my
friend what he was doing, and right then someone dropped
from the ceiling on a rope, so we slithered away from him
while he was distracted. Here is a look at casino life, not
just in Vegas but online.

Casino Statistics:

$ 11 billion – Nevada Casino Revenue

$ 40 billion – Total U.S. Casino Revenue
$ 32.4 billion – Indian Gaming Revenue
$ 298 million – New Jersey Online Gambling Revenue
$ 120 billion – U.S. Gambling Losses
$ 1.66 billion – Wynn Las Vegas Revenue
$ 490 million – Wynn Food & Beverage
$ 150 million – Wynn Day & Nightclub
$ 403 million – Wynn Hotel rooms
$ 211 million – Wynn Le Reve Entertainment (Show)
20.5 million – People in casino that went to bar/nightclub
50% - 16-year olds in UK have online gambling apps
50% - Profits come from people with gambling addiction
20% - People diagnosed with alcohol disorder & gambling
20% - People with gambling addiction commit suicide
Those last 4 percentages really got my attention. People
with alcohol, gambling, drug, or sex addiction have severe
dopamine deficiencies, and these people know that. If you
have a gambling addiction, and you lose your money, you
can’t get your fix. The pain that they’re avoiding, is now
front and center. That’s the perfect time to finish them off.
7. Children & Families

Young people of school age eat at home, school, and after-

school. Their meals are paid for or prepared by their
parents, usually their mother. The one place all students eat
is at school. Some bring their own lunch, but most eat free
or reduced lunch because of their low-income status. The
meals in school are considered nutritious, but they aren’t
that. When I was a teacher, I monitored my student’s sugar
intake. I educated them about red food coloring in junk
food. I wouldn’t let them eat expired food or overcooked
food. Prison food is better quality than what the school

When the kids would purchase these chocolate cookies,

homemade by one of the cafeteria workers, their behavior
would become erratic, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I
asked her what she put in it. She said, “lots of sugar” and
laughed. I stopped them from buying them and she got
upset. As a compromise, I let them buy it, but kept it at my
desk until after school. If they wanted to get buck-wild,
they’d have to do it at their house, in front of their parents
that paid for it. They would get so depressed when I’d take
them, even hiding them in their shirts and jackets to avoid
detection. One of my trustee snitches always told on them,
because they had theirs taken away also. The fruit drinks
were filled with sugar. The hot chips and hot fries had Red
#40, a chemical made in a lab that made my kids

Milk, which is supposed to ‘do a body good’ is pushed on

the children. The kids always chose chocolate milk. The
pizza was burnt, topped with artificial cheese and
cardboard bread. The hot dogs looked old, dry and fake
with white bread buns. Nobody ate the brown vegetables
that were supposed to be green. They just wanted fat,
sugar, salt, dairy, meat, bread, and starch. If they were
really low income, this was the only meal for the rest of the

A couple times, I caught kids passing out candy in the

lunchroom that they bought from the store. After eating
that, the kids couldn’t sit in their seats, or refrain from
interrupting the lesson in the classroom. It took a few
months for me to really understand how important food
choices were when managing children’s afternoon
behavior. The candida in them was taking over my

School Lunch Statistics:

31.6 million – Children served per year

5.0 billion – Lunches served per year
$ 13.6 billion – Revenue for school lunches served
$ 16.0 million –Daily waste if kids throw one apple away
$ 5.0 million – Current daily waste of uneaten food
1.8 billion – Half-pints of milk a year (8g fat) (25g sugar)
65% - Of children are Lactose-Intolerant
40% - Girls who eat elem. lunch will get Type 2 Diabetes
50% - Veggie serving for the day is Fries
43% - Kids choose fried food, pizza, burritos, or nuggets
42% - Of schools don’t offer fruits or vegetables
29% - Of students are more likely to become obese
88g – Sugar in applesauce

Kids brought their lunch from home if they had food

allergies, or were on a strict diet due to health concerns.
Parents don’t like making extra meals for a house full of
kids 10 months out of the year. They also don’t want the
added expense. I’m pretty sure they aren’t asking them
what the school is actually feeling them either. The school
gets away with feeding our kids food that has a lower FDA
grade than dog food. Their brains are not fed properly, at
home either.

The parents aren’t eating much better either. The vending

machine is the greatest purveyor of junk food. The
machine is standing in every school, office, library,
laundromat and apartment buildings. The vendor is making
a large profit off of selling potato chip bags filled with air,
overpriced candy, and $ 0.50 cents sodas marked up to $
1.25. You pay for convenience, but the choices aren’t
designed for you to get healthy. If you look at the
offerings, they feed candida, and candida rewards the snack
dealers handsomely.

Let’s look at the billion-dollar industry that’s flying under

the radar as the standalone convenience store. Micro
market vending machines are bigger than the typical
vending machine. The products are on display on a shelf,
and you pay by card at a kiosk system. It’s self-service,
because there’s no one there to watch you. They assume
that if you like healthier options, you’re probably an honest

Vending Machines & Micro Market Statistics:

$ 22.0 billion – Revenue of Vending machines

4.6 million – Vending machines in U.S.
35,000 – Micro markets projected by 2022

53% - Soft drinks, juice and water sales
$ 2.2 billion – Soda 16 – 20 oz.
$ 1.1 billion – Soda 12 oz.
$ 760 million – Non-carbonated 16 – 20 oz.
$ 600 million – Hot beverages
$ 288 million – Energy drinks 16 – 20 oz.
$ 112 million – Energy drinks 12 oz.
$ 90 million – Non-carbonated 12 oz.

$ 1.8 billion – Chocolate
$ 431 million – Non-chocolate
$ 195 million – Bag candies
$ 135 million – Gum & Mints

$ 2.3 billion – Chips
$ 1.9 billion – Other
$ 1.8 billion – Food
$ 994 million – Pastry, cupcakes, honey buns, muffins etc.
$ 400 million – Ice cream
$ 391 million – Cookies & Crackers
$ 272 million – Bagged snacks
$ 145 million – Nutritious snacks
$ 136 million – Nuts and seeds
$ 127 million – Food snacks, cheese or meat sticks

Kids want to go to Dunkin Donuts after school with their

parents to get donuts. Parents ruin their child’s dinner by
giving them loads of sugar, because they don’t like the
sluggishness of kids when they get home. They have to
pump them up so they can be entertained by them until
bedtime. Other times, I see parents giving their kids sugar
before they go to karate practice, dance practice, or
tutoring. Very odd but it’s been so consistent.

Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins Statistics:

$ 1.3 billion – Dunkin Donuts Revenue

8,800 – Dunkin Donuts Stores in the U.S.
7,600 – Baskin Robbins Restaurants in U.S.
300 million – Baskin Robbins customers per year
6.6 million – Dunkin Donuts Active Rewards members
3.0 million – Dunkin Donuts customers per day
2.7 billion – Donuts sold annually
2.0 billion – Cups of coffee/tea sold annually
300 million – K-cups sold annually ($ 220 million)
1 – Glazed donut (12g sugar, 14g fat)
1 – Apple fritter (24g sugar, 19g fat)

After school, latch-key kids go home to an empty house,

and must look after themselves. Fast food is the top choice.

Fast Food Statistics:

$ 223 billion – Total Fast Food Revenue

$ 22 billion – McDonald’s
$ 16 billion – Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
$ 11 billion – Subway
$ 10 billion – Chic-Fil-A
$ 8.3 billion – Dominos
$ 7.5 billion – Pizza Hut
$ 6.6 billion – Burger King
$ 2.0 billion – Wendy’s
$ 2.0 billion – Taco Bell
84.8 million – Adults eat fast food a day
91% - Out of 871 parents bought fast food 2.5x a week
120 – Added calories kids consume by eating fast food
48% - Of Men eat fast food
39% - Of Women eat fast food
45% - Of people who eat fast food are Ages 20 – 39
38% - Of people who eat fast food are Ages 40 – 59

The reason young kids eat fast food is because their parents
eat it. This culture of eating focuses more on convenience
than health. If a parent doesn’t have to think about what’s
for dinner, they have less stress. Parents, especially single-
parent homes, are always looking for a cheap, quick,
convenient way to feed their family. Everyone is trying to
save money. The parents are trying to save money on their
own lunches, snacks, and breakfast. The line at
McDonald’s drive-thru in the morning is wrapped around
the building. Customers are paying more than it would cost
to make the same thing at home, because they get to sit in
their cars. And they do sit in their cars. Average wait time
is 15 minutes.

The drive-thru hasn’t received an update since I was in high

school, when they introduced the pay window and the
pickup window. There used to be only one. I even
remember when there was no intercom to order from. You
had to order in person, and wait for your food at the same
window. Now, people sit and wait in a line that’s not
moving. Too lazy to go inside, where there’s absolutely no
line, but prefer to wait for someone to hand them their baby
bottle. Let’s really get into this menu at McDonald’s and
figure out why the line is around the corner, and why they
now serve breakfast all day long for the people who get up
at 12 noon.
McDonald’s Menu Statistics:

Food Item Fat Carb Sugar Sodium

Bacon Egg 24g 40g 3g 1300mg
Cheese Biscuit
Sausage Egg 32g 45g 15g 1290mg
Big Breakfast 65g 155g 48g 2100mg
With Hotcakes
Sausage Burrito 16g 26g 2g 780mg
Food Item Fat Carb Sugar Sodium
Hash Browns 9g 16g 0g 320mg
Mocha Frappe 17g 60g 54g 120mg
Iced Caramel 6g 40g 36g 330mg
Food Item Fat Carb Sugar Sodium
Big Mac Bacon 33g 47g 9g 1210mg
Quarter Pounder 28g 39g 10g 1110mg
With Cheese
Filet-o-Fish 19g 38g 5g 560mg
Classic Chicken 24g 49g 6g 1040mg
Food Item Fat Carb Sugar Sodium
Fries (small) 11g 29g 0g 160mg
Fries (medium) 16g 44g 0g 230mg
Fries (large) 24g 66g 0g 350mg
Food Item Fat Carb Sugar Sodium
Fudge Sundae 14g 53g 47g 180ng
Chocolate Shake 15g 87g 74g 260mg
Baked Apple Pie 11g 35g 16g 95mg
Orange Juice 0g 36g 32g 0mg

The amount of fat in breakfast alone is disturbing, because

some mothers order the same meal for all their kids. That
means whether they’re 5 years old or 18 years old, their
bodies are subjected to that overload. An 18-year old boy
will burn that off before lunch, but a 15-year old girl could
be carrying that weight around for months or years. A
young child in elementary school is learning that fast is
best. I know parents are tired. I know kids are fussy, and
they just want what they want. However, when you look at
the vitamin deficiency of a child that eats fast food every
day after school, we’re looking at child abuse and neglect.

I discovered in my research a new diagnosis for fussy

eaters. It’s called Avoidant/Restrictive Eating Disorder
(ARED). Kids that only want to eat a certain thing, and
refuse to eat anything else. People with this disorder have
vitamin deficiency because of the lack of variety in their
diet. They have anger towards the foods they don’t want to
eat. It affects 3% of the population. The foods they prefer
are bread and sugar. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

The psychological manipulation used by a fussy eater, is

that their behavior gets them more attention from the
parents when they don’t eat (oxytocin). Their anxiety
about food choices creates illusionary fear (adrenaline).
They induce a fear of choking or fear of death (adrenaline).
They like to live in survival mode. Everything is a life or
death situation because they’re operating from the animal
brain. If you were to poll all the kids that were “fussy” or
“hyper” or “sensitive” or “addicted to video games” or
“afraid of the dark” or whatever kids come up with, you’ll
find that they’re manipulative. They aren’t getting what
they need in life, so they’re little people doing emergency
biochemical hacking on their brains out of desperation.
These kids are in need of something VERY specific,
dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, oxytocin, and they’re
going about it the best way they knew how, manipulation.
This is learned behavior.

Some of the people who suffer from ARED say that they
have a voice in their head, whispering in their ear. That
sounds demonic, doesn’t it? These kids are getting away
with this foolishness because their parents, likely Mom, is
putting up with it. One lady fed her son chicken, white
bread, white rice, and white potatoes from a young age
until he was 18. He lost his eyesight in both eyes and
almost died. She said she didn’t see anything wrong with
it. She claimed that he wouldn’t eat anything else, and she
gave in to keep the peace. Imagine putting your life in your
mother’s adult hands, and she lets you, the child, decide
what’s best for you because she’s too lazy to find out the
dangers of feeding a growing boy a high carb, high sugar
diet. She lets you dig your own grave, and she stands by
and throws up her hands.

He never regained his eyesight, and he had to go live in a

house for the blind to learn how to navigate with a cane.
He wanted to live on his own. When his mother took him
into therapy, a doctor got him to eat some chili. As soon as
his mother walked into the room, he ceased all cooperation.
That hit me because, she only paid attention to him when
he was being a fussy eater. This wasn’t about the food. It
was about his mother being deficient in serotonin, passing
that onto him, and him trying to make up for it by bingeing
on everything candida craves. She was so easily
manipulated by him that when he went home after therapy,
she had to bribe him with more bad stuff to get him to eat
the good stuff. She gave in so easily. It was pathetic to

Dysfunctional Eating is similar to ARED. Symptoms are:

1) chaotic or irregular eating

2) consistent undereating
3) consistent overeating beyond satiation or requirements

Kids are prone to dysfunctional eating because of their

perception of themselves. A study done with one thousand
14-year-old girls, found that 50% of them had been on
some form of weight loss diet. 30 to 46% of 9-year olds,
and 46 to 81% of 10 year olds in California restrict their
food intake for fear of being fat. The prevalence of females
to males is 10:1. It’s more likely to happen to richer
children and teens. The reason I bring this up here, and not
in the disease section because this is all in the mind. The
mental manipulation that kids inflict on their parents
weakens them, and causes the adult to become tolerant of
the child’s poor nutrition and habits. The child is running
the household.

The best-case scenario is for parents to buy food from the

grocery store. The whole family should eat organic,
locally-grown, fresh produce, low preservative, low carb,
whole fruits and vegetables. It can be done, and it doesn’t
have to break the bank. Co-op organic buying clubs curate
seasonal fruits and vegetables at a cost of $40 a box. The
produce is collected from local farmers and growers,
enough to feed a family for a week. You can’t beat that.
The grocery store is going to charge you an arm-and-a-leg
for the imported items, except their produce has been on a
refrigerated truck for a week. Farmers’ markets are great
because the people that work there are actual farmers.
They brought this food from their farm. Some of the food
was picked that same day.

In Miami, I went to farmer’s market on a Sunday. There

was a 15-year old young man at the booth by himself, with
fiery long red hair that you could see for miles. I went over
there to see if he was the actual farmer, he was. I got some
collard greens, and he told me that he pulled them out of
the ground himself an hour ago. That is as “farm to table”
as you can get, other than picking it yourself. Those
collard greens tasted like they came directly from heaven.
Why would anyone rob their babies of that experience? I
never met his parents, but I know they were raising him

The grocery chain knows you aren’t going to drive pass

them to go walk around a farmer’s market. We want our
produce nicely packed, processed, and all in one place.
You pay for that convenience, and sometimes the price is in
the quality. I can literally taste pesticides in organic
produce if it has been on the same truck or near regular
produce. I threw out a whole batch of bananas because
they were labeled organic, but they’d been contaminated.
Your taste buds change when you eat better. You can taste
when food is old, or when it’s super fresh. It’s a nice little
conversation you have with the food. I was eating organic
green apples recently, and every time I bit into one, I had
these visions of goodness, and freshness, and flowers, and
trees, and birds. It only lasted a second, but every time I bit
into it, it was a different scene.

You won’t find anything like that in a regular grocery store.

These grocery store chains are all about getting that money.
Let’s see how much you’re paying for convenience.

Grocery Store Statistics:

$ 632 billion – Total Revenue in Grocery Market U.S.

$ 122 billion – Kroger Revenue
443,000 – Kroger Employees
$ 34.6 billion – Publix Revenue
190,000 – Publix Employees
1,193 – Publix Stores
2,779 – Kroger Stores
$ 23.9 billion – Online Grocery Revenue

It looks like they’re making plenty money off of customers’

unwillingness to do their research. Most products in the
average grocery store have no nutritional value whatsoever.
You could sit down on the floor in the middle of the aisle,
read the back of every box of everything in your cart, and
by the time you finished looking up the ingredients, the cart
would be empty because you’d see the truth. Some women
are so locked into what their child is eating, they research it
online before they go into the store. Healthy Mom 101. I
know who isn’t doing it. A mother allowing a child to
throw things into the cart, she doesn’t check anything about
the label, and she throws things in there also without
regard. The family is unconsciously buying, and
unconsciously eating. The sad part, they’ll pay on the bill
this time, but also on the health bill later. Candida is the
one that’s going to be charging them, along with the doctor,
the hospital, the pharmaceutical company, and the morgue.
No refunds.

What are people buying and consuming at the grocery


Grocery Buying & Consuming Statistics:

44 – Gallons of Soda per person

10 – Pounds of Cereal consumed per person
$ 53 billion – Frozen Dinners purchased per year
$ 52 billion – Frozen pizzas purchased per year
$ 10 billion – Bread purchased per year
$ 8.0 billion – Salty snacks
$ 18 billion – Milk & Cream
$ 7.3 billion – Skim and Low-fat milk
$ 83 billion – Milk products
$ 55 billion – Cheese
$ 7.0 billion – Yogurt
$ 2.0 billion – Cream cheese
$ 166 million – Soy milk

Survey of Ages 18 to 80-year-old Consumers:

78% - Would change eating habits if doctor said to

60% - Could not connect food to a health goal
77% - Are trying to avoid/limit sugar
50% - Are limiting soda
In the supermarket, there are two types of paying
customers. Those who pay cash/credit, and those who pay
by voucher.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Statistics:

$ 60 billion – Total Cost of EBT benefits

$ 3.3 billion – Number of overpayments
$ 710 million – Number of underpayments
$ 73 million – Fraud cases
$ 26,600 – Gross monthly income of a family of 3
38 million – Total people participating
3.7 million – California participants
3.5 million – Texas participants
3.0 million – Florida participants
2.7 million – New York participants
260,000 – Authorized retailers
7,377 – Authorized farmer’s markets
40% - Goes to meat, fruits, veggies, milk, egg, bread
40% - Goes to cereal, prepared foods, dairy, rice, beans
20% - Goes to sweet beverages, desserts, candy, snacks

Everyone that’s on government assistance isn’t poor. Some

of them have found a way to buck the system, living in
their relative’s expensive houses for pennies on the dollar,
while their relatives get paid by the government. Some
people really need it, and here are the numbers either way.

Housing Voucher Statistics:

5.3 million – Housing Choice Voucher in United States

2.2 million – Children in public housing
2.7 million – Homeless children in shelters
1.2 million – People with disabilities
600,000 – Seniors
554,000 – Homeless
193,000 – Homeless children on streets
68% - Seniors, Children or Disabled

As I wrap up this chapter, I want to make it clear that these

statistics took a very long time to collect. They’re as
accurate as I could find. You can use them to make
decisions about the lifestyle you choose to live for you and
your family. My goal is to educate busy parents in ways
that their schedule doesn’t allow. I’m sure you’ve never
seen numbers like this all in one place. Now, there’s no
excuse for not making better choices.

Candida is the driving force behind getting people to

purchase items they don’t need. To stop them from buying
things that are going to improve their quality of life, or to
help them forget about their quality of life. Low serotonin,
low dopamine, low oxytocin, and high estrogen work with
candida to provide a mindless zombie that’s easily
controlled. We’re training our children by our actions, and
we’re teaching them to be slaves because we’re also asleep.

The human body is an entity unto itself. We’re not the

body. We’re inhabitants of the body via the spirit and the
soul. The body has processes going on all the time that we
have no control over. When we eat certain foods, or take
certain substances, we’re either bringing in assistants or
assailants, and the war could be fighting in our sleep. The
governor of our body is our mind. Notice I didn’t say
brain. When we become aware, through our conscious
mind, of the unconscious decisions we’re making, we
won’t be fooled by candida or the retail machine. They can
only make money off of you if you don’t know any better.

Sound the alarm, wake up the rest of your family, and let’s
return our 99% of wealth, back to the 99% of people. Hell,
we earned it, we gave it to them, or they stole it, and we
need it back. Make companies earn your loyalty through
service. If the company doesn’t give back, don’t give them
anything. If a celebrity doesn’t give back, starve them of
loyalty. If your leaders don’t do what they say when they
get into office, make them accountable. If you job doesn’t
set up healthy programs for their employees, quit. If your
child’s school doesn’t provide healthy alternatives, raise
hell with the district. If designers promote the sweat shop
industry in other countries, stop buying their crap. Let your
dollars speak in ways they understand. Hit them where it
Chapter V: Candida Befriends
1. Female Reproductive Diseases

Reproductive issues women face are indirectly or directly

caused by candida. This information is scattered all over
the internet in books, magazines, news articles, scholarly
papers, and vlogs. Once I show you, in detail, how candida
manifests itself into the entire female system, you’ll see
how Eve’s serpent is alive and well.

Psalms 51:5 “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity,

And in sin my mother conceived me.”

Unless a woman is very conscious of her spiritual DNA,

her biological DNA, and the condition of her soul, she’ll
conceive her baby in iniquity. If her son is like his father,
generations upon generations will be drenched in iniquity.
The woman is the gateway, the portal by which formless
consciousness becomes conscious form. Every child must
come through this dark tunnel. What the dark tunnel
contains, how it shapes and molds this being’s future, is
totally in her hands. Whatever she eats, the baby eats.
Whatever stress she endures, the baby endures. The baby is
along for the ride, whether it wants to be or not. Did the
baby pick its driver? No.

Did the mother pick him or her? Oh, yes. If you could
only see how miraculous it is that the egg chooses the
sperm it wants to let in, and electrocutes the rest. The
woman is the cause of all problems on Earth. The French
have a term that I learned about it in a prison documentary.
It’s called, “cherchez la femme”, or look for a woman.
Meaning, if there is a crime, look for a woman. She is most
likely the cause. Either it was for a girl, about a girl, or the
criminal is mad at his mother! Before you take my female
card away, and kick me out of the girl’s club, just think. No
matter if the man stays around or not, who are the children
with for 9 months and at birth. Her. When the father
abandons the children within the first 3 months, which is
the norm for deadbeat fathers, who are the children with?
Her. When the parents get divorced, more times than not
who do the kids live with? Her. When the kids go live
with their father, which is rare, why is it? Her. She’s either
so messed up that she is considered unfit, or she just
doesn’t feel like being mom anymore. She’s always
driving that bus. When the kids are messed up as teens,
scumbag adults, who do we blame? Her. I hope you’re
getting it.

If the mother is messed up, the children will be jacked up.

Mainly, because of her choice is partner, choice in sperm,
choice in what condition she created while carrying them in
her womb, and what drugs she chose to take when
delivering them. Her ignorance is no excuse for the poor
condition of her children’s physical, mental, spiritual, and
emotional health. It’s all her fault, and that goes for her
tramp daughter, and her misogynistic son. It starts with

I just went on a rant, because I really need you to get that

through your head before we dive into this rabbit hole of
disease, because ignorance is not bliss. No woman that
reads this book can continue with the blindfolds on. If you
take this information and change your ways, the whole
world will save itself, through the very individual that all of
our problems originate from conception to adulthood.

Female Reproductive Diseases:

Ovarian Cancer
Uterine Fibroids
Interstitial Cystitis (Bladder)
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Yeast infections (Vaginal Candidiasis)

This is such a small list. These are just the ones I will
cover in this section. I believe all of these are caused by or
worsened by candida.

Endometriosis is found in 1 in 10 women ages 15 – 44

years old. It occurs when the lining implants itself outside
of the uterus either on the bowels, bladder or ovaries. The
blood can’t get out because it’s trapped, which causes
inflammation, which leads to scar tissue. Some of the other
symptoms are:

 Bloating
 Diarrhea
 Infertility
 Constipation
 Painful periods
 Heavy bleeding
 Chronic Fatigue
 Yeast infections
 Painful ovulation
 Painful intercourse

The symptoms mimic yeast overgrowth. This is the

missing connection. Many of these reproductive diseases
have unknown causes, at least to the medical industry. It’s
not important for them to cite candida as a cause, because
that would mean that diet was contributing to these
illnesses. If you fix people’s diet, then they won’t get sick.
If they don’t get sick, they don’t need medication. If they
don’t need medication, then they don’t need doctors or
pharmacies or hospitals. If they don’t need the medical
industry, it collapses. It goes deeper than that. If they don’t
have candida, they can’t be controlled, which means the
entire industry that is based on this control also collapses.
They know the game. If you heal the mothers of candida,
then you heal the children of candida. What are they going
to do for the next 50 years to control the population? See,
nobody wants you to wake up, because if you do, you know
too much. You ever hear people say that a person is too
smart for their own good? That’s because the industry is
trying to pull wool over their eyes, but the wise are not
allowing it.

It is suspected that Endometriosis is caused by Estrogen

Dominance, which causes candida overgrowth. The
women that get ED are using products containing
xenoestrogens, chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body.
Xenoestrogens are found in makeup, beauty products,
lotions, toothpaste, plastics, preservatives, and cleaning
products. The chemicals are literally everywhere in our
homes, in our purses, in our mouths, and on our skin.
These big companies work with the medical industry to
keep you sick so they can profit. I have a whole section on
ED, and you should read until you get sick and tired of the

A hysterectomy is recommended by doctors to relieve

symptoms of endometriosis, but it’s not a permanent
solution. It’s shocking how quickly doctors want to rip
your whole reproductive system apart. That’s like burning
a house down to catch a fly. It’s about money. The hospital
can get more money out of you if you get surgery, instead
of telling you what the real problem is, because then you
can heal it naturally. I think people would be amazed at
how many issues they have that would naturally heal if they
became hyper-aware of what they had in their homes.
Keep the women dumb, and you can make money off of
her and her family. Keep the men dumb, and you can get
him to foot the bill. Keep the masses dumb, and you can
put your own kids through college at prestigious schools. In
college, they’ll learn to extract money from the same dumb
masses. I call it, ‘going after that dumb money’. The
dumb consumer is the most sought after person on the
planet. Every company lures them, because they don’t ask

Side Note #1: Have you ever walked into a dealership?

How many questions did you ask about the car? The
salespeople are more than happy to sell you a car without
giving you any extra information, and get you to sign the
dotted line. Notice how the vibe changes when you pull
out your paperwork, and you start asking pointed questions
about things that no one asks about. They become very
uncomfortable when you put them on the hot seat. You’re
labeled, “difficult”, in the breakroom after you leave.

Don’t even think about talking them down on price, and

then walking away saying you’ll think about it. They’ll
blow a fuse. They’d rather have 1 of you a year. Imagine
if every customer was like that. They’d have to step that
game up real quick. They can’t just phone it in anymore.
We need to treat big corporations the same way. If we
would start putting these foul chemical companies on blast
for the crap their pumping into our homes, we can force
change. We allow it. What are they feeding our children,
that we allow? What are they putting in our water, that we
allow? How are they poisoning our skin, that we buy? We
are complicit.

Side Note #2: This might sound random, but it’s going to
help you see how the game is played by everyone at the
top. I was watching these videos about people in the music
industry, complaining about how they got a bad deal, and
their royalties weren’t right and fair, and blah blah. There
was one guy that was sick of hearing his friends whine, and
he said, “Um … you read the contract, didn’t you?” It
made me laugh because I know for sure they didn’t. The
lawyer they brought with them was screwing them up the
wahoo also, so he wasn’t going to tell them the truth. He’s
in on the game too. He’s getting a totally different check.

Then, I saw a rapper that worked with a very well-known

producer. The rapper told the producer, “I can’t make
money off this deal. Are you trying to screw me?” The
famous producer said, “Well, if you’re going to let me do
it.” We need to paste this at every doctor’s office, grocery
store, electronics store, mall, movie theater, and shoe store.

“If you’re going to let me do it, yes I’ll screw you over.”

Back to my topic. These companies are screwing you. You

don’t have to wonder. They’re screwing you with disease,
chemicals, drugs, overpriced procedures, side effects,
feminine products that worsen the problem, etc. And
you’re letting them do it. There is another quote that I
heard a lot as a kid, ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’
That’s how they think of you. If you don’t buy it, the next
fool will, and that same person is being passed around like
a joint at a frat party. Everybody is going to get a turn, and
they’ve been screwing you and your momma over since
you got here.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects 5 million

women of childrearing age in the U.S. It’s a hormonal
disorder that causes infrequent or prolonged menstrual
periods. Some of the symptoms include:
 Hair loss
 Weight gain
 High glucose
 Inflammation
 Blurred vision
 Nerve damage
 Kidney damage
 Lack of menses
 Low progesterone
 Estrogen dominance
 Magnesium deficiency
 Excess male hormones
 Constant sugar cravings
 Insulin resistance/high insulin
 Infertility/Impaired ovulation
 Unwanted hair on face, belly
 Type 2 Diabetes, prediabetes

There was this tea, Women’s Raspberry Leaf, that this

woman said really helped with her diabetes and PCOS.
When I saw the symptoms of PCOS, I already knew what
the cause was. The link between PCOS and diabetes is
pretty clear. Diabetes is caused when glucose gets into the
bloodstream from food, and insulin is released by the
pancreas. Insulin naturally rises after eating. Its purpose is
to bind to insulin receptors that then open up the cell wall
to allow the glucose in to be used as fuel.

The liver and muscles take up this sugar, and convert it to

energy. When this system is not working right, the insulin
receptors ignore the message to open the cell wall, and the
sugar remains in the bloodstream. The pancreas releases
more insulin, like someone sending more texts messages
because you didn’t respond. Now, the blood has high
glucose and high insulin, aka Insulin Resistance. The
insulin receptors are resisting the intake of insulin, in other
words, they’ve turned off their phone. Question is, why did
they turn their phone off? Candida turned their phone off.

Candida feeds off of the sugar in the blood that is left

outside the cell wall. Candida overgrows, and this throws
off the hormonal balance in the uterus. The menstrual
cycle is coordinated by the balancing of hormones. Excess
insulin impairs ovulation, and causes ovaries to make
excess testosterone. Candida degrades progesterone, which
causes estrogen dominance. Candida feeds off the
estrogen. Lack of menses allows candida to thrive without
the uterus changing its pH level, which will inhibit the
growth of candida during menstruation.

The excess sugar gets stored in the fat cells instead of being
burned as fuel. The liver cannot process the extra estrogen,
so it stores it in the fat cells. Estrogen strongly influences
the location and amount of fat stored in the body. The
weight gain comes from insulin resistance and high insulin,
which is responsible for intra-abdominal body fat. Obesity
is correlated with PCOS, and 70 – 95% of patients who
have both are insulin resistant. Women say they have
intense sugar cravings. They think these are their cravings.
This is candida demanding more sugar. The more carbs
they eat, the more sugar in the blood.

High glucose causes blood vessel damage, nerve damage,

kidney damage, and blurred vision. The high insulin
impairs ovulation, causing the ovaries to make more
testosterone. Women start to get hair in unwanted places
due to the excess testosterone, including hair loss, and male
pattern balding. This excess testosterone gets converted to
estrogen, and compounds the estrogen dominance. Women
with PCOS are at higher risk for heart disease, high blood
pressure, high LDL bad cholesterol, low HDL good
cholesterol, stroke, sleep apnea, and diabetes. This is a
nasty disease, and most physicians believe that it’s an
illness that lasts beyond child-rearing age.

Magnesium deficiency affects 33% of women with PCOS.

They’re likely deficient in Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin D.
They can greatly improve their symptoms with vitamin
supplements. It’s also a good idea to reduce fructose in
their diet. Fructose has been linked to increased body fat,
acne, poor egg development, and unwanted body hair.

The way to improve symptoms according to doctors is to

get tested first. The Fasting Insulin Procedure identifies
insulin resistance. The patient is asked to fast for 8 hours
before a blood sample is drawn. Another test is the 2-hour
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). After fasting,
glucose levels are checked, and the patient is given glucose
to drink. The glucose levels are checked at 1 hour and 2
hours after the dose. Either reading can be used.

Uterine Fibroids plagues women in the black community

more than any other race. 1 in 4 women have them, about
5 million. 80% of black women, and 70% of white women
will develop uterine fibroids by age 50. Uterine fibroids
are benign tumors that are made up of muscle and tissue
around the uterine walls. The symptoms are as follows:

 Heavy periods
 Urinating often
 Distended stomachs
 Infertility, miscarriages
 Tumors the size of a golf ball to a grapefruit

Women in my family have had them, including an entire

generation of aunts. In a documentary titled, Good Hair, it
was claimed that the use of relaxers and perms were the
cause of uterine fibroids. Insurance companies don’t like to
pay for the removal of them if the person is trying to get
pregnant. Even when they’re removed, they tend to grow
back. From what I saw in vlogs from actual patients, most
of their male doctors recommended hysterectomy right out
of the gate. Many expressed anger that other options
weren’t discussed, until they made it abundantly clear to
their doctors that they didn’t want to go that route. Large
hospitals perform more hysterectomies than smaller
hospitals or clinics. Clinically, there are other options.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), is when a catheter

is placed in either the wrist or the thigh, to place small bits
of sand-like particles near the tumor to cut off its blood
supply. It softens, dies, and gets smaller over time. 90% of
women say their symptoms disappear completely. That’s
the good news. Younger women seem to have more
problems with them growing back, and having to do the
procedure again, and opt for hysterectomy eventually.
Hysterectomies are performed 65 times more than UFE.

One woman I saw online said that she waited 14 years to do

anything about her fibroids, and she opted for UFE. It
didn’t work. She had to get laser surgery to remove them.
It seems that if you wait a long time to take care of it, they
get bigger and harder to control. I think she had 5 or 6
tumors. Another woman waited 2 years, and finally
decided to go when she moved to L.A. and started a T.V.

Laparoscopic or Robotic Myomectomy is a full open

surgery, where a bikini cut incision is created in the
abdomen, and the uterine fibroids are removed from the
uterine wall. A small incision allows the fibroids to be
broken up into smaller pieces with tools, called a
morcellator. If whole fibroids are removed, the incision
will be extended. Robotic surgery gives physicians a 3D
magnified view, allowing a more precise procedure. There
are many different kinds of myomectomy. Do your

One more young lady finally decided to get them removed

because she had painful periods, was severely depressed,
and angry all the time. She got the full open surgery
because they said her uterus was so small. Turns out she
had 7 tumors that grew very large over a year and a half.
Her uterus was taken out, and put back together like a
puzzle. She refused the hysterectomy also.

All the women say the pain is like nothing they’ve ever
experienced. One woman said it was 10x worse than labor
pains. She was told she would be getting out the same day
or the next day. She stayed there for 3 days. This brings up
the cost of a hospital stay. It did seem that the open surgery
took about a 6-week recovery time, and months to heal.
They said sitting, standing, or moving in general was very
difficult, citing dizziness and nausea.

MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (FUS) is

when the patient gets into an MRI scanner, and soundwaves
are targeted at the fibroids. There’s no surgery needed, and
no incision. It sends sonic waves through the skin to the
fibroid to heat it up, and destroy it. This is a newer
technology. On an older woman’s vlog, she said she had no
pain, and was able to maintain her jogging routine within a
week. I didn’t hear the other women even mention this
option. It makes me question if they were ever offered it
by their doctors. Let’s face it. If they’re recovering that
fast, then they aren’t spending extra days in the hospital,
and not profitable.
Hysterectomy involves removing the woman’s uterus from
her body permanently. Women with children opt for this
because fertility is not possible after, and it creates instant
menopause. Hysterectomy is the preferred
recommendation by doctors and hospitals. The cost for a
hysterectomy varies by hospital and insurance, from $
8,000 - $ 10,000, and UFE costs from $ 6,000 – $ 8,000.

Here is the list of foods to avoid for uterine fibroids:

 Tofu
 Table salt
 Citric acid
 Dried fruits
 Mushrooms
 Wheat, gluten
 Any fast food
 Cereal products
 Milk, cheese, dairy
 Soda, energy drinks
 Aged meats and olives
 Pickles or salad dressing
 Red meat, especially beef
 Buttermilk, cream, yogurt
 Soy sauce, miso, tamarind
 Alcohol, beer, wine, ciders
 Soy products, especially GMO
 Sugar, especially sugar alcohols
 Vinegar, foods containing vinegar
 Fried food, Foods with lots of fat, oil
 Premade stocks, stock cubes, and gravies
 Fermented foods, ripe cheeses, sauerkraut
 Muffins, biscuits, croissants, or cinnamon rolls
 Blackberries, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries
 White sugar, white bread, rice, potatoes, white flour
 Processed meats, hot dogs, bacon, salami, lunch

Uterine fibroids are primarily caused by diets. The foods

that you need to avoid are exactly the same foods that feed
candida overgrowth. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I
haven’t heard of any vegans with fibroid tumors, because
they’re linked to the consumption of meat products,
especially beef. Don’t you find it interesting that beef is
muscle and tissue, and the tumor is muscle and tissue. Let
that sink in a bit.

It’s not easy to eliminate all of this food from your diet, but
I’m sure if you asked these women, they would’ve rather
have this information than get cut open. I shop at a health
food store, and I NEVER go to the doctor. People always
say that I need to go get checked up. They ask me why I
spend so much money on my groceries. My motto is, “Pay
now, or pay later.” I’d rather pay a little bit now for better
quality produce, than to pay a doctor for all the
preservatives and crap that comes in mass market produce
and groceries.

You’re going to save some money now, but boy will you
pay dearly later, and sometimes with your life. That’s not a
good plan in my book. If you eat good, take care of your
body, exercise when you can, meditate, do breathing
exercises, stretch, get out in nature, and listen to your body,
you’ll be just fine. Now, don’t go tell anybody I said don’t
go to the doctor. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying if
you do your own doctoring at home, you’ll have very little
reason to visit them. Food, my friends, is God’s pharmacy.

The Uterine Fibroid industry produces $ 9 billion dollars in

revenue. Some women choose not to get their fibroids
taken care of, they’re just watching and waiting to see what
will happen. That’s about 3.4 million women rolling the
dice on their lives. 1.4 million women choose drug
therapy. There are 250,000 uterine fibroid surgeries per
year. More than 30,000 UFE procedures are done each
year, including repeat patients. Half of women hear about
UFE from their doctors, and the other half learn of UFE
from friends or online.
2. Anorexia

It’s my belief that any disorder that involves the digestive

system and the brain, is caused by candida. Sounds like a
broad and generic statement, but give me a chance. You
have to invest a lot of time into reading these scholarly
papers, that are written in a way for you to become
completely confused two sentences in. Anyone with a
degree in the Sciences will be able to navigate the language
designed to keep you out. Well, it’s been done for you.

What makes a person eat beyond their hunger, beyond

satiety? What makes a person deny themselves food, even
when hunger pains are keeping them up at night? If you
were to pick 1,000 random overweight or underweight
people, and ask them what the cause of their eating patterns
is, they have no idea. They don’t understand their biology.
They aren’t trying to either. They’re trying to fix a problem
they don’t understand. Their mind is constantly on food.
Yes, the underweight person is constantly thinking about
not eating. The overweight person is constantly thinking
about eating. It’s a mental issue because it’s an obsession
with hunger. It’s a compulsive issue because they either act
on the hunger by bingeing or refuse to act on it by

I’ve been researching this eating disorder phenomenon for

a couple months now. I wanted to see how candida could
possibly make an anorexic person stop eating. I mean, isn’t
it candida’s desire to get you to eat as much fat, sugar, salt,
carbs, and processed food as possible so it can grow. Let
me walk you through the maze of deception. Candida is
the sneakiest, trickiest pathogen in the body. I’m going to
have to ease you into it because when I uncover how this
works, you’ll have to close the book for at least 24 hours.
Nothing can prepare you for how your children have been
seduced into an eating disorder by fear, insecurity, and

Anorexia Statistics:

30 million – People in the U.S. have an eating disorder

16% - Transgender students have an eating disorder
6.6% - College students report having an eating disorder
1 hour – Every time someone dies from an eating disorder
1 in 5 - Anorexia deaths are by suicide
50% - Anorexics have OCD, social phobia, or depression
50 – 80% - Anorexics have a genetic factor or risk

Anorexia is a disorder that affects 10% of the population.

Teenage girls are most at risk because of the difficult stage
of puberty, and the need to be accepted by peers. Social
media plays a role by encouraging young girls to compare
themselves with the Explore pages that Instagram so
delightfully curates for them. If a young girl looks at IG
models enough, her entire Explore page will be filled with
girls who have been nipped, tucked, poked, prodded, and
photoshopped to the gods. She’ll compare herself to them,
and do all sorts of dangerous things to compete with a
person who isn’t even real half the time. The young girl is
worshiping a person who is addicted to attention and being
fake. She’s literally idolizing someone who has a
PROBLEM. She’ll do her best to get that PROBLEM.
Instead, she’ll find herself having a totally different
problem. Society reinforces the need to be thin. The
fashion industry perpetuates this like no other.

Anorexia patients exhibit two forms of the disease. One is

the Restrictive type, in which they refuse to give
themselves the property nutrients, despite yearnings from
their stomachs. The other type is Binge & Purge, in which
they eat a large amount, totally losing control, and then
getting themselves to vomit. Some abuse laxatives as a
way to force themselves to empty their colons quickly to
not gain weight. I remember when I was younger, hearing
a group of models laugh about how their diet consisted of
soda, apples, and chocolate laxatives. In my high school,
there may have been 1 or 2 girls who we would consider
anorexic. Nobody from my neighborhood had the luxury
of skipping meals. You didn’t know when the next one was
coming. It made me think though, how many people had
an anorexic diet though?

I watched online a vlog from a very young girl who had

recovered from Anorexia. She told her followers what she
typically ate for one whole day when she was sick. Very
scary to see how she had 550,000 views. I thought she was
super popular. All the videos of hers that were popular
were the ones where you could misinterpret her educating
people about the diseases vs. instructions on how to
become victims. The rest of her videos were between
2,000 – 8,000 views. I was looking at it for research
purposes, but I how many young girls are watching this for
tips and tricks?

Vlogger’s Meals – Anorexia:

Breakfast – Half a banana and 10 almonds

Lunch – Small piece of salad, small piece of bread
Dinner – 2 egg whites, half a can of peas (1/4 cup)
Snack – Rice crackers with cheese spread
Binges – French fries, box of Mini-wheats, Pop Tarts,
Entire loaf of bread, ½ jar of peanut butter, pizza, ice
cream, cake

She described her binges as feeling good, feeling good, and

then feeling really full, and then sick. Doesn’t that sound
like the reward candida gives you when you give it what it
wants. Feeling good is the glucose spike, the dopamine
from the starch, then the fullness of the stomach
(overstuffed), and then feeling sick. When candida starts to
feed off of all that sugar and carbs, it releases neurotoxins
in the blood, kind of its poop. It’s a nasty ride. You puke
or poop at the end.

This young girl did say she became anorexic simply

because her doctor told her she was overweight, and he
needed to check her blood to see if she was diabetic. She
was so fearful of needles and getting blood drawn that she
went home and researched everything she could about
losing weight to avoid the needle. That doesn’t sound
right, does it? I’m sure the young girls that follow her buy
that, but any adult will say there’s a whole lot missing from
that story. I’ve watched other vloggers with similar
missing bits of information. I realize it’s a theme. It’s a
hiding disease.

She clearly already had a problem with food if she was

overweight, and if she reacted that strongly to something as
simple as a needle, then she has an anxiety disorder as well.
I’m 100% sure she menstruates every month. Her going
home and obsessing over her weight was a flick of a
switch. First, she is obsessed with eating, and now she is
obsessed with not eating. What’s the common denominator
here? Obsession and compulsion. She never once
mentioned any of these disorders because she never made
the connection. I listened to a lot of her videos, and her
thoughts were scattered, she repeated things over and over,
and had rapid mood shifts. She said she was recovered,
and I’m happy for that. The root cause is still there and
plain to see.

Another young woman, in her 20s, had a channel about her

anorexia. This channel disturbed me tremendously. She
had a similar personality. Never told us why she became
anorexic other than to say it started at 10. A few times, we
saw very bizarre interactions with her mother, which I’m
1000% sure is the root cause of her disease. Again, she
claims she had no idea why she has it. More lying. I’m not
judging these young women. I’m showing you the
deception that candida can have over a person’s mind.

This young lady had been in and out of treatment centers

for a long time, about 12 years. Her family moved a lot,
which was the same case for the other vlogger. Her mother
would control her food portions. She seemed to really
enjoy parts of that smothering because she mentioned it a
few times. Her emphasis on the word ‘control’ is
evidenced in her other videos. Apparently, when she was
younger, she was forced to eat certain things. Her way of
maintaining control of her out of control life was to control
what she ate. It was a quiet rebellion, except she looked
painfully thin. She showed pictures of herself. That’s one
way to get attention.

At some point, I think her mother got sick of her, and sent
her many miles away. She would pretend to be cooperative
in the treatment center, and she stayed at one for 1 ½ years.
That’s someone with some really serious issues. Drug
rehab doesn’t even take that long. This just seemed like a
person that needed to be looked after, but she also wanted
to have control, but she gave up control in exchange for
love, but then got angry about it. Very emotionally
unstable girl.

She said she finally got her anorexia under control when
she got a boyfriend. Isn’t that interesting? This was her
way of getting constant attention. They record videos
together. When he’s not around, there’s a lot of aggression.
Guess what? That aggression is always there. He’s just
keeping her distracted. This woman is massively infected,
but she claims she is recovered. If you watch the dynamics
between them, he’s a total control freak, and she likes being
controlled. She basically is dating her mother.

She has this segment where she lets people control what
she eats. She let her boyfriend pick her meals for an entire
day. I looked further down her playlist and she let random
people pick her meals. Why would you let people who
know nothing about your biochemistry make a meal plan
for you, especially when you have an eating disorder?
When she let her boyfriend pick her meals, it seemed like
he was trying to get her to gain 10 lbs. in one day.

Vlogger’s Boyfriend’s Meal Plan for 1 Day – Anorexia

Breakfast – Waffles, peanut butter, raspberries, blueberries

Lunch – Foot-long Subway Melt, honey oat bread, turkey,
ham, cheese, bacon, honey mustard
Snack – Pint of whole milk, Mars Bar
Dinner – Shirley temple, steak 14 oz., truffle fries, soup
Dessert – Subway chocolate chip cookies

Her boyfriend recommended everything that she would

need to feed candida overgrowth. The devil is tricky.

Carbs – Waffles, honey oat bread

Sugar – Raspberries, blueberries, cookies, Mars bar
Dairy – Cheese, whole milk
Fried food – Truffle fries
Meat – Turkey, ham, bacon
Food coloring – Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is a carbonated drink made with club soda

and High Fructose Corn Syrup, Water, Citric Acid, Sodium
Citrate, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Red 40, Natural
and Artificial Flavors, Blue 1. In other words, it’s foul.
Why you would drink that with that fatty meal, I’m not
sure. It definitely didn’t seem like he wanted her to be
healthy. She pretty much is using these people to give
herself an excuse to binge, but asking them for permission,
so she can blame it on them. Typical narcissistic behavior.

A few items I want to point out are the foot-long sub.

When he was ordering for her, she said she was having
heart palpitations, in other words anxiety. She said when
she was eating the sub, that she wanted to perform food
behaviors like tearing it open and looking at everything
inside. She refrained from doing that, but still wanted a hit
of dopamine by telling us that she wanted to do it. She
loved speeding up the camera for us to watch her eat. This
was a common practice. She needs to be looked at so she
can exist.

The reason I brought that up is because this young lady is

after adrenaline. Adrenaline increases the heart rate and
blood pressure. She gets a rush from letting other people
control her food, it’s masochistic. It alters the body’s
metabolism, and maximizes the glucose in the bloodstream.
Bingo! Her getting surprised, freaked out, and worked up
over her food choices has a payoff for candida.

Another time during dinner, she recorded her boyfriend

ordering her food. Again, she gets a kick out of this. He
orders soup, even though she says no. He does it anyway,
and she claims that this gave her so much fear. Really?
Fear from soup, but you’re okay with a 14-ounce slab of
meat. This girl is a fear addict. I guess you can say an
adrenaline junkie. No one would ever put these two
categories together, anorexia and adrenaline.
At dessert time, her boyfriend hands her cookies. Guess
what? No anxiety about going to bed and loading yourself
up with processed sugar. Does it sound like he has her best
interests at heart? He also stated that he always tells her
that he wants her to gain weight. In other words, you’re not
good as you are. She said this helps her because she knows
that no matter how much weight she gains, he will still love
and accept her. Is that what you gathered from that, girl?
When she gains weight, he will be telling her something
else. It’s a game of control, bait-and-switch, and

Now, we’ll take a look at how her mother chooses her

meals. Remember, she’s dating someone just like her
mother, as children often do when they’re completely
unconscious. By the way, the title of her video includes the
word anxiety. Very pertinent here once we see the whole

Vlogger’s Mother’s Meal Plan for 1 Day – Anorexia

Breakfast – Sausage fried in oil, 6 pieces of bread/butter

Lunch – Dim sum
Snack – Brownie Milkshake (brownie and ice cream)
Dinner – Salami Pizza

Carbs – Pizza, 6 pieces of bread

Sugar – Brownie, ice cream
Dairy – Cheese, ice cream, butter
Fried food – Oil to fry sausage, Dim sum

The first meal was dropped off by the mother and cooked
by her. Her last breakfast was made by her boyfriend. This
time she had to do it herself. She looked especially sad
while eating. Not too keen on being alone. Making a point
to show how yucky she felt eating what her mother
suggested. She said her mother chose this because she
loved sausage as a kid, but she avoids it now, and her
mother knows that.

For lunch, her mother asked her to meet her family at a

restaurant and eat Dim Sum. On her way, her boyfriend
didn’t go with her, and she walked alone. She was
extremely manic on the way there, hyper and not looking
forward to going. It seems when she’s not around her
boyfriend, she’s extremely anxious, especially when she is
about to see her mother. She claimed her mother is nothing
like her. Didn’t really understand why she had to point that
out, but I’m sure subliminally it had a root cause

She got to the lunch place, and apparently could not

complete the challenge. You could see her mother in the
corner, and again she looked uncomfortable eating. Dim
sum is rice or wheat dumpling, and rice noodle rolls. They
contain beef, pork, chicken, or vegetables. Either way, she
didn’t eat it all. When she got back home, she was a
nervous wreck, and her boyfriend had to calm her down on
camera. She wanted us to see this. Keep this is in mind,
she wants us to see her freaking out and getting coddled. I
guess she wanted to keep the video as a trophy for later

He was giving her a pep talk about how great she was that
she was even doing these challenges, and how it’s okay if
she didn’t complete it because she at least tried. It was like
a father talking to his young daughter. Very childlike. You
can see her getting a high off of this added attention.
Extremely deficient person, constantly looking for a high of
some kind. Again, it seems like I’m not sympathetic
towards someone with a clear mental illness, but I want to
show you how candida has infected her mind, and sent her
on a wild goose chase, looking for hormones that feed it,
and she has no idea she’s being used, and recruiting other
people to help.

For snack, her mother recommended a Brownie Milkshake,

which is a brownie put into a blender with ice cream or
milk. Sounds like something to make your heart stop.
When her boyfriend read the paper, she said dread just ran
through her body. She didn’t know that the dread was
anxiety, fear, and her favorite hormone – Adrenaline. She
didn’t have a blender, so she just ate the brownie with ice
cream. Of course, we have to watch her eat it. I noticed
her mother kept picking things she liked as a child. Why
would her mother do that? I guess to keep her in a
childlike state. She started her disorder at 10 years old.
Just keep that in mind. Also, her mother wanted her to
have the shake so a huge dose of sugar, fat, and dairy
would get into her system faster.

For dinner, she wore a nude dress, and commented that

when she wears a dress that makes her look naked, people
stare. That means she already knew that beforehand, and
wore it for that reason. Her mother suggested that she
come to a restaurant for dinner, with her sisters and father.
We see that her mother is actually in a wheelchair. Don’t
know how long ago that happened, but she wanted us to see
that clearly.

During dinner, her mother chose Salami Pizza. She said

she didn’t know why her mother chose that, because it had
no significance to her childhood, and she didn’t even know
her mother liked salami. What’s interesting is she said her
mother knows everything about her. Then, she went on to
say that in treatment, they had a night called, Pizza
Nightmare, and every week someone would cry. She said
she enjoyed the pizza, but pizza night was the worst night
in treatment. You think her mother doesn’t know that?

It’s very clear that she had issues with her mother. She
likes to be controlled, and she also likes to act like she has
control. There’s a lot of duality there. She is conflicted
over a lot of things. When she was in treatment, I don’t
think she was that invested in getting better at first. Her
mother would not let her out of the treatment center. Then,
when she realized that cooperating was her only way out,
she played the part.

By the way, she is an actress which is very befitting

because, I think a lot of her disease has caused her to be
deceptive. She doesn’t seem to have a mood regulator, or a
way to calm herself down on her own. She rides the wave
of adrenaline, anxiety, and mania, all in an effort to avoid –
Depression. I think depression is the most undiagnosed
symptom as it relates to mental illness. People with anxiety
are avoiding depression. Depression comes from lack of
serotonin. Lack of serotonin comes from candida
overgrowth. Anxiety gets adrenaline pumping in the blood
to increase glucose. Candida is going to get its fix from
you one way or the other. I guarantee if you checked this
girl’s system, she has candida coming out of her ears, and
her mother does too.

I thought, how can someone who restricts their food intake

have candida overgrowth. One of the main ways that they
say to rid yourself of candida is to starve the yeast. You
have to understand, people that overeat and starve
themselves have a love/hate relationship with food. I
understand the person who binges because they’re out of
their minds, and candida is coordinating all of that.
However, when a person restricts food, isn’t it killing the
yeast. Wrong!
Restricting food makes good bacteria in the gut drop below
something called, quorum levels. The first time I heard the
word quorum, it was in reference to a meeting that needed a
certain number of people present to get a vote passed, in
other words to get something accomplished. Well, the good
and bad bacteria apparently have their own meetings. They
can do something called quorum sensing, where they can
tell if their buddies are there, and they can collectively
move ahead with their agenda. Restricting food makes the
good bacteria drop below quorum levels, so they can’t
work on the hosts best interests.

Some of the best interests of good bacteria are:

 Processing waste
 Eradicating pathogens (candida)
 Supporting mucosal lining, which acts as a police
officer that ushers the good nutrients through the
bloodstream (anti-candida)

Did your mouth drop yet? The girl who is starving herself
is working for candida. This made sense to me, but I said
that means candida is not able to quorum either. That’s
when I started researching the other side of Anorexia
Nervosa – Binge/Purge type. These are young women that
will eat a lot, but then purge by vomiting or abusing
laxatives. This is also called Bulimia. I always thought
they were two separate things. Anorexia has to do with
being underweight. The person can be bulimic and
anorexic, if they purge. The body still gets the flavor of the
food, but it doesn’t get the nutrients. This is a form of
deprivation also. Constant deprivation leads to intense
hunger which leads to a cycle of bingeing and purging.
Neuropeptide (NPY) is an orexigenic hormone, meaning it
stimulates appetite. It sends signals from the gut to the

Ghrelin increases the appetite and hunger. It sends a

message to the hypothalamus that food is needed.

Glucose in the bloodstream, after food is eaten, releases

insulin, which sends a message to the hypothalamus that
you’re full.

Adrenaline sends glucose into the bloodstream. When an

anorexic person freaks out about eating food, they’re
tricking their body into thinking they’ve eaten. Which is
why the young vlogger became anxious when she was told
what she was about to eat. The glucose came from her

Lipids in the bloodstream (fat or grease) release leptin, a

hormone associated with satiety or “fullness”. If a person
has high fat, they have high leptin. The more they eat, the
more leptin is released, and the leptin receptors shut down
because of overactivity. This means they won’t get the
message that they’re full, and keep eating, aka binge. This
also means they’ll feel hungry all the time.

Anorexigenic Peptide (APX) suppresses hunger by

decreasing the appetite telling the person to stop eating, or
to starve. It’s where the world anorexic comes from.

During both types of deprivation, the hypothalamus

interprets these hormones to tell if a person’s hungry or
full. An anorexic person will get anxious, just so the body
can release glucose, to tell her brain she is full. She can
trick her body into thinking she just ate. The body is
craving energy, fuel and nutrients. The reason an anorexic
person can go so long without eating is because they’re
essential fasting.

When a person fasts, their liver can create glucose, through

a process called Gluconeogenesis. We go into extreme
detail about 75 pages from now, but a quick introduction
will be given here. Glucose eaten, but not used for energy
is stored, in the liver, fat cells, or muscle as glycogen. The
body stores 2,000 calories of glycogen per person, 400 in
the liver, and 1600 in the muscles. 40,000 calories are
stored in the fat cells. Since anorexic people are
underweight, they don’t have access to the same energy in
their fat cells. When their body needs energy, it will break
down the stored glucose in their liver and muscle cells.

The pancreas sends a signal the liver telling it to break

down the stored glucose because this person refuses to eat
food. Now, the blood sugar goes up. That’s why
sometimes when you feel hungry, if you wait long enough,
the hunger will just go away. The body has to run on
glucose to keep the brain and organs functioning. It has to
think for the person. Then, when the person continues to
deprive themselves, the body will run out of stored energy,
which doesn’t take long. Suddenly, the cravings for sweet
foods is the body’s way of asking for help. It makes the
person anxious, and interrupts sleep, especially when they
ignore the hunger pains. They get themselves worked up
into anxiety because their trying to feed their brain from the
stores, but there isn’t any.

This is also how they feed their candida. They shove

glucose into the bloodstream to hurry up and give candida
what it wants so it leaves the alone. They have no idea
that’s what they’re doing. They just know this monster is
satisfied. Feeding that monster has long-term
consequences, but the anorexic or bulimic person isn’t
concerned with the effects of their actions. By nature, they
don’t analyze risk vs. reward. They have low frustration
tolerance anyway. The anorexic person seems like they
have high frustration tolerance, but food and hunger for
them is frustration.

Starving your body of nutrients compromises the immune

system, allowing candida and any other opportunistic virus
to set up shop. The heart rate is slower, leaving glucose in
the blood longer to be sucked up by candida. Menstruation
is compromised, which candida doesn’t like because it
means they have to take a week off. It causes dizziness,
iron deficiency, kidney failure, and constipation. That’s
why anorexic people like to create anxiety around them.
They wanted an accelerated heart rate to increase blood

Both anorexic, and bulimic patients have vulnerabilities,

and stressors, things that make them want to restrict, binge
or purge. The problems came before the disorder.

The Vulnerabilities for Anorexia are:

Low self-esteem
Lack of freedom
Low or no impulse control

The Stressors for Anorexia are:

Loss or grief
Family Dysfunction
Societal pressure (such as social media or bullying)

Both of these appear to have roots in Obsessive-

Compulsive Disorder. When overweight girls see thin
girls, it makes them want to binge because they get
depressed when they compare themselves unfavorably.
Then they purge from disgust at their lack of self-control.
Both are forms of extreme self-hatred. They get the feel-
good chemicals for eating junk food, but then they realize
they’ll gain weight, which is what caused the bingeing, the
shame of being overweight. It’s a cycle of shopping spree
and buyer’s remorse. Their thoughts surround food,
weight, or calories.

It also made me think of candida in the mouth, oral thrush.

If girls eat, then purge, the body doesn’t get the nutrients,
but the candida in the mouth is still fed. There are studies
that show girls with Anorexia have a very high population
of candida in the mouth, and they don’t have to be the same
strain. Meaning, the candida came from different places,
and didn’t grow from each other. They were introduced at
different times. I guess it means, they’re 2 nd and 3rd
cousins, but they’re all at the family reunion. If the food
comes back up, they get to have second helpings.

Anorexia has a mortality rate of 5 to 10%. Eating disorders

are the deadliest mental illness in the U.S. If you look at
vlogs and just search anorexia story, the number of girls
telling their story is frightening. They show pictures of
themselves before and after. I wonder if they still have the
disease, or if this is their new way to get attention. These
girls need to know what’s really going on in their bodies.
They have something called “refeeding”, which is used in
treatment centers. They basically force feed the girls, but
they don’t change their behavior or thinking. Refeeding
Syndrome is when the body goes into cardiac, pulmonary,
and neurological distress after feedings.

The fashion and entertainment industry is the true culprit,

because they promote unrealistic ideals. Most male
designers could care less about a woman’s health, or her
eating habits. They’re trying to sell some clothes. One
person said, “People don’t fantasize about being a Size 8.”
They don’t have to fantasize, it’s what’s in the mirror. They
don’t see themselves represented, so they don’t feel they’ll
look good in the clothes. Have you seen the male designers
that determine what women wear? They look like they
want to be the very women walking down the catwalk,
living vicariously. This is THEIR ideal, what THEY want
to be.

We’re being conditioned by people who are fantasizing

about some unrealistic unhealthy ideal. We’re letting these
little short 5’0” men tell us that a woman that’s 5’11” and
weighs 105 lbs. is the ideal of perfection. We really need to
examine who is behind the curtain. They decide what’s
fashionable, and they decide who’s cool and who’s not,
because, in school, they weren’t cool, and they’re still mad
about it. We’re letting these misogynists destroy our girls,
because they were rejected by young girls in childhood.

You can do a search on the web for something called, Pro-

Ana or Pro-Mia sites where girls are encouraging each
other to be anorexic. This is the devil’s work, getting
demonically infected girls to recruit other victims. The
girls that go on there are so impressionable, and they’re
looking for a way to get out of depression. They don’t
know how to feel better about themselves or how to accept
themselves. They’re full of candida and don’t know it.
They’re suffering, the mothers of these girls are no better.
Half of them are ignored, unloved, under nurtured, or
manipulated by their sadistic mothers who never taught
them confidence or self-esteem.

There are two types of victims: Survivors and Recruiters.

When a person transitions to a recruiter, that person works
for the devil himself. On the sites, they have the Ten Pro-
Ana Commandments, aka Thin Commandments.

The Thin Commandments

1. If you aren’t thin you aren’t attractive.

2. Being thin is more important than being healthy.
3. You must buy clothes, style your hair, take laxatives,
starve yourself, do anything to make yourself look
4. Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty.
5. Thou shall not eat fattening food without punishing
oneself afterwards.
6. Thou shall count calories and restrict intake
7. What the scale says is the most important thing.
8. Losing weight is good/gaining weight is bad.
9. You can never be too thin.
10. Being thin and not eating are signs of true will power
and success.

Can you imagine your daughter reading this nonsense? It’s

happening, and they’re being brainwashed and nobody is
saying anything. Girls as young as 13 years old view the
site daily, for meal plans and exercise recommendations.
They’re getting recommendations from someone who is
sick. The parents don’t know this because they’re logged
off, and this is coming right into their households.

Some girls are starting well before puberty, which

suppresses the hormones to initiate puberty. They also
have something called “Thinspiration”, which is a
collection of pictures of boney models, that these young
girls put on the walls of their bedrooms, the refrigerator, on
mirrors, and in bathrooms, so they can try their best to
achieve their look. Plastic surgery is being offered to
young girls before they hit puberty to give them bigger
breasts, and smaller waists, so their mothers can live
vicariously through them. The mother is usually
overweight also. Food is and was a problem in the home,
and for sure some other dysfunction. Girls have to wake
up, their mothers are screwed up!

Obesity is a result of binge-eating in 33% of patients.

Young people in general are harassed mercilessly when
they’re overweight in school. Depressed adolescents are
twice as likely to become obese, because of the poor eating
habits, poor school nutrition, and body dissatisfaction.
Sexual abuse tends to be a trigger for eating disorders. One
in 4 women will be sexually abused in their lifetime. One
in 6 men will be sexually abused in their lifetime. 30 to
40% of women have been sexually abused in childhood,
and that number is severely underreported. Rape victims
are not treated well in the United States Judicial System.
What young woman wants to be cross-examined about how
short her skirt was, or how much she drank, and how she is
to blame for some filthy animal that thinks he has the right.
What they do instead, they ease their pain with food, drugs,
alcohol, and more abuse. High school boys are pressuring
girls to move to the next level at higher rates. The girls
want their attention, but the girls who develop faster get
harassed, and the girls who aren’t developed get picked on.
The girls that are overweight get bullied, and the girls that
are too thin get bullied. Sometimes, the only solace these
kids have is food. They can hide food under their bed, get
up in the middle of the night, calm the raging demon inside,
and then go back to sleep. The ones who don’t purge end
up obese.

Some girls reported gaining weight on purpose because

they didn’t want the boy’s attention. They would rather
fade into the background, pad themselves with extra fat as
protection. They eat to numb the pain, and it relieves stress
because they get a shot of dopamine. Candida rewards
them for the food they eat. Candida always accepts them,
and makes them feel approved. Bingeing also helps them
forget about sexual abuse, trauma, grief, and low self-
esteem. It also exacerbates the low feelings when the food
high comes down. If a child looks at a mother or father
feed their fears, grief, and dissatisfaction with life, the child
will learn eating is a coping mechanism. If the child
already has a hard time producing serotonin, due to poor
diet or predisposition from birth, they’re constantly looking
to fill a void.

Eating Disorders have a way of eclipsing the person’s view

of themselves. If they have no identity, the disorder
becomes their identity. They serve it as a master. Women
say they have a voice inside their head, telling them when
and what to eat. It won’t let up until it gets what it wants.
Doesn’t that sound like demonic possession? We keep
looking for the devil in a red cat suit, and a pitchfork tail.
He’s sitting in the gut, brain, mucous membrane, and
bloodstream of your child, and we women let him in.

Social media doesn’t help. A child that is constantly on the

internet, looking for validation, posting picture after picture
after picture, is severely serotonin and dopamine deficient.
A parent can look the other way, but this will manifest later
in the form of promiscuous behavior, drug addiction,
alcohol addiction, shopping addiction, deviant sexual
behavior, stalking, hacking, paranoia, risky behavior,
adrenaline junkie, violence, depression, criminal behavior,

These kids are suffering from lack of self-love, and it’s the
parent’s fault. Not the kids at school, not the neighbors, not
the boy from elementary school. It’s the parents that
bought the phone, it’s the parents that allow the child to
have a laptop in their bedroom, it’s the parents that buy the
magazines. Nothing should come into your house without
being thoroughly checked for its effect on your children.
Mothers especially, should always be talking to their
daughters about their experiences in school. What kind of
information is she getting from her silly little friends?

Girls can spread misinformation so quickly, and no one is

fact-checking because they think they know it all. They go
on the internet, and treat any person with a camera in their
bedroom as some kind of doctor. Next thing you know,
they’re lying in a pool of blood from malnutrition and
dehydration, because someone had 500,000 followers.
Parents are using the phone, computer, and TV to raise their
kids because their kids are so needy. They just can’t handle
the monsters they’ve created. Then, they unleash these kids
onto the world, and look the other way. It has to stop!
3. Bulimia

It’s unfortunate that many young girls suffer with eating

disorders, and their parents don’t even know. How can a
mother not know? Bulimia is a great way for them to hide
their disorder because they can stay at a steady weight
without detection. In anorexia, because they’re restricting
their food intake, their weight drops well below normal and
people can see it from a mile away.

Bulimia is an eating disorder that involves bingeing and

purging, or vomiting the calories before they can be
digested. Girls can be anorexic and bulimic, but the
anorexia is diagnosed when the girl is significantly
underweight. There are different symptoms, but the
stressors seem to be very similar. The girls have to have a
low opinion of the way they look. They want to be thinner,
and they find a way to reduce calories by either, restricting
food, or eating a lot and then reversing the damage by
vomiting. Unfortunately, the damage to girls who choose
purging is significant, and often times permanent.

The Complications of Bulimia are:

Root Canals
Heart attack
Acid Reflux
Rotting teeth
Bone density damage
Resistance to antacid

Damaged kidneys
Damaged ovaries
Damaged nerves
High blood pressure
Damage to lining of the esophagus
Permanent scarring on hands from teeth

You would think that enough of these would scare off

anybody from trying this. It seems that bulimia is a
solution they just happen upon. They don’t start off with it.
It’s a desperate attempt to cope with weight issues, when
they already learned that they have no self-control. When I
was younger, I thought about purging once. Something evil
was calling me to it. I started to put my hand down my
throat, and an even stronger supernatural force pulled me
back. I know it was God. It wasn’t meant to be a part of
my story, and I’m thankful. Many other girls aren’t so
lucky. I do believe God wanted me to experience that
“pull” so one day I could write about it. It was strong and
relentless, but it had nothing on the power of Almighty
God. Any girl that surrenders to that pull, has no idea, that
if she resists it, it will flee from her. The devil has you
thinking that you have no other choice, but if you wait on
God, he’ll fight the battle.

Some of the ways girls even get into this is by knowing

someone else who does it, but also by the internet. There
are a ton of videos of girls giving their stories, but a lot of
them go into too much detail about how they binge and
purge. It borders on instructional. Sometimes, I watch
what’s supposed to be a recovery story, but a few videos
later, the person is dieting, and giving their starvation
recipes. It makes me wonder who is really behind these
massively popular videos. The girls attracted to these
videos have the same stressors and vulnerabilities as the
one making them. They’re both in bondage, but do they
want to get free?

The Vulnerabilities for Bulimia are:

Low self-esteem
Lack of freedom
Feeling uninvited
Lack of belonging
Low or no impulse control
Feel like they don’t matter

The Stressors for Bulimia are:

Loss or grief
Being overweight
Parental Rejection
Family Dysfunction
Societal pressure (such as social media or bullying)

Personality Traits of Bulimia Patients:

Highly intuitive
Highly sensitive
Highly empathic
Low frustration tolerance
More susceptible to loss, wounding or trauma

When bulimia patients go on a diet, they feel they’re

gaining control over their life, mind, and emotions. They
may live with an overbearing parent or spouse. They either
feel that their opinion doesn’t matter, they aren’t
understood, they’re not enough or too much, and they don’t
feel welcomed. Someone in the environment is stressing
them, even if they go to school, their home life is not
peaceful. Of course, there is the genetic factor, one of the
parents could be bulimic or anorexic. Someone in their
family could be a binge eater. Eating a lot of food is seen
as tradition or a way of coping. The child could just be
following their lead.

It seems that the bulimic child is extremely immature.

They can’t cope with life, and are very weak emotionally.
They usually look to others to tell them what to do, they
have a hard time doing things on their own, and they need
an enormous amount of attention. When they don’t get that
attention, they feel abandoned, so they binge on food at a
very fast pace, as though the food will disappear. People
have been shown to have high anxiety if they don’t eat their
food quickly. As though something inside of them is
forcing them to eat. They don’t even enjoy their food or
taste it. It’s not for the taste, it’s more for the feeling they
get after. Like the beast is tamed.

Because they aren’t getting the love that they desire, or the
attention, they go to their trusty friend, the cakes, the pies,
cookies, chips, fries, pizza, candy, or whatever they can get
their hands on. They woof down the food, and then they
have buyer’s remorse because they feel bloated. The
hormone that tells them they’re full is delayed, so they just
keep eating. They almost have to run out of food to stop.
This is a sign of unmet needs. The person is usually very
sad before they go on a binge. The only time they feel
“happy” is when they’re eating. One statement I heard
from one girl online was that she wasn’t being judged when
she ate alone.

The fear of being judged is a big one. They cannot take

criticism of any kind. They lash out when they aren’t seen
as perfect, because what they feel about themselves rushes
to the surface. This reminds me of little children who get
mad when you don’t jump up and down when they bring
you a drawing from school. They need constant
reassurance that they’re good enough, that they’re not
forgotten, and that they won’t be abandoned. What I find
interesting is that they would choose to binge instead of
solving the root cause of the problem. Again, these are
“little children” in the mind. They can’t think past the next
meal, in fact, feeding their demons is what they think about
all day long.
I heard stories of girls who claimed they’ve been cured of
bulimia. If you study their body language, it’s obvious that
their lying. I suggest you brush up on these techniques
before you watch some of these videos, or else you’ll take
what’s being said at face value. A bulimic is a natural liar,
and a master manipulator. Not because of the girl herself,
but the way her mind has been hijacked by the force inside
of her that she can’t control. She will do anything to get
her fix, similar to a drug addict.

Binge-Eating Vlogger #1

I’m going to summarize what she said. She was on a diet at

age 12, because she wasn’t happy with her body. She felt
pressured by peers and images in magazines. Didn’t love
herself very much. Went to college and gained 40 lbs. in
her freshman year, weighed in at 240 lbs. She hated

Decided to lose weight, so she started counting calories

because of something she saw online. Became obsessed
with dieting and exercise. She started out with 1200
calories a day, but reduced it to 1000 calories a day, and
then 600 calories. Did cardio for 1 – 2 hours a day. No
carbs with a low-fat diet. She said she started losing
weight, and she was happy but was hungry all the time.
She thought hunger meant she was losing weight. She had
no energy, was tired all the time, and constantly thinking
about food. In the 4 months that she was dieting and
exercising, she lost 65 lbs.

At first, she would have a few cheat days, but they were
more like binge days. It started out cheating 1 time a week,
then it was 2 times a week, and then it went to 3 times a
week, to 4, and then it was every day. She was more
secretive during her cheat days. There was a lot of shame
with it. She describes having two voices in her head, a
good voice and a bad voice. Over time, the good voice was
overshadowed by the bad voice, and she would give in.
Her will was lost.

Her binge days were comprised of all carbs. Exactly what

candida has on the menu. She would eat 5 full bowls of
cereal, 4 slices of bread with Nutella, granola bars, and ice
cream. She describes her binges as an out-of-body
experience. That’s not the first time I heard that either.
When she did get full, it was painful. Afterwards, she
would talk negatively about herself in her head. She felt
worthless. Her self-loathing leaked into other areas of her
life. She thought about bulimia once, and the thought grew
louder. She just wanted to know if she could get rid of all
the calories out of her body to stop the fullness. She saw
herself in the bathroom mirror, holding the toothbrush in
her hand, and had a spontaneous awakening, and decided
not to vomit.

Her school had an eating disorder program that she enrolled

into. She worked with a nurse, dietician, and a therapist.
They had group dinners, weekly visits, and talks about the
week. They gave her a food journal where she catalogued
what she ate for the week. It had to be non-restrictive. She
put on weight, but it was okay. In 6 to 8 months, she
graduated from the program and was let out. Just like the
other vlogger, she felt unguarded after that, unhealed.

She struggled for 4 years, put all the weight back on, which
made her start to restrict her eating again. Her bingeing
tendencies hiked back up. She felt trapped, stuck, and lost.
Somehow, she managed to make it back to the gym. Found
a trainer that convinced her to eat healthier. She did that,
but plateaued and stopped losing weight. The same trainer
told her to try the Ketogenic diet, a diet that cuts out all
carbs for 30 days. She could eat a non-restrictive diet of
fats and proteins. The first couple of weeks, she struggled,
but eventually her bingeing tendencies went away. In 18
months, she has continued her keto diet, lost weight, and
says she doesn’t miss pasta, cakes, or cookies. Her
negative self-talk disappeared, she is happy, confident, and
feels like she took her health into her own hands.

That’s a happy ending, right? And, I don’t have a problem

with it, except, her candida was never mentioned. If she
ever goes off this diet, she’ll be back in the palms of the
devil. That candida is still lurking in there waiting to erupt.
I hope she doesn’t drink alcohol because that’s the gateway
into candida overgrowth. Anytime I see a person get a
gigantic plate of food, I question if they’re a binge-eater. If
they’re overweight, I don’t think about purging. If they’re
slim or seem to be fit, my mind goes straight to bulimia.
That can be guys too. A lot of binge eaters actually work
out obsessively to hide their secret.

I used to watch guys come from the gym to eat at a local

restaurant I go to. One guy ate 1 meal, then got up and got
another one, then took another one home. I guess he
realized that someone was watching and left. When
someone says they can eat 3 bowls of cereal in one sitting,
my ears perk up that this may be a binge-eater. At family
meals, you see people going back for 3rd and 4th plates,
Houston we have a problem. Something is wrong with
their brain chemistry. The stomach is not that big. They’re
pounding food down their throats because the hole they’re
trying to fill is spiritual.

I ventured over to another girl who claimed to be cured of

bulimia. She candidly speaks about her purging. I ended
up on her channel for way too long because she was
Bulimia Vlogger #2

This girl started her bulimia at 13 years old, and she didn’t
know the risks. Her obsession began with not wanting to
feel full. She was unhappy with herself. She started and
couldn’t stop. Even when she was stuffed, she just kept
going. She never felt satisfied. Her parents only found out
when she told them. She made a point of stressing on the
“told” part because she was irritated that they didn’t notice
otherwise. Sounds like parental neglect, but let’s move on.

Her parents took her to a psychiatrist and a doctor, which

she didn’t mind because she realized she wasn’t making
rational decisions. Her belief is that anorexia has a more
glorified image, so the conversations were very difficult.
She felt shame because bulimia = mess. She admits that
emotional reasons are the cause, but she doesn’t get into
what those are. When she went back home, her mother
paid more attention to her by watching everything she ate,
watched every time she went to the bathroom, and would
grill her on whether she was bingeing or not. This sounds
like a child making themselves sick so they can get
attention from their mother.

When her mother would control her, she viewed it as

attention. She would act embarrassed or instantly get angry
if she was questioned, which is a lie. This was an
adrenaline rush for her. After she had her temper tantrum,
her mother would spend time with her, by watching a
movie or by going on a walk. Again, this is the whole
point. She seemed to love putting the responsibility of her
eating on someone else. I can see why, she is obviously too
immature to think for herself, so she needs her mom to
think for her. Some people give up control, so they can still
be viewed as children by the parent, so the parent won’t
stop babying them. They don’t want to be treated as adults.
This is a grown girl trying to recoup retroactive nurturing
that she didn’t get as a baby. It’s sad, but her mother raised
this type of weak girl.

She loved talking about how her parents kept a really good
eye on her. They sat outside when she took showers to
make sure she wasn’t purging. She claims she hated it at
first, but again that’s a lie. She said she only purged once.
She made sure to tell her mother about it, because her not
knowing would be pointless. She said that ice cream is a
common binge food, but she is allergic to dairy, and she
doesn’t touch it. In later videos, I saw many instances
where she consumed large amounts of dairy, but more on
that later.

It might sound like I’m being unsympathetic, but the truth

of the matter is, this is a personality issue. People that
binge and purge are manipulators and liars. They’re
immature. In one sense, they don’t want to control their
impulse to binge, but later they want to control how many
calories their body keeps. This sounds like someone who
wants to do the crime, but doesn’t want to do the time.
Criminals think like this, because they want to get away
with doing something wrong. The behavior is that of
someone who thinks like a child. However, she knows she
has to give up control to someone else to get love/attention.

By the way, this is only the illusion of control. They’re

ultimately controlling the parent by making them pay
attention to them. Because they don’t have their needs met,
they’ve learned to not only manipulate their bodies, but
also their parents. Apparently, her mother isn’t paying her
much mind offline so she keeps putting her in her videos.
She wants her mother to smother her so she can feel cared
for. There’s also a record of it so she can revisit it when
she’s feeling low. Also, other people seeing it makes it real.
If she is doing well, her mother is hands off. If she is sick,
her mother is around to care for her sick little baby. I feel
sorry for someone that has to go to such lengths to get
someone to care, instead of just moving on and cut their

This girl will grow up to be a woman and manipulate her

husband, boyfriend, boss, coworkers, mailman, whoever to
get her way. These are brats, end of story. In an unrelated
video with her mother, the exchange was more of a girl
with her friend that she verbally abuses for fun. It went
back and forth. It shows she has a sincere hatred for her
mother. In other videos, she describes how she had
glandular fever, and her mother waited until she was on her
death bed to take her to the hospital. She also “pretended”
to pass out in the hallway. She said she was there a long
time before her mother discovered her. How would she
know that?

She said her mother is going to be a doctor soon, which I

have noticed that children of medical workers tend to make
themselves sick so they can get tended to by their parents.
Her mother called her a hypochondriac. I thought that was
interesting, coming from a soon-to-be doctor. Her practice
will be built on hypochondriacs. In one video, the girl said
her teeth were rotting, and she had to have a bunch
removed. Her mother had the same rotting teeth, in the
back, in the exact same place, and her mother was
overweight. There might be a genetic component here.

I talked about anorexia in the last chapter, it’s important to

mention it here also. The same girl had an anorexia video
recovery video. Most of what I write below are my
perceptions of what she said. The lying was extreme here.
Anorexia Vlogger #2 (same girl)

She is a perfectionist, and a control freak. She likes to plan

everything. She is insecure because of bullying. She has a
strong need to be liked, and validated by her friends. At
age 15, a couple people stopped talking to her, because they
accused her of being a huge liar and being unkind to
people. She denies this. She developed a reputation for
being a bitch, her words not mine, and became an outsider.
Now, if a person feels like an outsider at school, but they
feel very included at home, it won’t bother them so much.
It’s because the situation mirrors exactly what’s going on at
home, that causes her extreme frustration.

She soon became obsessed with “clean eating”, and began

an all raw food diet with smoothies. The foods she showed
were 100% sugar. For a girl with a candida problem, it’s a
nightmare. She did intermittent fasting, and started lying
about eating. She would tell her parents that she ate when
she didn’t, and had gotten down to one meal a day. This is
significant because when she wanted to be accepted by the
kids at school, she restricted her eating, and lied to her
parents. When she wanted to be accepted by her parents,
which is after high school, she started bingeing, purging,
and lying about not bingeing. She said she was hungry and
tired all the time.

She wrote a very sad poem that she published in her video.
I will put a line or two in here:

“And can you offer her freedom, when it’s her mind she’s
trapped in?”

“So, how do you free someone you cannot find? She has
become the darkness in her mind.”
Pretty sad, right? I do feel for her because she is a young
girl, but her problems started long before her eating
disorder. She said she became malnourished and more
aggressive. That’s because she was feeding her candida,
but not enough. She refused to go to school, and refused to
eat for 3 days. She started arguing with her mother, and
sent her mother a photo of a strawberry that she was finally
going to eat after starving. Again, needing the mother to
care so bad, she went on a hunger strike. It’s like she
doesn’t exist unless someone is watching her. This is a
person with incredibly low self-esteem, and low self-worth.
Whoever is around needs to validate her constantly. When
that doesn’t work, she picks up a new obsession to see if
that works. Desperate.

Her parents took her to inpatient treatment. She decided to

leave because, hint hint, that’s not what she wants. She
wants attention from people that she can continually feed
off of. She didn’t like that they were weighing her every
single day, and they were telling her what to eat. Again,
this is a person who wants control, and will give up control
to the person she chooses, so she can get what she wants
from them. The people at the inpatient said she was a
manipulator. She left and decided to go back home.

Her mother, once again, became obsessed with her eating,

and they devised this Food Fear List. These are a list of
terrifying foods that she refused to eat because she didn’t
want to get fat. This is pretty interesting because she said
she was bulimic for years before she was anorexic. How
can you be afraid of foods if you’re a former binge-eater?
I’ll let you think about that. Anyway, her family decided to
work on the food list, having one food that the whole
family has to eat, which she CONTROLLED, and when
she was done with that food, she allowed them to move on.
The entire family had to change their dinner menu to suit
her. She liked that the family got together and dinner time,
in her honor, and it made her feel like they wanted to hang
out with her.

The first food was noodles. She put on a show about not
wanting to scoop the noodles for fear of the calorie count.
After a couple weeks, they could move on to chicken and
rice, and stayed on it for one month. Then, she moved onto
potatoes. Noodles, rice, chicken, and potatoes are candida
foods, but she claims she feared them. Not when she was
bingeing she didn’t. The most interesting tidbit that she let
out was that every single night she had dessert. What was
her dessert? A giant frozen yogurt sundae, with fudge, and
all the sugar she could handle. I thought she was allergic to
dairy. She also showed herself eating a candy I never heard
of called, Milkybar Giant Buttons. I looked it up, and it is
also dairy, with 31.6g of fat, and 57.7g of carbs. The
ingredients are sugar, whole milk powder, whey powder,
and vegetable fat. I am allergic to dairy, and if I ate even
one of those, I would be in the toilet or the hospital, but it
looks like she polished the whole bag. Poor girl is a huge
liar. She said she healed so fast because of controlled
family dinner time.

One time she got a “B” on something, and she cried and no
one checked on her. She said that a few times. I guess
since she stopped going to school, she had to take her
exams after studying on her own at home. Apparently, she
is used to getting all As. She is completely obsessed with
unfairness. She said her family is very confrontational,
which I took to mean, either hard on her or not very

In the outpatient program, people visit the house to watch

her eat. She said the person that showed up was old and
unemotional. That’s interesting because she feeds off of
the energy of others, and I guess these people are used to
that, so they withhold. They weren’t engaging with her,
which means she didn’t exist. She liked the idea of family
eating because she wasn’t being forced to eat something.
She remembers screaming and shouting at mealtime
because she knew a plate of food was already waiting
downstairs for her. She prefers Choice vs. Force. In other
words, she wants it her way or the highway. She liked that
her family was letting her move on to the next foods at her
pace. In other words, that she got to dictate what was going
on. Sounds like she wanted to “be” her mother.

She said that family dinner time made her feel like more
than just an ill person, but someone who had good ideas,
and that she was someone they wanted to spend time with.
I would wager that if they made her feel like that anyway,
she would not have developed an eating disorder. This is
what I mean by her problems started long before. Her
mother, probably cold, sees her daughter as an
inconvenience. I saw she had a brother, and her father
never talked to her or to the camera. Her brother was in the
background looking annoyed that she was filming, yet
again. It seemed like the Food Fear List was over, she
thought all was right as rain, and she hoped that the
attention would continue. I guarantee you, it didn’t. What
did she do now? She started a vlog. This way she could
get her fix from the world. I think that’s a better option
than the delusion that her absentee mother was going to pay
her any mind long term.

Of concern, were her follow up videos involving her testing

of extreme diets, and showing her followers how absurd
they are. That’s like drinking alcohol in front of kids to
show them how bad it is. Girl, please. One of the diets she
went on was a K-Pop Diet. K-Pop is a term used for
Korean Pop Music. One of the girl groups she was
following ate a diet of 1 apple for breakfast, 1 sweet potato
for lunch, and 1 protein shake for dinner. Why would a
recovered anorexic and bulimic try this? Because she
hasn’t recovered. She couldn’t get through the day without
having oatmeal for dinner, which is about 54g of carbs.

She filmed her day and said she had no energy 3 separate
times. Her mother said that diets are stupid and exhausting.
I know her mother isn’t on a diet, and I don’t think her
mother was talking about the diet. She was talking about
her. In a very intentional close-up shot, you could see her
sunken eyes, which made her look very much like she was
back on her anorexia spin, which probably prompted these
series of videos. She was low on adrenaline and dopamine.

Her mother had since removed all scales in the home,

which she claimed she liked. However, she brought out the
tape measure to give the measurements of her waist and
thighs. This was how she was going to know if she lost any
weight. She did lose weight in both areas after 3 days of
this diet. By the way, she was extremely thin before this.
Part of me thinks she is doing this so her mother can see, so
she can be worried again. After a very short time, I started
to realize that she was a Pro-Ana vlogger and I stopped

She gave me enough information to travel over to this K-

Pop Diet business, because that’s something I knew nothing
about. I don’t listen to K-Pop, and I had no idea they were
under extreme pressure to be thin over there. I thought
Asian people were naturally thin because of their diet of
mostly vegetables and seafood. Wrong! They want to be
rail thin. Here are some of the K-Pop Diets that even
American girls are following to look like Korean Pop stars.

K-Pop Daily Diets

1. Only water for 7 days
2. 1 Sweet potato per day
3. Bottle of soy milk per day
4. 4 Quayle eggs and 1 glass of milk per day
5. Lettuce, beef, coffee, eggs, spinach (600 calories) a day

I thought this was insane, until I dug a little deeper and

found that most Korean pop stars are forced to get plastic
surgery to look more American. They live in these little
dorm rooms, paid for by the label, and they make 1% total
from their record sales, even if they’re in a group of 5,
that’s 0.20% per person. It’s modern day slavery. They
want to be like Americans, and Americans want to be like
them. For what?

Bulimia is directly associated with Obsessive-Compulsive

Disorder (OCD). The patient has obsessive thoughts, that
trigger emotions, which trigger biochemistry. With a
constant nagging feeling of worthlessness, the patient will
binge to rid themselves of these thoughts. In the state of
overconsumption of food, they’re able to suspend the
barrage of negative thoughts. However, as soon as they’re
finished bingeing, the negative thoughts return. It’s like
whatever is inside them is insatiable. You feed it, and it
grows hungrier. There are those that binge and feel like
crap, and just deal with it. Then, there are those that binge,
feel like crap, and can’t deal with the next wave of negative
thoughts, so they decide to purge.

The thought process of a person that decides to purge is

similar to a child that eats all the cookies in the cookie jar.
They believe that if they hide the jar, then they won’t be
found out. This is immature and comes from a sincere fear
of consequences, and fantastical delusion. The only people
that I’ve seen think like this are children who grew up in
households where there was very strict punishment. Given
by an emotionally, verbally, or sexually abusive parent.
They’re on high alert all the time. They’ve endured
negative consequences in the past, and they’ll do anything
to avoid it. They also lack self-control because they’re not
able to get out of negative states easily on their own. This
is because they were breed to be weak. No good parent,
sees their child become emotionally unstable, and chooses
to ignores it. Either they don’t care, or they did it on

This relates to candida and the pathogen’s ability to hijack a

person’s ability to self-regulate. It may not seem that
candida can be the cause a child’s negative behavior, but
when you look at the diet, you’ll find something. Look at
the mother’s diet now and before they were born. I call it
the “primary gateway”. At some point, in that child’s
development, a door was left open, which allows a
pathogen to manifest later in life. It could even be
something epigenetic, meaning on top of the genes, that
causes this gateway. This is just a theory, but I think a
mother can change her child’s human and spiritual DNA in
the womb.

That’s a scary thought considering she has no idea she’s

doing that. The medical industry might disagree because
they feel that DNA is formed as soon as the sperm enters
the egg. Wrong! If a mother starts smoking crack 3
months in, that baby will come out addicted to crack. That
child will have to deal with the consequences of that their
entire life, and that’s after conception. In the Southern
community, it’s often claimed that if a mother doesn’t like
someone, and she thinks about them a lot during pregnancy,
that child will come out with features of that person. My
mother told me something recently that drives this home.
She said that when she was still carrying me, she saw a
man at the church who had what you call “bowed legs”,
and walked with his toes inward. She hoped my legs didn’t
come out like that and obsessed about it. Well, guess what,
they did. Exactly like that, and I had to wear a painful
brace for a long time as a kid, one of my earliest memories.
I’ve heard of people in other countries pray for a child to
look like one side of the family, assuming the other side
had undesirable traits, and the whole family puts their
energy into making in come true. This sounds like old
wives’ tales, but if you think about the process of prayer,
and what that’s supposed to do, it makes you question what
the power of the mind can do to the formation of a child in
the womb.

If a bulimic person wants to, they can make themselves,

bulimic. If they want to binge eat, they’ll binge eat. If they
want to get better, guess what, all they have to do is stop
binge eating, and stop sticking their finger down their
throat. It’s not like they need their hands tied behind their
back. They just need to stop. It’s the unwillingness to stop
that make it seem impossible. Examine these people’s
personality, you’ll see that they’re “unwilling” to do a lot of
things. It’s more of a stubbornness issue than it is an actual
disease. These are behaviors, exhibited by a bratty child
that was under raised, neglected, abused, and this is their
childish way of coping. Look at the parents, and look at
their interaction with the child. You’ll find everything you
need to know, especially the relationship with the mother.

Bulimia Statistics:

50% - Bulimia patients have a mood disorder

50% - Bulimia patients have an anxiety disorder
10% - Bulimia patients abuse alcohol or drugs
50% - Binge-eating patients have genetic factor or risk
50% - Binge-eating patients have a mood disorder
50% - Binge-eating patients have an anxiety disorder
10% - Binge-eating patients abuse alcohol or drugs
25% - Post-bariatric patients binge eat

Why the mother? The mother is the one responsible for

bonding with the child before birth. If that doesn’t happen,
or if they’re rejected in the womb, which they can feel,
they’ll be born weak. An immature seed does not grow
well. An immature child doesn’t become an adult easily.
Maybe that’s the point. We’ll get deeper into that in
another chapter about how a mother can keep her child
immature for her own malicious purposes.

The child gets the feeding habits from the mother. She is
the first one that feeds them. If she overfeeds them, she’s
setting them up for a life of imbalance. A weak woman that
feeds her child just to shut them up, will create an
emotional eater. Especially, if she herself overate when she
was carrying them. The DNA of the child is recording
environmental, mental, physical, and spiritual changes at all
times. Even the mother’s dreams are being recorded. A
mother can never afford to be logged off pre-pregnancy,
pre-birth, or after.

Questions To Ask The Mother:

When did she decide to not bond with the child?

Was it before they were born?
Did her feelings towards the child change their DNA?
Did her fears change their biochemistry?
Did she create a weak son so he wouldn’t act like her
domineering husband?
Did her feelings towards the child’s father affect how the
child would turn out ultimately?
Does she have issues with her own father?
Does she have issues with her own mother?
Does she have issues with herself as a mother?

Science needs to analyze the psychology of pregnant

women, with the sole purpose of following the children
through to adulthood. No one is doing that now, they’re
more worried about prenatal vitamins and birth defects.
We need to look at her a lot more.
4. Prader-Willi Syndrome

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a disorder that affects

the biology, biochemistry, and psychology of patients
missing paternal genes on Chromosome 15. Normally,
you’ll have two copies of Chromosome 15 in each cell, one
from your father and one from your mother. In 75% of
patients, an area called SNORD116, in the 15q11-q13
region of the paternal chromosome 15, is deleted. This
portion only has the paternal side activated and the
maternal side silenced or imprinted. In patients with PWS,
no active copies of the gene are expressed. In 25% of
patients, two copies of the maternal chromosome 15 are
present in each cell instead of one paternal and maternal.
This phenomenon is called Maternal Uniparental
Disomy. There are 4 types of cells that are produced from
meiotic cell division.

Normal: 1 chromosome from father, 1 from mother

Monosomy: 1 chromosome from one parent, the one from

the other parent is missing. For example, a child may have
1 X or 1 Y chromosome, instead of an X Y, or X X. Turner
Syndrome occurs when there’s only 1 X chromosome.

Uniparental Isodisomy: 2 chromosomes from 1 parent.

When two chromosomes come from the mother, and the
gene is maternally imprinted (silenced), the paternal genes
aren’t present, therefore not be expressed. If the gene is
paternally imprinted, and the extra chromosome comes
from the father, the child will be normal. Problems occur if
the two copies of the gene have recessive mutation, such as
cystic fibrosis. The abnormality will be expressed, because
there isn’t a dominant trait present. Angelman Syndrome
occurs when two copies of the paternal genes are imprinted,
and there’s no active maternal genes expressed.
Trisomy: 2 chromosomes from 1 parent, 1 from the other.
These embryos will likely miscarry because 3
chromosomes in a cell is not compatible with life. If the
extra Chromosome is 14, the baby will miscarry. If the
extra Chromosome is 13, the child will have Patau
Syndrome. If the extra Chromosome is 21, the child will
have Down Syndrome.

A patient with two maternal copies of maternally imprinted

(silenced) PWS genes and no paternal PWS genes, has no
active genes in the PWS region. This is considered the
primary cause of PWS. During a process called
cytokinesis, the egg cell divides through two stages of
meiosis, into 4 haploid (meaning half) cells. If the two
chromosomes don’t separate properly, the haploid cells will
have an unequal number of chromosomes, and is called

When meiosis happens in the ovum, 4 gametes are

produced by separating the chromosomes and redistributing
them. Sometimes, this process doesn’t go exactly right,
and there will be two types of non-disjunction. During
Meiosis I, the initial disjunction doesn’t happen, and
there’ll be two gametes with two chromosomes, and two
gametes with none, instead of 1 in each cell. In Meiosis II,
the second separation doesn’t happen, and 2 gametes will
have the correct number, which is 1 chromosome in each
cell, and 1 will have none, and 1 will have two. 1 gamete
will receive the most cytoplasm, and will eventually mature
to become the main egg. The other 3 will be polar bodies,
used for nutrients by the developing fetus. All egg cells
have X chromosomes only.

Prader-Willi Syndrome is known to accompany insatiable

hunger, to the extreme. At the onset, which can occur at
any time, patients will need to eat constantly, and will
become aggressive if they’re denied access to food or the
fridge. Parents are forced to put a padlock on the
refrigerator, hide food, even the cat food, cat litter, dog
food, or trash has to be taken out daily to prevent foraging
by the child. Once they get food and start to binge, they’ll
continue until they’re about to explode. This is demonic.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Symptoms:

Short stature
Developmental delay
Delayed puberty or no puberty
Increased appetite (Hyperphagia)
Floppy, poor muscle tone (Hypotonia)
Low or no sex hormone (Hypogonadism)

Prader-Willi Syndrome Behaviors:

Skin picking
Temper tantrums
Extremely stubborn
Compulsive behavior
Manipulative behavior
Prone to anger and aggression
Low frustration tolerance, especially change in routine

Prader-Willi Syndrome Statistics:

1 in 10,000 to 25,000 newborns

400,000 people live with PWS in U.S.
Obesity is a risk factor, because people with PWS have low
muscle tone, and don’t have the coordination to exercise.

PWS occurs when a process called imprinting happens in

the womb. Methylation is the process of turning off genes.
Acetylation is the process of activating genes. In this case,
genes in Chromosome 15 get turned on or off. This process
is epigenetic, meaning it happens outside the DNA. The
Prader-Willi region of the paternal genes is either mutated
or deleted in PWS patients. The Prader-Willi region of the
maternal genes are silenced, but they may have two copies
of their maternal gene because of duplication called
Monosomy rescue. Both of these cause PWS, and I have
two scenarios as to how this happens on the mother’s end.

Scenario #1:

We have to go back to the process of fertilization, which

begins with 250 – 300 million sperm trying to reach one
egg, except only 1 makes it. In a documentary called, The
Great Sperm Race, an evolutionary psychologist confirmed
what I already believed. The female is responsible for
evolution. Which soul comes to Earth, what they look like,
what medical problems they have, and the type of person
they are ends with her. We’ll get into this later when we
discuss mothers that are narcissistic and their mate
selection process.

For now, just know that during the process of fertilization,

the cervix, uterus, immune system, muscle contractions,
and fallopian tubes determine who gets through. The egg
communicates with the sperm through telepathic signals
and scents, to guide them to itself. The sperm that the
female’s reproductive system has deemed unworthy, will be
ushered to the fallopian tube that doesn’t have an egg in it.
Once the chosen sperms get through to the right fallopian
tube, they’ll show their genetic code, and the egg “allows”
itself to be fertilized by one of them. It’s not always the
first sperm that gets there either. The egg can make the
sperm swim faster. It can also slow some of them down by
not letting them into the final door. When the first bores a
hole through the egg wall, another one can slip through and
capitalize on the work. I’m sure that child born of that
sperm will behave the exact way when they make it
through to the earthly realm. After that, the man has no
part in the process. The two gametes come together, form a
single cell to create a zygote.

The decision has been made, but how was the decision
made before intercourse? Imagine a speed dating event.
One woman interacts with many potential partners, but the
female doesn’t have time for any nonsense, so only the best
ones get a second date. Just like scouting for a potential
father for her children. All the sperm come from one man,
but they’re not made equal. She chose the man, then chose
the sperm, then chose to get pregnant. However, an
unaware woman, clueless of her subconscious processes,
would choose a sperm from her own broken mental place,
based on environmental factors which do change. For
instance, her loneliness, financial status, state of mind, or

The woman, chooses a man, that she intuitively knows is

carrying the genetic code she’s looking for, has intercourse
with him, and through her reproductive system, cherry
picks his inventory until she finds the one she wants, killing
the rest. Her egg is carrying her “intention”. Very rarely
does his intention match hers. That is so deep, I can’t even
get into it. The man’s sperm is carrying his own
“intention”, which may have just been to get off.
What if her intention was to have a child that is weak, so
she can have a codependent child that needs her and never
leaves her? What if she chose a man that she knew
wouldn’t be supportive, so he can leave her and reject her
just like her father did, so she can have something to bitch
about. What if her mind, body, and spirit can telepathically
detect that he doesn’t have his PWS region in tact? Her
environment tells her that she needs extra comfort, and the
sex provides that, but a child can provide a long-term
solution to her emptiness. She may be choosing the gender
too based on her needs.

You think she knows that? You think she knows that she
purposely picked an alcoholic, so he wouldn’t complain
about her shopping addiction? You think she knows that
she picked a son that would be effeminate, so he would
never strong arm her like her weak ass boyfriend. She
picked a daughter that would be hyper aggressive, and hate
men like her, so they could be best buddies and hate men
together. Maybe she wants a house full of dysfunctional
people, so she can be the queen, and no one will know that
she is the source of all the dysfunction, and the root of all
their problems.

Once they’re born, she treats them like babies, so they

won’t emotionally mature and call her out on her crap.
They’ll worship her, fear leaving home, even if they leave
home, fear emotional abandonment, so they let her still run
their lives. She needs to know! She is the spaceship to all

Scenario #2:

The second scenario, which is after the egg is fertilized, the

cell goes through a cell division process. During this time,
the sperm carries the father’s DNA, and the egg carries the
mother’s DNA. The father’s DNA will determine the
gender of the baby, and which genes will be expressed on
the paternal side of the final 46 chromosomes. The egg
carries the maternal side of the DNA. When the sperm and
egg collide, the single cell goes through mitosis and begins
to divide, and it’ll continue dividing for approximately 9
months. The mother can start changing the DNA in utero.
Now, I’m not a doctor, but I do believe that a mother can
change the DNA of her baby with her mind. She can also
change the DNA of the father by what she feeds him, what
she feeds herself before kissing him, giving him oral sex, or
receiving oral sex. Her saliva and juices carry instructions.

In the case of Prader-Willi Syndrome, the maternal side, of

the gene in Chromosome 15 is imprinted, which means it’s
silenced. The paternal side is expressed in a child without
PWS. If the gene was deleted, is present but defective, or
missing because it was never there, it isn’t expressed. Then
there are no active genes in that region. Genes can be
altered in various ways in utero, in childhood, or adulthood.

Gene Alteration Causes:

 Diet
 Drugs
 Aging
 Alcohol
 Pharmaceuticals
 Environmental Chemicals
 Maternal or Paternal Intention

That last part is purely my theory. The alteration of genes

is also caused by mutation. The DNA markers get
switched, and if the original sequence was supposed to
create a specific protein or amino acid, serious problems
can occur. For instance, the patient that has PWS is
missing the paternal gene in the SNORD116 area of
Chromosome 15. The DNA sequence is supposed to be
transcribed into mRNA, messenger RNA, which translates
into a protein. Then the protein activates areas of the
hypothalamus, related to feeding-related neuropeptides,
NPY and POMC. NPY regulates mood, endocrine
hormones, hunger, body weight, and mental development.
POMC produces cortisol, which regulates blood sugar
levels, and protects the body from inflammation and stress.
These two neuropeptides work in opposing ways to balance
out the urge to eat and satiety. If the system is
compromised, the signal is lost.

The PWS patient doesn’t just eat when they’re stressed out,
they eat all the time, and are in constant stress. Feeling full
is nonexistent. When children that suffer from PWS enter
inpatient housing units, they experience extreme stress
when they aren’t allowed to get extra helpings. They
immediately go into tantrums, crying fits, and some
become violent. They had mothers that babied them.
When the father was present, he was weak, and let the child
do whatever.

One boy was so violent, he had to be removed from school.

He got admitted to the inpatient facility, and his mother
went into a meeting with the staff. Before he even got
comfortable, he was having a meltdown and immediately
asking for his mom. He was mad because someone asked
him to walk up and down the hall as much as he could to
see what his endurance was. She ran over to him and
babied him. That has more to do with his personality, that
she helped to create, than it does PWS. He was a spoiled

He was left there anyway because the family didn’t have

any more options. After a couple months, they came to
visit him, and he’d fallen in line, because he had no choice.
He had a psychologist to help him work through his bratty
behavior. He bragged to his mother that he could make his
own bed, and he told her not to help him, because he could
do it himself. His father even said he never said that
before. He showed her his chores, and she said he had
never done a chore in his life. That’s her fault and the man
too! Kids need discipline. They know who to play with.

He had lost close to 60 lbs. He was never going to do that

at her house, because she doesn’t have the parenting skills
to not let her child dominate her and her husband. They
kept reminding him of what he used to be. He tied his
shoes, and they said, “Remember, before you got here you
couldn’t do that?” Constantly, reminding him of his
incapable past. When any child tries to grow up, if the
mother has a problem with it, mainly because she’s losing
control, she’ll try to bring him back to the old him. The
reason I’m bringing this up during my scenario #2, is
because it’s the mother’s pattern of thinking that caused
him to have PWS.

When a woman decides to have a child, there could be

multiple reasons. Either she is lonely and her marriage is
falling apart, and she needs to have a “Band-Aid” baby. Do
you think a mother with that mindset wants her child to
grow up and be independent? No, she doesn’t. She wants
her child to remain under her wing, and keep her marriage
together. This intention is encoded in the DNA of the child.
She probably doesn’t have a medical degree, with an
emphasis on genetics, so she doesn’t even know this is
possible. Her mind and baby are making decisions for the
future that she’s clueless of, because she’s clueless anyway.

In the reproductive cycle, the egg itself chooses the sperm

that’ll result in the completion of the mother’s original
purpose for having a child. In the genome, two copies of
the mother’s Chromosome 15 can be present. This means
there is no copy of the father’s genes at all. When the
single cell replicates, there’s no copy of the father’s
Chromosome 15, therefore there’s only one copy of the
mother’s Chromosome 15, and it replicates in what is
called Monosomy rescue. When a child has two
chromosomes from the mother, that are identical, it’s called
Maternal Uniparental Isodisomy.

Another way that a mother can alter her child’s DNA before
fertilization is to have the egg cell complete meiosis with
an extra chromosome. That means, out of the four
gametes, 1 will have two chromosomes, 1 will have none,
and 2 will have one each, which is what they’re supposed
to have. Her body will choose the one with the extra
chromosome because after fertilization, the father’s
chromosome will be deleted. This is how a woman makes
sure that her partner has no influence in that area of the
DNA. This process is called Trisomy Rescue. The case
where the zygote has 3 chromosomes of the same type in a
cell, 2 from the mother, and 1 from the father. During cell
division, the father’s chromosome will be deleted because
it’s considered “extra”. If this doesn’t happen, the baby
will miscarry because 3 chromosomes are not compatible
with life.

This is considered the main cause of PWS, two copies of

the maternal chromosome, either identical or different.
When they’re different, both coming from the mother, it’s
called Maternal Uniparental Heterodisomy, meaning both
copies came from one parent but are different. That means
the child has the exact same chromosome set as the mother.
One from the mother’s father and mother. No paternal
influence whatsoever. In either case, no genes from the
father are being expressed. These are internal processes
happening beyond the woman’s knowledge. There was a
quote I heard once, “If you knew how powerful your
negative thoughts where, you would never think a negative
thought ever again.” I’d like to rephrase that. “If you knew
how negatively your thoughts are affecting your children
before they even get here, you wouldn’t have any children.”

Since the human body is a collection of cells with their own

consciousness, we have no idea how thoroughly a woman’s
thoughts determine the condition of her future baby. Her
body is being obedient to her dominant wishes. It could
have happened in her puberty years. It could have
happened the day she got married. It could be the day the
relationship went south. It could be the day she chose a
partner for a one-night stand, or the day she found out he
boyfriend cheated. These thoughts unexpressed,
unprocessed, linger in the mind and consciousness of a
woman, and her body is taking notes. How many women
try to date people that remind them of their fathers, so he
can enact the same trauma on them so they can feel
“loved”. Unhealed wounds ruin children. That same
trauma within them is being carried into the womb, and
influences her mate selection process. An unhealed man
makes destructive and careless decisions because he’s
trying to harm his mother. These are the people out here
having sex and populating the Earth. Clueless, unhealed

Quantum physics says that we live in a multi-dimensional

universe. We can’t ignore the fact that we each have a
different reality. The way one person sees a thing can be
light years away from the way someone in the other part of
the world interprets the same event. The mother is
traveling with this child in her womb, and the baby is
subject to her mind, emotions, behaviors, decisions, and
yes, her reality. If she wants to have a baby that stays a
child forever, she can do that. If she has a child that has
poor feeding habits, she might have willed that because she
didn’t want to breastfeed. Even a woman that miscarries is
fulfilling an unexpressed intention. That sounds
insensitive, but most of the people that I’ve seen that had
miscarriages, they have serious issues with their mothers or
their spouse’s mother. The miscarriage could be her fear of
being a bad mother, inability to pay for the child, fear that
the father will leave, or she’s not ready to give up her
career to care for this crying baby with no support. It could
be pure rage, because the man got her pregnant, and she
didn’t want to have a baby now or at all.

In the PWS scenario, the fact that a mother, unknowingly

wants to have a baby that has delayed puberty, delayed
mental and emotional development, can’t live alone, or
have children, could be from her own manifestation
because she didn’t want to be alone.

I found that many of these PWS mothers kiss their children

in the mouths. Every time I see a person kiss their child on
the mouth, I know that person is severely dopamine
deficient, and an energy vampire. Why would you want to
kiss your child with the same mouth that you use to
perform oral sex on your husband? I even saw in the video
that one mother kissed her son in the mouth as a newborn.
Why would you want to have your 30-year old mouth, full
of germs that the baby doesn’t have defenses for yet, to
infect your child? It’s because she doesn’t care. She needs
a fix, and she’s had to wait 9 months to get it. The father
kissed the child in the mouth too. That household was
jacked up before that baby got here. The father was not
much of a help. He seemed weak and logged off. Poor
kids don’t know they were born to be fed upon. The child
learns very early that he is food, and he isn’t getting any
“real love” so he eats it.
The child learns to manipulate the parents to get what he
needs. He knows that his parents are addicts for his
attention, and he deep down knows they don’t have
anything to give them. Therefore, they let this little boy
run over them in exchange for his attention. The mother
chose the weak husband for that EXACT reason. He
wouldn’t do anything that a real man would do, like protect
the child from his own mother. He’s just as bad. What’s so
deep, is he chose her for the same reason. The father, who
carries the PW deletion or mutation got it from HIS mother.
That means she was deficient also, and just as manipulative
biochemically. He found someone just like his mother for
his children. He served his child up to the devil just like his
mother did him. This is how things get passed down. The
devil is in the child’s mother, and the father’s mother.
There are passages in the bible that talk about the sins of
the father. It appeared to me as I was writing this.

Deuteronomy 5:9 – 10 reads:

Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor
serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous
God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the
children unto the third and fourth generation of
them that hate me, and shewing mercy unto
thousands of them that love me and keep my

Before then, I was researching Inheritance Patterns of

Prader-Willi Syndrome. The mother can carry the PWS
gene to her children, but her portion of the gene will be
silenced. They can be carriers, but they won’t exhibit the
disease because they must inherit it from their father to
have the syndrome. Her children, specifically males, can
pass it onto their children. They have a 50/50 chance of
passing it onto their children.
During meiosis, males produce 4 sperm cells at a time,
from a mix of chromosome reshuffling called Crossing
Over. This creates genetic diversity by taking the male’s
parents DNA, splicing it, and creating new chromosomes
with a mixture of both. Of that reshuffling, half of them
will have his father’s normal chromosome, and half of them
will inherit his mother’s PWS carrier status. Of his
children, if he has more than one, they’ll likely carry his
deletion or mutation and develop PWS.

If his children do have PWS, they can’t have their own

children. This is the 3rd generation. The father’s mother
was the 1st generation, he is the 2nd generation, his children
are the 3rd generation, and their children will be the 4th
generation. There may be no 4th generation.

The only way there could be a 4th generation this way:

Mother > Daughter > Grandson > His children with PWS

Otherwise, the 3rd generation transfer looks like this:

Mother > Son > His children with PWS

If that same son inherited PWS from his father, you have to
track back to a mother that was a carrier. They say it can
only be inherited from the father, but for his father to even
be able to have children to inherit it, he had to be a carrier,
and get it from his mother. It all leads back to her.

Looking at karyotype charts, I think the information has

been right in our faces. The “rib” that Adam gave Eve
supposedly was from the X chromosome. The woman has
two XX chromosomes, and the man has an X and Y. When
you look at that on a karyotype chart, the Y chromosome is
significantly smaller than the X, the leg of the Y is gone.

In the Adam and Eve Family tree, it shows their

descendants, and how all of humanity originated from
them. Let’s say that the serpent is The Devil. Candida is
already in their bodies, but the devil knows that the
forbidden fruit will negatively affect Eve’s mind, and help
him put her under mind control. Once he tricks her, she
will recruit Adam to eat the same fruit as her. This fruit
feeds candida, giving the devil even more control of both of

The candida changes the DNA of Eve. They have 3

children. One of them is Cain. He was a bad seed. He was
aggressive, angry, childish, and had an insatiable hunger for
control and power. He killed his brother. If you look at his
bloodline, after the 4th generation, no one exists. Abel was
murdered. Seth had a large number of descendants. At
some point, the Giants showed up. They’re described as
being power hungry, having insatiable appetites, being
mean, and incredibly childish.

In Genesis 6 – 9, the Lord tells Noah to build an Ark so he

can restart humanity and get rid of the Giants. Some Giants
survived, and later dominated cities with their reign of
terror, but they died out. It makes you wonder, who was
having sex with Giants?? Since evolution is always
happening, the DNA compensates by altering the
phenotype, or appearance of Giants so they remain hidden.
Extremely large people have a condition called Acromegaly
and Gigantism, which is a benign tumor that overproduces
growth hormone. This causes large feet and hands, and
coarse facial features.
PWS is the opposite, the suppression of growth hormone,
small hands, small feet, and soft facial features. The best
way to hide something is in plain sight. I believe that the
same organism that created the Giants is the same organism
that created people with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Both
populations are feeding an internal community of
organisms. However, babies with PWS have low fetal
activity in the womb, which means they aren’t burning any
calories. They have low muscle tone, and poor feeding
habits when they’re born. I think candida has earmarked
these children for extinction. If a baby doesn’t eat, they’ll
die. If candida can’t get them that way, it will have them
overeat until they die. Since they can’t have children, this
will be the end of this portion of the bloodline. If enough
of that happens over the course of a generation, many
bloodlines will be terminated, which has always been the
devil’s ultimate goal.

What do parents with bad intentions do when they want to

steal from a store? Tell the child to bring their book bag.
They shove all the goodies in the book bag because no one
is going to look at a kid. The really slick ones use the baby
carriage. Pieces of work! What does an organism do if it
wants to feed off of a whole race of people? Hide itself in a
woman, transmit itself to her children, and give them PWS
so they can feed off of bloodline until it dies off. All the
PWS patients eat the same thing, carbs, sugar, fat, and
dairy. Exactly what candida likes. Really? They can’t
satisfy their hunger with 5 lbs. of salad. No, because they
aren’t feeding THEIR hunger, they’re feeding something
else. They can’t seem to find a cure for this disorder, and I
think they’re looking in the wrong place.

When a woman chooses a man to be the father of her baby,

she has to know that he’s weak already. His contribution to
the gene pool ends when he gives her his deposit. The rest
of the gene manipulation will occur with her as the
transporter for 9 months. Even after that, her nurturing
style, parenting style, and behavior will influence the child
more than the father. That is, if he even chooses to stick
around. The mutation of the child’s genes is a collaborative

I heard a speaker say, “Men who can’t protect themselves

never develop a desire to protect others.” If a man’s Y
chromosome is inactive, due to his mother and father’s
methylation, he will grow up acting like a baby. The father
turns it off because he doesn’t want his son to supersede
him and take over his kingdom. A mother doesn’t want it
on because she doesn’t want to be dominated by her son. A
man that doesn’t want his son to be better than he is, is a
weak man. She chose this weak man on purpose. Every
father that I saw of these PWS cried on camera, acted
weak, looked upon the mother for guidance, just like he did
with his own mother. Which lets me know that the
grandmother of these PWS children wanted their fathers to
be weak babies also.

How many people carry the PWS on their mother’s side but
don’t show symptoms? The gene is still read, which means
it can still have an unknown effect on the carrier child.
What are the other deleted portions of the father’s genes,
and how do they affect the child’s personality? What if the
child’s environment fosters masculinity, fosters
independence, fosters self-control and they suddenly start
exhibiting different behavior contrary to the disease? DNA
can be changed in realtime. As soon as the child gets away
from the destructive parents, he can actually have a chance
at life.

The concept of optimal gene expression, stated by Dr.

Carl Baugh, is when an organism expresses the best genes
within its DNA because of favorable environmental
conditions. Who is keeping track of the environmental
conditions before the child gets here? Mom and Dad.
Through the windows of their soul, they’re the watchmen
of the environment, and through their thoughts, they
determine which genes will be expressed. The environment
may be a male dominated one, in which the mother deletes,
mutates, or copies her own gene into the genome, replacing
his. These womens’ spirits intuitively know what they’re

The actions of the parents can determine which genes will

be passed on, and which ones will be expressed. Mutation
occurs when changes to the gene occur in the cell. Large-
scale mutation happens when a huge chunk of the DNA is
damaged, moved, or deleted. Point mutations happen
when a base pair, such as A and T, C or G, is changed. A
silent mutation happens when a pair is switched, but the
correct protein is still produced. A missense mutation is
when the base pair substitution produces a totally different
amino acid, resulting in disease.

The treatment used for PWS is human growth hormone, or

HGH. Growth hormone regulates thyroid, estrogen,
testosterone, adrenaline and dopamine. PWS Children who
successfully are treated with GH, grow up to have higher
bone density, grow taller, better communication skills,
higher IQ, increased cognition, and improvement in
behavior. Anything that is synthetic that’s put into the body
can cause unexpected side effects. Do your research
thoroughly before trying anything. Some patients have

Growth hormones made me think of the Giants again. If

growth hormone is suppressed in people with PWS, the
opposite was occurring in the Giants. They had too much.
Both sets of people consumed an enormous amount of
calories. The Giants had extreme muscle tone, but babies
with PWS have no or low muscle tone. Reminds me of the
pharmaceutical industry vs. the illegal drug market. It
looks different, but it’s the same corporate structure, the
doctors are the drug pushers, and the drug dealers have the
same job. What is the job of Giants and PWS patients?
Feed candida. They’re feeding the same beast.

In September 1944 through April 1945, there was a Dutch

Famine in the Netherlands. The train system stopped
running, and the Nazis stopped food supplies from reaching
the country. 20,000 people died from a lack of food.
Retrospective birth weights were calculated. Women in
their last two trimesters when the famine happened had a
decrease in birth weight by 8% – 9%. However, their
offspring, long after the famine, were a normal weight.
Women in the first trimester produced normal sized
offspring, but their children’s offspring had a high degree
of SGA, small for gestational age.

This lets you know that environment can cause DNA

alterations that cascade into multiple generations. The
pregnancies that were further along produced babies that
were small, because there wasn’t enough food. The babies
that were just conceived had famine imprinted into their
DNA. Meiosis transmitted genetic markers that
corresponded with the environment. You might ask, “Why
did the first trimester babies come out normal?” That’s
because babies realized that there was more food inside
than there was outside, so they conserved their fat
preserves. They did carry their famine encoded epigenetic
DNA to their children, and even though the environment
had changed, they were primed for a lack of resources.
We always say that woman had to come first because all
babies come from women, but the truth is all of us, you
reading this, and everyone in between originated in a man’s
balls. In fact, millions of souls never make it. A man
makes 1 million sperm with every breath. All of them
aren’t going to make it. If he’s not sexually active with a
woman, or donating to a sperm bank, his children aren’t
going to be coming here to this plane of existence. All the
souls of all the world originated in men, and men are
carrying them around, clueless of their divine power. The
spaceship, or portal to get here is the womb, but the woman
only has one spaceship a month until her 40s. A man can
populate the whole neighborhood by the end of the month.
That sounds a lot like a male dog chasing after a female
dog in heat.

A spayed female dog doesn’t go in heat. A neutered male

dog won’t pay a female dog any mind. A woman in estrus,
will attract lots of men with the natural perfume emitted by
her sweat glands, to let men know she is ovulating or
menstruating. The suitors don’t know why they’re acting
out of their minds. In a study done at a strip club, the
female dancers calculated how many lap dances they got
when they were in “heat”. Women in estrus earned twice as
much as when they weren’t ovulating or menstruating.
This could be why the dancers were more inviting,
unconsciously looking for sperm donors, and already
looking for money to support their future children that they
know will be abandoned. They know that because these
men are in here spending money, and not taking care of the
families they have now. Why would he be any more
reliable for a stripper and her brood? Do you think
strippers are looking for men to marry? I don’t think so.

What’s the difference when women go to a club, are they

looking for fathers for their children? No, they’re looking
for someone to cure their loneliness for the night. If a child
develops from that motive, it will inherently know that it
was conceived under poor circumstances by an unaware
woman. Her hypothalamus is not working correctly. The
man she chose is deficient, and they’ll create this beautiful
being with genetic markers that will sabotage his or her
chance for a real life, because his parents are idiots. This
could result in a child being mistreated because the
relationship went sour. This could lead to a mother being
unloving because the child wasn’t conceived in love. She
wanted a man, a baby, a family, a white picket fence, and
the man wasn’t interested.

A mother’s attitude and behavior towards her child can

create anxiety and prevent the child from reaching a state of
equilibrium. Which will cause the child to have black and
white thinking, emotionally go from 0 – 100, be unable to
calm himself down, and wreak havoc on anyone who
comes around. It’s because the child never felt safe,
nurtured, cared for, and comfortable to be himself. This
lack of self-awareness changes the chemistry of his brain.
A child in utero that doesn’t feel safe can’t develop
properly. A mother that compromises her child’s safety in
the womb, through her unconscious manipulation of their
DNA, will certainly not feel safe outside the womb.

Children who aren’t shown enough love in early infancy

exhibit antisocial behavior, and their DNA is changed.
Twins, with the same DNA, can have their DNA altered
over time through conditioning and environment. Twins
were studied at age 3 years old and at 50 years old. There
were stark differences in methylation, acetylation, and
deletion. If this can happen to twins, imagine how many
changes are happening between siblings that is
undetectable. The mother is continuing to manipulate the
DNA of all the children outside the womb.
There’s a strong gut-brain connection that explains PWS.
The reason people with PWS exhibit the same behaviors as
a neglected child is because their serotonin and dopamine
have been compromised. Candida has been attacking them
since they were in the womb. The reason babies have low
fetal activity is because they have low blood sugar. Before
they can get the nutrients and glucose from the mother’s
bloodstream, candida takes it. The baby is exposed to
neurotoxins and that gets them ready to be a glutton.

What’s the difference between a PWS patient and an obese

person that feeds on sugar, carbs, dairy and bread? They
haven’t been diagnosed yet. I watched a show called, My
600-lb life, and the poor people on there couldn’t stop
eating if they wanted to. How did they act when they
couldn’t get their 15,000 calories a day? The same way
these kids acted. How did little kids act, that are addicted
to sugar when they can’t get their little fix? The same way
these 600-lb. people did, like brats. Why are they acting
like brats? Because something within them won’t leave
them alone until its fed.

Once the PWS baby is born, they seem normal at first

except they have a hard time feeding. That’s because
candida has already slated them for extinction. The mother
overfeeds the baby in an effort to keep it alive, and candida
gets angry. Candida says, “You won’t let us kill them, okay
we’ll kill them by busting their stomach wide open.” PWS
produces a hunger that can never be filled. Those children
have a hole in their soul, and they don’t even enjoy food. If
they did, they would be satiated. This hunger isn’t about
food. One man said he just wanted to stop this entity from
harassing him. He didn’t know how real what he said is. It
is an entity. And him feeling filled or satisfied is not going
to get it the amount of food it needs to further its agenda.
The mother has her own infection. She’s feeding her
child’s beast. Who else is buying these people tons of
food? A baby can’t work.

One man, who was grown but still living in his parent’s
house, was so angry. He kept mentioning how much he
hates his mother and that she did this to him. Many of the
women said they felt like they did this to their child
somehow. I wanted to go through the screen, and say,
“Yes, you did!” It’s not her fault though. She doesn’t
know her power. The way her child feels about food, the
way her child sleeps, even the way they interact with
others, is because of her. If she is sadistic, the child will
either be sadistic or masochistic. The act of overfeeding
yourself is masochistic. A mother overfeeding her child is

The fact that she needs to overfeed and over baby her child
lets me know that she has a problem with her gut-brain
system. People with PWS exhibit very high anxiety. They
feel that if they don’t feed this “thing” that something
terrible will happen. The gut has candida in it. It uses the
vagus nerve, the highway from the gut to the brain, to send
stress signals to the brain to tell the child that it must eat or
it will die. This reaches the hypothalamus, which produces
ACTH, which then produces cortisol.

High stress produces high cortisol which inhibits protein

synthesis. High cortisol stops amino acids from reaching
the muscle. The protein goes to the liver and the liver
breaks down part of the amino acids into carbohydrates.
The blood sugar spikes, which spikes insulin, and causes
fat storage. If the patient is in high stress, the patient will
eat, and the blood sugar will be high. Candida benefits
from a person in high stress, high survival mode. How do
you get someone to do something you want? You stress
them out until they comply. People with PWS are in
survival mode, all the time. Everything is an emergency.

I watched a kid break the lock off the refrigerator and eat
everything in there: a jar of peanut butter, a jar of honey, a
whole loaf of bread, lunch meat etc. Does that sound like
someone who is storing up for the winter? The behavior of
PWS patients reminded me of black bears storing up for the
winter. Bears don’t actually hibernate, they go into
something called torpor, but during the 6 month period,
they don’t eat, poo, or urinate. A human would have a hard
time hibernating, simply because uric acid would build up
in their bodies and they would die. The black bear has the
ability to process amino acids in the liver and kidneys,
reuse urea buildup, and recycle it to be used by the muscles
and other living tissue.

Scientists are still trying to figure out how they do it

because they’re the only animal on Earth that can. This
allows them to sleep for long periods of time, wake up and
have zero muscle loss. Imagine what that can mean for
PWS patients. I strongly believe that PWS are living with
an apocalyptic mindset, and they’re preparing for a long
winter, aka death. They’re eating large amounts of food
because they’re getting ready to hibernate, i.e. sleep, except
they don’t have the anatomy of the black bear. It’s the
same mentality of hoarders, they’re storing up 10 of
everything because they feel the world will collapse soon.

More research is needed, but I decided to look into what the

black bear eats. Scientists examined the contents of a black
bear’s stomach, and they found that bears eat roughly
30,000 berries a day. In the months leading up to their pre-
hibernation phase, they eat nuts and seeds that are high in
B-17. Hazelnuts are one of their main sources of protein.
The health benefits of hazelnuts are mind-blowing, even for
humans. Just 10 hazelnuts a day can:

 High fiber
 High folate
 Antioxidant
 Prevent cancer
 Reverse skin aging
 Aid in digestive health
 Help digest fatty acids
 Help build healthy bones
 Improve nervous system
 Help with the sleep cycle
 Vitamin B gives extra energy
 Feed muscles, improve strength
 Lower LDL the bad cholesterol
 Improve connections in the brain
 Improve serotonin and melatonin
 Lower heart attack and stroke risk
 Assist in colon health and regularity
 Weight loss and weight management
 Healthier skin, sun protection from UV
 Contain Vitamin B-6, D, E, K, Magnesium
 Help produce enzymes in the mitochondria
 Rich in Zinc, Thiamin, Potassium, Iron,
Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese, Pantothenic acid

I’m not saying that Hazelnuts are going to cure PWS

patients, but I do think that there are areas that need to be
looked at. The human body is a machine. Garbage in,
garbage out. Every kid and adult I watched ate the same
exact things a morbidly obese person eats. They just don’t
have an “off” switch. What’s the difference between a
person who can’t stop eating vs. a person who can’t stop
raging out on people? They both are out of control.
The people with PWS have an instinct that triggers their
need to “do something” to survive. A person that rages out
has an instinct that triggers their need to “do something” to
survive. Apply that same symptom to any person that has
addictive behaviors, compulsive behaviors, pathological
behaviors, obsessive thoughts, phobias, fetishes, fanaticism
etc. Something is inside of them controlling them. They
don’t know how to regulate. They don’t know how to
achieve homeostasis, because they’ve never been taught,
probably the environment they were raised in wasn’t stable.

The DNA is changing all the time, and only a fool will
think he knows exactly how it’s done. Unless you put
everyone under a microscope every second of the day,
many superb humans are going undetected, because they
don’t want anyone to know they have the code to the
Matrix. We live in a multi-dimensional universe. A man
and woman can come together and create the most jacked-
up human being for their own selfish needs, and push that
child onto the world and turn their backs to the results.
This happens every single day. The jail is filled with these
rejected and neglected children that mom and pop created
as a science project in their bedroom, then left a mess for
society to fix.

Some people are bat shit crazy, and they spend all their
time wondering why they’re like that. It’s your mother and
father, they’re screwed up. Get over it and change your
DNA with your mind. Nobody has to sit and accept what
they’ve been given. Watching the PWS children attend
these homes and change their whole personality in a matter
of months is indication that there’s something wrong in
their homes. I mean if you’re jacked up, then you would be
jacked up no matter where you went, right?
I believe that Prader-Willi Syndrome is a vagus nerve,
cortisol, candida-based syndrome. The process of selection
happened before the first kiss, and ended with a child that is
answering a need that the mother has no idea she has. A
need for a baby that won’t grow up. A mother under this
kind of “infected mind” is a danger to her child. I wish I
could really get into how sick and twisted the mother-child
relationship can get once a mother becomes famished for
energy. She becomes a parasite, looking for a host, and the
poor kids think that she loves them, when they’re just food.
They’ll spend their lives trying to get mommy and daddy to
feed off of them so they can get love. It’s so sad.

The child has ZERO self-esteem and ZERO confidence,

and they think that one day mommy and daddy are going to
drop it off to them, and they aren’t. That’s not part of the
program. A child that can’t regulate, can’t calm himself
down, constantly seeking approval from outside sources, is
a pain in the ass, and HAS BEEN BRED TO BE LIKE
THAT! Until he or she opens their eyes to that, they’ll
keep drinking from the devil’s fountain of salt water, and
remain thirsty.

I even discovered Prader-Willi-like Syndrome. Apparently,

it has the same characteristics as Prader-Willi, except it’s
from the deletion, mutations, and uniparental disomy but on
different chromosomes. What does that tell you? I’ll say it
like this, and hopefully someone will get it. You can play
the same song up and down the scale of a piano. Same
song, different keys, but the it’s the same song. Take the
insatiable hunger and replace it with insatiable desire for
attention. What’s the difference?

Replace insatiable hunger with insatiable thirst for alcohol.

Replace insatiable hunger with insatiable desire for drugs.
Replace insatiable hunger with insatiable desire for sex.
Replace insatiable hunger with insatiable video game play.

I think you’re starting to get it. Same person is playing the

same damn song, and the keys are the chromosomes.

The vagus nerve is the highway to harmony or madness.

What do people do when they want to get packages from
one place to another quickly, undetected? They build a
tunnel. Candida is manipulating the entire human
experience. Any person that figures out how to use that
system, that’s already in place, is going to make a ton of
money. If you can make people feel bad, you can control
them. If you make people feel like they’re missing out on
something, you can control every single thing they do. If
you have a young generation that is so dopamine deficient
that they don’t exist unless someone is watching them, you
can control them completely. An unhealthy vagus nerve
activates the animal brain, and if you get people to act like
animals, their reactions are very predictable.

If they use their human brain, you don’t know what they’re
going to do. You have to stimulate their primal instincts for
them to become predictable and profitable. Primal instincts
are the fight or flight centers of the brain. If you can keep
someone in a constant state of fear, you can control them. I
noticed that an impaired vagus nerve contributes to
depression, obesity and anxiety. The people with PWS
have an almost instantaneous response to not getting what
they want. There’s rage, hitting, violence, crying, and
temper tantrums. They have no capacity, no ability to think
critically about anything. Every one of them behaved like a
spoiled brat. The parents put up with it too.

I watched this lecture about PWS in the school system. I

was amazed at how many mothers wanted special treatment
for their 1 child with PWS. They wanted the teacher to
eliminate all eating inside the class because their child
couldn’t control themselves. Mother after mother,
repeatedly said how they wanted the whole school to bend
towards their child. That is narcissism at its finest. The
children that have PWS behave like narcissists. Doesn’t
that make sense, that a narcissistic parent would have a
narcissistic child? A seed produces after its own kind.

One of the specialists in the school gave a Professional

Development lecture on how to deal with these students.

This is how she described Prader-Willi Behavior:

 Oppositional
 Don’t like changes
 They’re never wrong
 Aggressive behavior
 Compulsive behavior
 They’ll wear you down
 Sadistic and Masochistic
 Shutting down is common
 They need to get their way
 Needs a lot of verbal praise
 You need to validate their feelings
 They like to mess things up for you
 Adrenaline junkies, can last up to 1 hour
 Need a sales pitch to get them to do things

Doesn’t this sound like a spoiled brat? Doesn’t this sound

like a narcissistic child? What does this have to do with
eating too much? Nothing. This is a personality issue.
This is a child that was raised to be a damn nightmare.
Look no further than the mother. She is probably just like
that. No child comes out of the wound acting like a damn
diva. He got that from somewhere. This is how they
describe many of the PWS patients. This is how you
describe millions of children without PWS. I’ve had
students with this exact behavior, and they had normal
appetites, but by the time they got to the end of the year,
they were right as rain, because I wasn’t going to put up
with their crap.

Another lady was a Special Education Teacher, with a child

that has PWS. She put together all kinds of demands on the
teacher at her child’s school. She even made a brochure
that tells the teacher how to deal with the child, what he
likes, dislikes, and how to basically give him what he
wants. If she gave me that as a teacher, she would’ve been
out of gas, because that’s how SHE handles that child.
Many times during her presentation, she was telling the
mothers how she manipulated the system to get what she
wanted for her kid. Like giving principals and
administrators false praise, lying about how severe her
son’s reactions to certain things so they would rearrange
how things are done. She used fear to get them to comply.
She encouraged them to copy things online and put their
name on it, basically stealing. She was a piece of work,
just like her son.

Her son stopped excelling after 3rd grade. From 3rd – 7th
grade, she harassed the teachers, school, and her son to
improve academically to make herself look good. That
didn’t work, so she had another son, and now he’s in gifted
classes. She made it a point to mention that multiple times.
She called herself “crazy and psychotic” several times in
regards to how she likes to have things a certain way.
Sounds like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. In
all PWS patients, a thorough examination needs to be done
of the mother’s personality makeup, and they’ll find the
root cause of all PW-like symptoms. The father had a diva
mother, she gave him PW, and he found himself a wife, just
like his diva mother, and they had diva children. It’s not
that hard to figure out. Jerk people come from jerk parents.
One time, her son did something that she didn’t like and
she told the viewers that she would normally say, “I’m
going to kill you.” Wow.

This same lady wanted the teacher to rewrite her lesson

plans to include games for her son. I understand that some
kids need special accommodations, but honestly any kid
with personality disorders needs to be in a special school.
People don’t understand how damaging it is to keep these
children amongst children that don’t have social or mental

It creates a very difficult learning environment. We are

making other kids suffer for a few kids that lack self-
control. They need their own school, where they can wreak
havoc on their own selves. There needs to be a Special
Education School, where they can disrupt the learning
environment all they want. All the kids that are very well
adjusted deserve to have a K – 12, safe learning
environment, feel cared for, and no one child should come
in and try to absorb all the available attention from the rest
of the children. Only a narcissistic parent would even want

Take your child out of that school. If they’re violent, if

they think about food 24/7, if they’re 4 grade levels behind,
don’t ask the teacher to bend towards your child. Get your
child his own tutor. Send him to a special school, where he
can get the attention he needs. They talk about inclusion.
NO. They need to be included in their own community of
other people that have a hard time adjusting. There is no
benefit for them to wreak havoc on an otherwise stable
environment. Only a completely selfish person would even
request that.

“I want him to feel like he belongs.” If he eats 24/7, he

doesn’t belong. He doesn’t fit in. He needs special
circumstances. Find him some other people like him. They
need to have a special school for children with eating
disorders, personality disorders, rage disorders, and mental
illness. As an adult, they have special places for people
that can’t adjust. It’s called the mental hospital or the
prison. They need to get their prison uniform or strait
jacket ready, because the real world is not going to bend
towards them.

I once had a student that said she saw demons coming out
of my Promethean board seconds before a standardized
test. All the students freaked out. She should not have
been there, period. Her mother wanted her to “fit in”. She
made my life a living hell, just so her mother, who did
drugs when she was in utero, could feel like she belonged,
and forgive herself for how she screwed this girl up.
Screwed up children need to be in their own school, so they
can get the special attention they need. No Inclusion, screw
that! They need their own brand of zoo. I’m fed up with
parents, who create these wild animals, and want someone
to take care of them. There are specially trained people
who can take care of them, and they need to be handled and
cared for by them. Period.

I don’t want anyone to think that I have something against

these poor kids, because I don’t. I have something against
the mothers, and the sorry fathers that think someone is
supposed to clean up their messes. I had a kid that would
need a constant hit of dopamine all during my lesson.
That’s because his mother was a meth-head. Guess what?
All her kids were jacked up, and she wanted someone else
to deal with it so she could work out at the gym. Of course,
after she partied all night long and slept all day.

Her sons ended up going to a special school just like I’m

talking about. I danced all around my house the day that
whole legacy left the school. Their father was in prison,
and she was a narcissistic absentee parent. The children
that came from that woman were so jacked up, and she
constantly made excuses for them, until they starting
messing with her money. Her one child threw a rock in the
windshield of a work van on his way to school. This is
because she wouldn’t give him any money for candy. The
old man who owned the van, followed him to the school
and demanded that she bring him $200 or he was going to
call the police. She brought the money and was pissed off.
Then, she wanted to get sympathy from me, calling him a
liar and a manipulator. I know that. He learned that from
her, but she couldn’t see it.
All of her sons were considered ADHD, one was
schizophrenic, and she sold their medicines on the street
near the end of the month to pay her rent. Those kids are
going to grow up wondering why their mind is so
scrambled, and they’ll never blame her. She takes them
shopping when she gets her taxes, and takes them to the
fair, and buys them shoes and clothes, just for that day, and
abandons them the rest of the year. They’ll worship her
until the day she dies, because she has them trained.

Will they ever become responsible adults, hell no. She’s

not training them for that. She might be visiting them in
jail because they stole every day from the convenience
store, no doubt, something she taught them. They have no
respect for authority, no doubt, something they learned
from her. They know their father went to jail for selling
drugs, and I’m sure they’re walking the same plank because
she isn’t steering them any other way. Who is to blame?
Not God.
5. Autism (Childhood)

If you look for it, you’ll find it. Autism is caused by

neurological damage to the brain. That damage to the brain
occurs through actions of the mother. Research is still
being done about the cause of autism, but these are the

Popular Theories about Autism Causes:

o Vaccines, which contain lead and mercury

o EDCs, endocrine-disrupting compounds
o Older parents have higher risk

My Theories about Autism Causes:

o Drug abuse
o Bad parenting
o Candida in mother
o Narcissism by mother
o Mental state of father
o Mental state of mother
o Makeup worn by mother
o Demonic activity in home
o Witchcraft, satanic worship
o Spiritual Intention of mother
o Gene manipulation by mother
o Beauty products used by mother
o Toxic food eaten and served by mother

You won’t find these causes on the internet, because no one

has the guts to say that mom is at fault. No matter what the
cause is, she’s the problem. I spent so much time
researching this topic. There’s no way I could possibly
include everything because, it’s just too overwhelming. I
will summarize all my findings, by giving you the hardcore
truth. You can verify at your leisure. This is the Cliff

It’s my belief that candida is the root cause of autism.

When the mother is pregnant, she uses products,
prescriptions, and eats food that affect her baby. She’s
unconscious of this, and the medical industry only gives her
a slight clue of how significant her choices are. They warn
her about taking specific types of medications, but they
load her up with other ones. They encourage her to gain
weight, but they don’t tell her that her food choices will
affect her baby’s brain development well into adulthood. I
guess they don’t want to scare her. They tell her that using
illegal drugs will make her baby dependent on those same
drugs, such as crack, cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, and
MDMA. They tell her that drinking alcohol will cause
birth defects, but some fools tell her that drinking in her last
trimester will have no effect.

The drinking she’s already done will affect her baby. The
drugs she’s already taken, in her teens, will affect her baby.
They don’t want her to know that her goose is already
cooked, and that she shouldn’t even be trying to have any
children because of her messed up past. The only way that
her former party days will not affect her is if God Almighty
heals her brain, biochemistry, and spiritual infection. The
medical industry doesn’t mention God as a form of
medicine. That’s not going to make them any money.
Autism is a symptom of a spiritual problem, Narcissism.

Autistic people are some of the most self-possessed, selfish,

and bratty little people you’ve ever seen. They cannot
handle things that are not going their exact way. They lash
out into aggression, screaming, tantrums, manipulation, and
fits of extreme rage. They have the exact same symptoms
of a bratty child. This is a personality issue. The mother is
responsible for the behavior. The father is responsible for
the behavior, but the problem occurred before the first
symptom showed up. Let’s talk statistics.

Autism Statistics:

1 in 37 boys
1 in 151 girls
4x – Boys are more likely to be autistic than girls
500,000 – 1 million children ages (6 – 17yo) in U.S.
15% increase in 2019 cases (1 in 59 children)

Mental Health Problems:

30 – 61% of children with autism also have ADHD
11 – 40% - Have anxiety as children or teens
50% or more have chronic sleep problems
33% of autistic people are non-verbal
4 – 35% - Have schizophrenia
7% have depression

Health Problems:
26% of adults have chronic gastrointestinal problems
8x – More likely to have gastro problems as children

Life Threatening Issues:

#1 - Drowning, leading cause of death
28% of 8-year old autistic children self-harm
50% of autistic children wander or bolt from safety
90% deaths 14yo or younger are from wandering or bolting

Medical Cost:
$175 – $196 billion/yr – Cost for Adults
$61 – $66 billion/year – Cost for Children
4.1 – 6.2x higher expenses for kids with autism than w/o

These statistics should scare the crap out of you. What is

making autism the new designer disease? You don’t want
to know. More and more children are being “diagnosed”
with this disease, simply because of their overzealous
mothers. I watched too many vlogs to mention about
women who “discovered” that their children were autistic.
If I had a child, and I was watching the milestones that he
or she should be meeting, and they don’t match up, I will
drag my child to the doctor, and they will label them
autistic. This is what’s happening. If the child doesn’t talk
when the mother thinks they should, they run to the doctor.
If the child doesn’t look at them when they want, they run
to the doctor. I took care of a child that didn’t speak a word
until he was 5 years old. He hasn’t stopped talking since.
He didn’t walk until he was 3, and he went to Kindergarten
without being potty trained. He’s doing just fine.

Autistic children display symptoms like development

regression, which means they go back in time. If they
started to learn 20 or 30 words, when autism hits, they lose
those words. If they used to look into their parent’s eyes
when they were months old, at 1 years old, suddenly they
don’t. They avoid eye contact. They stop speaking and
start mumbling like they don’t understand anything.
Cognitively, they return to newborns. If they used to play
with siblings, now they pretend they don’t exist. They have
no interest in community play, and they don’t acknowledge

If an autistic child is born into a family, the chances of a 2 nd

child being born with the same condition is 2 – 18%. They
call them “autistic subies”. How can two different children,
with totally different DNA, end up with the exact same
disorder? There is something wrong in either the
environment, or the biology of one parent or both.

Since, I couldn’t figure out what it is, I went online to hear

the stories of women that claimed to have children with
autism. I wasn’t just listening to what they said, I was
watching their behavior. Any psychologist, worth her salt,
is going to analyze the multiple streams of information that
come from body language, word choice, sentence
construction, eye movements, and intonations. I can tell
when someone is speaking from a “character” that they’ve
created in their heads. I can really tell if I see a couple
videos, which one is closest to the real version of them. It’s
like the mask starts to slip off. Some of these people think
they’re so crafty that no one can see that their full of it.

This “character” issue is especially prevalent on social

media. People that want followers and views so bad that
they use their children as bait, that’s a different type of

Autism Vlogger #1:

One such woman has a vlog that she titled, “Autism

Meltdown”. I clicked on it, because I wanted to see what
she considered a meltdown. First thing is, she talked about
herself for 3 minutes before she even showed any
meltdown. She claimed the video was supposed to be
about how she was going to go cold turkey on social media
for 24 hours. It looks like that didn’t work. As soon as I
heard that, I knew she was dopamine deficient. If you can’t
go 24 hours without social media, you are an ADDICT.

She engineered a trip to Home Depot with her mother and

autistic daughter. The camera was rolling when she was in
the car with them. She told her mother that she was tired
and had no energy. We find out later that she was hungover
from drinking too much the night before. So, yesterday,
you tried to go without social media for 24 hours, and
instead you ended up drinking until you got drunk. Today,
still reeling from yesterday, you are out of dopamine, and
this video is all about that and nothing else. No matter
what I say after this, remember, that’s what this whole
video is about. Moving on, she records her and her
daughter in Home Depot. Apparently, the meltdown
happened inside Home Depot, but for some reason she
“couldn’t record”. Yeah right. She didn’t want us to hear
what she said to the little girl to induce a meltdown. She
writes on the screen, “This is where she finds out there are
no animals at Home Depot.” Why would any child think
there were animals at Home Depot? She told the little girl
there were animals, and knew she would flip her shit when
she found out her mother lied.

Her mother then records being back in the car, when the
little girl is screaming at the top of her longs. This is where
it gets really creepy. The grandmother apparently had a
few run-ins with people that had something to say about the
little girl’s behavior, and she stopped to confront them.
One of the people said that she just needs a smack on her
behind. Another person said something else she didn’t like.
The grandmother kept saying, that’s my granddaughter,
making it about her. The people kept walking away from
her because if she didn’t tell them that, they wouldn’t have
known because the little girl was in the parking lot already.

Grandma is in the car now crying, having a meltdown

because of things people said. My God. She is competing
with the little girl in the car for the daughter’s attention.
The dysfunction is so ripe. The daughter has console her
mother, then she starts crying herself. They have been
forgot about the little baby in the back. Soon, they drop the
little girl off to somebody else, and the mother said that she
was still pretty upset. Upset at what? We never heard the
little girl say anything about any animals. We have no idea
what the little girl was really crying about, but the last thing
she needs to be is abandoned. They were off to somewhere

The mother started to analyze the situation for us. She said
that the little girl hasn’t had a public meltdown in over a
year, very significant, which you’ll see in a minute. Home
Depot is an unfamiliar place. The girl has never been there.
Out of the blue, she decides to take her autistic child to an
unfamiliar place, with flowers and overstimulation, with
the camera rolling. She said the little girl was already in a
bad mood before they got there, so whoever they dropped
her off with, was available anyway, and could’ve watched
her. She said the little girl doesn’t like sudden change.

Her grandmother continued to rant about how she was so

upset with the people who said something about the little
girl, even though none of them were talking to her. She
went on and on for 2 minutes straight, and her daughter,
who’s channel it was, actually cut her off and edited some
of it out. As she was talking, I kept thinking, wow, she
really can’t let things go. She really holds a grudge. She
really is making this about her. She has a hard time
regulating her emotions. She’s really angry, she repeats
herself often, she’s obsessed with unfairness, she has a
gigantic ego. Look no further to find out what that little
girl’s problem is. You don’t have to look far to see what
her daughter’s problem is. They both are learning that
causing a scene gets them dopamine. Three generations of
dopamine deficient grandmother, mother, and
granddaughter. Those women used the little girl to feed
their beast, then dumped her off. It made me sick.
At the end of the video, the mother said that it just
happened to be Autism Awareness Month, the day she was
uploading the video. No, it didn’t just happen to be that.
You purposely manipulated your baby so you could create
click bait because you were low on dopamine. You brought
your simp ass mother along, so she could feed too. Then,
the grandmother said that she needs to resurrect, or start
paying attention to her FB page for Autism all of a sudden.
If you want to see two women, empty as a balloon, you will
be able to find the video very easily. Count how many
times the daughter looks over at her mother while she is
talking or when her mother is talking. Like a drug addict
that keeps taking a hit, every other second. This is why the
little girl has “autism”. Her caregivers are dopamine

As she was signing off, she talked about how more needs to
be done to educate school systems and communities about
autism, so they don’t make comments to people in public.
Her daughter apparently, head butted a door in preschool.
That has nothing to do with autism. That has to do with a
child that has a very messed up family situation, caregivers
that have no regulator, a mother that is severely infected
with candida in her brain, had a child, and now the child is
suffering from a mother that’s feeding a beast. The
grandmother was neurotic, raging out, a rambler, anxious,
and guaranteed an agent of candida.

I looked at the comments and the fix was in. So many

people said that when the grandmother cried, they cried.
They actually bought that crap. They themselves had
children with autism. Of course, they will defend her.
They can’t see the evil in her, because they can’t see it in
themselves. Again, whenever it seems that I’m being
unsympathetic, please know that I have more examples that
will make you a believer. Autism is demonic, and the
women that have autistic children are demonic. The
women allow their children to be around demonic people
and things.

Autism Vlogger #2:

There was another vlogger that only had one video about
autism, her last video. The first thing I noticed was that she
had on tons of makeup. A sign of deep insecurity. She was
told that her young son had autism a few days prior. She
hasn’t blogged since. The rest of her videos, going back 2
years, were about completely different things like beauty,
makeup, and outings with her boyfriend.

She was 21 years old, had a 15-month-old son, and had just
given birth to another baby. It took me a very long time to
comb through all of her videos. However, once I did, it
was like watching a romantic movie that ended in a horror
film. She has no idea that any person with a degree in
behavior sciences could see how dysfunctional her entire
channel is. What she thought she was showing is so far
from what she really was intending to show.

First of all, she collects sneakers, which if you read my

God’s Pharmacy: Dopamine book, you would know that
people that collect shoes are dopamine deficient. This was
before she had kids. One of her vlogs included her sitting
in the house alone, recording herself straightening her hair,
and putting on makeup. The girl couldn’t stand being by
herself. Her boyfriend was at work, and she said she was
bored. When he returned, he would always go to sleep.
She constantly complained about that, because she needed
constant attention. They went shopping, and during the
shopping trips, she had the camera up recording herself.
They use shopping to get their dopamine together.
They went to go eat, but she couldn’t decide what she
wanted. Apparently, this is a little back and forth game
they play every single day. He’ll ask her what she wants,
and she’ll say she doesn’t know. She asks him to give her
options. Then, he’ll decide and she’ll complain about it.
Very immature couple. She recorded herself eating with
him, just like the girls with an eating disorder. Then, when
she got home, her boyfriend was ignoring her, so she
recorded herself taking her makeup off.

Her boyfriend uses a facial steamer to clean his pores. He

doesn’t this daily, and uses a mud mask. They used a
product that I won’t name here, but it had about 30
chemicals in it. One particular ingredient is fragrance,
which is a broad name for toxic chemicals used to add
scents to makeup, facial scrubs, cleansers, and masks.
Fragrance causes birth defects because they are endocrine
disruptors (EDC). The hormone disrupting chemicals are
especially harmful to boys, which make up the highest
group of autistic children. Think about that when you
realize her boyfriend was using it the most, every single
day. Nobody needs a mask every single day. They even
say on the package to use 2 – 3 times a week, not 7.
Multiply the extra 4 days x 4 weeks a month x 12 months a
year. He was using it when she got pregnant, and she was
using it while pregnant. Clueless.
While she was pregnant, her boyfriend asks her to get back
online to post more videos. She complained about him
using his phone all the time. He said it helps to cure his
anxiety. He also sleeps a lot according to her. Sleeping a
lot, and being on your phone all the time is a symptom of
severe dopamine deficiency. The sleeping comes from an
inability to acquire dopamine, which leads to depression.
His main problem is depression. Anxiety is a symptom of
depression. Using his phone all the time is a symptom of
depression. He wants her to get back on the internet so she
can get some more dopamine for the both of them. He also
probably got tired of her begging for attention. He watches
a vlog series about a couple and their children. I don’t
know about you, but I don’t know many guys looking at
mommy vlogs. He also drinks beer, surprise … surprise.

They went to the electronic store to buy a new camera. He

held up a wad of $500 cash. I wonder where he got that
from, seeing as they still live in her father’s house, in her
childhood bedroom. After they bought the camera, they
came home and started recording themselves using the
beauty products again. They have an incredibly boring life
for young 20-something people. He decides that late at
night, they need to go to the ice cream store. Her boyfriend
is effeminate too, which has to do with his high estrogen.
So, they go to the ice cream shop, and order cake batter
with Reese’s peanut butter cups, and whipped cream, The
Candida Special. She orders the same thing. He seems so
giddy and happy because this is his dopamine dessert.

The most telling vlog they made was when they went to the
mall, yet again, to buy some designer shoes that had to be
reserved on an app. They were so high on adrenaline when
they were waiting for their phones to chime. They had to
drive to a certain location in their city to get the shoes.
When their appointment showed up on their phones, their
sizes were not available anymore. His behavior changed,
and when I mean changed, I mean the devil showed up.
This guy that seemed so supportive, and friendly, became
nasty, rude, and vicious because he couldn’t get his
dopamine rush. She was recording herself walking out of
the mall, and he kept telling her to get the camera out of his
face. Every other time, he was fine with it. Now, he wasn’t
feeling it. He told her that, “Nobody cares about you.”
Which I thought was so mean, seeing as she is carrying his
baby. He didn’t care about that. All he cared about where
those shoes.

He continued being aggressive when they went to get food

after. She ordered soda to share with him. Soda while
pregnant? That’s an enormous amount of sugar to put on a
growing fetus digestive system. They were sharing a tray,
and he purposely moved his food off of the tray, so his food
wouldn’t be anywhere near hers. Again, she was filming
them eating. Even the sugar rush didn’t cure his anger,
which was really depression. Keep in mind, all of this is
happening before their first baby arrives.

She had some other vlogs about the labor and delivery, but
I just couldn’t stomach them anymore. She got pregnant
immediately after, and they were still living in her parent’s
house. How can you allow yourself to get pregnant again,
when this sorry man still isn’t creating a home for you and
the one you have? Low standards, and by the way, she
didn’t work. She used to work with him at a shoe store, but
when she got pregnant, she stopped working. She is home
with the children all the time, and the vlogs just stopped
coming. She only decided to get back online to tell us how
fat she had gotten, and that’s why she wasn’t making any
content. In that video, she looked extremely depressed. I
can just imagine the havoc she was putting on that baby.

Long story short, as soon as the 2nd baby was born, her 1st
son started exhibiting symptoms of autism. He stopped
talking, stopped looking her in the eye, and stopped
answering to his name. It’s no coincidence that this exactly
coincided with the introduction of a new stimuli. If a
mother has created a toxic brain soup for her original child,
when the 2nd child comes along, the little baby is going to
have a reaction. He was being ignored. If you have two
dopamine deficient parents, they’re going to focus on each
other until you get here, then they will focus on you, as the
firstborn. Just like any narcissist. As soon as they have
new supply, the old supply is discarded. She took the baby
to the doctor, and at 15 months, they claim the baby is
autistic. Diagnosis doesn’t happen until they are at least 2,
but she couldn’t wait to come online, and tell us all about it.
She hasn’t vlogged since, and I’m not even sure I believe

A few points I want to make here, and they’re not in

context as far as chronology goes, but they stand on their

 One time, her boyfriend was sleeping, and he was

wrapped up in a blanket the way you wrap up a
baby. She asked him why he does that, and he said
it makes him feel safe. Red flag. Why does a
grown man need to wrapped up like a baby to feel
safe? Some childhood issues unresolved.
 The 1st baby was coughing. He tried to go get the
baby. She told him to remain seated and speak to
the camera. He asked her why she walked right
past the baby. She didn’t respond. Already a clue
that she was already started to ignore the child.
 When she was trying to get her boyfriend to take the
baby, he got into the playpen and said it was his day
off. He almost broke it.
 Her boyfriend plays video games. She asked him
why he was so intense about it. He said he needed
to be first. “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Black
and white thinking of a true narcissist. Exactly how
he felt when he didn’t get those shoes.
 Another vlogger made chili that day. She ran out
and got the ingredients to make it the same day.
Can’t think for herself, and a humongous follower.
Explains why they desperately needed to get the
shoes. They must follow the crowd, always.
 They met at a shoe store that they both worked at.
The reason they wanted to work there was so they
could get discounts on their common addiction.
 They did a Q&A about how well they knew each
other. She came up with all the questions. He got
90% of the questions wrong. One question was
what they fight about the most. The answer was,
who was going to change the baby.
 He said when he’s in his car, and another car revs
up the engine next to him, he always wants to race.
The only reason he doesn’t is because she won’t let
 He throws the baby in the air even though she
thinks it’s dangerous. He doesn’t care. She asked
him why he does it, he said for excitement. Who’s?
 She asked what is something she would do all day if
she had the chance. He said watching videos
nonstop, the same way someone binge watches a
TV series. She’s binge watching other people’s
lives to escape her own.

This is the environment that was created before these two

children got here. I hope you’re started to see that autism is
the result of parents that are dopamine deficient and
depressed. The child can recognize when the parents are no
longer interested in them, so they retreat into their own
minds. The candida infection takes over, and they start to
lose all the development they achieved from birth until that
moment. Most parents say, from one week to the next, it’s
like a completely different child. That’s because,
something within that child, lying dormant, has just gotten
the opportunity to possess them, and the parents are logged
I guarantee you, if someone were to check that child for
candida, it’s made it all the way to its brain. You’d have to
check her and her boyfriend to and get the same result.
Last, but not least, she had him go to the store to buy one
thing. Something called Cow Tales. I’d never heard of it,
and neither did he. She bought about 6 or 7 of them, and
I’m sure she ate them all. This is what the ingredients are.

Cow Tales:
Wheat Flour
Corn Syrup
Highly Refined Coconut Oil
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Modified Whey
Skim Milk
Mono & Diglycerides
Citric Acid
Natural & Artificial Flavors
Palm Oil
Soy Lecithin
Corn Starch
Red 40
Red 40 Lake

I’m not even going to get into the fat and sugar content,
because that doesn’t even matter. It’s candy, so you know
it’s bad. She’s overloaded her unborn baby with Red 40,
and high fructose corn syrup. These are the millennial
mothers that are breeding like rabbits. They don’t care
what they’re doing to their children, and the sorry men that
they lay down with are equally vapid. I felt sorry for them,
because it’s clear that they don’t know any better. If they
did, I believe they would do better. That’s why I’m writing
this book. These kids don’t know. They’re kids

Autism Vlogger #3:

Young mother, with a 10-year-old, a 2-year-old, and is

pregnant again. All 3 have autism. She also has a 13 and
12-year-old that doesn’t have autism. Her first child is by
another man, and is a girl. The other 4 are boys, and 3 of
them have autism, the last 3. That means, between the first
child, the 1st boy, and the 2nd boy, something happened.
When she first started talking, she talked about herself for 2
straight minutes. Repeating herself, just like the other

Her 2-year-old son was speaking at first, but then he lost

words. It’s called speech regression. There was no
nonverbal communication either. He walked late, and he
had hip dysplasia because her pelvic area was too small. I
don’t see how that’s true when this is her 4th kid. She
homeschools her kids. He has high pain tolerance, is
clumsy, and has sensory problems. She has sensory
problems too, but didn’t elaborate. He needs routine. It
needs to be on a set schedule, the waffles have to be whole,
not torn in half. Sounds like a kid that is running the show.
He won’t eat if everything is not just right.

He hates to be swaddled or rocked. You can only cuddle on

his terms. Sounds like a cat. She had an aha moment when
she remembered that she moved him out of her bedroom,
with her and her husband, at 2 months old. Parental
rejection. What kind of man allows that? I promise you, it
was his idea, because she got pregnant soon after. Now, the
child likes to do things on his own, and wants to be
independent. When a child is ignored, yeah, they figure out
that you aren’t a source of entertainment or comfort, so if
they’re intelligent enough, they’ll find something else to
do. His food has to be separated. I saw her feeding her 10-
year-old son out of the same baby bowl. Who is the one
that wants to keep it that way, him or her?

He has sleep regression. It takes him hours to go to sleep.

This is from adrenaline, and his attempt to get dopamine. I
really think it’s a hunger for oxytocin. He wants the
comfort of his mother, and he purposely doesn’t sleep
because he knows the second he’s off the sleep, she’ll be
gone. He doesn’t play with typical toys. He plays with
kitchen supplies. It took a little while to discover that she
lets him watch a video channel online about a family that
plays with kitchen supplies all day. Which came first?
Him playing with the kitchen supplies or the show? He
also likes to play with her mother’s broom and rake. He
played outside for 2 hours with that. Why is a 2-year-old
outside playing with dangerous tools alone? Is he
specifically playing with tools that he’s sees his mom and
grandma use? Does she ever sit down on the floor and play
with him? I doubt it.

He bites people, and has grabbed her arm until it hurt. He

gets relief from seeing her in pain. That child is
experiencing pure rage and hatred for his mother. Doesn’t
that sound like a grown man who is a misogynist? That
stuff shows up real early. He acts like he wants to hug
people, but then will bite them on the face. What does this
have to do with being autistic? This is demonic. He likes
to run out of the house, and coincidentally, his older brother
did the same thing. This is a characteristic of autistic
people. They like to bolt, probably because they’re trying
to escape where they are. Or the demonic in them is trying
to propel them towards their death, because they usually get
hurt. Her older son was cruel to animals. This little one
lies animals. She showed him a few times, and he was a
pure manipulator.

The grandma brought over some puppies, and he was

playing with the puppy. It was so cute. Until she tried to
take the puppy away, and he got upset. She gave it right
back to him. That’s the problem. These children can’t
expand because their parents are giving them whatever they
want. They haven’t learned that the world doesn’t revolve
around them, and no means no. What’s the difference
between this and the Prader-Willi kids? Not a damn thing.

For breakfast, she fed them French toast sticks, yogurt,

green apples, fruit punch, and milk. Her older son told her,
“I want to get you stuff like Daddy gives you for
Valentine’s Day.” He was talking about Mother’s Day.
Very different holiday, but to him it’s the same.
Competition. She encourages that crap, and hugged him in
the camera afterwards. Oedipus Complex galore. She
babies this 10-year-old boy also. When it was time to do
his schoolwork, she was recording it. She asked him what
1-1equals? He said 0. Then, she handed him the pencil.
He told on her, “You always write it.” Yeah girl, you’re
trying to act like he does everything on his own. She
doesn’t want him to be independent.

After she got her oldest autistic son genetically tested, the
doctor asked her if she wanted to get the newborn tested.
She said yes. The first son had 3 microdeletions. She
would never say what they were. The 2 nd son has not been
tested. Why, we don’t know. Her 3rd son has 1
microdeletion, which is the same as the 1st son. She was
supposed to get the 2nd son to visit the speech therapist to
get him evaluated. The night before, she fell in a gas
station, got whiplash, and claim she couldn’t move.
Needless to say, they didn’t go to the appointment.
Metaphysics says, she didn’t want him tested because
maybe he doesn’t have autism at all, and her cover will be
blown. There’s no proof of any of the things that she says.

Her followers told her she had Munchausen-by-proxy. She

got offended at that. I figured that out after the first video.
Her 2nd so started to show symptoms after she kicked him
out of the room, and when she got pregnant again, and had
another child. I hope you’re started to see a pattern here.
When the mother finds a new source, the child is replaced.
Then, she cycles them all back around to serve her as the
queen, and triangulates them. You can see very dark circles
around her eyes, which indicate low dopamine. She also
talks very loud out of nowhere, complete lack of self-
awareness and anxiety, again, low dopamine.

Her husband is rarely home, but her house was a wreck.

Her husband decided to come home and clean up the
kitchen. When I tell you, you could lick off the floor when
he got done. Which means, he is obsessive-compulsive,
and the fact that he had to film it, means he is just as
narcissistic as her. Poor kids. Screwed at hello. Her
daughter, who she decided to put on camera because of her
obvious mixed heritage, which nobody cares about,
because it’s not that big a deal, was acting very suggestive.
She couldn’t stop moving, and acting just as neurotic as her
mother. Young girl, seriously dopamine deficient also.
Which means the problem originated with mom. Sounds to
me like a home, drenched with demonic possession, and the
poor boys are in for a ride of their life with this woman.

When she was filming with the baby, she ignored him, until
he cried a little. Then, she put him on a shoulder in a way,
where both of his hands were behind her back. Most
people want their baby to feel their neck or check for
comfort. Not her, she even held the baby on her lap in a
distant way, the baby was practically falling out of her
arms. These are mothers that like children for energy,
convenience, for money, who knows. Once they get here,
they lose interest. How can I use my kid to get more

Autism Vlogger #4:

This vlogger was actually a man, a father of 3 boys, all with

autism. His wife was here and there, but it was obvious he
is the one who wanted the attention. The first video I
watched was about his sons’ meltdowns. It was overdone.
It was extreme. It was shameful. The oldest son looked
completely, and utterly, and totally, and undeniably, demon
possessed, from the deepest part of Hell. Foaming at the
mouth, hitting himself, shaking his hands, unable to
breathe, and raging out like I have never seen. His father
sat right there and filmed it. It broke my heart. I learned a
lot from his vlog though. He said meltdowns come in 6

1. Calm
2. Triggers
3. Agitation
4. Meltdown
5. Re-grouping
6. Starting over

He made sure to distinguish between tantrum vs. meltdown.

He said that many parents in the community don’t like it
when people classify a meltdown as a tantrum, because
when other people see it, they say things like, “Oh, all kids
have tantrums.” His definition:
Meltdown is drooling, hitting themselves, rumbling,
raging, gnawing, gritting teeth, and flapping hands.

Tantrums are bad behavior that immediately stops when

the child gets what they want. A meltdown is out of

He can classify it anyway he wants. They’re both tantrums,

except the demonic takes over when it becomes a
meltdown. The meltdown can last from 15 minutes to
several hours for his children. This is adrenaline. The
whole purpose of a meltdown is adrenaline, which leads to

They called themselves going to church, and that surprised

me because I know this family is full of the devil. I
watched them get themselves dressed up. And the kids
always act up right when it’s time to take communion.
They refuse to let the parents take part in the sacrament.
They have to go to a special room, so their kids can rage
out in peace. They do this week after week, and they don’t
see the connection. I still was convinced that this family
was doing something else that brought the devil into their
home. Low and behold, they did a Halloween Special.
That was all the information I needed.

The oldest child was dressed as Peter Pan, or an elf, or

Robin Hood. The middle child was dressed as a monster
with devil horns. The baby was dressed as a minion. The
mother was dressed as a witch. Some other lady was
dressed as a white witch or Venetian vampire with vampire
teeth. On the dining room table, was a pumpkin carved as
Mike Wasowski, a one-eyed character from Monster’s Inc.,
which looks demonic, with vampire teeth. The dad did not
dress up, but was filming. I wondered if they were going
trick or treating. No. Much worse!
They went to a festival called, WitchFest. It was witches,
on top of witches at that place. The mother was taking all
the kids around to get candy. She personally loved the
installation of the witch with the cauldron making potions.
She said it was so detailed, what she means is accurate,
because obviously, she knows something about it. They
danced to demonic hip hop music. They had to leave
because one of the kids peed through his costume. These
were her words exactly, “We had to leave before the witch
prayed because ____ peed through his costume.” That
means that if her son didn’t pee through his costume, they
would’ve stayed and let some witch pray and curse her
children. I wondered, how many times they went to
WitchFest before their kids were born? Did she go to
WitchFest when her kids were in her stomach? Right
behind her on the refrigerator was a picture of Jesus Christ.
I just stared in shock. The devil knows the bible backwards
and forwards, and he goes to church too.

She and her husband sat downstairs talking about

WitchFest, while her other two sons, too old to be up there
alone, sat in the bathtub upstairs. I looked into this religion
that they’re members of. The person who started the
religion got his doctrine from doing witchcraft. This
religion is easily worth $30 billion dollars to date. It all
made sense. All is not what it seems, and the poor kids
have no idea, their parents offered them up to the devil
before they were born. You find an autistic child, and then
you’ll find a witch or a narcissist.

Autism Vlogger #5:

About 10 years ago, I started watching this vlogger that

was a single guy, and a very talented artist. He seemed
very rigid in his thinking, and he was making videos that
weren’t really nice towards women, but people found him
funny. I was more interested in his art. I followed him all
the way to his engagement and when he had kids. He was
dopamine deficient. His fiancée was extremely dopamine
deficient, and didn’t like that fact that he was so popular.
He was beyond popular. His views average 500,000, and
this was 10, 11, 12, 13 years ago. She came on the scene
and wanted attention for herself, so she actually made him
delete his vlog, open up a new one all about her, then she
made one for herself, then she made one for her kids.

I remembered them because they said that after their

second daughter was born, their first son started to exhibit
autistic symptoms. Notice the pattern. This man and his
now wife are on the internet, vlogging, all the time. When
I say all the time, I mean, allllllll the time. They vlog about
everything, from her working out, to them buying cars for
each other, for her shopping addiction, for him raging out at
football games. They have moved so many times. Clearly,
they make money off of these, but they’re also getting paid
in attention. If you’re constantly vlogging, how much
attention are you giving your children? Not much.

His wife said she noticed that her son was having these
meltdowns. Guess what? The father had meltdowns, long
before she came along. She knew that. The baby probably
witnessed some of these. She wears tons of makeup.
Works out excessively, shops excessively, posts
excessively, and they let you into all their business. Like
vomit. I stopped following him when they started doing
the clickbait strategy, where they title the video in a way to
make you click on it, then at the end of the video, it has
nothing to do with the title. I don’t like that. They seemed
super desperate then. Anyways, she took him to the doctor
to get diagnosed, and they said he had autism.
The father was in denial, and he said he’s just like his own
father, very prideful. He was angry about it. He
questioned, why this had to happen to his child. The wife
cried, was a nervous wreck, her words. That’s what
happens when you try to portray that life is perfect, via a
camera, and the child ends of displaying in the background
that it’s not. They made it into content anyway to get paid.
She even recorded her son having a meltdown. I just can’t
imagine doing that to my child that hasn’t even begun to
live yet.

She did a Q&A about herself, and someone asked her how
she got into designer bags. She admitted that her mother
was a shopaholic, and her father was in the military.
Recipe for extreme dopamine deficiency. Narcissistic
mother, low on dopamine, and an absentee father. The
children learn that things equal love. She shops until she
drops, and her whole channel is about somebody watching
her workout as she wears skin tight clothes. Needs to be
looked at. These kids are growing up in a house, with two
people, that were empty before they got here.

Autism Documentary:

This was a documentary about 3 families with autistic

children, called Stranger In The Family.

Mother #1:

The first mother said that her son started losing vocabulary
at 2 years old. Her other son with autism stopped talking at
18 months. Because her first son was showing signs later,
she was hypervigilant about tracking the second son’s
words. He was doing so well, and the second she stopped
“tracking” them, he started to lose them. Like clockwork.
That’s not a coincidence. In 2 to 3 months, his words were
completely gone. Her friends were in shock. They said,
“Two weeks ago, he was fine.” Exactly, what happened is
the question. She said she’s always experimenting on
them. Changing their diet. One of the lunch boxes had
ham, cucumber, and tomatoes. When she went to the
doctor, he said that’s exactly what you should not be
feeding them. You think she doesn’t know that? He told
her that the tomatoes have salicylates in them that trigger

A mother who claims she obsesses so much. You think she

didn’t research that? She had 10 different cleaners in her
kitchen, and one of them was made with bleach, right by
the sink. If these children eat from silverware that has been
washed with bleach, it will get into their system, kill their
good bacteria, and allow candida to flourish like crazy. She
said in her own words, “I’m not looking for a cure.” She
has since changed his diet, and says that it was the biggest
help. Her research tells her that autism is a metabolic

Mother #2:

The mother of an 11-year-old boy started off her interview

by saying, “I wouldn’t wish an autistic child on anybody.”
That’s pretty nasty to say about your baby. Her son is in a
special school for autistic children. When he was a baby,
she said it happened over a few weeks. He suddenly
became a different child. “The child you had has died.”
He has trouble hearing, speaking, and remembering. Her
interaction with him is difficult to watch, because she’s
aggressive towards him.

He reached into the cabinet to get some food, and she

barked at him to see what he wanted. He ignored her, so
she grabbed his arm really hard. I was shocked that she
would do that on camera, but she doesn’t see anything
wrong with it. I can tell she’s frustrated. He wanted roll-
ups, and she said no. He hugged her around her neck to try
to manipulate her. That’s a little advanced. He responds a
totally different way around other people when being told
no. According to her, at 8 years old, her son became a
“violent, unhappy, angry, and miserable child.” It sounds
like she’s describing herself. I wonder where he got it

At school, he has a one-on-one support person, a man.

He’s in class with him. He was getting agitated, so the man
took him out of the room. The boy asked for a pill, the man
said no. The boy took his own knee and rammed it into his
own head. The man still said no. He hit the man. Asked
for the pill again. The man said no. He rammed his knee
into his head again. Asked for the pill. The man said no.
The man left the room. This boy is on a cycle of ask, get
told no, violence. He has no concept that what he is asking
for isn’t going to bring about what he wants, no matter how
many times he asks. I wonder where he got the idea that
violence = getting what you want.

Later, his mother let him mix the ingredients for a cake, but
she helped. It had chocolate, butter, and milk. She was
again very aggressive while “helping”. Why does this kid
want chocolate and sugar so bad? Because chocolate
triggers dopamine. He knows intuitively that he isn’t going
to get any dopamine hanging around her. She’s so
smothering and domineering, that the boy can’t do anything
himself. Every single time I saw this poor boy getting
violent, I saw a demon. I even saw him itching his butt,
which is a sign of parasites. His brain has been fully
compromised, and I’m sure you will find the cause in her.
She describes how her son has head-butted a wall,
shattering glass. They had to put him on medication
because he was too hard to deal with. They up the
medication periodically, every 6 months, but have added
additional medications. If he doesn’t calm down right
away, she gives him a pill. That’s her solution to her
“problem”. The boy never learns, with her, how to calm
down. He’s doped up, so his capacity stays low.

The son will take off running sometimes. The mother says
one time while he was getting ready for school, he walked
out the front door at 9 a.m. He ended up down the street,
causing 6 lanes of traffic. How did he get that far without
anyone noticing? The father says he took his son to work
one day to pick up a few things. They were on the 12 th
floor, and he thought the son couldn’t leave. Well, he left,
made it out of the building, and was picked up by a taxi at
7:30 pm. It took his father 40 minutes to find him. Why
would it take you 40 whole minutes to find a child that you
were supposed to be watching? He should not have had
more than a 2 minute head start. Makes me wonder what
the father was really doing at the office.

Later, they showed him having a birthday party. They lit

the candles and were singing. The boy didn’t even wait 2
seconds before he blew all the candles out. He has no
ability to wait. His frustration tolerance is nonexistent. If
you go back and watch his mother’s interaction with him as
he mixed the cake ingredients, you’ll see why. She has low
frustration tolerance. This is not this boy’s fault. He’s
copying after her. He’s constantly looking into his
mother’s eyes for approval. Like a drug addict. Staring at
her, looking for some resemblance of love. He’s desperate.
She’s empty.
When he’s at school, a support person was raking leaves.
Her son got upset, impatient, but he was redirected. He
wanted to rake, but the man stopped the bratty behavior.
This is what his mother won’t do. She just gives him a pill.
He’s never shown how to return to homeostasis, because
she’s never in homeostasis. The support person said he is
learning how to regulate his own emotions, and he’s even
gaining confidence by doing things on his own, something
his mother won’t let him do. Just like the Prader-Willi
children, when they leave the confines of their mother’s
babying, they magically evolve.

Back in the car with his father, he starts to feel antsy, and
wants to go get lemonade and popcorn. He doesn’t talk
much, but he knows how to ask for sweets. Needing sugar,
the instant he gets around his family, lets me know that he
already knows he’s going down. His mother calls herself a
worrier and obsessive, in other words, suffering from
anxiety, and low dopamine. When he gets around her, the
energy in that house is chaotic, nerve-wracking, and he
reaches for sugar like a drug. She claims she’s still going
through the grief process because her son is not who she
thought he would be.

For every 1 child at the school he attends, there are 2 are on

the waiting list. The school is run on donations. They need
to raise $1 million dollars a year, to maintain the one-on-
one therapy. The fundraising efforts include raffles, silent
auctions, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations.
The men appear to put on the silent auction, because most
of the items were sports based. They also seemed to cheer
the loudest when something was sold. That’s great that
they participate, because it’s not just the moms’ job to
support the school. One of the fundraising nights, they sold
They quickly turned the camera to this mother, sitting next
to her husband. She looked over at him and said, “It’s
fantastic, but if you put it into perspective, it’s not enough.”
The pessimism that this woman displays is pathological.
He cut her off and said, “That’s ¼ of what we do. The rest
is in donations from individuals and corporations.” You
have to look at the body language. She’s castrating him in
front of the cameraman. She even smiles a little as she’s
doing it. Only a nasty woman would do this. If she’s doing
this on camera, imagine how foul she is off camera. Her
smile disappeared when he stopped her from devaluing the
men’s efforts. What did she do? We have no idea.

Even in the comments, people don’t care for this particular

lady. This is a woman that hates men. She is the type of
woman that gets off on emasculating her husband, and the
camera doesn’t help. This is what she does to her son. Her
testosterone levels must be high or something. The man is
weak, and that’s why the boy is aggressive. He’s taking his
cues of how to be a man from her. The boy is mixed with a
strange cocktail of masculine and feminine traits that aren’t
playing well together.

He’s overly touchy with people. No concept of personal

space. His mother is like that. He acts like a little girl,
being flirty with men and women. He’s desperate for love,
and he’s just watching what everyone does. He doesn’t
know how to interact with people without manipulating
them. He’s constantly seeking reassurance. He just wants
to know that he’s loved, no matter what he does. He’s not
getting that from his mother. He knows she can’t stand

In another segment, she’s talking about how she hopes he

can get a job one day so he can live somewhere else. She
heard herself so she lied and said, “Of course, he’s
welcomed with us, as long as he has to be with us.” She
added, when he leaves, it’ll give the rest of us a future, and
independence of our own. There’s no love in that woman.
His father let him ride his bike to the store, so he can feel
proud of doing something himself. If you pause the very
last scene of the documentary, and zoom in on his left eye.
You’ll see all the boy’s problems, in his father’s eye. A
narcissistic woman.

Mother #3:

The mother of a 7-year-old, who by her account is almost

perfect. “I can barely find fault with him, and it’s
dreadful.” I actually think this is the worst mother of all of
them, simply because she’s has the most hidden dark
energy. She didn’t bond with her 2 nd son, like she did with
her first son. Her 2nd son has autism, and her daughter has
autism. She talks about her 1st son like he’s some father
figure for her two other children. The 2 nd son was
developing fine, and then one day, he just stopped looking
at her. Her 3rd child, the daughter, was calling her from the
crib one day, and then suddenly the exact same thing
started happening. Nobody is home with the children
except her.

She said “I felt alone, like no one else in the world was
going through this but me.” Narcissism. Her daughter
goes into the closet and lines up shoes from one end of the
bed to the other. She’s aloof, and doesn’t make eye contact.
When her mother was getting the diagnosis for the girl, she
seemed giddy. “It’s deflating.” It’s not deflating, she knew
this was going to happen, because she wanted it to happen.
This is a mother that wants her children to get medical
treatment, so SHE can be seen by a doctor. This is
Munchausen-by-proxy. There’s no doubt in my mind.
When the camera showed her looking up an internet search
for autism, the camera operator made sure to zoom in on an
area above the search box that said, “gambling portal”.
Someone in the house has a gambling addiction. The
mother is clearly a binge-eater. She’s overweight. She
looked for a doctor all the way in the U.S. and they’re in
Sydney, Australia, because there’s no medical treatment
that she can benefit from. They have schools, but she
wants a doctor.

She contacted the doctor in the U.S., and he said that

autism is a biological disorder, not a mental disorder. It
affects the immune system. He wants to put the kids on
medication. Right after she says that, she goes to the
kitchen and pulls an enormous pan of macaroni & cheese
out of the oven. This is the first time you actually see how
large she is.

At dinner, we see on top of the table 3 cans of Coca-Cola,

and the father is drinking white wine. She has 3 children,
and 2 of them are less than 5. Who are those 3 cans of cola
for? Probably her, and the father is drinking, signaling the
whole family is dopamine deficient. The parents were that
before the children got there. Those children were born
into a hot mess. The mother saw that the first child came
out just fine, even though she says he gets upset easily.
What did she do? She changed the DNA of the other
children, with her mind, with the environment, and with the
food she’s feeding them. She also kisses her children
square on the mouth.

Her husband was sitting next to her, and she starts being
flirty with whoever is behind the camera. “It seems like
such a little thing. How difficult can it be?” She’s talking
about autism, but she’s using this little girl voice, and
women use when they’re trying to be cute. It’s pathetic,
and her husband already knows her game, so he cuts her
off. When he does, she darts her eyes over to him, and
tucks her hair behind her ears. This is well-known as flirty
body language. Then, she cuts him off, and repeats herself,
talking back to the camera person. Again, flirting with
someone in front of your husband’s face, or emasculating
him in front of others, is the typical narcissistic bitch
behavior. The only problem these poor children have is
getting caught up in the wrong man’s balls, and the wrong
woman’s uterus. What she doesn’t do in utero, she will
complete in person.

When a mother makes eye contact with her newborn, her

brainwave synchronizes with the baby. This creates a sense
of connection. 36 babies were studied after gazing into
their mother’s eyes. The babies made an effort to
communicate, and vocalize with their mother’s after. What
do you think happens to a baby that’s ignored, repeatedly
for 15 months, or even 15 days? They retreat into their
heads. The quickest way to cause a newborn to get really
sick is to ignore them. These dopamine deficient mothers
are ignoring their babies, either by ignoring them
intentionally, playing on their phones, seeking attention
from other people, having babies back to back, working too
much, or sending them somewhere else. Either way, this
kids know they aren’t wanted, and they’re in survival mode
because of it.

Comments Under Documentary:

“I’m autistic as well, I didn’t realize I had a depressive

childhood until I turned 21, and that I moved away from
my family. I’m living a happy life.”

“My daughter is 4 years old. She has autism. She’s is my

world. My life would be completely empty without her.”
“My son had the Mmr shot at 18 months old, and a few
hours later, he spiked a fever of 106.5 and went into
6. Autism (Adult)

I wanted to follow some adults with autism to see how they

fared past childhood. The point I want to keep presenting
is that people with autism are narcissistic. That’s not me
being unsympathetic, it’s a fact. BBC News has a
documentary called, “I’m scared of my autistic child”.

Adult Autism Documentary #1:

It shows a mother of a 19-year-old autistic boy. He’s the

only son of a husband and wife. The rest are girls, I don’t
know how many, they never said. I do get the impression
that he’s the firstborn. Which is significant, because he was
diagnosed at age 3. He speaks in a very high-pitched voice,
similar to Mickey Mouse. He’s a grown man, with a grown
body, body hair, but somehow his voice is still like it was
when he was 3. This man is extremely narcissistic. He
won’t let his mother speak to the interviewer. He says,
“Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me!” Then, when she
answers him, he says no. Then, gets up and makes her look
at him. “I can’t see you.” He’s not happy until all attention
is on him. He must be looked at so he exists. Typical
millennial, but to the extreme. She is his Instagram.

If he’s acting like that around visitors, imagine what he

does when people aren’t there. He has probably been
demanding her undivided attention since he was 3 years
old. He watched how she took care of the daughters as
baby, and has just decided, with his child’s mind, that being
a baby will get mommy’s attention forever. She encourages
his behavior, because she gives into him when she’s not
being recorded. She said that herself. She does it because
she doesn’t want her daughters to see him escalate. She
doesn’t mind him escalating on camera though. She
ignores him, repeatedly. His mother talks to him in a baby
voice still, which is probably why he’s still doing it at age

Adult Asperger’s Documentary:

In this documentary, “Through Our Eyes”, we follow a

group of adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s is a
mild form of autism. It affects 1 in 68 people in the U.S.

Asperger’s Patient #1:

One young woman says praise music bothers her. She had
to leave school, because she could hear people writing on
paper, the clock ticking, people dropping things on the floor
etc. Guess what? Everybody hears those things. She just
didn’t feel like filtering out. Her parents homeschooled her
in 3rd grade, but I’m sure she wanted that anyway. She
wanted special treatment. Her mother said that she
couldn’t deal with the schedule, school environment, and
she couldn’t keep up with the work. She didn’t like the
testing that ramped up, as she was a slow learner.

The girl is self-possessed. Here are few things she said:

“Before I got diagnosed, I thought I was the modern day

equivalent of a village idiot. Then, I discovered that my
brain is wired differently than other people, and they just
have to deal with it.”

“When I’m on the phone with someone, they have to turn

down their TV or radio. If they want to talk to me that’s
what has to happen.”

She said all of these things with an attitude. However,

when she got to be homeschooled, magically, she is able to
filter noises out now. She always had that ability, she was
just too lazy to do what everyone else does. Figure it out.
These people are weak people with narcissism. The world
has to bend towards them. You can call it whatever you
want, these people are raised to be self-obsessed. Her
mother didn’t even give her schoolwork for the first year,
she went to museums, and libraries instead. True enabler.

When she was a kid, she said that she didn’t pay much
attention to the outside world. When she got older, she
realized the world was there. Her conscience would
harshly verbally berate her after she’d have a conversation
with someone. These are the things her “conscience” said:

 You talked too long.

 You talked too much about yourself.
 You aren’t asking them enough about themselves.

She’s basically saying that she was possessed by an entity

that belittled her after she selfishly talked people to death.
Notice how it didn’t berate her as she was doing. Only
afterwards when she couldn’t do anything about it. She
said that it did this on repeat for two weeks to a month later.
Why would she allow a voice inside her head to do this?
Because she was getting adrenaline off of it. This is
obsession. Her conscience would keep taking things
farther and farther to extremes. She went on this ride

Her symptoms are manageable. However, sometimes when

she is hyper-emotional, her self-loathing kicks in, and
suddenly her sensory overload comes right back.
Whenever she needs another adrenaline rush, she pulls out
Old Faithful, narcissism. She has 1,000 movies, as she
calls it, in her head of stories that she’s written. She can
live in any of these worlds when she wants to calm down. I
find it interesting that she needs to be in her own world,
where she is controlling everything, in order for her to calm
down. See the real world doesn’t work like that.

She works as a bagger in a grocery store, and her favorite

part is talking to people, so she can be acknowledged. “I
get a high off of talking to people, which takes ¾ of my
energy. I use the other ¼ to bag the groceries. When I get
home, I’m out of it and just flop on the bed. People with
Asperger’s avoid social situations because we don’t have
the capacity.” She’s exactly right, she doesn’t have the
capacity to not make everything about herself for very long.
She gets filled up too fast, burns out, and when she gets
home, she’s empty again. This sounds just like an energy

Asperger’s Patient #2:

The producer of the documentary also has Asperger’s.

She’s friends with the other girl. She describes her social
difficulties by saying, “I can’t stand small talk. I want to
get to know people.” Small talk is what you do before you
get to know people. She doesn’t have the ability to sustain
the frustration of slowly getting to know people. In other
words, it has to be her way or the highway.

The filmmaker said this about people with Asperger’s. “It’s

hard to read nonverbal cues and body language, because
they’re already so busy processing what’s around them, that
it’s just hard to pay attention to those things.” Imagine a
guy that’s with a girl he’s not interested in. Do you think
he’s paying attention to her body language and nonverbal
cues? It’s hard for him to pay attention to those things,
when he’s too busy looking around at her replacement. He
won’t hear a word she’s saying because he’s a jerk. Case
closed. If you’re not interested, you won’t pay attention.
She prefers chatting online. She doesn’t have to remember
what they say in the moment, because she can always go
back and read it again. She’s not able to pay attention for
very long. Her social skills have improved, because she’s
practiced her conversational skills in public and in private.
Which means, she had the ability all along. The way she
was able to do this documentary was by getting to know
people. Meaning, she had to think about someone other
than herself.

She also lives in a fantasy world, and can project images

onto her current reality. She’s always had a huge
imagination, which means she’s always been looking for an
escape. She created this character called Seamus, a male
angle. When she’s taking a test, he will “show up” to
comfort her. She even imagines dancing with him, and
probably imagines dating him. I don’t know if these are
spirits, ghosts, demons, or what but she should be very
careful. This world she has been creating has been going
on since she was 17 years old. As an adult, she’s still living
in it.

She keeps a tight schedule for herself, because she likes the
predictability of it. Her anxiety is lessened when she’s in
control. She tries to put positivity on the schedule by
writing positive things that happened that day. I thought
this was so great, until I saw that she was posting it on a
blog for people to see. Fake positivity for attention. When
she gets around her family, she gets overwhelmed, but she
also gets overwhelmed when she’s hungry, tired, or
overstimulated. She can’t figure out why until much later,
and when she does, she berates herself. I hope you’re
starting to see a pattern of behavior. Things must go my
way, or I allow the inner voice to call me names. That’s
really what they’re avoiding the whole time.
Her middle school was very accommodating to her and her
disability, winning awards and graduating. However, her
mother moved her another district for high school. Why
would you do that to your autistic daughter? The new
school wasn’t about to make any accommodations for her,
and they didn’t treat her “special”, so her mother decided to
homeschool her. When she graduated, and started to live
independently, she wanted to get a job. Uh oh. Mom
doesn’t have a role anymore. She applied at a superstore,
and her mother applied at the same time to be a Job Coach.
That girl didn’t need that. Her mother just couldn’t let go.
Her mother only stayed a couple months, because I’m sure
the company didn’t want to pay for a babysitter for an

She went to college, and what did mom do? Went to

college also, to get a degree in Psychology, so she can get
even more into her daughter’s business. Her mother
appears on the film, clearly a narcissist, and I could see by
the way her mother speaks that her rigid thinking and
perfectionism comes from her. A counselor that she
interviewed said, “People are very concrete in their
thinking, so they take things literally. It’s hard for them to
think about another person’s perspective.”

One girl, also in the documentary with just autism said,

“It’s not easy to have a boyfriend, when you don’t catch
him getting mad at you.” I find these same characteristics
of a narcissist, except they catch the person getting mad,
they just don’t care. This girl said she speaks in a high-
pitched voice, and can be a chatterbox. Sounds like mania.
In her house, they don’t do sarcasm, because she takes it
literally. That’s just laziness. Everyone on Earth, has had
to learn the difference between sarcasm and reality. She’s
just too lazy. Now, everyone has to change their speech
pattern, because she is too gullible. That’s a person that
just doesn’t want to use their brain, because they’re saving
it for something else.

What’s the difference between a person with Asperger’s

and an airhead? Somebody that just doesn’t use their
common sense. You’ll find that this is a personality issue.
These same people are very particular in other ways. They
want people to bend towards them, and their “deficiencies”.
The common denominator is self-importance and
entitlement. If no one told them that they had low
frustration tolerance, then the medical professional did
them a disservice. All of them, somehow in another
environment, magically figured it out.

Asperger’s Patient #3:

This man lived a few states away. The filmmaker met him
online in a support group. He flew to visit her, and this was
the first person he ever met with Asperger’s. She
introduced him to all her friends at a pool party she threw.
I’m sure she enjoyed being the center of attention. He has
learned to mimic NeuroTypical (NT) people. This is a
name they use for people without autism. He had on a shirt
with skulls and monsters. He spent time studying body
language in a book. He learned that folding the arms over
the chest is a sign that someone is closed off and wants to
close themselves off from people. This has been his #1
stance his entire life. He concluded, “That’s why I don’t
have a blossoming social life.” He claims to have an IQ of
129, he knew that already.

He suffers from severe bouts of depression. He can go

from happy to sad very quickly. He’s not going from happy
to sad very quickly. He’s going from sad to happy to sad
very quickly. He thinks it’s because when he’s happy, he
immediately starts thinking that the stimuli that made him
happy will not always be there, and starts to get sad. He is
so misinformed. He doesn’t have bouts of depression.
Depression is his dominant state. It’s the happy state that is
rare. When he gets happy, he doesn’t have enough
dopamine to sustain it, so he’s falling down the hill, while
looking back at the stimuli, while his dominant state is
pulling him back down. He just uses the obsession about
the lack of happiness to keep him company while he dives
back into the blackness. He would get depressed again
even if his mind was blank.

He blames his friends for being a bad influence on him. He

says he can’t tell when he’s choosing bad people. They
give him a bad experience, and then he drowns in
negativity, self-doubt, and generalized anxiety. He gets
anxious about a lot of things. That will happen when
you’re trying to spike yourself out of depression again. A
depressed person will try to get high anyway they can. Get
happy or get anxious, they don’t care. Happy will give
them dopamine, and anxiety will give them adrenaline,
which will give them dopamine. He’s living a self-
fulfilling prophecy, but he can’t see it. This has nothing to
do with Asperger’s. This is a personality issue. He wasn’t
liked in school, and he was bullied. His need to be
accepted by the same “bad kids” that bullied him has
probably been a lifelong dream. He needs to be honest
with himself, but that’s not going to happen.

He also talks about the inner voice that directs him. It tells
him what he needs to do, what needs to be done, what
hasn’t been done. He calls it his GPS that guides him.
Again, he better be careful that he knows where that’s
coming from. That shirt he was wearing is not a good
indication that it’s a benevolent influence, especially since
it “directs” him right back to depression. He likes to hunt,
which is no surprise. He likes to kill things in the woods
where no one is looking. He doesn’t want to change his
Asperger’s because, “It’s not something I have. It’s who I
am.” Bingo. It’s only that.

Asperger’s Patient #4:

This last guy “me me me” on steroids. He has trouble with

joining in conversations with large groups of people. It’s
easier for him to start one. That’s because, from the jump,
he is the center of attention. He had a hard time
approaching people he didn’t know a lot about, but now
with practice, it’s become very easy. Yeah, I would think
so. Probably because no one would talk to him, so he had
to step it up. One statement he made was so telling. I will
embolden the really interesting parts:

“What I find helpful to myself is thinking positive.

Because a positive attitude is attractive, and will help me
find more friends, and make me less frustrated with myself,
which in turn could help me succeed.”

I’m going to write it again with bold letters:

“What I find helpful to myself is thinking positive.

Because a positive attitude is attractive, and will help me
find more friends, and make me less frustrated with myself,
which in turn could help me succeed.”

A doctor, at a clinic that specializes in Asperger’s patients,

said that most people with spectrum disorder have anxiety.
It’s all about control for them. When they age, they find
out the world doesn’t revolve around them, and they get
angry, anxious, and depressed. Their emotions turn on and
off like a light switch, which means they have no middle.
They crave consistency, because they can feel they are in
control. They overact and get into tantrums when things
don’t go exactly their way. Please, tell me what’s the
difference between this and a spoiled brat? I’ll wait.

Adult Autism Documentary #2:

The documentary entitled, “Live with Autism: The 35-year

old child” was so disturbing I almost didn’t include it. It
follows an autistic man, who lives on his own, in a giant
maze of toys, dolls, and flashing lights. His father can’t
stand him and hates to be around him. He’s not mean or
anything, his father is just a narcissist. And his mother is a
covert narcissist.

Some autistic people get overstimulated and can’t handle it.

This man loves overstimulation. He’s very good with
electronics, fixing things, reverse engineering lights to
flash. He needs constant noise all the time. It makes me
wonder what he’s trying to block out. His mother was
being interviewed, and they asked her if she would like to
see her son more than twice a week. She whipped her head
around and say no. Her husband (the man’s father) feels
neglected when her son is around. Wow! The father says
he feels superfluous when his son visits. I had to look it up.

“When something is so unnecessary that it could easily be done

away with, like a fifth wheel on a car or a fifth person on a
double date, call it superfluous.”

Imagine having a father that basic. The boy was diagnosed

at 3 years old. His father was in denial about it, and wanted
the mother to ignore the child’s illness. His father had too
much pride. They got divorced. When the son moved out,
they got remarried. Now, he doesn’t feel like competing
for the mother’s attention. When you find a man like this,
he probably grew up in a household, where his own mother
ignored him and his father treated him like crap. These
men look for their mother’s in wives, except they want to
become their fathers. The trick is, they also want to be the
son at the same time. So when a real son comes along, he
is seen as a rival. If the mother dotes on the son, the father
feels like he’s losing all over again. The father is immature
and he produced an extremely immature son, and mad
about it.

The reason I didn’t want to include this in the book is

because this man has way more problems than just autism.
He has body dysmorphic disorder. He looks like a woman.
He has pictures of women all over his apartment. He has a
girlfriend, although he denies it, saying they are sisters. He
plays with dolls, has copied his girlfriend’s hairstyle and
glasses. He’s flirty with men. He interviewed a man for
his little radio show, and he was acting like a teenage girl.
Just like an immature boy he tried to impress the man by
being misogynistic. “I used to pull girl’s hair when they
had braids,” talking about his elementary days. Mentally,
he’s still stuck there. Gender-confused men actually hate
women because they want to be them.

He wears dresses and has gynecomastia (enlargement of the

breasts in males). He wears nail polish and lipstick, but his
mother takes it off of him. I think he enjoys irritating her
with that. He was annoyed at puberty when his voice
started to break. When speaking about his beard, “This
stupid beard that I have to get rid of every day.” He wants
to be a girl because he thinks they get more attention. All
of his antics are about attention. He needs to be looked at
so he can exist.

Apparently, he’s bisexual, but I’ve said in other books that

a bisexual person is desperate. They’ll take whatever they
can get. “If I were a real woman, things would be much
better for me.” I can read between the lines there. He
doesn’t have good luck with women because he’s socially
awkward. What he’s really looking for is his father. Most
gay men are looking for their fathers. Most promiscuous
straight males are looking for their mothers. Bisexual men
are looking for both parents. His father is cold as ice.
They went on a little vacation towards the end of the
documentary. He tried to spend time with his dad. His
father is empty you can tell. He is dealing with his own
childhood wounds. The interview told him that his son
lacks empathy. He said, “People say that about me too.”
This is more like his brother than his son. A man that
hasn’t grown up can’t be a good father, not to his autistic
son or any other child.

The autistic man says, “I still feel like I’m 10 or 11 years

old.” He even knows he hasn’t grown up. They say
autistic people live in their own world. He knows that in
his world and this one something is very wrong in his
family. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sexually abused
by his father, in an attempt to emasculate him. Some men
are that intimidated by their son’s penis and balls, that they
rape them just to get the son to forget he’s a male, so he
won’t take the mother from the father. These people are
demonic, and I promise you, that woman knows all about

His father resents that he can’t pay his own bills. I

guarantee you, he really wants his son to disappear off the
face of the Earth. What can a person do when you are
raised by two very dysfunctional people, that are
narcissists, and you grow up screwed up, because of them,
and they blame you? His mother is a covert narcissist.
That’s a person that is very good at hiding what they are,
and pretending to be empathic. Any psychologist can sniff
that out pretty quickly.
The mother showed the interviewer pictures of her son as a
kid. She looked at them with him on the couch. He looked
very uncomfortable sitting next to her. You know they
don’t do this often, with her putting on a show ass. The
very first picture they showed was him as a baby with her.
That was the only picture with him and her. Why was that?
Because that’s the last time she spent any time with him.
The rest of the pictures were of him all alone. He said his
childhood was spent very much alone. Of course, it was.
Why is she trying to show us otherwise? Guilt.

She lets him cover twice a week because she wants to make
sure he has a good meal. That’s a lie. She wants to use
him to triangulate his father. She knows that it will upset
him, which means that she will get more attention. These
are pure, skilled, sick, twisted narcissists, and for God’s
sake, somebody has to call them out on it. Trust me, after
you read this book in its entirety, the next time you watch a
documentary, movie, interview, docuseries, news special,
you’ll have the scales removed from your eyes. It’s been in
your face all along. The Devil is Freaking Everywhere!
People’s children are autistic because the mother and father
are pieces of shit. The psychological torture imposed on
these poor children causes the disorder. End of story.

Autistic Entertainer:

I’m not going to get into who this is, but if you know your
music, you can figure it out. This is a person that literally
imploded in the media because he couldn’t keep his mouth
shut. This person never talks about his mother. He’s made
songs about not feeling good enough because of her. His
father had to dim his shine to please her. Unfortunately, the
one thing I don’t think he realizes is that she is a narcissist.
The easiest tell-tell sign of a son of a narcissistic mother, is
him talking about her in superlatives. Using words like, the
greatest, most supportive, most loving etc. Lies.

He called his mother on the phone one time while on stage.

It was so sad to listen to. He needed the audience to be in
the background to make her want to speak to him. By then,
he had moved out of the house to pursue a music career,
and she wouldn’t even come to see him. She berated him
saying that he could never make a career out of playing
guitar. She hung up on him. He called back. So sad.

I know this man has a form of autism, because he just

doesn’t have a clue when he is going overboard. He talks
nonstop, and has an ego the size of the space station. After
his very public embarrassment, which lead to the
destruction of his ego, he calmed down quite a bit. He
admitted to being an egomaniac, and was still suffering
many years later. The one thing I don’t think he ever
realized was that it was because of his low dopamine, low
serotonin, narcissistic mother, and his enabling father. His
brother was born 18 months after he was born. Which
means, he didn’t get a chance to be the baby for long,
before he was replaced. This is the reason why a person
never feels good enough. “If I was good enough, she
wouldn’t have needed to replace me with another child.”
This is the bullshit that runs through a child’s mind, and if
they don’t fix it, at 33 years old, they’ll be playing this
same song in their minds. Meanwhile, the mother doesn’t
give a damn. She’s already replaced the father, the son, the
daughter, everybody with somebody else.

He got some surgery on his throat, and when the doctor told
him the he needed to put a needle in his neck, he cried.
What? A grown man crying. Yes, because it reminded him
of when he was a kid, and his mom was there, and he cried.
Guess what? Your mom is not here, and it’s time to man
up. He even said, “There’s no mother anymore.” I don’t
think she’s dead, but she might as well be, because she isn’t
present. Men need to heal from their mother wounds, but if
they’re waiting for her to come kiss their booboo. Sad. It’s
not going to happen. It’s bitter going down, but it heals

I’d never heard of PANDAS OR PANS. You’d only hear

about it if your child started exhibiting bizarre behavior
after having a diagnosis of strep throat. These stand for:

PANS – Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric

Disorder Syndrome

PANDAS – Pediatric Autoimmune

Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with
Streptococcal Infections

PANDAS & PANS Symptoms:

 Seizures
 Violence
 Catatonia
 Depression
 Craving dairy
 Suicide ideation
 Sleep disturbance
 Rage and temper tantrums
 Acute handwriting difficulty
 Anorexia or disordered eating
 Urinary frequency, bedwetting
 Immobility and extreme fatigue
 Obsessive-compulsive behaviors
 Crying or laughing uncontrollably
 Fear of choking, swallowing, eating
 Tics and/or purposeless motor movements
 Severe separation anxiety with panic attacks
 Antisocial behavior, withdrawing from friends

PANDAS is a bacterial infection of strep throat, that creates

antibodies, but in some children, the antibodies cause
immune dysfunction. Then, the antibodies cross the blood-
brain barrier, designed to protect the brain. The antibodies
attack healthy cells of the brain. Overnight, children start to
have psychiatric and neurological disorders, such as OCD,
and pervasive ritualistic behaviors.

On a medical website, they described the behavior of the

strep molecules as chameleon-like invaders, that mimic the
host cells. However, the immune system does recognize
these cells and attack them. Sometimes, the antibodies turn
into autoantibodies, and start attacking healthy cells. They
lose their ability to recognize “self” (the host) vs. “non-
self” (bacteria/virus/pathogen) and start attacking non-
invaders. This is the cause of PANDAS.

PANS can be caused by non-infectious triggers such as:

environmental factors, toxins, allergens, stressors,
metabolic disorders.

PITANDS = Pediatric Infection Triggered Autoimmune

Neuropsychiatric Disorder Syndrome. This is the new way
the medical field distinguishes PANS that are caused by
infection from Strep (PANDAS) and PANS caused by
another form of infection. These infections can be
microbes, Lyme, or mycoplasma.

There are few doctors that specialize in PANS/PANDAS.

From what I saw, there are only 2 women in the U.S. that
even know what PANDAS is and willing to treat it. They
have a waiting list of 1 month. The treatments, one is
plasmapheresis, basically dialysis for children, is
considered unconventional, and insurance isn’t really trying
to pay.

PANDAS News Special:

ABC 20/20 did a news special on children with PANDAS.

It’s called, “PANDAS”. I had to go to the website to see
the full episode. It shows 3 families suffering from
PANDAS in their children. Only 2 of the children showed

PANDAS Child #1:

This 4-year-old child was a model student. Then, in the

winter, she contracted strep throat. Her mother believes it
was the germs from her preschool that caused the strep.
They took her to the doctor, and they gave her antibiotics,
which cured the strep. Within 2 days, this sweet little girl
turned into the devil. She became defiant, developed OCD,
screamed bloody murder, and was acting out violently. Her
mother said sometimes it took her hours to calm down.
That’s adrenaline. The little girl even mentioned suicide.

Her husband wasn’t supportive, and seemed like a jerk.

She tried to tell him that something was wrong, and she
was afraid of her daughter. He said he works 50 – 60 hours
a week, and he doesn’t have time to be on the phone for an
hour a day talking about his little girl’s behavior. Until one
day, her mother was taking her and her sister through a
drive through. She bought them 3 milkshakes. When the
little girl finished her milkshake, she demanded her
mother’s. Her mother said no. The girl counted to 3, and
then unbuckled her seat belt. She rummaged through her
mother’s purse, and began jamming a mascara wand into
her mother’s eye while she was driving. Her husband
finally got the message that this girl was actually
dangerous, and could’ve gotten her mother, her sister, and
herself killed.

Their solution was to put the girl in the psych ward. They
could only visit her for an hour a day. After 9 days, she
was let out. She went right back to her old ways. If she
didn’t get what she wanted in school, she would tear the
place up. The entire classroom, every toy, every book,
every chair, on the floor. Completely out of control.
Threatening to kill the mother. Throwing water all over her
bedroom floor.

Her mother is a special needs teacher, and her father is an

accountant. When the interviewer asked her, “What was
going on with her daughter?”, she kept looking at her
husband. She said, “I was wondering what was I doing
wrong?” She looked so guilty, maybe you will catch it
also. My only issue with her is that she is a Special Needs
Teacher, yet she doesn’t know how to handle her own child.
Her first child was just fine. Something isn’t right in that
home. The reason she started taping her daughter was
because she wanted him to be home more. She wanted him
to see the bad behavior. I wonder if the bad behavior was
induced. You can see many times the little girl is purposely
being aggravated. She seems more annoyed than anything.

I will say when you find someone that wants to work with
special needs people, sometimes it’s not for a genuine
reason. They need people to be dependent on them, and
they feed off the children for energy. Her first child was
too independent, so she wanted to have a dependent child.
When mothers have children that start needing them less,
they run and get another child. If the father doesn’t want to
have more children, they start doing things to the child to
make them more dependent. An extremely bright child will
suddenly have a mental disorder, so the mother still has a
role. If the man is not around a lot, this is her only option
to get energy. She will work the child through smothering,
aggravation, making them sick, whatever because she is

A lot of the little girl’s behavior looked demonic. If you

look at her face when she was screaming, she clearly had
spiritual infection, which can’t be cured if not
acknowledged. This spiritual infection was lying dormant
in the child, probably from birth. The mother was carrying
some deep-seeded fear or emotional baggage, and this girl
is just acting out her own mother’s demons.

I don’t think we have the whole story on that. I will tell

you I was watching an episode of, The Supernanny. There
was a 5-year-old little boy who was acting the exact same
way. His father was violent, had a short-temper, and when
the parents got divorced, the little baby started acting
exactly like the father did. Hitting the mom, throwing
things around, having anxiety attacks after extreme rage,
and cursing like a sailor. No baby talks like that. He
learned that from somewhere. That’s what I think is
happening here. Sins of the father and mother, exhibited in
the child, induced by the mother. It might even be

Four years later, the little girl finally met with one of these
specialists that understand PANDAS, and they gave her
antibiotics. Her father said, it was like a light switch, she
was back to normal. I didn’t believe it as soon as he said it.
Every couple of months, it hikes up again. They believe
they have to endure this for the rest of her life. The root
cause of the problem is candida. They even said that it
reoccurs with other infections, like a cold. That’s because
strep was just the gateway. Candida is the culprit. Candida
is demonic, and I will show you how it meticulously crafts
an invasion in the mother, while pregnant, to detonate at a
later time.

By the way, the little boy from Supernanny acted very

different around his father. That’s because his father was
very strict, and he eventually learned that he wasn’t going
to get his way with his mom either. He would hit people
within a millisecond. He was traumatized by the divorce of
his parents, and probably by the abuse he witnessed. With
the help from Supernanny, he learned rules, consequences,
and was allowed to have his little fits and calm down. No
medications, no therapy, and no antibiotics. Just discipline.

PANDAS Child #2:

First thing I noticed about this mother, of a 9-year-old boy,

was that she was overweight. That might not seem
relevant, but most overweight people have self-control
issues. His mother said that midway through 4th grade, he
contracted strep throat. After the medication, he developed
moodiness, seizures, catatonia, and extreme fatigue. They
filmed him during these times, and again it was nothing but
demonic. He had OCD, really bad, even opening and
closing doors over 1,000 times. My question is, who let
him do that, and who sat there and counted? They had to
eventually take the door off the hinges.

A couple times, they showed him crawling on the floor for

hours. Other times, he would sleep for hours on end.
While holding an ax, he chanted, “die, suffer, bleed”. That
made me go on the internet to see where on Earth he would
get that from. I found a black metal band that had the same
lyrics. They also showed medieval tools on the cover. I
said I hope to God they aren’t letting this poor boy listen to
that music in that house. He might kill them one day. And
one time he was saying, “Die ____ Die.” That’s not that
boy’s words. That’s the devil. They caught him in the
bathroom with a knife, in a trance, aka possession, and the
little brother ran downstairs to tell the parents. This has
absolutely nothing to do with strep throat. This has nothing
to do with PANDAS, this is a spiritual disease, manifesting
itself in the physical.

The anxiety and depression caused them to seek additional

help. They went to dozens of doctors, and nobody could
help them. They offered him an unconventional treatment,
which is another name for dialysis. It removed the
antibodies from the blood. The doctor had him take a
Cunningham Panel, a test that is used to determine if he has
the right antibodies for PANDAS. It takes 4 ½ weeks to
come back. He had 3 out of the 5 markers.

The immunologist that they tried to get the treatment from

refused to give it to them. Instead, he gave them increased
the frequency of his medication, gave him antibiotics, and
steroid injections to boost his immune system. He was
magically recovered. But you already know what I’m
going to say. It came back, worse. Even if he did, the
plasmapheresis (dialysis) would take 5 days of intensive
care. His medical bills already cost more than $50,000, and
that’s why the immunologist didn’t want to give him the
unconventional medicine, because he won’t get paid. If he
were to do the dialysis, it could cost his family $100,000.

His mother and father were interviewed together. I noticed

that his father was histrionic, meaning highly emotional. If
you couple that with an overweight mother, you have a
serious case for dormant candida. His mother had huge
bags under her eyes, which indicate severe dopamine
deficiency. His older sister was extremely overweight as
well. His mother babied him incessantly. His father babied
him. The problems are more severe than crying fits.
There’s a force in that house, that came back 7x times

His father said the symptoms getting go back to the mildly

uncomfortable. They went right back to the scary, and
unpredictable. If you know your bible, you remember this:

Matthew 12:43-45 King James Version (KJV)

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh

through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he
saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out;
and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and
garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven
other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in
and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than
the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked

You can’t fool the devil. Not only will he come right back,
but he’ll be irritated that you tried to get rid of him in the
first place. These people have to get that demonic music
out of their house, any magic books, any statues, pictures,
artwork that worships evil, all must be removed. They can
stop going to the doctor until they fix that.

PANDAS Child #3:

This last girl was 9 years old, when she contracted strep
throat. Within weeks, her behavior changed. She wasn’t
violent, throwing things, or swearing, but she did stop
eating. All of a sudden, her anorexia, which she didn’t
exhibit before, was front and center. She had fears of
having an allergic reaction to things like apples. She did
have a fear of sesame, which probably brought on this
obsession. She was afraid to swallow her own spit, and spit
into a cup all day. They had to feed her through a tube that
she had to carry around. She was annoyed with that.

Her mother was extremely masculine, and her father was,

you guessed it, highly emotional. He even was crying on
the front steps of their house on camera. She eventually got
better after a hospitalization and a series of steroid
treatments. Her mother said, “I think we’re all still in
shock. Slowly coming out of shock. I don’t think we’re
out of it yet. I’m not sure I ever will be.” That’s interesting
because her daughter is now a teenager, eating just fine,
and she’s still holding on to the past. Now, we see where
the obsession comes from.

They showed the little girl eating 2 scoops of ice cream,

and yogurt, as a sign of improvement. No, she just changed
candida’s agenda. Instead of marking her for extinction
through anorexia, now it’s using her to feed itself. How
many young girls go from anorexia to binge eating. The
root cause is still present. One doctor thinks that PANDAS
is nonsense, and that kids eventually grow out of it. You
can call it PANS, PANDAS, PITANDS, what have you, it’s
candida and no doctor is going to say that outright.

There was a medical TV drama that showcased PANDAS

in one of their episodes. One of the lines was, “Parents
dragging their kids to any doctor that will blame PANDAS
on strep throat, instead of admitting they probably passed it
to their child genetically.” Wow. One of the parents said
she was personally offended. If the shoe fits. I don’t mean
to be cold about it, I just know that that statement was
probably the most factual information in the series.
Women don’t want to admit that they might be the problem.

The recommended way to find out if a child has antibodies

for PANS/PANDAS/PITANDS is to get the Cunningham
Panel. Below is an example of the results:

Cunningham Panel Lab Results

The Cunningham Panel tests 4 neuronal antigen targets:

1. Anti-Dopamine Receptor (DR1) – Cause of the OCD.

2. Anti-Dopamine Receptor (D2L) – Cause of the tics.

In PANS/PANDAS patients, autoantibodies interfere with

their dopamine transmission by blocking or overstimulating
the receptor. Dopamine works with neurological processes
that affect cognition and fine motor control.

3. Anti-Lysoganglioside (GM1) - Signal transmission in

the brain, important for communication between neurons.

In PANDAS/PANS patients, autoantibodies interfere with

communication, and neurological activity.
4. Anti-Tubulin – Tubulin is an intercellular scaffolding
protein with high concentration in the brain, but also found
in all cells. Tubulin helps cells maintain their shape.

In PANS/PANDAS patients, autoantibodies interfere with

normal cell function in the brain cells, causing dysfunction.

5. CaM Kinase II – is an enzyme that’s highly

concentrated in the brain. Its activation increases the level
of many neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and
hormones like oxytocin.

In PANS/PANDAS patients, autoantibodies increase CaM

Kinase II activity, which deregulates neurotransmitters, and
causes neuropsychiatric behavior.

Antibodies: When the immune system recognizes an

antigen or pathogen, it sends an alert, and antibodies are
created. The antibody covers the pathogen and blocks it
from interacting with other cells.

Autoantibodies: Are antibodies that turn against the self.

Antibodies are “self” protecting the “self”. When
antibodies forget who they are, they attack the “self”,
thinking it is the enemy or “non-self”. They attack healthy
cells, instead of the invaders. It’s a form of Stockholm
Syndrome for cells.

I just explained incest.

I just explained racism.
I just explained politics.
I just explained genocide.
I just explained addiction.
I just explained misogyny.
I just explained narcissism.
I just explained communism.
I just explained gang culture.
I just explained homosexuality.
I just explained The Holocaust.
I just explained domestic violence.
I just explained black on black crime.
I just explained Munchausen-by-proxy.

There are 4 types of antibodies isotopes. They play

different roles, but can also switch into other isotopes when

Antibody Isotopes:

IgM: This isotope is the basic antibody. It’s the first one
produced when the immune system detects any antigen. It
doesn’t need helper T-cells, which are the soldiers that
come to fight the battle. IgM can turn into IgG, in a
process called isotope switching. Hyper IgM, happens
when the patient has the inability to switch isotopes. It
means they have very high levels of IgM, and very low
levels of all other isotopes.

IgG: Primary antibody found in the bloodstream. It is T-

cell dependent. It only forms when responding to a peptide
antigen. If the patient has T-cell immunity, like having
AIDS, they won’t have IgG. This is the only
immunoglobin that can be passed from mother to fetus via
the placenta. It offers no protection against carbohydrate
antigens such as:

 Cirrhosis
 Pancreatitis
 Bile duct disease
 Colorectal cancer
 Esophageal cancer
 Hepatocellular cancer
 Gastrointestinal cancer

IgA: This antibody is found in the mucus, tears, saliva, and

breast milk. It stops pathogens from entering the GI,
urogenital, and respiratory tracts. IgA deficiency is when a
patient has low IgA, but normal levels of all other isotopes.
That’s why parents kissing their children is the mouth is so
dangerous. They’re giving them their autoantibodies.

IgE: This antibody is in the mast cell membrane. It

contributes to Type 1 Diabetes hypersensitivity, allergic
reactions, and anaphylaxis, which is the life-threatening
allergic reaction to peanuts, latex, bee stings, insects, or
medication. It binds the allergen and cross-links the mast
cell with other IgE antibodies, initiating intracellular
signaling, leading to degranulation of cells. This process
releases mediators that reduce inflammation.

Candida Antibodies:

Testing can be done to find out if the patient has candida

yeast overgrowth. It detects the presence of IgG, IgA, IgM.

Test #1: Urine Organix Dysbiosis Test

This test can be done at home. It’s a microbial acid test,

that measures the amount of yeast in urine. Arabinitol is a
waste product of candida, and is easily measured using a
scale. The test can also be done with a lab, ordered by your

Test #2: Stool Test

This test detects candida in your colon and lower intestines.

You must order the Comprehensive Stool Test, in order to
get a full analysis of your entire gastrointestinal tract. It
can also tell you if you have parasites. It measures:

 Maldigestion
 Malabsorption
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
 Altered GI immune function
 Bacterial/fungal overgrowth
 Chronic dysbiosis

Test #3: Predictive Autoantibody Screening Test

I’ve only found this test on one site. It’s by Cyrex, and it’s
called the, Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen™. It
measures predictive antibodies. They can show up 10 years
before any symptoms or actual disease occurs. The test
analyzes tissue damage to different organs. Parents with an
autoimmune disorder are likely to have children with the
same disorder, except they wait too long to get their
children tested. The dormant state of the disease is called,
silent autoimmunity. More people should get tested in

Antibody Behavior in PAN/PANDAS:

Some medical sites say that the antibodies that attack the
antigen malfunction, cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB)
and attack the brain. Others say that it’s the strep that
mimics healthy host cells, enter the brain, and cause
neurological damage. Another doctor said that the Th17
cell, a CD4+ T-helper cell, specific to the tonsils, opens the
blood-brain barrier, and allows GAS (Group of
Streptococcus) infection to enter the brain through the
NALT (Nasal-Associated Lymphoid Tissue).
In the part of the brain called the, basal ganglia, it activates
the microglia. Microglia is the main immune defense
system in the brain. To get to the microglia, particles must
be small to pass through the tiny gaps. The only particles
small enough to pass through are oxygen and carbon
dioxide. Larger particles like glucose and hormones need a
transporter. Pathogens, bacteria, and other toxins can’t
cross because they’re too large. Some antibodies are small
enough to cross. Candida can get into the brain in two
ways, either through the vagus nerve, and through
phagocytes which are the immune cells used to fight them.

When the patient’s gut is compromised, they might not

show many systems. That doesn’t stop candida from using
the vagus nerve, the highway from the gut to the brain, to
enter the brain cell. Its presence in the brain triggers the
amyloid beta peptide, which is an anti-pathogen amino
acid. This doesn’t stop candida from using this response as
a diversion. The amyloid beta peptide’s induction initiates
the microglial cells as an immune response. The microglia
activation causes inflammation in the brain. It stays
chronically activated because candida is relentless. This
causes microglial neurotoxicity, and the microglia releases
cytokines as signals to the immune cells for help.

Microglial cells are antigen presenting cells, so they send a

message to phagocyte cells, and recruit them to the site.
Unfortunately, on the back end, candida has already
commandeered CD4+ cells, by hiding inside of them.
Phagocytes are supposed to engulf the pathogen and
disseminate it. When candida is the pathogen, it pirates the
CD4+ phagocyte, binds with the Th17 cell that the was
fight some other infection or irritant. The Th17 immune
cells are found in the tonsils, which is very close to the
tight junctions. Unnoticed, the candida, CD4+, and the
Th17 cell get ushered across the blood-brain barrier. This
is called, The Trojan Horse Transit. Th17 is the keyholder
of the BBB.

The immune system of the brain gets fooled. The ship gets
past the Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs). These
receptors recognize fungal patterns, and orchestrate
immune responses. Once inside they reach the microglia,
but it’s too late. The compromised cytokines now stimulate
IDO, an enzyme that’s supposed to take tryptophan, and
convert it to serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin. It gets
turned the opposite way. In PANS/PANDAS patients,
tryptophan is converted into quinolinate acid and kynurenic
acid, causing more inflammation, turning off its production
of the other neurotransmitters. It stimulates the NMDA
receptor, which causes the repetitive and OCD behaviors to
appear overnight. The microglia, overstimulated, recruits
even more compromised phagocytes to the site. This is
why the problem gets progressively worse. Many
researchers believe that it’s strep throat that causes
neuropsychiatric symptoms, but if that was the case, why
are the same symptoms triggered by other things, some are

The reason is simple, candida is the reason why PANS,

PANDAS, PITANDS, and any other derivative of it exists.
Until doctors, researchers, families, or patients realize this,
the problem will be chronic. The problem originated in the
gut. Honestly, the problem originated in the womb. The
mother is the reason for candida overgrowth in the child. It
didn’t start when the child was born. In the womb, candida
was already planning this child’s takedown.

Methylation is the turning on or off of gene response. This

happens while the fetus is in the care of the mother.
Methylation controls the pruning and maturing of synapses
in the brain. The microglia can get disrupted and triggered.
This can happen to the child in utero or after birth.

 Chemical toxicity
 Casein and gluten
 Viral or bacterial infections
 Vaccination allergic reactions
 Biotoxins like mold or poisons
 Aluminum, lead, mercury exposure

Before the child has a chance to live, its microglial brain

cells are in hyperdrive, an inflammatory response from
cytokines, and the overproduction of glutamate. Glutamate
is a chemical that nerve cells use to send signals to other
cells. It’s considered an excitotoxin. Excitotoxicity occurs
when nerve cells are damaged or killed by overstimulation
by neurotransmitters like:

 Nitrites
 Sulfites
 Benzoates
 Glutamate
 NutraSweet
 Propionates
 Fermented Food
 High Histamine Food
 Red and Yellow Dyes

Glutamate Triggers:

 Excess sulfur
 Natural flavors
 Excess ammonia
 Parmesan cheese
 Chronic infections
 Hydrolyzed protein
 Modified food starch
 Chronic inflammation
 Excess protein, red meat
 Aluminum, lead, mercury
 Peas, mushrooms, tomatoes
 Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
 EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) coming from
electronics in room while sleep, or close to the face

The corpus callosum is the bridge between the left brain

and the right brain. Abnormalities in this area of the brain,
which may have been present in utero, and at birth, causes
a child to have motor, sensory, and cognitive problems.
These issues can lie dormant until the child reaches the age
of 2. Problems in the cerebellum can lead to self-
stimulating, sensory seeking behavior, called stimming.
The problems didn’t just magically show up. They were
there from the beginning. Candida just needed a way to
hide it until the time was right. The cerebellum regulates
GABA, which regulates anxiety and emotional stability.
This is why you have crying babies that you can’t sooth.
Your baby has OCD, but no one thinks of babies like that.

Encephalitis is the swelling of the brain. With the

inflammatory response by pathogenic activity, parents
aren’t able to see this with their naked eye. A SPECT scan
can be ordered, which measures the metabolic activity of
the brain, indicating whether inflammation is occurring.
Brain inflammation depletes Vitamin B3, which affects the
mitochondria, and preventing the patient from making ATP.
ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), is the cryptocurrency of
molecules, because it stores and transports energy within
the cell. That’s why these patients have no energy.
To fix the autism, PANS, PANDAS, PITANDS problem,
which is the anorexia, bulimia, and Prader-Willi problem,
you must fix the candida problem. No one in the medical
industry wants you to fix the candida problem, because
they would be out of work. Candida is connected to so
many diseases, that it can only be the work of Satan
himself. He’s after your children, and you’d better wake
up, because all across the globe, he’s coming up with more
ways to get you distracted on one illness, so you ignore
your spiritual health.
8. Alcohol and Substance Abuse

It’s safe to say that happy people don’t abuse alcohol.

Happy people don’t abuse drugs. The constant pleasure
seeking behavior is to escape unpleasant situations. Those
could be memories, emotions, people, circumstances,
environment, or to escape one’s own self. Some people just
can’t stand to be by themselves. People that dislike
themselves are under a spell. That spell is cast by spiritual
forces that make them forget who and what they truly are,
which is a spiritual being.

Candida is a corporation. It has enterprises all over the

world that cater to its growth. One of these industries is the
alcohol industry. Alcohol contains yeast and sugar. Beer
especially, has yeast and sugar. Alcohol Spirits contain
mostly sugar.

The 7 Spirits of Alcohol and Alcohol by Volume (ABV):

 Brandy – 40-60% ABV (80-120º proof)

 Cachaça – 38-48 percent % ABV (76-96º proof)
 Gin – 37.5% ABV (75º proof)
 Rum – 37.5-57% ABV (75 - 114º proof)
 Schnapps – 20 - 40% ABV (40 - 80º proof)
 Tequila – 40% ABV (80º proof)
 Vodka – 35-50% ABV (70 - 100º proof)
 Whiskey - 40 - 53.5% ABV (80 - 107º proof)

Liquor or Spirits are made from a grain, fruit, or vegetable

derived sugar. It’s processed through fermentation and
distillation. Every brand has its own proprietary process,
and it’s what distinguishes one taste from the other. This
uniqueness makes people more loyal to one type of rum,
vodka, tequila, scotch, or whiskey. It’s the process their
loyal too. Deep. One gives them a headache, not the other.

For instance, most brown or amber liquors are stored in oak

barrels longer to give them a woody taste. Patrón Tequila
comes in a Silver version, and an Añejo version (Gold).
People prefer one or the other. They don’t even know why.

Patrón Tequila Manufacturing Process:

Harvesting: Patrón Tequila is only made in Mexico. It

comes from the Blue Weber Agave plant. The plant takes 7
years to mature. The mature plant is called piña.

Baking: The piña is cut into quarters and baked for 79

hours. This converts the starch of the plant to sugar.

Crushing: The baked agave gets shredded with a modern

roller mill, and put into a pit. A large stone wheel, called an
ancient tahona stone, crushes it for 2 hours to get the agave
nectar out.

Fermentation: During the fermentation process, the juice

goes into wooden tanks. Yeast is added, which turns the
sugar into alcohol. 72 hours later, the juice has 5% alcohol.

Distillation: The fermented mixture gets put into copper

stills, and the alcohol is boiled off. This is called
distillation, and the mixtures becomes more potent. They
repeat the process, until the mixture is 55% alcohol. The
pulp is strained, and the tequila is put into steel tanks.
Purified well water is added, which dilutes it, and the
alcohol level is 40%.

Bottling: The tequila is checked for quality, bottled,

corked, and labeled. This is the process for Patrón Silver,
the clear version of tequila.

Aging: For Patrón Añejo, Patrón Reposado, Patrón Extra

Añejo, the tequila goes through an additional process. It’s
put into oak casts for two months or more to age. This
gives it a woody taste, and an amber color.

What are the keywords that you noticed in this chapter so

far? Sugar, yeast, and alcohol. When I was a bartender, I
noticed people acted very different when they drank tequila
vs. other types of alcohol. If a group of guys were drinking
beer, the second they took a shot of tequila, I was dealing
with a totally different set of spirits. The person who
ordered the round of shots was usually the most demonic.
He wanted to get everyone else on the same page as him. It
works. The frequency, vibe, and behavior change
drastically. Haven’t you ever wondered why they call
liquor, spirits? I’ll tell you.

When you drink alcohol, you’re opening yourself up to any

dimensional beings that are in the vicinity. In fact, as soon
as you go to an establishment where they’re serving
alcohol, the beings are waiting in line also. They’re
waiting behind the velvet rope, they’re waiting in the
bathroom, they’re walking around selling cigarettes and
gum, they’re in VIP, they’re holding up sparklers on top of
champagne bottles. They come in through patrons that are
already infected, and they’re in people that work there.
They’re in the DJ.

When people dance, they’re allowing these spirits to take

over their bodies. The more they drink, the more they give
themselves over to the spirits. Most rituals from ancient
Africa, Native American, Egyptian, Caribbean, and
Aboriginal cultures involve alcohol. That’s because, these
beings want full control. That still doesn’t tell you why the
alcohol works.

The alcohol works because the candida inside their bodies

is activated through the introduction of massive amounts of
sugar. The alcohol gives candida the keys to your mind.
Candida starved has no power. Have you ever seen a nice
sweet person turn into a violent drunk? What happened to
their original personality? The original person isn’t even in
the room anymore. Your friend is demon possessed, and
they probably won’t remember what they did tomorrow.

There was a boss I had, that behaved very differently when

he drank Johnnie Walker. I used to hate when I would
close with him because his face would be distorted, and his
movements looked nothing like they did hours before. I
had to just deal with it. He purposely chose scotch
because, some people actually want to ‘log off’. They get
tired of being in their bodies, in their minds, in their mess.
You think he cared how rude he was to me when he drank
it, nope. He was depressed, and when someone gets
depressed, they’ll take any lifeline, especially one that they
can count on.

That’s the thing. Alcohol works. It works every time.

Drugs work. They work every time. Journaling,
meditation, self-reflection, meh, they may work 50% of the
time, but you have to work at it. Some people just don’t
feel like putting in the work. They’re lazy, quite frankly.
I’m not judging because I have chosen alcohol and drugs in
the past for the same reason. I don’t now because the cost
is just too high. Long term, those things don’t work, they
cause more problems. I got tired of asking people what I
did and said. I got tired of apologizing for my behavior. I
got tired of spending stupid amounts of money for
something I was going to see in the toilet, or in the garbage
can from vomiting the night before. You can just get tired
of your own laziness.

The liquor, spirits, and beer industry know you’re lazy.

They know you don’t feel like finding more productive
ways to handle your stress, regret, boredom, fear, anger,
depression, anxiety, or loneliness. They’re sitting in a
boardroom right now trying to figure out how to ensnare
you some more with a one-way ticket to fake happiness. I
think it’s so funny when people say they “love” alcohol.
They think these are their own words. The candida inside
them loves alcohol, and using their mouth as a salesperson.

I used to say when I was much younger, “If someone

doesn’t drink, I don’t trust them.” What the hell? I’m sorry
to admit it but I was stupid. The people I hung around were
just as stupid, because they laughed when I said it and
agreed with me. We were all slaves. I was even peddling
the stuff, and I still didn’t get it. I can’t remember a time
when I was bartending that I wasn’t drunk off my ass. I
had to be, so I couldn’t wake up from the illusion. I
couldn’t make money and be woke. I was serving people
their destruction, and I paid for it, believe me.

Candida is opportunistic. It takes advantage of a person

who has an addictive personality. These are
microorganisms. They’re sneaky, intelligent, adaptive, and
have a collective mind of their own. They multiply, which
is why people become alcoholics. The collective yeast
craves more and more sugar. The person needs to drink
more and more alcohol to get the same buzz. Soon, they’re

Alcohol is made by feeding sugar to yeast, and making

yeast poop. It’s not the same yeast as candida, it’s called
Saccharomyces. Many spirits, like vodka and tequila, don’t
have this yeast in the final product. However, the Candida
yeast is already in your body, and it’s going to act exactly
like the yeast that made it. You are “Round 3” of the
fermentation process. Instead of the wooden tanks, the
container is you. Down the hatchet, comes massive
amounts of sugar for candida to eat. The other yeast was
making a smorgasbord for its friends, and the meetup is in
your gut.

I want to help you understand how this process is different

with you as the container. Beer for instance, has about 10 –
12 grams of carbohydrates per bottle. When the alcohol
enters the stomach, 20% of it reaches the bloodstream right
away. Alcohol immediately weakens your immune system.
Candida takes that opportunity to grow as it feasts on the
carbohydrates in your bloodstream. 80% of the alcohol
makes it to the small intestines. From there it goes into the
bloodstream, and into the liver.

The liver breaks down the alcohol, into a chemical

compound called Acetaldehyde, which is toxic and
carcinogenic. If you drink on an empty stomach, the liver
only has to process the liquid. If you eat something, like a
fatty burger with fries, your liver will work on the alcohol
first, and get to the fat meal later, or not. This causes
people to have fatty livers. Liver can handle 0.5 ounces of
one beer, one glass of wine, or one shot per hour. People
that drink a beer with a shot chaser are crazy. Alcohol
lowers blood pressure, and the heart sends the alcohol-rich
blood to the lungs. This is why people have alcohol breath.

The lungs send the alcohol back to the heart, and the heart
sends it all over the body including the brain. By this time,
your judgment is impaired, and your motor functions have
slowed. The alcohol makes it to your skin, which is why
people that drink smell so bad the next day, because there’s
alcohol in their sweat. You have to urinate a lot, which
causes dehydration. Excess drinking can lead to death,
coma, or unconsciousness, and definitely stupid behavior.

The hangover that everyone hates is from Acetaldehyde.

It’s a neurotoxin released by candida, and alcohol, that
causes headaches. Other neurotoxins that candida releases
are uric acid and ammonia. The liver is always overloaded
when you drink alcohol. All alcohol is considered pure
poison. It’s like a queue with nothing but unruly
customers. No one is having a good night, no matter how
much they laugh and dance. When Acetaldehyde combines
with serotonin, and dopamine, it travels to the brain. That’s
why people associate “having a good time” with drinking.
Alcoholism is the displacement, and depletion of your
neurotransmitters. It lowers your serotonin levels, and
increases depression. Isn’t that what you were trying to

Anything that disrupts your hormonal balance will create

an environment that Candida can thrive in. A recent study
showed that Glyphosate, a weed killer found on 100% of
non-organic farms in the U.S., is found in 20 beers tested.
Glyphosate disrupts and kills good bacteria in the gut.
Remember, I said candida has enterprises. There’s so much
misinformation put out by the company that owns this
weed killer. They say it’s harmless, however it has been
proven to cause Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and other
cancers. Over 9000 cases are pending against the company.
This stuff is being sprayed on our produce. Every grocer is

The side effects of Glyphosate are:

 Cause endocrine disruption in human cells (EDCs)

 Invoke antibiotic resistance in pathogen bacteria
 Blocks gut bacteria’s ability to produce aromatic
amino acids, which inhibit:
o 1) serotonin
o 2) melatonin
o 3) dopamine
 Block CYP enzymes that detox the liver, which
keeps you open to all other toxins in the

These Beers contain Glyphosate in Parts Per Billion (ppb)

1. Tsingtao Beer: 49.7 ppb

2. Coors Light: 31.1 ppb
3. Miller Lite: 29.8 ppb
4. Budweiser: 27.0 ppb
5. Corona Extra: 25.1 ppb
6. Heineken: 20.9 ppb
7. Guinness Draught: 20.3 ppb
8. Stella Artois: 18.7 ppb
9. Ace Perry Hard Cider: 14.5 ppb
10. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 11.8 ppb
11. New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale: 11.2 ppb
12. Sam Adams New England IPA: 11.0 ppb
13. Stella Artois Cider: 9.1 ppb
14. Samuel Smith's Organic Lager: 5.7 ppb

These Wines contain Glyphosate in Parts Per Billion (ppb)

1. Sutter Home Merlot: 51.4 ppb
2. Beringer Founders Estates Moscato: 42.6 ppb
3. Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon: 36.3 ppb
4. Inkarri Malbec, Certified Organic: 5.3 ppb
5. Frey Organic Natural White: 4.8 ppb

You notice that some of these are organic. That means

somebody isn’t tell the truth. These chemicals come
through the wheat, barley, hops, water, and seeds.
According to the regulators, you’d have to drink 310
gallons of wine every day for life for it to be toxic. What
else are they going to say? They’re being paid by the beer
companies to “regulate” them. Imagine if parents paid
teachers directly, what grade do you think their children
would get? A+ all around. I saw where one of the people
from the weed killer company resigned, started working for
the regulator, then magically came back a few years later.
This is a game.

These people have been in the news nonstop. You can look
into it, and it will take you all weekend to watch all the
news, and documentaries. It will make you sick how
corrupt both sides are. You have to ask yourself, “What are
these people really after?” It looks like they’re after your
money. No, it’s so much deeper than that. They’re after
your MIND. If they have your mind, they can have your
money, and share it with their friends. Candida has
employees, enterprises, and ventures that it needs to keep
going. These companies act just like the yeast.
Opportunistic, pathogenic, colluding, and destructive.
They’re of one spirit. The people that work there are of
“one mind”. It’s bigger than we think.

Beer Consumption Statistics:

$ 111.1 billion – Revenue for Beer per year in U.S.

207.4 million – Barrels of Beer sold
2.9 billion – Cases of Beer sold
2.0 million – Barrels of Cider sold
28.3 million – Cases of Cider sold
40% - Drinkers prefer Beer
30% - Drinkers prefer Wine
26% - Drinkers prefer Liquor/Spirits

Many beers have Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

This is a process where DNA is spliced with DNA from
other forms of bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even
humans. Some of them are:

 GMO corn
 High fructose corn syrup
 Propylene Glycol
 Caramel coloring – carcinogenic
 Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5
 Dextrose
 Insect-based dyes
 Fish bladder

If that doesn’t convince you to give up beer, I don’t know

what will. These people know what they’re giving you.
Let’s look at the top selling beer in the world, Heineken.
Their brewery Zoeterwoude, in the Netherlands, is also
Europe’s largest brewery. The Rotterdam Port, where they
ship their beers is also the largest port in the world.

Heineken Zoeterwoude Brewery Statistics:

140 – Number of breweries Heineken has in 70 countries

16 billion – Liters produced at Zoeterwoude per year
200 – Heinekens are opened every second
900 – Tons of barley are malted every day
500,000 – Bottles are made per hour
450,000 – Liters of water purified per hour

In 1864, Gerard Adriaan Heineken, a Dutch 22-year old

bought a brewery in Amsterdam. The beer started out as a
dark ale, but when a lighter beer called pilsner began
outselling him, he switched his focus. Before, his beer was
marketed to the working class. He repackaged it, changed
the recipe, and called it, “a gentleman’s beer.” He won
many awards, shown on the bottles themselves, and became
the premium beer in the Netherlands.

On March 22, 1933, Prohibition was eradicated in the

United States by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After a
10-year ban on alcohol, Mr. Heineken’s son, Henry Pierre
Heineken, forwarded a shipment of Heineken to the United
States, which arrived 3 days later. Since then, it’s been the
most popular brand for American drinkers.

Heineken Manufacturing Process:

Malting: Malting produces natural sugar that yeast

ferments into alcohol. Raw barley is prepped.

Steeping: The barley grows in a process called

germination. The grains are emulsified with water, and
soaked for 24 hours. They sprout and produce enzymes
needed to convert starch to sugar.

Kilning: Fledgling seeds are transferred to a large oven.

Dry heats stop germination.

Water: Purified water is added, called ‘brew water’. It’s

made through reverse osmosis, removing minerals and
Milling: Grains are cracked to release starch, 10 tons/hour.

Mashing: Hot water is added, at 140°F – 174°F. The sugar

soup is called mash, and it contains maize grits, crushed
malt, and water. This converts starch to sugar in a process
called fermentation.

Lautering: Tanks separate and filter the barley, and other

solids from the liquid wort.

Fermentation: Hops are added, and yeast is added. The

beer is placed into fermentation tanks. It takes 7 days for
the yeast to convert the sugar to alcohol. The yeast feeds
on sugar, then multiplies, and then rests at the bottom of the
tanks. Then, the yeasts are placed into laagering tanks, so
they can be reused for a second round of fermentation, to
increase alcohol content. 30 billion liters of beer can be
made from a single vile of yeast.

Filtering: The beer is put into filtration tanks, and filtered

through seaweed powder to create a clear liquid.

Filling & Labeling: Before filling, the large vats of beer

are quality checked. If the beer is unstable, or if the foam
doesn’t remain for more than 250 seconds, the whole batch
is discarded. If approved, the bottles are filled, and labeled.

Pasteurization: Bottles are washed with 145°F water to

kill bacteria, and stabilize the beer for an extended shelf

Overconsumption in America is a huge problem. The

number of drinking establishments = the number of alcohol
pushers there actually are. That doesn’t even include liquor
stores. This is where most of the underage drinking occurs.
There’s a phenomenon called, “Hey Mister”. It’s when
kids under 21 find an older idiot to buy them alcohol just
outside, or around the corner from a liquor store. Demonic
adults gladly purchase alcohol for minors, because they
remember how desperate they were for alcohol at that age.
Anyone that buys liquor from a liquor store is a straight up

First of all, if you buy from a restaurant, bar, or nightclub,

you’re going to pay a lot for very little. If you buy from a
liquor store, you’re going to pay a little and get a lot. That
means you have every intention of drinking that entire
bottle at some point in the near future. You’re handing that
off to children, that same sickness, that same disease, that
same prison. At least most reputable establishments card
people who even look like they under 35.

Places in Miami will get shut down by getting their liquor

license suspended or revoked if even one underage person
is served. The fine is about $500 to the bartender, and
criminal charges can be filed with up to 60 days in jail.
When I was a bartender, plenty of young kids would come
to the bar, that could get in, but couldn’t drink. That didn’t
stop them from trying. They even produced fake IDs from
their older siblings. Didn’t even have the same hair color.
It was scary that a child would be so desperate for alcohol
that young.

Here are ways to Lose your Liquor License in Florida.

1. Not Properly Checking IDs/Serving Minors

2. People Serving Booze Who Aren’t Allowed To
3. Staff Drinking on the Job
4. Drinking in Unlicensed Areas (patio, sidewalk)
5. Serving Patrons Who are Visibly Intoxicated
6. Overserving & the person kills, injures someone, or
7. Third-Party Liability (what they do when they leave
8. Disorderly Conduct (drunkenness, gambling, violence)
9. Not Preventing or Reporting Illegal Activities (drugs)
10. Not Keeping Proper Documentation
11. Alcohol Permit Owner Being Convicted of a Felony

It turns out that underage drinking, and binge-drinking is

becoming more common than anyone expected. The main
reason is their parents are binge drinkers. I mean, you do
what you see, right? Hold onto your hats. The statistics for
binge drinking is shocking, but it’s reality you have to

* BAC = Blood Alcohol Concentration

** DWI = Driving While Intoxicated

Alcohol Use Statistics:

138 million – Americans adults who drink alcohol

20 million – Live in recovery from alcohol abuse
17 million – Americans struggle with alcohol use disorder
9.8 million – Men with alcohol use disorder
7.3 million – Adolescents (12 – 20)
5.3 million – Women with an alcohol use disorder
1.3 million – Alcoholics receive treatment
70% - Of people receiving treatment abuse alcohol

Drunk Driving Statistics:

$ 199 billion – Cost of drunk driving per year

1 million – Drivers arrest each year for drunk driving
88,000 – Fatalities from Alcohol-related drinking
10,874 – Fatalities from Alcohol-related driving
70% - Of alcohol-related fatalities include BAC +.15*
30% - Had BAC +.15 and prior DWI in 5 years
93% - Drunk drivers had no prior DWI**
69% - Driving fatalities during holiday is from drunk
50% - Higher BAC level during Super Bowl
1 – Person dies every 50 min. from alcohol-related collision
1,468 – Alcohol-related fatalities in Texas per year
1,120 - Alcohol-related fatalities in California per year
839 - Alcohol-related fatalities in Florida per year
22 - Alcohol-related fatalities in Alaska per year
18 - Alcohol-related fatalities in Vermont per year
16 - Alcohol-related fatalities in D.C. per year
12 am – 3 am – Saturday, Deadliest time for fatalities
6 pm – 9 pm – Saturday, 2nd Deadliest time for fatalities
12 am – 3 am – Monday - Friday, Heaviest drinking time
10 pm – 5 pm – Saturday - Sunday, Heaviest drinking time

Binge-Drinking Statistics:

65 million – People report binge-drinking in the past month

40% - Of all alcohol users binge drink
60% - Of men report binge-drinking in past month
23% - Of men binge-drink 5 times a month
200% - Men binge-drink 2 times more than women
400% - Men are 4 times more likely to drink and drive
200% - Men are 2 times more likely to have fatal DUI
8% - Of men became alcoholics in the past year
50% - Of women drink
18% - Of women who drink binge-drink
467 – Drinks per year are binged, per person
7 – Average number of drinks per binge

Underage Drunk Driving Statistics:

4,700 – Teens killed per year because of drunk driving

173 – Under 21 Alcohol-related fatalities in Texas
113 - Under 21 Alcohol-related fatalities in California
74 - Under 21 Alcohol-related fatalities in Florida
1 - Under 21 Alcohol-related fatalities in Alaska
1 - Under 21 Alcohol-related fatalities in Vermont
1 - Under 21 Alcohol-related fatalities in Delaware
0 - Under 21 Alcohol-related fatalities in D.C.
-100% - Biggest reduction in Under 21 fatalities was D.C.
21 – 24 years old – Highest age group for fatalities
16 – 19 years old – Highest age group for crashes
20% - Of teens reported riding with an impaired person

Holiday Underage Driving Statistics:

Drunk Driving
Fatalities Age Holiday BAC
44% Under 21 New Year Eve +0.15
72% Under 21 Memorial Day +0.15
63% Under 21 4th of July +0.15
67% Under 21 Labor Day +0.15
50% Under 21 Thanksgiving +0.15
63% Under 21 Christmas +0.15

Underage Binge-Drinking Statistics:

2.3 million – Americans 12 – 17 years old drink alcohol

488,000 – Americans 12 – 17 years old abuse alcohol
33% - Of 12th graders drink alcohol
22% - Of 12th graders smoke marijuana
20% - Of Boys 16 – 17 years old drink
13% - Of Boys 16 – 17 years old binge-drink
20% - Of Girls 16 – 17 years old drink
12% - Of Girls 16 – 17 years old binge-drink
3 – Drinks needed to binge-drink for age 9 – 13 years old
4 – Drinks needed to binge-drink for age 14 – 15 years old
3 – Drinks need to binge-drink for age 16 – 17 years old
Cost of Drunk Driving Offenses:

Expense Cost
Bail $150 – $2,500
Towing and Impound $100 – $1,200
Higher Insurance Premiums $4,500 - $10,000
Defense Attorney $2,500 - $5,000
Court Fines $150 - $1,800
Alcohol Treatment/Education $1,000 - $2,500
Licensing Fees $150
Jail Fee $10 - $50
Jail Time $330
Sentencing $250
Chemical Testing Fee $90
Probation Supervision $600 - $1,200
Ignition Interlock Device $500 - $1,500
License Reinstatement $21 - $100
Community Service Supervision Fee $60
Alternate Transportation $100 - $1,000
TOTAL $13,000 – $27,000

Overconsuming alcohol has detrimental effects on your

body, and your wallet. You can die, go to jail, or have an
alcohol use disorder that needs serious treatment. Most
people who have the dependence don’t get help for it. That
doesn’t stop them from paying the consequences. Women
experience totally different symptoms from binge-drinking.
Binge-Drinking Risks for Women:

 Mood disorders
 Leads to infertility
 Interrupts menstrual cycle
 Increased risk of sexual assault
 More likely to have unprotected sex
 Increased risk of unwanted pregnancy
 Leads to yeast infections (candida)
 Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases
 Increased risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
 Increased risk of Mental & Physical birth defects

Binge-Drinking Risks for Men:

 Increases aggression
 Increases physical assault
 Increased risk of sexual assault
 Increased risk of unprotected sex
 Increased risk of committing suicide
 Increased risk of multiple sexual partners
 Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Binge-Drinking Long-term Risks for Everyone:

 Coma
 Anemia
 Cell death
 Depression
 Heart Failure
 Liver cirrhosis
 Unemployment
 Unconsciousness
 Alcohol poisoning
 Organ Malfunction
 Failed relationships
 High blood pressure
 Respiratory depression
 Stomach and intestinal problems
 Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Buying alcohol is one thing. Buying other things while

consuming alcohol is another. This is how candida
supports its enterprises. Earlier, I stated that candida drives
retail, and that’s true. However, candida drives a person to
consume alcohol so they’ll purchase more at retail. If a
retailer is waiting for a drunk person to come into their
store to buy something, that’s probably not going to
happen. What if they could get the drunk person to buy
something wherever they are? Introducing, “Drunk

Drunk Shopping Statistics:

$ 500 billion – Lifetime spent by all drunk shoppers

$ 48 billion – Revenue from drunk customers per year
79% - Of all alcohol-consuming adults drunk shop
$ 444 – Average spent per year by drunk shoppers
$ 4,187 – Lifetime spent per drunk shopper
34% - Drank beer while drunk shopping
37% - Drank liquor while drunk shopping
29% - Drank wine while drunk shopping
200% - Drunk shopper drinks 2x more than sober shoppers
94% - Don’t regret drunk purchases
80% - Don’t return drunk purchases

Items Purchased while Drunk Shopping Statistics:

66% - Bought Clothes
47% - Bought Movies
47% - Bought Games
46% - Bought Technology
36% - Bought Food
34% - Bought Events

Demographics - Drunk Shopping Statistics:

82% - Millennials drunk shop

79% - Generation X drunk shop
69% - Baby boomers drunk shop
78% - Men drunk shop
80% - Women drunk shop
68% - Make less than $ 25,000
73% - Make $ 25,000 - $ 49,000
78% - $ 50,000 - $ 74,000
80% - $ 75,000 - $ 99,000
85% - $ 100,000 or more

Least Likely to Drunk Shopping Statistics:

1. Writers
2. Artists
3. Educators
4. Computer Engineers
5. Retail Employees

Solitary careers like transportation workers, oil and energy

workers, athletes, recruiters, and marketers were most
likely professions to drunk shop. The athlete part confused
me, but then I realized how much they travel and are away
from their families. They probably spend a lot of time
alone in the bus, on the plane, and in hotel rooms.
Shopping = Adrenaline.
Clothes and shoes were the most common purchase. I
know for sure that I have never made a drunk purchase in
my life. I guess because I was never one to drink alone.
According to surveys, women drunk shop more often, but
men spend more money. Why does this work well for
candida? Alcohol controls the shoppers mind. It inhibits
self-control, self-restraint, and impairs decision-making.

I found it very interesting that most people don’t regret

drunk purchases, and they don’t return their items. There
are two reasons for that. First reason is, those same people
don’t regret much of anything they do while drunk. At
least they won’t admit it, which is a huge win for candida.
Secondly, they don’t return drunk purchases, which means
all the enterprises that candida drove them to will get to
keep the money. If you analyze these people
psychologically, they’re missing two things, self-awareness
and willpower. The purchase also represents a Band-Aid
over something they’re running from. Remove the Band-
Aid, deal with the pain.

How many of these people do you think say bad things

when drunk, and then go apologize? Not many. How
many of these people do you think sit and analyze their
lives for the bad choices they’ve made? Not many. How
many call into work still drunk from the night before, lying
that they’re sick from a flu? It’s the same type of person, a
liar, and a person with no remorse. They don’t even
reprimand themselves on their nonsense. A shopper with
no self-awareness, no self-reflection, dependence on
dopamine-induced shopping and alcohol, is candida’s best

The best type of customer is a fearful shopper. Someone

that feels like they’re missing out on something. First, they
see something that someone else has, and this induces
adrenaline and dopamine. They get a rush from being
envious, but when they can’t buy the item, they become
depressed. Some people can’t endure someone having
something they don’t have. It becomes an all-consuming
obsession. They’re being worked by candida so badly. The
fear drives them to go online, spending money they don’t
have, so their self-esteem doesn’t dive deeper into the
depths of despair.

Once they get the item, whether it’s new designer shoes,
new bag, new tool, new car, or new plastic surgery, they
think it’s going to solve their problem. The problem is still
there, because they have an avoidant personality. They’re
always trying to avoid depression. Depression about not
being good enough, depression about someone being better,
depression about being last, or just being depressed for no
reason. The reason they’re even depressed is because their
system is infected. Their sense of well-being has been
hijacked by candida. Until the candida is under control,
they’ll always feel like that. They’re constantly looking for
reality to confirm how they feel. They dig into the past and
present for reasons to explain why they’re ALWAYS
depressed. Otherwise, they have to admit that they’re
depressed for no reason. Ever see someone who has
absolutely everything, yet they keep finding something to
be depressed about?

It’s like they’re addicted to feeling bad. Then, they get

tired of feeling depressed, and want to feel something else,
so they look for reasons to be anxious. It’s like a yo-yo.
Being around these people is draining, because they’re
really confused about how to feel. They’re being worked
by candida, and they’re trying to work their own brain into
doing what they want it to do. It’s not going to work. Once
they get everything they think they want, some little voice
is going to come along and ruin everything. These people
have no idea how thoroughly they’re being manipulated by
social media, peer pressure, and their own mind.

Alcohol plays a role in that, because the reason people

drink has more to do with what’s going on in their head
than anything else. They’re trying to escape something.
Young people are especially susceptible, because they don’t
even know who the hell they are, yet society is telling them
that if they don’t look like so-and-so, they’re not worthy. If
society can get them compromised, while they’re still
young, they’ll be candida’s best paying customers for life.
They’ll spread the same sickness to their children, and
everyone they meet.

The main causes of alcohol abuse in teens:

 Peer pressure
 Increased dependence
 Stress
 Genetics
 Rate of maturity
 Personality
 Access in home
 Free alcohol

The main causes of alcohol abuse in adults:

 Stress
 Drank at an early age
 Mental health problems, depression
 Medicine codependence
 Family history

1. Do you drink alcohol?
2. How often do you drink alcohol?
3. Are you a binge drinker?
4. Do you know any binge drinkers?
5. Do you know underage people that drink?
6. Have you ever bought alcohol for a minor?
7. Can you have fun without drinking?
8. Did your parents drink?
9. Are you an alcoholic? Have you sought help?
10. What are you avoiding when you drink?


National Alcohol Abuse Hotline - (888) 633-3239
9. Alcohol-Related Liver Cirrhosis

People who drink alcohol are more likely than non-

drinkers, to develop liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of the liver is
the development of scar tissue, in response to the dying off
of liver cells, and the deposits of fat cells around the liver.
Due to extensive damage, the liver tries to repair itself by
killing off bad cells, and replacing them with newer ones.
This replacement brings scar tissue, that inhibits the normal
communication between the new cells and the blood. Since
the liver is overtaxed, it can’t process fat like it should, so it
gets leftover. Those fat cells collect and crowd out the
liver. Alcohol goes through the liver, and is almost all
toxic, so when the liver can’t process all of it, some gets
left behind.

Imagine a garbage truck that comes by to pick up trash, but

the truck is already filled up. Some of the trash is going to
get left on the street. Next pick up, they have the same
problem. The trash in front of the house will start to pile
up, and become a huge problem. People are treating their
liver like a dumpster, except it’s not getting emptied out
every day. Trash like garbage food, alcohol, toxic
chemicals, fat, sugar, and of course candida neurotoxins.

There are other types of liver disease, but Alcohol-related

cirrhosis is the most severe. There is no fix for cirrhosis of
the liver, and the life expectancy of the patients diagnosed
with advanced cirrhosis is 6 months to 2 years without a
liver transplant. The waiting list for transplants is very
long. The waiting list for all organ transplants is very long.
There’s also no guarantee that the procedure will work, as
the body may reject the organ, even if the blood match is
exact. The best way to avoid needing a liver transplant is to
take care of your liver. Some people have genetic
disposition towards the disease, and others are just careless
with their health.

Liver Cirrhosis Statistics:

2 billion – People consume alcohol worldwide

1 billion – Deaths worldwide from liver cirrhosis
200,000 – Liver Cirrhosis cases a year in U.S.
88,000 – Alcohol-related liver disease deaths a year, U.S.
90 – 100% - Of alcohol deaths have patients with fatty liver
65 million – People living with fatty liver
5,325 – California deaths from liver disease
4,107 – Texas deaths from liver disease
3,098 – Florida deaths from liver disease
1,671- New York deaths from liver disease
10 years – Time before heavy drinkers develop cirrhosis

Liver Transplant Statistics:

180,616 – Total liver transplants performed since 1988
8,875 – Liver transplants performed in 2018
8,427 – Liver transplants from deceased donors in 2018
402 – Liver transplants from living donors in 2018
13,304 – On waiting list for Liver transplant
10% - All patients on waiting list will receive transplant
8 – Number of lives saved by one donor

The liver is much more important than people realize. Here

are just some of the functions of a healthy liver.

Healthy Liver Function:

 Stores iron
 Stores energy
 Enzyme activation
 Helps fight infections
 Aids in digestion of food
 Bile production and excretion
 Regulates glucose, sugar and lipids
 Blood detoxification and purification
 Clots proteins necessary to clot blood
 Conversion of harmful ammonia to urea
 Removing bacteria from the bloodstream
 Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals
 Synthesis of plasma proteins, such as albumin
 Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
 Removing toxic substances (drugs, alcohol, food)
 Resisting infections by producing immune factors
 Processing of hemoglobin for use of its iron content
 Excretion of bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones, drugs
 Production of cholesterol and special proteins to
help carry fats through the body
We need our liver working properly to live healthy lives.
Just because we’re ignorant of its purpose, and negligent
about its maintenance, doesn’t absolve us from suffering
the consequences. Damage to the liver is life-threatening.
A damaged liver causes disruption in the digestive process.
It causes weight loss due to malnutrition. The liver is
connected to your immune system. Cirrhosis weakens the
immune system, so it can’t fight bacteria, illness or
infections. Many people that have cirrhosis of the liver
don’t have symptoms for a long time.

Heavy drinkers will eventually have a fatty liver, Alcohol

Fatty Liver Disease or Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. It’s the
first stage of alcohol-related liver disease. The liver
becomes fatty when fat accumulates inside the cells
because it’s overloaded. This makes the liver unable to do
its job. When the liver gets inflamed, the cells die off. Old
liver cells that don’t die, multiply, and new liver cells grow.
Newly formed liver cells cluster with scar tissue. Now, the
liver is overcrowded, and people with fatty livers have
upper abdominal pain on their right side.

There’s also a non-alcohol related fatty liver disease, Non-

Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), or
Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis. The cause is unknown, but
the type of patients who often get it are:

 Obese
 Rapid weight loss
 High blood pressure
 Middle aged or older
 Have metabolic syndrome
 Have been exposed to some toxins
 Have infections, such as hepatitis C
 Have type 2 diabetes and prediabetes
 Take corticosteroids and some cancer drugs
 Hispanic, non-Hispanic whites, less in blacks
 High levels of fats in the blood, such as cholesterol
and triglycerides

The liver removes toxic substances from the blood, mainly

alcohol, drugs, and pesticides. It can remove or add
substances to the blood through the portal vein, which
brings blood from the intestines. The hepatic artery
brings blood from the heart. Cirrhosis occurs when the
new liver cells and the blood have a complicated
relationship. They don’t have the same rapport as the liver
cells that just died. The scar tissue doesn’t help because it
inhibits the flow of blood. When blood can’t get through, it
gets backed up into the portal vein, and pressure builds up,
a symptom called portal hypertension. The blood will go
somewhere else, to other veins, through other routes,
bypassing the liver.

It’s the same way when you’re trying to go home from

work, and you’re trying to get on the highway. If it’s too
backed up, you’ll skip the entrance and go local. The
problem is, blood that skips the liver highway doesn’t get

Alcohol-Related Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms:

 Kidney failure
 Enlarged spleen
 Brain disorders and coma
 High blood pressure in the liver
 Behavior changes and confusion
 Bleeding from veins in the esophagus
 Spiderlike blood vessels on your skin
 Fluid accumulation in your abdomen (ascites)
 Increased cancer risk of colon, liver, esophagus,
mouth, breast in women

Another type of liver cirrhosis is called, Alcohol Hepatitis.

It’s the swelling and inflammation of the liver, and the
destruction of liver cells. Up to 35% of heavy drinkers will
develop alcohol hepatitis. Some of the symptoms are:

Alcohol Hepatitis Liver Symptoms:

 Fatigue
 Hair loss
 Insomnia
 Itchy skin
 Dry mouth
 Tenderness
 Weight loss
 Clubbed fingers
 Abdominal pain
 Loss of appetite
 Blotchy red palms
 Nausea and vomiting
 Fever, shivering attacks
 Drowsiness and slurred speech
 Black, dark tarry bowel movements
 Easily bleeding, bruising, nosebleeds
 Increased sensitivity to alcohol or drugs
 Swelling in your legs, feet or ankles (edema)
 Personality changes from toxin buildup in the brain
 Yellow discoloration in the skin and eyes (jaundice)

It would take a heavy drinker 10 years of drinking every

day to get Alcohol Hepatitis. Binge-drinking can cause
sudden symptoms, and become life-threatening. There’s no
fix, other than to stop drinking alcohol completely.
Cirrhosis can be reversed sometimes, but alcohol-related
cirrhosis is a life-threatening disease.

Some treatments for cirrhosis of the liver are:

 Medication
 Counseling
 Nutrition therapy
 Liver Transplant
 Abstinence (Detox)
 Outpatient treatment

Sudden reduction from alcohol use can cause withdrawal

symptoms that include anxiety, agitation, hallucinations,
and seizures. It’s important to work with a professional
that understands the biochemistry of the patient. The best
way to avoid cirrhosis is to stop drinking long before it
becomes a problem. These symptoms usually don’t show
up until the liver is it its first stages of damage. The binge-
drinking culture that’s so prevalent today is a shit storm

When someone wants to know if they have a serious

drinking problem, they can answer this questionnaire called
CAGE, which stands for the keywords in the 4 questions:
(Add +1 for each Yes)

1. Have you ever felt you needed to Cut down on your


2. Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your


3. Have you ever felt Guilty about drinking?

4. Have you ever felt you needed a drink first thing in
the morning (Eye-opener) to steady your nerves or
to get rid of a hangover?

These tests can be taken online to get an accurate reading.

Scores of 2 or higher indicate excessive drinking, and
alcohol abuse. Professional help needs to be sought to get
customized treatment. It’s not something that should be
ignored, or assumed will go away on its own. It’s a serious
disease. If you know someone who suffers from
alcoholism, you could save their life by helping them take
this test.

I believe their real problem is candida. Some entity is

within them that’s making them crave alcohol at a rate that
doesn’t even make sense. They’re out of their minds.
Their sense of self-preservation is shut down. Just like in
the casino, they hide the clocks, block the windows, and fill
you up with alcohol, so you have no idea you’re losing
your money. Same with candida, it blocks you out of real
life, so you have no idea that it’s killing you. Alcoholics
believe they’re having a good time. They’re on a Highway
to HELL.

One of my favorite singers came to my mind. She had a

very unique voice, but she had a lot of demons. I watched
a documentary about her life and death. She said in her
own words that her father was absent when she was a child.
Her mother let her do whatever she wanted to do, and she
wished that she had more discipline. Discipline is actually
love, so in essence she was asking for more love. Her
father was cheating on her mother since she was born. He
kept up an affair for 9 years, then suddenly divorced her
mother to go be with the mistress. This broke her little
Her depression became unbearable, because she missed her
father so much, and her family put her on antidepressants.
She said it made her loopy. If you listen to her music, it’s
very evident to me that there was sexual abuse. You can
listen for yourself. It won’t be hard to find. A child
experiencing sexual abuse, and then subsequent
abandonment from the abusive parent, leaves the child
without the only version of love they knew, even if it was
sick and twisted. This mistress, that finally was introduced
to her, became the “other woman” in her little mind.
Things can get really awkward when a child feels like the
father is cheating on her personally, as well as her mother.
I can’t imagine that type of dissociation that would have to
take place to remain on good terms with a parent like that.

She became a famous singer, and immediately started

drinking heavily, while battling bulimia. She ran right into
the arms of a man that would be her undoing. He
introduced her to drugs, which exacerbated her mental
state. He was a two-timer when he met her, cheating with
her on his current girlfriend. Somehow she thought he
wouldn’t leave her. Well, he did and went back to the
girlfriend. She became extremely unstable. This is history
repeating. Another man she was sleeping with leaving her
for another woman. She started to self-harm. She slept
with this man’s best friend to get back at him. Her
vindictiveness was immediate. She was unable to turn the
page when she felt slighted. This is a form of obsessive-
compulsive behavior. She said she just needed to make
sure it was over so she could move on. This is a person
that needs total destruction for them to move on.

She later dedicated an entire album to him, even though she

was done with him. He found out she had become
successful, and like magic, he showed back up to win her
back. In his own words, he said he had to be very
determined to get her back. He was a viper and a snake,
but she was already vulnerable, and probably thought that
getting back with him would heal her wound. It didn’t. He
asked her why she was so promiscuous? She said because
her father left her mother. That’s not really true. It’s
because her father left her. This man introduced her to
even heavier drugs, and she became a full-blown addict.
He was already an addict.

Her team tried to get her to go to rehab. Her stupid father

said she didn’t have to go, because that was his golden
goose. She sat on his lap to convince him that she didn’t
need to go. A man that is so easily manipulated like that, is
a man that will cross lines with his child to feed his
animalistic desires. She knew that, and therefore she didn’t
go that time. Long story short, she surrounded herself with
people that watched her drink to excess. She did eventually
go to rehab, but left after a few days.

Her boyfriend decided to go with her, wolf in sheep’s

clothing, just so he could walk her right out. They left
rehab, and both went back to the hotel and cut each other
with beer bottles. This is demonic possession of the
highest scale. They even walked the streets so people could
see their face, hands, and feet bloodied. No one, and I do
mean no one, not even her father wanted to save her. She
stopped doing drugs for 3 years, and then made up the
damage by consuming ungodly amounts of alcohol. Her
last performance was so sad, and it’s horrible that it’s what
she will be remembered for. She was drunk in front of
probably 70,000 people. They kidnapped her from her
home, put her on a private plane, dressed her up, and
propped her up on that stage. She was belligerent, but no
one on her team cared. I think she sung one or two songs.
It was awful. Her gift was long gone.
Her boyfriend became her husband, and she looked less
than thrilled. She knew he was after her money, but she
didn’t want to be alone. He went to prison, and she went
downhill very quickly. She was not someone who was
good by themselves, because she had no identity outside of
a man. Even if that person was completely destructive, she
didn’t exist without someone to take her father’s place, and
fill the void that was so prominent in her life. In and out of
rehab, she didn’t want to heal, and that’s important. When
a person falls in love with their pain, if the person who
injured them is still in their life, they feel that if they heal
that person will go away. They know that the person is
feeding and living off their pain, and they don’t want the
connection to be lost. Even to the point of continuing the
abusive behavior, just to feel wanted and needed. It’s a
sorrowful place to be. Drinking poison, just so you can feel

She tried to create another album on an island to get away

from everyone. Her father showed up with cameras to do
his own documentary. You can’t trust people. Her mother
was nowhere to be found. I guess she didn’t care. The
label didn’t like what she was making, and they didn’t
release it. She returned home, said I’m sorry to all her
friends. Laid down in her bed that night, and drank herself
to death. She had been in the hospital previously for
overdosing, and heart failure, but she didn’t want to live,
that was obvious. She would rather die than face her pain,
and that’s truly sad. Her parents are spending all her
money and she is gone.

They erected a statue in her honor, and her father was right
there to put attention on himself. He groped the statue on
the breast and kissed it on the mouth. It makes me so sad
that this is the person she gave up her life for. You can get
so trapped in a maze of illusion. Her husband, her father,
her drugs, her alcohol, her pain was what killed her. Her
tours were canceled, her name was in mud, and for what?
People don’t understand that childhood trauma embedded
into an obsessive person is a life sentence. They need help.
If the mother doesn’t teach the children how to be okay,
they’ll ride into adulthood with the capacity of a small

She even cried out for help when she was 15 by telling her
parents she was bulimic. They didn’t get her any help,
because they thought it would pass. She also admitted that
she was a binge eater. All of these are signs of a severely
dopamine deficient person, who because of the MOTHER,
who selected her father, and chose to have kids with him,
put her on a path of destruction that she couldn’t escape.
Do I think she could have been saved? Yes, I do.

I prayed for her daily, however, she had to actually

recognize that her mother and father were not good people,
and get the hell away from them. If a child cannot
recognize that his or her parents are just people, that may or
may not have their best interests at heart, grieve that fully,
and separate from them spiritually, they can never be free.
They might still be around the child, but the child must get
them out of their finances, get them out of their home, get
back the keys, and if possible, move as far away from them
as humanly possible. Until a child does that they’re
susceptible to the inevitability of getting sucked under in
that tidal wave of parent-child dysfunction. The parents
will not save them because they’re the perpetrators. She
won 5 Grammys and guess who has them, her parents, the
very people that made her the way she is. We don’t choose
our parents, but we can choose our destiny, without them.

She isn’t the first person to die from her demons, and she
won’t be the last. Plenty people were born before her, and
after her that are going to take the same deep dive into an
empty pool. There’s a point where you can’t reach these
people, and unfortunately, they surround themselves with
people that make sure they don’t get any help. If it’s an
entertainer, their handlers, management, team, band, fans,
followers, family, and worst of all friends are helping them
dig their own grave. The devil can take over a person’s
mind so thoroughly, that they are in collaboration with him
to destroy them. Something has to be inside of them that
wants to be saved from their definite end. The quickest
way to tell if someone is headed for jail, death, or public
humiliation, is by examining their willingness to face pain
of their past.


1. Do you or someone you know use alcohol to avoid



National Alcohol Abuse Hotline - (888) 633-3239
10. Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance is a condition that’s associated with

many health issues. Some of these diseases are:

 Heart disease
 Stroke
 Alzheimer’s
 Diabetes
 Cancer
 Blindness
 Nerve Damage

First, we have to understand how insulin works:

Mouth: When we eat food, we chew it to break it down

into smaller pieces. Our saliva converts the starch to sugar.

Stomach: The contents travel down our esophagus and

enter the stomach. The stomach churns and mixes our food
with stomach acids, into a gooey soup called chime. The
stomach acid kills the bacteria in our food.

Small Intestine: Our food goes into our small intestines

through the duodenum. Digestive enzymes come into the
small intestine, from the pancreas, to help break down
proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Nutrients get absorbed
by the small intestines. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are
absorbed through the intestinal walls, stored in the liver,
and sent to adipose tissue or body fat. Vitamin B complex
and C are only absorbed as needed, and extra is excreted
through the urine. Bile is excreted from the liver to absorb
fats. Glucose is sent to the liver, pancreas and into the
bloodstream. The glucose is chaperoned by glucose

GLUT2: is a glucose transporter protein that sends glucose

to the digestive tract, liver and pancreas.

GLUT4: sends glucose to the muscle and fat cells. Insulin

follows GLUT4 to open the cells to let glucose in.

Pancreas: The glucose travels around the body, but it can’t

enter cells, because insulin opens the lock to the insulin
receptors that signal the cell to open. When the blood sugar
level is high, the pancreas releases insulin from its beta
cells. The glucose, that remains in the bloodstream, doesn’t
get absorbed by the cells causing High Blood Sugar. When
the cell is resistant to insulin, it causes High Insulin or
Insulin Resistance. If the muscle cells receive the insulin,
they’ll absorb the excess glucose in the bloodstream and
store it. When glucose is stored anywhere and used right
away as energy, this process is called, Glycolysis. The
glucose being stored in the muscle for later use is called,

Liver: Insulin travels to the liver, telling the liver cells to

absorb excess glucose out of the bloodstream, and turn it
into Glycogen, a starch that can be used later on for energy.
This process is called Glycogenesis. When those Glycogen
reserves get filled up in the liver, the glycogen gets stored
in the fat cells, in a process called Lipogenesis. When the
blood sugar is low, the pancreas sends a hormone called
Glucagon to the liver from its alpha cells, letting it know to
break up the glycogen stores from the muscle or liver, and
release glucose into the bloodstream. This process is called
Glycogenolysis. Gluconeogenesis, occurs when fatty
acids turn to amino acids (protein), which then turned into
glucose. Insulin inhibits Glucagon because they work with
opposite objectives. If insulin is present, fat storage is

Fat Storage: When fat is eaten, it goes to the liver through

a process called Emulsification. Bile attaches to the fat to
make it soluble, and a process called Hydrolysis breaks it
down into smaller pieces. Smaller fatty acids bind to
albumin, and travel to the liver to be used as energy. Larger
fatty acids are packaged into lipoproteins called
chylomicrons. They return to the small intestines, and the
pancreas releases enzymes, that allow the fat to be absorbed
through the intestines, into the bloodstream, and into
epithelial cells.

Triglycerides: Are fat deposits in the bloodstream. If the

energy is not used, it gets stored in the fat cells for later.
Eating fat goes to the fat cells, and eating carbohydrates
goes to the fat cells.

When looking for an energy source, the liver will always

choose sugar over fat, because sugar is toxic and causes the
most damage. Fat is a better source for energy, because
there’s an abundance of it in the average human body.

Energy Storage: The body stores 40,000 calories worth of

energy in the form of fat. Glycogen stores only equal about
2000 calories. 1600 calories of glycogen are found in the
muscle, and 400 calories of glycogen are found in the liver.
The glycogen in the liver can be used by other organs and
tissues in the body. The liver sends glucose to cells
throughout the body through the bloodstream. Insulin
forces sugar into storage as fats, cholesterol, or

Now that we have a good understanding of what insulin

does, we can understand more about Insulin Resistance.
People with Insulin Resistance have 5 – 7 times more
insulin in their blood than normal. One way to look at
Insulin Resistance is that it’s a way of protecting the body
from excess sugar. When a person chronically ingests too
much sugar, it has the potential to damage the cells. Insulin
Resistance is the highway to Type 2 Diabetes. You can
view it like brakes on a car, they help you slow down, but
they won’t help you if you speed on purpose in the rain.

People that abuse sugar are speeding on Insulin Resistance

Highway, and their body is telling them to slow down, but
they just won’t listen. Glucose comes from fruit, grains,
vegetables, dairy products, and sugary drinks. They break
down into carbs, that turn into energy or fat.

Insulin Resistance Statistics (IR):

1 in 3: Americans have Insulin Resistance

50%: Of people 60+ have IR
87 million: Americans are Prediabetic
90%: Of people with IR don’t know they have it

Sugar Consumption Statistics:

42 tsp: Average daily consumption of sugar per person

13 tsp: Recommended daily consumption of sugar

Daily Sugar Intake Distribution:

33% - Soft drinks

25% - Table sugar
14% - Baked goods
10% - Fruit Drinks
6% - Dairy Desserts
5% - Candy
4% - Breakfast Cereals
3% - Tea

Sugar Names:

 Sugar
 Syrup
 Honey
 Lactose
 Maltose
 Sucrose
 Sorbitol
 Glucose
 Fructose
 Dextrose
 Molasses
 Corn syrup
 Brown sugar
 Sorghum syrup
 Corn sweetener
 Fruit juice concentrate
 High-fructose corn syrup

Most of these names are found on the back of packages that

you would never think contained sugar. You might not
even look at the ingredients list, because you eat at a
restaurant, or you simply aren’t conditioned to look for
sugar. Sugar alcohols are found in “fat free” or “sugar
free” items, but they just contain a different kind of sugar.
They still cause a spike in your insulin, and still cause

Hidden Sugar Items:

 Blended juices, teas

 Snack or granola bars
 Frozen waffles or pancakes
 Protein bars, meal replacements
 Dried fruit and other fruit snacks
 Low-calorie drinks, coffees, energy drinks
 Packaged breads, including “whole grain” kinds
 Sweetened yogurts, flavored kefir, frozen yogurt
 Cereals, including hot cereals like flavored oatmeal
 Restaurants - sugar in sauces, desserts and dressings
 Bottled sauces, dressings, condiments and
marinades tomato sauce, ketchup, relish, teriyaki
The main culprits are breads, pasta, cereal, crackers, table
sugar, dairy, and refined flour. These are things that
Candida is very fond of. When sugar floods the
bloodstream, especially the gut, Candida feeds off of that
sugar and releases neurotoxins in the blood. When a
person is insulin resistant, the cells can’t take up the extra
glucose, so candida eats it. Then, suddenly the person has
low sugar. Many articles and journals don’t correlate that
with candida. However, the symptoms are the exact same:

Insulin Resistance Symptoms:

 Brain fog
 Fluid retention
 Craving sweets
 Tired after lunch
 Stubborn belly fat
 High blood pressure
 Not satisfied after eating

Insulin Resistance Risk Factors:

 Aging
 Belly fat
 Smoking
 Genetics
 Ethnicity
 Lack of exercise
 Sleep deprivation
 Excess body weight
 Large waist (35in.+ women, 40in.+ male)

Insulin Resistance Complications:

 Fuels tumor growth

 Doubles risk of stroke
 Memory function decline
 Suppresses immune system
 Doubles risk of heart attack
 Triples the risk that heart attack will be fatal

There are two things happening here with blood sugar. One
thing is, that it’s spiking up after eating, and then when
candida gets a hold of the sugar, the blood sugar goes

Hypoglycemia: is when the blood sugar is low.

Hyperglycemia: is when the blood sugar is high.

When the blood sugar gets low, you can become anxious,
depressed, moody, irritable, have sugar cravings. When the
blood sugar gets high, you have brain fog, and feel like
you’re on a rollercoaster. Doesn’t all of this sound

Insulin prevents sugar levels from getting over 100mg/dL.

That’s when it’s working. When it’s not working, sugar
remains in the bloodstream and damages the cells. Every
Thanksgiving, people load up on carbs and they have this
bad feeling afterwards. It’s because they had a spike in
blood sugar, spike in insulin, their liver is overtaxed, their
pancreas can’t keep up with the demands, and candida
starts eating that sugar because it can’t enter the cell. It’s
not being used for energy, because most people go sit down
and watch the football game and run their mouths. Some of
it gets stored as fat, the rest gets eaten by candida. People
feel lethargic, and soon their stomachs start to hurt.

Hopefully, now that I have explained this in the best detail I

can, you can understand the processes that are going on
inside your body with your permission. If you want to
really get overwhelmed, go look up the actual process of
glucose conversion, and you will see how much detail I
couldn’t put in here. This is oversimplified to the max.
Your body is deciding everyday if you are worth saving, or
if you’re starving from famine. It’s not asking you
anything. I find that mind-blowing. We’re telling our
bodies what the environment out here is like by the foods
we eat.

Insulin Resistance is also caused by having a fatty liver.

When excess glucose turns into fatty acids, they
accumulate in the liver cells. Candida releases neurotoxins
in the liver, and can activate immune responses from their
toxicity. This causes inflammation because the liver is
trying to heal the problem. The Liver cells die, scar tissue
is formed, and now the liver is overcrowded with fatty
acids, scar tissue, and it creates a symptom called
ballooning. This stops the liver from being able to
communicate with the blood. It can’t receive the insulin,
and it slows down its ability to remove waste products,
such as toxic lipids, and it can’t produce glycogen or break
down glycogen. This keeps the blood sugar high and
insulin high, which causes Insulin Resistance.

When fatty acids accumulate in the bloodstream, plaque is

formed in the arteries, which restrict blood flow to the heart
and causes heart attacks.

Candida produces a glucose sensor called Hgt4, which only

turns on when glucose is high. It’s responsible for
triggering candida in the bloodstream to acquire the sugar
molecules. When this sensor is activated, it suppresses the
immune system by preventing a process called,
Phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is the body’s way of
eliminating bacteria through little cops called opsonins.
They bind to bacteria, take it to the phagocytes (immune
cells), and the phagocytes destroy the intruder in a process
called Opsonization. When candida is feeding off blood
sugar, this alarm system is shut off. Candida has it all
worked out. Get you to load up on sugar, and then block
your ability to lower your blood sugar until it finishes
feeding, then fill your blood with neurotoxins that your
liver can’t process, then make you feel like crap.
Ultimately, make you gain weight so your
neurotransmitters are all out of whack, so you continue
eating to feel better.

Blood sugar is the main ingredient in candida overgrowth.

Having hunger signals that the blood sugar is low.
Skipping meals triggers a spike in blood sugar, because the
liver will convert glycogen into glucose, which is why
that’s not the answer either. Even if you were to go on a
low to no sugar diet, the glycogen stores in the liver would
still feed candida. Without ingesting sugar, the liver would
still be producing sugar, which is how candida gets in the
liver. Overeating triggers high blood sugar. A high carb
meal creates high sugar, and high insulin, then blood sugar

Not having enough Potassium (K+) in the blood produces

sugar cravings. When you’re craving sugar, your body is
really depleted of Potassium. You think you want sugar,
when you really want Potassium. Isn’t it funny how we can
misinterpret our body’s signaling? Sometimes, we mistake
thirst for hunger when our body is dehydrated. We’ve
gotten so used to behaving in automatic ways that our cells
are relaying messages that we can’t understand.

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a list of foods arranged on a

scale from 0 to 100, based on their carb count and their
effect on blood sugar levels. The ratings are high to low.
Low GI: Less than 55

Examples of foods in the Low GI category: all vegetables,

hummus, nuts, milk, cherries, apricot, plums, strawberries,
apples, pears, oranges, natural yogurt, beans, lentils, barley,
tomatoes, mushrooms.

Med GI: 56 – 69

Examples of foods in the Medium GI category: corn,

couscous, popcorn, yams, ice cream, grapes, kiwi, banana,
brown rice, rye bread, whole grain bread.

High GI: 70 or more

Examples of foods in the High GI category: white or wheat

bread, donuts, crackers, waffles, white rice, potatoes, french
fries, watermelon, and cornflakes. This means they’ll spike
your blood sugar level very quickly.

Refined sugar and bread turn into glucose very quickly, so

their GI is very high. Vegetables turn into glucose slowly,
and they’re digested slower, so their number will be lower.
Fruit that is in its whole state has fiber, and turns into
glucose slowly. Fruit juice and fruit that’s really ripe have
higher GI numbers. You can also eat more fruit when it’s in
a juice, rather than if you have to peel it and eat it. This is
nature’s way of slowing us down on the sugar intake. Over
time, humans have found a way to spike up our blood
sugar, by adding unregulated sugar to our diets.

Glycemic Load is another way to analyze carbohydrates

and blood sugar elevation, but it takes into account portion
size. Some charts will have both numbers, the Glycemic
Index and the Glycemic Load. They also include serving
size. The number is achieved by multiplying the net carbs
by the GI number. Usually, the baseline is Glucose at GI
100, GL 50.

Glycemic Load Chart:

Low GL: 10 or less

Food GI Serving Size Carbs GL

Peanuts 14 4 oz. 15 2
Bean Sprouts 25 1 cup 4 1
Grapefruit 25 ½ large 11 3
Apples 38 1 medium 16 6
Carrots 47 1 large 5 2
Oranges 48 1 medium 12 6
Sugar (sucrose) 68 1 tbsp 12 8
Watermelon 72 1 cup 11 8

Medium GL: 11 – 19

Food GI Serving Size Carbs GL

Pizza 30 2 slices 42 13
Low fat yogurt 33 1 cup 47 16
Spaghetti 42 1 cup 38 16
Bananas 52 1 large 27 14
Oatmeal 58 1 cup 21 12
Ice cream 61 1 cup 16 10
White bread 70 1 slice 14 10

High GL: 20 or more

Food GI Serving Size Carbs GL

Potato chips 54 4 oz. 55 30
Snickers bar 55 1 bar 64 35
Brown rice 55 1 cup 42 23
Mac & Cheese 64 1 serving 47 30
Raisins 64 1 small box 32 20
White rice 64 1 cup 52 33
Baked potato 85 1 medium 33 28
Glucose 100 50 grams 50 50

Another useful chart is the Insulin Index. It shows you

how much of an insulin response you have from different
foods. All of these charts can help you see how your own
personal body responds to carbohydrates, protein, and fat
intake. Insulin is responsible for the metabolism of all your
body’s food intake. The lower the number, the lower the

Insulin Index Chart:

Examples of food Insulin Response (IR) from High to Low:

Food IR Food IR
Jelly Beans 180 Whole Milk 40
Potatoes 121 Chicken 24
Baked Beans 100 Whole Egg 21
White Bread 100 Cheddar Cheese 15
Crackers 86 Peanuts 13
Banana 84 Peanut Butter 11
Apple 75 Bacon 9
Brown Rice 62 Avocado 6
Beef 51 Butter 2

I watched this documentary called, The Sugar Film. It was

fun and educational, but disturbing. It was about a man
that decided to eat Australia’s daily average sugar
consumption of 42 teaspoons for 60 days. It reminded me
of the other documentary called, Supersize Me, when a
man ate McDonald’s every day for 30 days. I’m sure one
inspired the other. I thought they were both crazy. What’s
interesting is what they were doing was what people are
doing every single day. The difference is they both were
healthy, so the damage could be seen much quicker.

Different than the other McDonald’s documentary, the

sugar filmmaker ate products with hidden sugar in them.
He didn’t eat junk food, candy, or anything blatantly
harmful. He ate yogurt, granola bars, juices, cereal, and
other so-called healthy products. He consumed 2300
calories on average daily before the film, based on a no
sugar, plant-based and organic diet. During the film, he
consumed 2300 calories of low calorie, low sugar, sugar-
free, and “healthy” meals. The results were frightening.

At the end of taping, he consumed 2,360 teaspoons of

sugar. He went from 167 lbs. to 187 lbs. He gained 11 cm
of visceral fat around his belly. He developed Non-
alcoholic fatty liver, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes.
His wife stated that his personality changed, and he was
moody and lethargic, something she said was unlike him.
He looked like a different man in the face, like he aged 10
years. She said he was manic, childish, and I saw many
times where he looked sick, and even vomiting.

Me personally, I would have stopped at Day 30, when the

doctors monitoring him told him he had NAFLD. He kept
going, even traveling to an aboriginal community deep in
Southern Australia. When I watched this part of the movie,
I knew this was what I was meant to see. I wasn’t at all
moved by how sick he got, because I already knew that’s
what sugar will do to anyone’s body. What sugar did to this
aboriginal community was so evil, I had to share it.

The name of the community is called, Pipalyatjara.

They’re in the APY lands, and you can’t just come up in
there and film. The filmmaker had to prove to the
spokesman that he would give something back to the
community, a tradition called Ngapartji Ngapartji, which
means “you take something you give something”. I think
that concept is all over the world, but the spokesman said
many people have come there, and left the community
exactly how they found it. Well, the filmmaker promised to
come back, and set up a foundation that would teach the
community about sugar. Well, he did that, and replaced
their nutritionist that was removed, due to government
budget cuts.

Another community is called, Amata, and they have about

2500 people living there. In 2007, there were about 400
people. Coca-Cola decided to go there and get these people
hooked on soda, that forever lived off the land. The people
went from living 90% off of their farmlands, and only
buying 10% in the grocery store, to living 10% off of their
farmlands, and buying 90% at the grocery store. The
grocery store was filled with sugar. The people in one year
drank 40,000 liters of soda. Their children were hooked on
sugar, the parents, the elderly, and many of them died
because of diabetes and kidney failure. The average life
span of the Amata people went down to age 55.

The Elders Council got Coca-Cola out of there. They

stopped selling it in the stores, but the other sugar items
remained. The Mai Wiru Group, a nonprofit organization,
was formed that would take over the buying and shipment
of produce to the stores. Mai Wiru means “good food”.
They hired an in-house nutritionist to educate the people.
The sugary food was still there, but the customers could
now make informed decisions. In a couple years, they had
the lowest sugar consumption in the region. The program
was going so well, that the Australian government
defunded them. They basically said they were on their
own, and the Aboriginal Affairs Department would have to
help them out.
Pretty soon, the sugar consumption was back up, especially
among children. The nutritionist was gone, and the people
were back on the crack. A large portion of the community,
over the age of 35, were obese and insulin resistant.
Children as young as 10 years old were diabetic. They also
had a population that was underweight because of poor
nutrition. The community doesn’t have alcohol anywhere,
and haven’t for 40 years. You should know by now that
alcohol still comes in the form of sugar. The kids are
addicted to the sugar, if they don’t have diabetes, 33% have

Aboriginal Community Statistics:

15 times: Higher rate of kidney failure vs. rest of Australia

3 times: Higher rate of Type 2 Diabetes
70%: Deaths preventable
70%: Adults are obese
38%: Children are obese
8%: Children are underweight
100 kilos: Sugar purchased per week in area called Pip

The filmmaker did keep his promise, and he started the Mai
Wiru Foundation, with $100,000 that he made from the
documentary. He started an education program that would
label the products with two labels, either with a “thumbs
up” or a “thumbs down”. Musicians from the community
made songs that featured the children in the videos that
talked about healthy eating. One of the songs was called,
Sugar Kura, and you can find it on the internet.

The organization created Health Living Cafés that would

feed the people healthy meals, and teach them how to make
them at home. They’re creating more of these healthy
living cafés through donations. The film won awards, and
at the time was the highest grossing Australian
documentary. The reason the filmmaker decided to do the
film was because when he was younger, he was acting in a
movie alongside an aboriginal man. The man inspired him
to visit the APY Lands and document the health concerns
there. If you look at the spokesman for the Aboriginal
community, and the young filmmaker, you can see how the
torch was passed.

It has been shown that losing just 10% of your body weight
improves insulin sensitivity, meaning your receptivity to
insulin. Improving the diet and losing weight improves
insulin sensitivity by 38%. Exercising and not losing
weight doesn’t improve the problem. It seems that losing
weight is the best way to combat insulin resistance. Many
patients online say that walking has been the one thing that
changed their symptoms dramatically.

The issue is, if your insulin is working properly, you aren’t

burning fat. If it’s not working properly, you’re not burning
fat. Fat is only burned through exerting energy to keep
your body functioning, or by using the fat as fuel. Insulin
inhibits lipase, a hormone that causes fat to be used as fuel.
Fasting triggers lipase, so does exercise, and the reduction
or elimination of carbohydrates. Insulin deposits glucose
into the fat cells. Another cause of insulin resistance, is the
fat cells are too filled up. Carbohydrates prevent fat
oxidation. If your genes allow you to grow more fat cells,
then you will be obese, because you ‘ll just fill up new fat
cells. There’s no self-control that would prevent that. The
same way a hoarder buys another storage locker to store
more junk. The original problem isn’t the insulin, it’s the

When a person fills themselves up with carbs, and sugar,

they can go to the gym and burn it off. It will burn off the
glucose before it gets to the fat. Sugar is destructive to the
body, so the body tries to get rid of it quickly. Fat,
however, is the greatest source of energy. When a person
burns fat instead of glucose, they aren’t emotionally tied to
food, they’re satisfied longer without food, and they can
exercise without eating anything.

Candida isn’t interested in a low carb diet, or a high fat

diet. The ideal situation for candida is a high sugar-high
carb diet, with low activity, and a person that is addicted to
“feeling good”. This creates high insulin, which will lead
to fat storage, which leads to gut health imbalance, which
leads to leptin insensitivity, lack of satiation, and
neurotransmitters that are so out of whack, that only a
cheeseburger with cheese fries will make this person “feel

I watched this show last night called, Shark Tank, and the
man created a restaurant, where he puts everything fried on
one sandwich. He put fries, onion rings, jalapeno poppers,
chicken nuggets, and loads of cheese sauce into a hoagie
roll. It’s probably called The Insulin Special. If not, it
should be. He was so proud that he made the best late night
burger for people who were drunk. It wasn’t until after the
show, when I looked at his website, that I confirmed that he
is an Agent for The Devil. First, his customers get drunk
on beer, thus feeding candida, then they come to him to
give candida a smorgasbord. They have no idea that he
himself is a slave to his own food.

He looked very different 10 years prior when he started the

business. Looked young and fit, but I noticed he had bags
under his eyes, sunken. I recognized it immediately as
dopamine deficiency. Then, he admitted that he was
addicted to online poker. So, now he has found another
addiction, and wants to take everyone down with him on
the Fat Burger Highway to Hell. It just revealed to me that
a person can be so compromised, that they don’t even
recognize when they’ve been seduced into working for a
microorganism that’s already got them hemmed up, and
their life’s work is to get other’s hooked on the same crap.
He was talking like a true slave. He said, “If it’s not fried,
it’s not in this restaurant.” Then, he laughed. Wow. No
idea that he is a victim too.

When he started his sales pitch, he threw a beautiful kale

salad in the garbage can. He was so proud of that. It’s like
he hated natural things, he hated health, and he hated
anything green and of God. I’m sure the people there
didn’t realize how significant it was that he was throwing
something away that he will wish he had eaten. When a
man views his angel as a demon, and his demon as an
angel, he is so jacked up, you can’t even reach him without
laser cutting through 18 layers of his ignorance.

A shark gave him a deal, against his own better judgment.

The shark said that he didn’t want to promote an unhealthy
lifestyle. The guy said that he doesn’t eat there every day,
it’s just a cheat meal. If you look at what he looks like
now, versus what he looked like when he started, he sure
looks like he eats there every day. The people that eat there
have smiles on their faces. No one sees the irony of that. If
your body is making you feel good by eating the
unhealthiest thing you could ever get your hands on, your
system is compromised. Candida is laughing at you. One
girl said it’s the best sandwich of her entire life. That
means that she hasn’t been able to feel this good her entire
life. In other words, she is so filled with candida, that it
would not release her chemicals until she fed them what
they wanted. I would love to see how she felt later that
night, when she sobered up. I would love to see what her
mood is like when it’s time for her cycle. I’d love to see
what her face looks like when she tries to wear those pants
she used to fit two weeks ago.

Her children will be jacked up too and eat the same way
she does. Her children’s system will be compromised from
the get go. She’ll marry someone compromised too, so he
won’t say anything about it. Even if he does, like Eve,
she’ll manipulate the hell out of him until he complies.
Insulin Resistance is from lack of self-control. It leads to
diabetes, and a host of other problems and that’s candida’s
reward to anyone logged off, in exchange for their

A minister talked about how his 5-year-old daughter asked

him to buy her a slushy. Hours later, after many phone
calls and meetings, he still hadn’t bought the slushy. She
finally came in and asked him, “What flavor of slushy are
you going to buy?” He said he then felt compelled to go get
her the slushy. That fast candida taught the child how to


1. Do you crave sugar?

2. Are you sluggish after eating?
3. Do you have stubborn belly fat?
4. Have you been told you are prediabetic?
5. Have you gotten a metabolic test done recently?
6. Does your mood change when you eat high sugar?
7. Do you reach for sugar when you are feeling depressed?
11. Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that comes from

the accumulation of glucose in the blood. Just like in
insulin resistance, which is basically the same thing, cells
are resistant to insulin and ignore the signaling. When the
pancreas sends insulin into the bloodstream, glucose enters
the liver cell, and the liver sends a message back to the
pancreas, letting it know that it can stop producing insulin.
If that messaging system is damaged, due to a fatty liver,
which blocks the liver cells from being able to relay
messages, the pancreas just keeps producing insulin. It
pumps too much insulin into the blood, and now the person
has high insulin and high blood sugar. The pancreas gets
overworked and it can’t produce enough insulin to
overcome the insulin resistance. The pancreas becomes

Insulin helps potassium, amino acids, and proteins to enter

the cell. Having diabetes actually causes problems in other
areas like cell damage, low muscle tone, loss of collagen,
bone, and joint issues. The small blood vessels get
damaged, and it creates vision problems, nerve damage,
kidney damage and failure. The large blood vessels get
damaged which causes heart disease, stroke, and poor
blood circulation. Sugar is toxic, and the body knows it. It
tries to stop the sugar from getting into the cell to do more

Unfortunately, if you kick unruly guests out of your hotel

room, they stay in the lobby, and when you kick them out
of the hotel, they damage the parking lot. That’s a funny
analogy, but if it were real life, what would you say would
have fixed the problem? Don’t invite them in the first
place. Sugar is the unruly guest that you invited, and is
wreaking havoc all the way back to the airport, your colon.

Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms:

 Weakness
 Drowsiness
 Blurred vision
 Ketones in urine
 Slow healing sores
 Frequent urination
 Increased liquid intake
 Frequent yeast infections
 Itching in vaginal or groin area
 Erectile dysfunction (impotency)
 Unexplained weight loss or weight gain
 Dark skin changes on neck, armpit, groin
 Numbness and tingling of the hands and feet

Diabetes Type 2 Risk Factors:

 Age
 Race
 Weight
 Inactivity
 Family History
 Gestational Diabetes
 High blood pressure (140/90 mm Hg)

Type 1 Diabetes is when the body doesn’t produce any

insulin. Patients with Type 1 Diabetes need to check their
insulin levels multiple times throughout the day, and get
injected with insulin through a needle. It used to be called
Type 1, Junior diabetes, because the problem occurs in
children, but adults also have it. Diabetes autoantibodies
are created, because of the cell damage that compromises
the immune system. Insulin-producing beta cells in the
pancreas get attacked, and therefore can’t produce insulin.
Candida morphs itself, and compromises phagocyte
immune cells, to get past the gates into the pancreas. There
they attack the very cells that can stop insulin production,
so there will be nothing stopping sugar from remaining in
the bloodstream.

I watched a documentary about a boy band of brothers.

One of them, a very intense person, was diagnosed at 13
years old with Type 1 Diabetes. They were on tour, and out
of nowhere he started demanding that they go get pizza and
Diet Code. He ate this every day. His brother said, he
would get the giant big gulp size. He got really thin, and
every 15 minutes, they had to pull over so he could urinate.
They finally took him to the doctor when they could see his

He was diagnosed with Type 1, but it made me wonder.

Why did this happen so suddenly? What came first, the
cravings for sugar, or the Type 1? This deep into the book,
you already know. It was the sugar. Being on the road,
being a young kid, being in a popular band, being away
from home and parents. Candida is opportunistic. It waits
until the conditions are right. Those kids were on the road
6 days a week. Their parents were clearly stage parents,
pushing their kids to work because they wanted them to
make money for them, because they were lackluster

He became irritable, moody, and thirsty. The kid lost 20

lbs. in two weeks, because he was burning the sugar off
before candida could get to it. Also, the glucose in his fat
cells was gone. He had to consume large amounts of sugar
just to stay alive. The high sugar fed candida, but because
he had a high metabolism, the insulin was working too
good. Candida got into his pancreas, and started attacking
his beta cells. It was working for a little while, but the
insulin was still working.
Right then, the kid was marked for extinction. Candida
killed all his beta cells, and now the pancreas won’t
produce any insulin. This is how it works, candida is in the
host from Day 1. The mother has candida, and the father
has dopamine deficiency. This gets encoded into the child.
While in the house, the mother is feeding their candida,
their fathers, and her own. When they get away from her,
they don’t know how to feed it, so they just listen to the
signals coming from their brain. Eat sugar, eat sugar. Their
dopamine depends on it. They do too much. A little kid,
undisciplined in self-control, will kill themselves if no one
is watching. Not on purpose, but because they’re stupid.

His father is humongous. Through the entire documentary,

you see the brothers drinking beer. Candida was already in
their system. The older brothers were able to drink sooner.
The little kid was probably unable to feed his candida away
from home, so he fed it with loads of sugar. He seems like
the type to go overboard, and the older brothers were
clearly not doing what was best for him. They said the
little kid was the leader of the group. What? They caused
his Type 1. There isn’t a cure for Type 1, because doctors
are looking for the wrong thing. Heal candida, then you
reverse the pancreas damage.

Now, he wears a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), a

computerized pouch that you tape onto the outside of your
stomach. It watches your glucose levels multiple times a
day. He has it set to be sent every 5 minutes, which in and
of itself is extreme. When it’s too high or too low, the little
alarm beeps. People have to give themselves insulin when
it’s too low. He also has a pump, that injects the right
amount of insulin. He’s a celebrity so he can afford this
equipment. CGMs aren’t covered by Medicare or

Diabetic CGM Supplies Cost:

$ 6,500 – Insulin pump
$ 1,500 – Insulin cartridges and reservoirs
$ 500 - $ 1000 – CGM
$ 50 - $ 100 – Sensor needle (per week)

There’s an underground world of Type 1 Diabetes patients,

that have created their own unregulated DIY Closed Loop
APS (Artificial Pancreas System). The FDA didn’t have an
inexpensive option for the insulin pump, so people started
making their own. There was one death, in another
country, due to a malfunctioning insulin pump that was
DIY. This has sparked the government to come up with a
lighter, less expensive, automated closed-loop insulin pump
system, other than the currently approved Medtronic 670G.

Diabetes Type 1 Symptoms:

 Moody
 Blurred vision
 Extreme thirst
 Extreme cravings
 Frequent urination
 Fatigue and weakness
 Unintended weight loss
 Sudden onset bed-wetting

Diabetes Diagnostic Testing:

 C-Peptide Test
 Ketones in Urine
 Ketones in Blood
 Glucose Urine Test
 Micro albumin Test
 Blood Glucose Test
 A1C, checks blood sugar over 3-month period
After watching that documentary, I went to a site that says
they can reverse Type 1 Diabetes with a plant-based diet.
Since, I’m a vegan, I thought this was the Holy Grail. It
wasn’t. A man who was diagnosed at 22 years old with
Type 1 Diabetes was giving the lecture. Six months earlier,
he was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and
Alopecia. His system was severely compromised. He was
a 3-sport athlete in high school, but in college he had to
stop playing sports. I already know that people that play
that many sports have a lot of anxiety, low dopamine, and
are addicted to adrenaline.

He discovered a plant-based diet and in 1 year, he went

from eating 150g of carbs per day to 600g of carbs per day.
His insulin use went down, and after 3 weeks he cut his
insulin by 40%. He decided to go to school and get a Ph.D.
in Biochemistry to do his these on Insulin Resistance. I
think all of that is great. Until he said he had 5 doctors in
his family. Then, his whole speech was tainted. He swears
by a 70% carb, 15% fat, 15% protein diet. He says that a
high-fat diet, such as Keto, Atkins, South Beach Diet etc.
will give you serious health problems in the future. I think
any “diet” will give you serious health problems if it’s not a
lifestyle. Extreme dieting will always put your body off-

The one thing I never heard him mention was candida. His
brain was under attack. No university is going to give you
a Ph.D. in Candida Related-Diseases, because they’d lose
all their funding. The other lecturer, was diagnosed with
Type 1 in 2001. He was a competitive tennis player. Same
issue. Dopamine deficient, and probably addicted to
adrenaline. His doctor put him on the Standard American
Diet, and gave him allergy medicine. He got acne, and
plantar fasciitis.
Routine Diabetes Testing Recommended:

 Recommended to Age 45 or older

 Between 19 – 44 yo who are overweight/obese
 Children 10 – 18 yo who are overweight/obese
o Low birthweight
o Mother had diabetes while pregnant

Also, there is Gestational Diabetes, in which the embryo

is not able to produce insulin to handle the food the mother
is eating. The placenta takes over the production of
hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These hormones
make the cells more resistant to insulin. Candida has a
vested interest in the cells becoming resistant to insulin,
because the blood sugar will be filled with glucose. Since
estrogen is coming from the placenta, that means candida
will go where the estrogen is, and where the baby is. The
baby and mother are a two for one special.

Gestational Diabetes Risk Factors:

 Age
 Race
 Weight
 Candida overgrowth
 Family or Personal History

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms (Infant):

 Death
 Excess growth
 Low blood sugar
 Type 2 Diabetes later
Gestational Diabetes Symptoms (Mother):

 Preeclampsia
 Yeast infection
 Subsequent gestational diabetes

Women who have diabetes while pregnant or more likely to

carry on the trait to their children. I believe that
Gestational diabetes occurs because of candida. Since 85%
of pregnant women have candida, the chances of an unborn
child getting symptoms of diabetes are also increased. The
effects may not be seen, simply because the doctors are
looking in the wrong direction.

When the children grow up, they’re already predestined to

be diabetic, because of the sugar habits of the mother in
utero. The average American consumes between 31 – 42
teaspoons of sugar per day. It’s impossible to see that when
looking on packages, because the rate of conversion is
grams. Let me put it another way:

Sugar Consumption in the U.S.:

31 to 42 teaspoons per day

124 to 168 grams per day
11,315 to 15,330 teaspoons per year
45,260 to 61,320 grams per year

The average daily allowance for an adult, on the Standard

American Diet, is 2,000 calories. Carbohydrates should
make up between 45 to 65% of the 2,000 calories, which
equals between 900 to 1,300 calories. This equates to 225
to 325 grams of carbs per day. Now, let’s look back at the
amount of sugar we’re eating.

Daily Yearly
Sugar 124g – 168g 45,260g – 61,320g
Carbs 225g – 325g 82,125g – 118,625g

Sugar 15g – 35g (ideal) daily sugar intake

Sugar/Carbs 7 – 11% (ideal) daily sugar intake
Sugar/Carbs 51 – 55% (current) sugar intake in U.S.

I hope this helps you get a better idea of how you can
watch your daily sugar intake. I watched another
documentary called, “The Truth about Sugar” in the UK
about the labeling of sugar in grocery store packaging.
They have something called “traffic lights” that show red if
the products contain over 22 grams of sugar in 100g of
product. Many of the manufacturers don’t want to
participate in this because it causes health-conscious people
to choose another brand. The journalist asked, the
representative from Food and Drink Federation, about
making the system a requirement. She was met with
instant opposition. The representative said that patrons
need to read the back if they want to know the sugar
content. Basically, “It’s your problem if you don’t bring a
calculator to the grocery store”. These people are
scratching the backs of the manufacturer.

I watched another documentary called, “Fast Food, Fat

profits: Fault Lines”. A representative for the U.S.D.A.
Food and Nutrition Service was asked about collusion,
because they regulate the cheese industry, and they cosign a
product that has cheese in the crust. The school cafeteria is
filled with products that have been lobbied for by the dairy
industry to regulators. In fact, many of the regulators go
off and work for the people they’re regulating, and then
come back two years later. It’s like musical chairs.
They’re playing games. We have to regulate ourselves by
not buying their products. Their pockets are fat and so are
In the same documentary, the journalist asked, a rep from
the Center for Consumer Freedom, if the miniature drink
Chubby, which is marketed specifically to children, should
be stopped, considering it has 30 – 34 grams of sugar. The
representative said, “That’s what parents are for.” If they
don’t care about what the parents are eating and drinking,
why would they care what the kids eat and drink. The
parents are the gatekeepers to the children. If they give
them money, without food education, they’re going to
choose whatever they can afford. I do agree, to some
extent, that it is the parent’s responsibility. I’m just trying
to fight for the kids of ignorant parents that don’t read

They also reported that D.C. has the highest obesity rate
among children in the country. That’s ridiculous. In one
school, they added a salad bar. That’s nice. What about the
rest of the country? I just think that kids today, young
adults included, are speeding towards diabetes at a rate that
makes no sense. The sugar consumption has more to do
with mood, mental health, and candida than actual desire
for the food. Their brains have been hijacked, and there is
a pill for that, but it’s not a permanent solution.

One night, I was watching a video that had related views in

the corner. One of them was a video of a news anchor who
was a picky eater. I decided to look at it because it was a
man I recognized. Apparently, he hates food, or he doesn’t
have a love affair with food. He claimed that if he could
just not deal with it that would be fine. I thought that was
interesting because he’s a very fit man and clearly, he’s
eating something. He recalled that when he was younger,
all he was left with in the refrigerator was “vodka” and
crackers. That immediately made me think of neglect.
Since he mentioned the “vodka” I thought to myself,
someone in that home was an alcoholic. Well, that turned
out to be true. Another clue was that he didn’t seem to
have the pleasure from eating that most other people do, or
so he said. It was really important for him to let us know
that he didn’t have food as a child.

He would go to his friends’ houses and they had bagels, and

he wanted to stay there because it was nothing like his
house. Again, that wasn’t sounding right, because if you
don’t like food, why are you drooling over your friend’s
bagels. It sounds more like he didn’t have enough, is bitter
about it, but pretends that he never wanted in the first place.
Nevertheless, something told me that I should look into this
further. It led me to a documentary that he did with his
mother. His mother is a famous trust fund baby that
everyone knows. I’m sure you can look it up easily.

Long story short, his mother was an absentee parent, and

didn’t really have the motherly instinct. I looked into her
family background and her mother didn’t have the motherly
instinct either. I looked into her grandmother’s
background, and she didn’t have the motherly instinct. If
you remember earlier, we talked about Postpartum
Depression, and how the part of the brain that rewards a
mother for caring for her child is inactive in these absentee
mothers. She was also born by C-section, and handed over
to a nanny immediately. It made me think of candida
instantly and narcissism.

The news anchor’s mother’s father, his grandfather, was an

alcoholic and died from cirrhosis when she was 15 months
old. His mother’s mother, his grandmother, abandoned her
to travel all over Europe for 6 months, leaving her with a
nanny at 3 weeks old. His grandmother’s mother, his great
grandmother, was deranged and viewed Napoleon as her
role model. There was a lot of infighting, and it was all
about the money the child would inherit from her father’s
estate by way of a trust fund. No one genuinely cared
about the child except the nanny. I watched another mini-
series about the mother’s childhood, when she was
seriously mentally disturbed, and passed around from house
to house.

Needless to say, she had some problems. She got married

at 17 years old and basically sought to feed her father
hunger by getting with many older men. In her own words,
her mother took her to parties and let her do whatever she
wanted to do. Years later, she did the exact same thing to
her sons, taking them to a well-known drug den and sex
club when they were 10 – 12 years old. Her son jumped off
a balcony, in front of her after college, and her other son
hasn’t spoken to her in 30 years. This news anchor seems
to be the only one who is still pining after her love.

Why am I bringing all this up? This woman, her mother,

her grandmother, and her entire family was infected with
candida. I know this because the “picky eater” in a totally
different video described what he eats for lunch. He eats at
a well-known country style restaurant, and orders turkey,
two sides of corn, cornbread, sometimes mashed potatoes,
and cranberry walnut relish. He says he has eaten this
every day for 5 months straight, sometimes twice a day.

He also said he eats Special K Cinnamon Pecan cereal for

breakfast. In another interview, someone tried to get him to
eat a salad. With hesitance, he told the audience that, “I
generally avoid green things.” He said he has high
cholesterol, has started to reduce his sweet cravings, but
has recently started drinking more red wine. He brags
about hating food, but something just didn’t add up to me.
Listening to all of this made me go research the food he
prefers. What I found was Candida Heaven:

News Anchor’s Preferred Foods:

Food Carbs Fat Protein

Turkey Large 0g 6g 42g
Mash Potatoes 32g 10g 5g
Corn (2 portions) 38g 14g 6g
Cornbread 31g 3g 2g
Cranberry Relish 30g 2g 1g
Special K Cereal 77g 3g 9g
with milk (2 cups)
Total 208g 38g 65g

That’s in a single day at one trip to the restaurant for lunch.

He said that sometimes he goes twice a day. Those
numbers are too scary to put up. He also said in another
interview that he exercises and runs obsessively. That
made sense because he’s in great shape. However, just
because someone looks like they’re in great shape, doesn’t
mean that the insides are in good shape, particularly his
mental health. When I say mental health, I don’t mean that
he has a mental illness. What I mean is that his
neurotransmitters, and his motivations for eating what he
eats, is off balance. He has no idea why either.

In my opinion, he has a compromised system, that has been

compromised since conception. His mother, because of her
own compromised system, passed on her inability to
synthesize serotonin and dopamine. Because he’s on TV,
he knows that getting fat is not an option, therefore the
exercise regime is mandatory. If he were to ever stop
exercising, he would blow up like a hot air balloon. His
mother claimed that she conceived him by taking fertility
drugs. She told him that she wanted him to be a girl. What
a saint? These seem like unrelated things, but when it
comes to a compromised system, candida can use these
memories and facts to trigger him to eat certain things.

I can’t get into the family dynamics like I would like to. If
you want to do your own research, it will take you all day.
There are so many clues to his mother’s dysfunction that I
just don’t have room for her. I will say, she has Obsessive-
Compulsive Disorder, which is evidenced by her actions,
and things she says to herself repeatedly. There’s a
permanent sadness that you can see even at her current age,
that goes back to her life as a child. Permanent sadness is
another name for permanent hijacking of a neurological
system by candida. A mother has no choice but to pass that
on to her children. His mother’s father died of liver
cirrhosis, was an alcoholic, and a compulsive gambler.
These all point to a severe dopamine deficiency, and an
inability to produce serotonin. The news anchor said that
he was reducing sweets, but immediately increased his
uptake of alcohol.

He had asthma as a child, and so did his brother that

committed suicide. It is well-documented that severe
asthma is caused by candida. It is the constriction of the
airway that is due to increased mucus. Candida travels
through the mucus membrane. If he’s had the same eating
habits that he does now as a kid, his entire system has been
mucus filled forever. He didn’t like taking the medicine as
a child because it made him too hyper, and emotionally
disturbed. His mother claimed in one interview that his
brother killed himself because of an allergic reaction to
asthma medication. I think it was psychotic depression.

Asthma is caused by the mucosal membrane in the lungs

becoming inflamed because of allergens, stress, medication,
or exercise. The muscles in the lungs get larger, and the
mucus overproduces to fight the allergen. The air tries to
get through the constriction and the mucus. An allergy
attack happens when the patient has a shortness of breath,
and can’t grasp sufficient oxygen. They panic, which
elevates their heart rate, and can be fatal.

Asthma medication, such as inhalers, are taken by mouth or

through the nasal passage. The medicine relaxes the
muscles that constrict the airways, and it also suppresses
the immune system that increases mucus production. The
inhaler is a handheld tube that the patient inhales from
slowly. It goes down into the lungs, except on the way
down, the medicine gets on the throat and the surface of the
mouth. In the mouth, the immune system that protects
against candida overgrowth is also depressed. If the patient
doesn’t brush his/her teeth, or rinse their mouth out after
treatment, candida will grow into a condition called oral

The reason I’m mentioning asthma medicine is because the

news anchor stated that he has chronic asthma in his family.
He said being on the medicine made him speedy, disturbed,
and emotional. The medicine that I saw most often was
Albuterol, which goes by many names. The symptoms are:

 Thrush
 Diabetes
 Weight gain
 Fluid retention
 High blood pressure
 Elevated blood sugar

Asthma causes thrush, but I was being led to look even

further back. We can’t underestimate the intelligence of
candida, and its opportunistic behavior.
12. Asthma

Most of the people that I knew as a kid who had asthma

couldn’t do very much. During P.E., they often had to sit
on the side of the field. They would miss school or leave
early if they had an asthma attack. People in my family
traveled with their inhalers, and if they left it at home, it
turned into a real emergency. I didn’t know much about
asthma before writing this book. I’m not sure I would have
even looked it up if it wasn’t for researching the news

I like to draw flowcharts when I write, because I want to

see if visually it makes sense. When I saw the symptoms
of asthma medicine, then saw that candida (thrush) was a
side effect, I was intrigued. I drew an arrow from thrush,
back to asthma medication, then back to asthma, and then
back to mucus, and then stopped. I knew that allergens
cause overproduction of mucus, but I also know that
candida lives in the mucus membrane. What if candida is
so fancy, stay with me, that it causes asthma, so the person
can take the medicine, so thrush can thrive.

Please, don’t put limits on the devil and his tricks. You
might say, how does candida know that the person is going
to take the medicine? How does candida know you’re
going to eat that last piece of chocolate cake? Because it
knows that if you just get in the vicinity, it can take control
of your mind, and you will surrender. Candida is the devil.
The devil knows. Expand your mind a little bit.

Something that I didn’t want to put in the last chapter,

simply because it made more sense here because of where
I’m about to go, is that news anchor fell in love with this
pizza place. He posted it online. For somebody that
doesn’t like food, he is eating some of the most carb-rich
foods I have ever seen.

The pizza was made with red onions, fermented chili,

pineapple, naturally leavened crust, and dusted with loads
of parmesan cheese. He also said that his father used to
take him out for pizza, so he could tell him about school.
His father passed away when he was 10 years old. He still
has sadness about his dad passing. Are you starting to see?
Memory triggers thoughts, thoughts trigger emotions,
emotions trigger behavior. You think candida doesn’t know
that. He said every time he smells pizza he thinks of his
father. In other words, if he follows the memory, candida
will give him some dopamine to cure the sadness, so
candida can get what it needs. It’s so deep, it’s unreal.

I looked up what leavened bread was, and found that bread

is either leavened by chemicals or by yeast. This pizza is
leavened by yeast. The pineapple, the pizza crust, and the
fermented chili have sugar. This cheese would cause
mucus to build up like crazy, and for someone who suffers
with asthma, I wonder if he could see the connection.

1 Corinthians 5:6–8 - Your glorying is not good. Know ye

not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump? Purge out
therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye
are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed
for us: Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven,
neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with
the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

In the bible, leaven is considered sin. Leaven is yeast.

Candida is the devil. Yeast is the devil. Jesus said that
even a little bit contaminates the whole bunch, in other
words, it will grow and take over. Yeast multiplies. During
Passover, the Jews were told to eat unleavened bread.
During communion, Christians eat unleavened bread.
Exodus 12:15 - Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread;
even the first day ye shall put away leaven out of your
houses: for whosoever eateth leavened bread from the first
day until the seventh day, that soul shall be cut off from

What did God have against leavened bread? What did he

know that we’re so ignorant of now? Was he talking about
bread or a microorganism?

Asthma Statistics:

26 million – People in the U.S. have asthma (1 in 13)

6 million – Children under 18 have asthma
11 million – Doctor visits per year are for asthma in U.S.
1.7 million – Emergency room visits per year for asthma
3x – African-American are more likely to be hospitalized
4x – Adults are more likely to die from asthma
14 million – Missed days from school for asthma in U.S.

Asthma Patients Demographic Statistics:

5.3 million – Poverty low-income patients

7.8 million – Lower middle income patients
6.0 million – Middle income patients
7.3 million – Upper-middle income patients

As you can see, asthma doesn’t discriminate based on

income status. However, there is a large portion of lower-
income patients that require hospitalization, and who can’t
afford their medications. The prevalence of asthma in the
African-American community can be attributed to diet,
stress, genetics, poverty, and access to healthy food.
As an African-American, I can tell you that all the people I
ever knew who had asthma were black. Our diet is filled
with mucus inducing foods, especially traditional soul food.
It’s my goal to make sure no one has asthma, regardless of
race or socioeconomic status. I did want to look further
into why this was specifically targeting my community.

I looked into the metaphysical cause of asthma. It’s

something you can easily look up. For every disease, there
is a spiritual root cause. The body is always trying to tell
us something, we just aren’t listening or don’t speak its
language. The metaphysical cause of asthma is “rejection
in the womb”. Children that feel that they’re not cared for,
are not safe, or can’t express themselves, develop asthma.
It seems like it’s a block in the throat chakra. Like you’re
being choked from speaking your truth. Absentee or
neglectful mothers can induce asthmatic symptoms, also
known as karmic obstructions.

When I was a teacher, all the kids who had asthma had
mothers who were nurses. The children, without knowing
it, developed an illness to get attention from the mother.
Gasping for air is a soul’s cry for nurturing, care, and
recognition of one’s needs. They don’t feel comfortable
expressing these needs, so the body does it for them. They
probably pretend to be alright, hiding their emotions, so as
not to upset their caregivers. That is why they continue to
suffer, deep down, they know their needs will not be met.

Many of my students that suffered with asthma were

control freaks, trying to be mindful of everything that
happened for fear of some impending doom. They all had
abandonment issues, and would get super emotional with
me, simply because they felt safe to do so. As a teacher, I
can’t just ignore outbursts, but at home they won’t get a
second look.
I can’t believe I’m going to extend my conversation about
this news anchor through another chapter, but you can
really get lost in his mother’s story if you have a weekend
to spare. The rejection and abandonment by his mother
caused his asthma symptoms to flare up. He interviewed
her and she admitted that she had a hard time breastfeeding.
I’m sure you remember this from my chapter on
Postpartum Depression. Her mother rejected her in the
womb as well. Her grandmother rejected her mother, and
you can see how the candida has hijacked the entire family

His mother never had girls, but you see it manifested in her
son, especially since she remarked several times that she
wanted all her children to be girls. Why would a mother
say that to her son, unless she was trying to reject him?
This is leading me to why he has spent his life chasing
something that doesn’t exist. He left high school early to
go to foreign countries and report on war and soldiers.
What was he looking for? Adrenaline. What is adrenaline
related to? Dopamine. Why did he get off of that asthma
medication, because it lowered his serotonin, caused
depression, and that’s what he’s been running from his
entire life?

This news anchor is an adrenaline and dopamine junkie.

He says he runs obsessively, looking for what?
Endorphins. The inhaler increases adrenaline, causes
anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate, decreased appetite,
and agitation. I thought he might enjoy that, but it’s
overstimulation for a person that already feasts on carbs.

Let’s look at it another way, if candida is already in his gut

and liver, how can candida dominate the whole body.
Aggravate the mucosal lining in his lungs, get him to take
the medicine, and then cause thrush. Even if he gets off the
medicine, the candida has already overgrown. I know that
sounds far-fetched, but we can’t rule it out. Candida
suppresses the immune system anyway in other areas of the
body, which inhibits serotonin production. If a person is
low on serotonin, they’re depressed. They could either sit
and be consumed by that, or if they’re a go-getter like him,
they get up and binge on carbs to get the dopamine.

He described a life changing event that happened to him on

a school field trip. He said that someone described how
sharks have to keep moving to force water into their gills so
they can get oxygen. If they don’t they’ll die. This has
become his motto for life, keep moving or die. Anyone that
stays in depression for too long will contemplate suicide.
His brother, on those same asthma medications, fell into a
deep depression, moved back in with his mother, who
hadn’t changed, and she claims he was sleepwalking when
he climbed over the balcony. I looked up the cause of
sleepwalking, and it is said that it is from a lack of

What is candida’s ultimate goal? To snuff you out of here.

What is the devil’s ultimate goal? To snuff you out of here.
He can either do it slowly, without your knowledge, or he
can do it right in your face, and you can be complicit.
There’s a long chain of events that happen before either of
these events occur, and they begin in the womb. It is well
known in the medical industry that candida is the cause of
mosts disease in this country, due to the mucus membrane
that it travels on.

In a study done in the 80s, people with asthma and rhinitis

were tested for candida. 52 out of 64 tested positive for
candida. I had to search real hard for those buried results.
I found a man that said he healed his asthma permanently
through years of trial and error. It was exhausting listening
to how many alternative vitamins and treatments he took.
He said he wanted to be a professional baseball player, but
he could never get his severe asthma under control. I
noticed one thing about him that I’m sure most people
wouldn’t see. He was hyped up, which means he has high

As he was walking through the neighborhood, describing

his experience, he said that he was taking the inhaler
medicine well into his adult years. His doctor told him that
he needs to get off of it. It’s not meant to be used multiple
times a day, it was for emergencies only. When I found out
that the medicine triggers the same receptors as adrenaline,
it hit me. People that overuse their medication are addicted
to adrenaline. He said he healed himself finally through a
liver and gallbladder flush. He recommended a book I’m
sure you can easily find. There are multiple people online
who swear by this book, and the process of the liver flush.
Don’t search it unless you are ready to be grossed out. I
wasn’t grossed out because I wanted to see what it was all

There’s something called mucoid plaque. It’s a mucus

substance that sits inside of your digestive track, and
parasites and candida feed off of it. It stops you from
absorbing the nutrients from your food, and it creates a
breeding ground for cancer and inflammation. You take a
mixture of water, psyllium husk, activated charcoal,
bentonite clay, and lemon. There’s different versions out
there, but it’s best to just get the original book. He swears
by it, and other people actually showed the mucoid plaque
that sometimes stretched 25 feet. It is said to be the cause
of a multitude of diseases. Even vegans have it since birth.
I had never heard of it before, but when I saw the pictures I
soon realized that I did a colon cleanse many years ago, and
I saw this very same thing. It looks like black tar, and it
will scare you if you’re not prepared to see it. One vegan
man, who had been vegan for 17 years, was beyond
revealing in his video, and he showed the 25-foot plaque
from beginning to end. At the very top, where the colon
begins and the large intestine ends, was very noticeably
pockets of candida. If a person clears themselves of this
mucoid plaque, any disease associated with mucosal
membrane can be healed. Dr. Sebi, a pathologist, herbalist,
biochemist, and naturalist, claims all disease is from

There seems to be a strong connection between mother’s

emotional, mental, and physical imbalance and her child’s
ability to produce neurotransmitters. This news anchor’s
mother had a miscarriage before his brother was born,
which we learned earlier is low progesterone, the “mother
hormone” or the “pregnancy hormone”. His mother had
depression after she miscarried. Then, when she tried to
conceive him, she ended up taking a fertility drug, that was
illegal in the United States, so she went to another country
to get it. This all might sound like it’s completely
unrelated, but when you find out that her mother had her by
C-section, you are starting to see a much deeper picture.
Her own friends called her a narcissist. I also looked up the
metaphysical cause of miscarriages. Some say it’s bad
timing, guilt over previous abortion, fear of karma, mindset
and law of attraction, or the body just shuts down from fear.

One year, I had a friend talk to me about her fertility

troubles. I looked up the metaphysical cause of infertility,
and it says that a woman fears being a bad mother just like
her mother.
We learned earlier that a woman that gives birth by C-
section doesn’t get treated with the same cocktail of good
feelings as natural delivery. One of those hormones is
called, oxytocin. Her mother only had one child. Her
mother abandoned her weeks after she was born. Her
mother had Postpartum Depression. Her mother had low
progesterone. Her mother was a narcissist. Her father was
a narcissist. If you mix all this up into a bag, you will get a
mother who is a narcissist. A narcissist, is a person who
doesn’t have access to the right balance of
neurotransmitters, and is never satisfied because their
serotonin has been hijacked. What is their system hijacked
by … (drum roll) … CANDIDA!

I looked into his father’s background. Apparently, his

father’s childhood included memories of large amounts of
sugar at family events, and fat, bacon grease, and pork. His
grandfather had a rage disorder, low self-esteem,
narcissism, hysterical outburst, and complained about
everything. I think about how the news anchor speaks of
his own rage, low self-esteem, and addiction to carbs, fat,
and adrenaline. His father couldn’t take a compliment and
neither can he. His father was very empathic, and so is he.
His father had a fear of failure, and so does he. That’s
where the similarities end.

His mother has a relentless drive, and so does he. His

mother can’t live in the present, always looking at the past,
and he always looks towards the future. His mother has no
problem taking a compliment, and is very self-focused and
seeks praise. He seems to only seek praise from her. The
whole story is fascinating, but I’m just imagining how both
sides of his family contributed to such extreme dysfunction.
It would take someone years to navigate. However, they
would be looking in all the wrong places. The mothers of
all involved need to be examined. The answers lie there.
13. Lymphatic Disorders

The lymphatic system is comprised of lymph, lymph

vessels, and lymph nodes. The lymph is the fluid that runs
through the system, carrying white blood cells that fight
bacteria and pathogens. Lymph is blood minus plasma,
electrolytes, and red blood cells. Lymph vessels are one-
direction pathways that carry lymph through the body.
They’re present alongside blood vessels, but they aren’t
connected and they only carry lymph. The lymph returns
to the blood outside the right atrium. The lymph system
carries oxygen to the cells, nutrients, hormones, and
removes waste. It’s part of the immune system that
includes the spleen. The spleen recycles 2 million red
blood cells every second. The thymus trains immune cells
in a mini-boot camp before it sends them out to fight on the
front line.

Lymph nodes are glands found on the lymph vessel

highway, you can view them as exits. Arteries carry blood
throughout the body. Lymph nodes are found in the neck,
armpits, and groin. They filter and clean the fluid before it
goes back into the bloodstream. If infection is present, the
nodes send a message for the body to make white blood
cells to fight it off. This generates antibodies, and killer T-
cells. This can cause the glands to swell, especially in your
armpit. They’re painful, and all the lymph nodes in your
arm can swell at the same time.

This can happen after shaving, not drying off enough

before you put on deodorant, and the pores can get clogged,
or it can signal a much bigger problem. The system can be
flushed by movement, which moves the lymph around the
infected area, hot and cold water intervals (15 seconds) in
the shower. The contraction of the muscles around the area
can flush out the blocked lymph nodes, and allow the
infection to pass.

Between the bloodstream and the lymphatic system is an

Interstitial Space. Lymph goes from capillaries to larger
lymphatic vessels, and drains into the bloodstream through
the subclavian vein. Tissue fluid carrying waste gets
reabsorbed by the blood. Fluid accumulates in the tissue,
and the interstitial flaps open, and it creates an opening
between the cells, which allows the fluid to go in. The
pressure inside the capillaries causes the cells to open
outward, and stops fluid from going back out. Blood
plasma with nutrients leaves capillaries at the arterial side.

The openings are large which allows large particles to enter

the bloodstream. Lymph nodes pull out any bacteria or
viruses that come from infected tissue. T cells, and B cells
called lymphocytes cause an immune response that travel
to the area of infection. The lymphatic system is crucial to
fighting pathogenic infection like candida, which can
manifest all over the body, even the brain.

If a patient has a compromised lymphatic system, their

entire body is at risk. Why is it that the medical profession
doesn’t know much about the lymphatic system? Why is it
that they only get 1 hour for their entire medical school
curriculum (4+ years) on the lymphatic system? Because
nobody is trying to teach them how to work with the body
to heal disease. You can’t make money if people learn that
the body has its own healing mechanism, and if it gets
overloaded, it can’t do its job. Did you know the lymphatic
system can create antibodies that recognize self from non-
self? Think about that for a moment. I’m going to go
really deep here, if you can follow you’ll have an epiphany.
Your body can produce antibodies that attacks invaders that
are not supposed to be there. Your body knows what’s not
supposed to be there. It has an awareness of “self”. Who is
this self that it’s aware of? That self is you. These
microbes identify as you. Oh my God, doesn’t that blow
your mind? When your body is destroying infection, it’s
protecting self, you. Pathogens can prevent these
antibodies from recognizing self, and they’ll attack self,
thinking that self is the invader. The devil is a liar! You
should have thrown this tablet, book, phone out the
window, right then.

In fact, the pathogen waits until “self” is weak, as in when

you’re stressed out, tired, overworked, mentally unstable,
and then it orchestrates an attack. It can get into your cells,
it can copy itself, using your cells own duplication
machine, and it won’t stop copying itself until the cell
explodes. When it gets done messing up that cell, it moves
to the next one. The immune system either attacks this cell,
destroying the body’s own cells because the invader is
inside the cell. Or the immune system doesn’t attack the
cell, because it thinks that the pathogen, which is hiding so
deep inside that it can’t be recognized, is self. Candida is
so meticulous about sabotage. We don’t give it enough
credit. We also don’t give the Devil enough credit. Let me
bring it home to you.

Imagine an organization that has many branches. Each

branch is a lymph node. The intranet, the company’s own
network, is the lymphatic vessels traveling through the
organization. Lymph is email communication, traveling on
the intranet, aka lymphatic vessels. Good communication
is coming through the network, and so is nonsense. Blood
flow is actual work being done, which is paperwork, and
the final results that keep the company going. The thymus
is the place where interns get trained to join the salesforce.
If you’ve ever worked in an organization with a lot of
employees, everything is not going to be right as rain, no
matter how sweet and loving a boss you try to be. You will
always hire a snake. There is someone in the organization
that will cause some type of disturbance. They don’t see
themselves as “part of a team”. They’re a virus, an invader,
a pathogen, but they pretend that they’re just like everyone
else. They find other people like them, duplicate
themselves by spreading gossip, spreading hatred,
sabotaging the company, even at their own peril. This is
who they are, they can’t stop. Someone will eventually
find out, and they’ll be stopped from moving up in the
company. However, every now and then, one of them
makes it to the top, bringing all their corruption and
selfishness with them, and eventually, they’re running
things and the company fails.

But, imagine if this person can cause problems and go

undetected. Imagine if this person can smile in everyone’s
face, hide their true intentions, masquerade as the good guy
or good girl, and poison the common goal. They can bring
the company down from the bottom up, slowly,
methodically, maliciously, and it’ll be such a slow burn.
This is what candida does to the human. The human and its
cells are an organization. Candida can manipulate the
entire system to get more people into the organization just
like it. The phoniness and lies will convince the whole
staff that candida’s goal is really the company’s goal. You
won’t be able to tell that all your employees are infected.

You think Eve knows that it wasn’t her desire to get Adam
to eat the fruit? She thought it was her own idea. Do you
think that the woman actually wants to get pregnant from a
sorry ass man? You think Candida knows it’s working for a
higher spiritual agenda? I really wish I had another year to
really go into how we’re all being manipulated, but just
know for now that your thoughts are not yours. Your
system is under control by a force so powerful, that you
believe that every time you raise your hand to pick up a
piece of food or a drink that your mind told you to. It’s too
scary to get into.

The reason I wanted to even talk about the lymphatic

system is because I know your doctor doesn’t know
anything about it, and he sure doesn’t want you to either.
The lymphatic system causes a condition called
Lymphedema. I used to see people who had large
swelling of their legs, sometimes only one leg. I never
knew what it was. Lymphedema is caused by lymph build
up in the fatty tissue.

Lymphedema Causes:

 Genetics
 Accident
 Spider bite
 Blood clots
 Deep vein thrombosis
 Breast cancer survivor
 Vascular insufficiency
 Chemotherapy medicine
 Surgery (lower extremities)

This woman that I found online described her daily routine

trying to deal with her lymphedema. She has to use a
compression sleeve that’s motorized, and elevate her leg to
allow blood flow and lymph to circulate. They don’t have
any other solution for her. She has to hide her leg by
wearing long skirts, and her self-esteem has been torn apart
because people can be cruel. All her friends were
overweight. All the people in her family were overweight.
They didn’t have lymphedema so what happened there?
It’s because her system is hijacked in a different way.

She ate the exact same things that a person with candida
overgrowth eats. After a while, it just becomes too clear
that candida is responsible for 95% of all disease. All you
have to do is watch the behavior of the infected person, and
the root cause is the same. Her system prevents her from
processing the fat, sugar, carbs, and garbage from her
system. I think her right leg weighs 20 lbs. more than her
left leg. That’s a lot to carry around. The condition is
called Lymphostatic Elephantiasis, when one part of the
body is much larger than the other. The swelling can cause
changes in texture of the skin, similar to tough leather, and
red sores.

Lymphedema Surgery Options:

o Harvest functioning lymph nodes to fix the faulty

drainage system.

o Connect the lymphatic system to the venous system to

drain excess fluid.

Lymphedema Statistics:

#1 - Obesity is the #1 cause of lymphedema.

5 million – People have lymphedema in U.S.
100 million – People worldwide suffer from lymphedema.
500,000 – people with breast cancer caused by

The trick is to get to lymphedema before it begins. It’s

recommended to eliminate dairy altogether because it
produces mucus. The mucus causes the lymphatic system
to slow down because of inflammation. The protein in the
diet can cause too much uric acid in the kidneys, and the
elimination system gets overloaded. That type of buildup
can cause death. Too much protein will cause kidney
damage. Too much meat in the diet can cause damage.
Many people I saw with lymphedema ate a ton of red meat.

I used to get these bumps in my armpits that were from not

drying off enough before putting on deodorant. In the
shower, I used hot water and ice cold packs under my arm
every 15 seconds. The bumps shrunk in days, not weeks or
months. However, changing stick deodorant also solved
the issue, but even after the bumps were gone, it felt like a
blockage still existed. Then, my hands started to feel like
there was a blockage. Then, my leg started to feel blocked.

I took carbonized bamboo in two scoops in 8 oz. of water.

Before the hour was up, those pains were gone. I took it on
an empty stomach, which is probably why it worked so
fast. The blockage in my hand was reduced by 50%, and
then gone the next day. It’s amazing how no doctor would
ever tell you simple things work wonders. We can heal

Mucoid plaque is in the entire digestive system. It’s a

substance that traps food particles, which rot inside the
colon causing cancer, polyps, constipation and Irritable
Bowel Syndrome. If a person wants to investigate mucoid
plaque on the internet, they should be forewarned. The
black tar sludge that comes out after the detox is what
nightmares are made of. However, the process can
eliminate many issues that doctors themselves can’t even
see on a colonoscopy. By not clearing one’s system, we
can’t absorb nutrients, or eliminate toxins from our food or
from chemical toxicity.
We eat very different from our ancestors. They always did
their own type of detox by fasting, eating fruit, taking
herbs, and eating lots of greens. We’ve gotten so far away
from that. Our ancestors would be turning over in their
graves if they saw how much fast food crap we eat, and
how much unnatural sugar we consume. The human body
isn’t designed for it, so it just says, “I quit”. Lymphedema
is a symptom of a much bigger problem. The lymphatic
system has been compromised.

The lymphatic system is candida’s way of hijacking the

system, and taking the lymph highway to circulate itself
into the cell, into the blood, and into the mind of the self. If
we heal candida, the other problems will heal themselves.
It’s my goal to make sure everyone knows that candida is a
masterful, intelligent, conscious, destructive, intentional,
agent of the demonic realm. Its primary objectives are to
steal, kill and destroy. The greatest trick candida ever
performed was to convince the world that it didn’t exist.

You must make a promise to yourself that you’ll detox your

body every day in some way. It doesn’t have to be a 3-day
or 7-day affair. Put yourself on a consistent regimen of:

 Alkaline water
 Lots of leafy greens
 Carbonized bamboo
 Organic whole foods
 Dry brushing over skin
 Garlic, turmeric, ginger
 Berries, beets, cherries, cranberries, pomegranates
 Buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth
 Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame seeds and oil
 Essential Oils: Labdanum, carrot seed, bay leaf,
black pepper, melissa, lemongrass
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
14. Healthcare

The healthcare industry is very profitable. They don’t

make money off of you getting well and staying well. It’s
the gift that keeps on giving. Hospitals are designed to
treat people with illnesses that are long-term or short-term.
Longer term illnesses include mental illness, alcohol
dependence, drug dependence, cancer, heart disease and
blood disorders. The hospital makes the most money off of
surgeries, baby deliveries, organ donation and transplants,
and orthopedics. When the primary care physician is in the
hospital, it generates 8 times their annual salary in hospital

In a 2019 survey of 93 hospitals, the primary care physician

was responsible for $2.13 million dollars of revenue. The
specialists were responsible for $2.44 million dollars of
revenue. All other physicians brought in $2.37 million
dollars of revenue to the hospital. The surgeons are pulling
through with the most revenue.

Surgeons Generating the Highest Revenue:

Cardiovascular Surgeons: $3,697,916 per year

Invasive Cardiologists: $3,484,375 per year
Neurosurgeons: $3,437,500 per year
Orthopedic Surgeons: $3,286,764 per year

Nobody is hurting for money over there. Big hospitals are

even more profitable. Smaller, urban hospitals are the ones
that are struggling. The reason is that people are getting
sicker, and the cost to care for them is increasing. The
salaries for doctors that will transfer to these smaller
hospitals has to be competitive. This eats into the profits.
Make no mistake, the hospital is a gold mine for a big city.
Total Healthcare Spending 2017:

$ 3.5 trillion – Spending at $10,739 per person

$ 1.2 trillion – Private Health Insurance
$ 705.9 billion – Medicare
$ 694.3 billion – Physician and clinical services
$ 581.9 billion – Medicaid
$ 365.5 billion – Out of pocket expenses
$ 333.4 billion – Retail prescription drugs
$ 183.1 billion – Health, residential, personal care services
$ 166.3 billion – Nursing care facilities, retirement homes
$ 129.1 billion – Dental services
$ 97.0 billion – Home health care
$ 96.6 billion – Physical therapy, optometry, podiatry
$ 64.1 billion – Medical supplies, over-the-counter
$ 54.4 billion – Contact lenses, glasses, hearing aids

Hospitals make money from illnesses like cancer. They

don’t do prevention, like in schools, churches,
communities, or libraries. That’s not good business.
Instead, they wait for the assembly line to come in.
They’re in cahoots with the drug companies and the food
industry. Cancer comes from food. If you eat differently,
you won’t get cancer. If you stop using products that
mimic estrogen in the body, you won’t get cancer. This is
not profitable in the long run for the healthcare industry. If
people feel better, are educated to make better choices, you
cannot profit from their mistakes. The best thing is to keep
them ignorant.

Cancer Statistics 2018:

$147.3 billion – Cancer care

1.7 million – New cases of cancer per year
610,000 – People will die of cancer per year
Cancer Statistics by Type 2018:

22,240 – New ovarian cancer cases per year

14,070 – Deaths by ovarian cancer per year
800,000 – New cases of colon cancer 45 & older
52,610 – New cases of colon cancer 44 & younger
239,390 – New breast cancer cases 45 & older
26,730 – New breast cancer cases 44 & younger

I believe that candida is responsible for 90% of the illnesses

that send people to the hospital, either directly or indirectly.
Candida affects mood, which effects thoughts, emotions,
and behavior. These are the number of patients that will
travel through the healthcare system because of illness
related to mood, digestion, gut-brain health.

Candida-Related Patients 2018:

100 million – Diabetes

93 million – Obesity
75 million – High blood pressure
65 million – Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
48 million – Foodborne Illness
22 million – Chronic indigestion
26 million – Abdominal pain
20.9 million – Mood disorders ($99 billion)
15 million – Heart disease ($113 billion)
10 million – Parkinson’s disease
7 million - Nausea/vomiting
4 million – Diarrhea, gastroenteritis
3.2 million – Schizophrenia
800,000 – Stroke

Patients that go to the hospital for these illnesses are

usually given blood tests, urine tests, MRIs, CT scans, or x-
rays. They almost always are given medications. The one
they do not get is nutrition advice. Food choices cause

Digestion Medication – OTC Revenue:

$1.86 billion – Antacid sold per year

Digestion Medication – Advertising (September):

$ 1.0 billion – Total advertising annually for antacid

$ 482 million – Laxatives
$ 183 million – Pepto-type products
$ 1.6 million – Nexium
$ 1.75 million – Prilosec OTC
$ 1.4 million – Tums
$ 1.25 million – Zantac
$ 1.0 million – Alka-Seltzer

Digestion Disease Costs & Burden:

$136 billion - Annual GI healthcare expenditures

$ 31 billion – GI hemorrhage, pancreatitis, gall bladder
$ 5 billion – GI hemorrhage
2 million – GI hemorrhage hospital days
500,000 - GI hemorrhage hospital admissions
11,000 – GI hemorrhage hospital deaths
$23 billion – Hepatitis
$18 billion - Esophageal disorders
$10 billion - Biliary disease
$10 billion - Abdominal pain
$7 billion - Inflammatory bowel disease
245,000 – New GI cancer diagnoses, colon, pancreas, liver
18 million – Endoscopic procedures performed
The pharmaceutical companies are well aware of the
profitability of keeping people sick. You can’t make
money if you’re providing a cure. Many patients are
lifelong customers, and that’s what every business wants.
The opioid epidemic has everything to do with candida
also. People that seek mood altering substances, legal or
illegal, have a compromised system. Patients with cancer
are left with few options. They must get radiation
treatment and take medications to extend their life, or send
their cancer into remission. They’re guinea pigs for
experimental drugs.

Pharmaceutical Statistics:

$ 52.54 billion – Pfizer (i.e. Prozac, Zoloft -

$ 49 billion – Novartis (Ritalin - ADHD, Galvus – diabetes)
$ 40.7 billion – GlaxoSmithCline (Paxil – antidepressant)
$ 18.4 billion – Humira (rheumatoid arthritis)
$ 7.98 billion – Enbrel (rheumatoid arthritis)
$ 8.11 billion – Rituxan (cancer)
$ 7.55 billion – Herceptin (breast and gastric cancer)
$ 7.21 billion – Avastin (cancer)
$ 3.8 billion – Benzo revenue
$ 1.74 billion – OxyContin
40 million – Patients suffer from anxiety
10 – 15% - Benzo users develop addiction

If the medication doesn’t kill you with its side effects,

you’ll be blessed to have an illness that lands you in
hospice care. Hospice care is where people go to die
peacefully. They don’t heal you of your sickness, just
make you comfortable while you accept that the end is
near. I took care of my grandmother for 3 years, and she
was in hospice care. It’s no picnic. You have different
nurses in and out of your house, and if the person is not
surrounded by family, you don’t know what those people
are doing to your loved ones. Some of the nurses, I had to
keep a close eye on. Telling my grandmother things in her
ear, trying to get her to hire them overnight, to make 1.5x
their day rate to watch her sleep. There’s been cases of
elderly physical abuse, sexual abuse, theft, workers getting
patients to sign papers to change their will, or make them
trustee over their financial accounts. They’re not all bad,
but if you trust blindly, you’ll be sorry.

Being a caregiver is a thankless job. To clean bed pans and

endure the psychological rollercoaster of a sick person’s
emotions, takes the patience of a special person. If you
don’t love the patient, you can’t do it. If you aren’t getting
paid, and you don’t love them, you definitely can’t do it

The medicines my grandmother was prescribed before she

went into hospice care, were names you’d recognize, like
Lyrica for her diabetes nerve pain, Clonazepam for anxiety,
Namenda for her Alzheimer’s, Omeprazole as an antacid,
Aripiprazole as an antipsychotic for depression. She had
other ones that I don’t remember, but there were 13 in all.
Needless to say, the hospice people came in and gave her
other drugs that were supposed to do the same thing. They
were supposed to save her money. Well, they didn’t work,
so we had to go right back on the original medication,
while still keeping their experimental medication. They
didn’t play nice. She had many psychotic episodes, night
terrors, obsessions, hallucinations, things got stopped up,
things wouldn’t stop flowing, it was a pure nightmare.

Thank God she had a family that would care for her
because she was a piece of work. If we left her with those
nurses, they would have really been pushed to the edge.
She tried to stay in a nursing home, they called us and told
us to come get here after 24 hours. You don’t know how a
person will respond when they don’t have their loved ones
around. She even called the police on the hospital phone
by her bed, because she said the nurses and doctors were
laughing at her in the middle of the night, and “good-
timing” in the room next to her. Who knows if it was true,
but they had to remove the phone. She also took off her
robe and yelled for them to let her go home. This might
sound like a rare case, but when a person is on medication
that is scrambling their brains, the person can be 95 or 15
years old. How many parents of children with mental
illness have to endure the sudden change in behavior that is
unexplained after taking meds.

I’m not saying hospice care is all bad. What I’m saying is
that everything that glitters isn’t gold. We have to figure
out how the person got there in the first place. Whatever
issue they had before they got sick is still present, and if
they have a mental illness, that will be expressed in stereo
when they can’t act out like they’re used to. Once you
introduce strangers to the mix, it can get live real quick.
They feel like they’re losing control of the situation. Just
watch a series called Nurses Who Kill. You’ll think twice
about who is caring for your family members when you’re
not around. A crazy person can get a nursing degree just
like everyone else.

Hospice Statistics:

4,382 – Hospices in operation

$ 11,820 – Average spending
101 million – Days of hospice care paid
1.43 million – Medicare beneficiaries
24 – 71 days – Average length of stay
$ 940 million – Total Medicare savings if stay 15 – 30 days
$ 6,430 – Medicare saves per patient if stay 15 – 30 days
$ 30,000 – Per month in assisted living costs
$ 40 million – Unpaid care for adults age 50+
$15.7 million – Unpaid caregivers of Alzheimer patients
$6,954 – Yearly out of pocket expenses by caregiver

I can tell you as a former caregiver, there is no greater

feeling than knowing you’re giving your loved one
something that money can’t buy. I fed my grandmother
organic vegan food, made her laugh every day, played
Mahalia Jackson for her, found her favorite sermons,
prayed with her, read the bible to her, and spent every
holiday with her. I wrote my 3rd book while caring for her.
However, there was no way to work and care for her. She
couldn’t be left alone. If people don’t have the right
savings to care for their aging parents, they’ll be seeing
stars when they need around the clock care.

My family wouldn’t put her in a nursing home, so we really

were taking turns, me, my father, my aunt, and my uncle.
There’s a policy that’s been put into place for caregivers by
the government. It’s called RAISE Caregiver Act. It stands
for Recognize, Assist, Include, Support & Engage. No one
has any idea how much stress, time, energy, money,
patience, and spiritual attack comes with caregiving. These
people all over the world deserve an award. They deserve
to be compensated because the people that don’t love their
family members get to keep their jobs and look the other
way. The ones that love and are willing to quit their jobs,
retire early, or risk their marriages, are not given the same
respect as the nurses and home care workers. They’re
expected to do it. Some parents don’t prepare for it.

When the loved one dies, the family members that didn’t
help, will be the first ones to have their hands out without
remorse, looking for a payday. You don’t know how slimy
family is until someone dies. They’ll be the main ones
crying at the funeral because of their guilt. Falling out,
praising God, standing up and acting holier than thou.
They’ll even sing a song and get the church all stirred up,
when they didn’t darken the doorstep of the deceased more
than once in 5 years.

There is a Superbug out there called Candida Auris, or c.

auris. It’s transmitted through hospitals. It stays on the
skin, but it gets transmitted through nurses and hospital
workers. It stays on hospital equipment. Anyone that’s
been around an infected patient can transfer it to other
patients. It stays on bedding, bed rails, and is very hard to
disinfect. Long term care facilities like hospitals, nursing
homes and clinics are more at risk to be exposed to it.

When it started showing up in South Korea, India, Kuwait,

South Africa, South America, Australia, it’s reported that
2/3 of the people infected actually died. C. auris is drug-
resistant and it’s hard to detect because it pretends to be
something else. The fungi strains in different countries are
similar, but it keeps changing. It is extremely adaptable,
and no other fungus has ever behaved like this. It’s like an
alien life form. C. auris is resistant to all 13 classes of
antifungal medication, and a dozen antibiotics. Candida
has gotten real smart. They’re calling it a “super yeast”,
and the hospital has no legal obligation to tell you that
there’s an outbreak.

In New York, the hospital will report a C. auris outbreak to

the State Health Department, and then they report to the
Center for Disease Control. The CDC doesn’t report it to
the patients or the community. The reason is they don’t
want people to not seek medical care for fear of infection.
Think about that for a second. What good is medical care if
you can go get sicker at the hospital and possibly die.
You’d better be very cautious about who you put your faith
in. This is the protocol for any superbug outbreak. They
wash everything down with bleach. How long before C.
auris is resistant to that? Candida has upgraded and is on
the move.

Chapter VI: Narcissistic Mothers

1. Narcissistic Mothers

The problem with society’s children is the lack of

nurturing, care, concern, health, nutrition, love, and
education by the mother. If she’s jacked up, they’ll be
jacked up. If she chooses a man that’s jacked up, the kids
will absolutely be jacked up before they get here. She can
do something to curtail the damage, and she can definitely
train her son in a different way than what he’s seen from his
father. That takes a STRONG woman though. She has to
battle a spiritually contaminated boy that’s turning into a
man, and if there was no one around to show him how to
respect her, he won’t respect her during the process. If he
had to watch her get her head kicked in by a man, or
multiple men from the revolving door that she allowed him
to see, he’ll have no idea how to treat a woman. He learns
a lot by watching her and what she puts up with. His
father, even if in the home, can really train a boy to be a
better man than he was. A weak man will not.

I watched a series of documentaries on jails and prisons.

Some of the men had committed petty crimes like driving
without a license. Others have committed cold-blooded
murder. They were put into the same jail cell. They all had
one thing in common, immaturity. The men were
interviewed, and the common age they said their trouble
began was 20. That seems to be the age when a boy does
NOT grow into a man. It becomes painfully clear that they
missed the rites of passage. If they got into trouble before
then, they would be in the juvenile system. The interviewer
kept asking them about their childhood. Some of them had
some sad stories.

One guy was going to get the death penalty for killing 3
people outside of a courthouse in a drive-by shooting. He
openly talked about his gang affiliation. The interviewer
asked him how many are in his gang, and he said 9 people
including him. Then he was asked how many of his gang
are in the prison, and he said only 3. The rest were dead or
in other prisons. What kind of gang is that? He was
delusional. He was in solitary confinement. He was raised
by his grandmother, but he didn’t say anything about his
mother. His father only came around when his
grandmother called him, to tell on him, when he was
stealing cars or doing poorly in school. When his father
arrived, he would beat him up, and then give a little money.
That’s it. He started to notice that his father was no
different than the immature men he ran the streets with. He
saw the hustlers as his mentors. He called himself a “slimy
snake”, but he also said that’s all he knew, that’s all he saw.
It’s true. How can you become something you’ve never

He had written so many books in jail, in pen, handwritten,

and he sent them to his girlfriend to be published. If you
have that talent, which very few people have, what the heck
are you doing in here? You know how hard it is to write a
book? How hard it is to focus your mind long enough to
put your thoughts and ideas on paper, and then translate
them to a complete work. That means he has the ability to
control his behavior. The majority of the people in there
had zero self-control, no skills, and little to no education.
They say that everyone that goes to jail is not dumb, but
they are stupid. Some very intelligent criminals, just not
smart enough to not get caught.

If you think about a criminal organization, they have sales

people, enforcers (security), accountants, bookkeepers, lead
generators, warehouses, product development, shipment,
delivery, banking, loan officers, and customers. Same
exact structure of a Fortune 500 company. The people that
run the most successful drug and gang rings could build a
legitimate empire. They just CHOOSE not to go that route.
There’s only one reason why. They don’t want to wait to
get paid.

That inability to wait, to be patient, low frustration

tolerance, immaturity, and need for instant gratification, is
exactly why they end up taking the short walk to the cage.
They have to have it NOW. That need to have it now, is
why they don’t do well in school. They want to run the
streets. They want some money now so they can get the
girls now. They don’t think about the future. For them, the
future is right now. They can’t even see themselves in the
future, because they know they’re living foul. That life
comes with a countdown. They know that. Could they
possibly have gone to college, learned about business,
created a product, developed a company and made the same
amount of money? Yes, but they just don’t have the

This is the same reason why they become violent. They

can’t handle their emotions. What does a baby do when it
needs something in the middle of the night? Cry nonstop.
Does that baby care that the mother needs to sleep, that
daddy just got off from work, that his/her siblings need to
sleep so they can go to school? No, they want what they
want and they want it now. They’ll scream bloody murder
until they get it too. Some babies cannot be soothed no
matter what you do. They have something internal that is
unrested, and they want you to be unrested. Everybody is
sleeping and dreaming, and they’re alone. Babies hate
being alone. If you were to watch these documentaries,
most of the prisoners hated to be alone. They can’t stand
being by themselves, because they don’t know how to be at
We make excuses for babies because, frankly, they just got
here. They don’t know themselves, and they can’t do much
without help. They can’t speak, feed themselves, can’t
walk, can’t drive to the store, and can’t go live somewhere
else if they don’t like the food. They’re stuck. Since they
have limited options they act out. How the mother
responds to this determines the toddler they’ll be. Once
they start talking and letting their little opinions be made
known, then you’ll start to see what they’ve picked up
along the way.

When you see a child hitting or fighting at that age, they

saw someone else being hit by someone angry. They learn
very quickly that violence gets them what they want. They
learn that when they do something wrong, they’ll get hit,
and that is making them feel powerless. Some kids are
very uncomfortable feeling powerless, so they seek power
very young. They want to be the hitter, not the hit. They
look for people to abuse, and some of those people may be
the parents themselves. I saw a kid on the internet being
told that she couldn’t have a cookie, and she slapped her
mother in the face. When I say slap, I mean s-l-a-p-p-e-d,
and it was instantaneous. There was no slow mental
processing. In the mind, situations are interpreted like this:

SITUATION: Child not getting what they want.

MIND: Child interprets that this person as an enemy that is

keeping something from them, and making them unhappy.

THOUGHTS: I’m not respected. I will force the situation.

MEMORIES: In the past, when someone else didn’t get

what they wanted, they got violent. I will do that.

EMOTIONS: I am angry, frustrated, sad, furious.

BEHAVIOR: I will hit this person which will make them
fear me, give me power, and they’ll give me what I want.

By the way, the child goes through these steps much faster
than it took for you to read them. The more mature a
person is, the slower this process is. A realized, self-aware,
and careful person will eliminate the first-response
behavior because that has the least thought behind it. It’s
usually a trigger. The adult, or mature young adult, a
maturing child will add another set of processes to the set.

REEVALUATION: Is this situation life or death?

MIND: Why is this triggering me? Where is this coming

from? What can I do here that causes the least damage?

THOUGHTS: Why am I thinking about responding this

way? Are these actually my thoughts?

MEMORIES: Who in the past have I seen that responded

this way? Am I just copying them? Do I need to keep this
in my toolbox of responses, or is it time to replace it? Has
responding this way helped or hurt me in the past? Am I
repeating a pattern, or am I remaining unconscious through
this whole process? Are my memories damaging to me?
Am I unhealed in some way? Is this a great opportunity to
heal old damage so I’m not triggered like this?

EMOTIONS: Can I watch my emotions without acting on

them? Do I need to be this angry? Do I need to get this
depressed? Who do I know that gets depressed and angry
in this way? Am I imitating someone else or is this all my
anger? Can I calm myself down through breathing
techniques or walking away altogether? Do I even need to
respond at all? Is there a peaceful solution? Do I need to
fight right now or is there a more mature way to feel about
this? Are my emotions being manipulated? Am I just
being lazy and not processing my emotions?

BEHAVIOR: I choose the high road. I realize that acting

out is what I did as a child. I’m a man now, or I’m a
woman now. The behavior I exhibited as a child is no
longer appropriate. I will say nothing back, or I will say a
kind word back, or I will go somewhere else and get over
it. I choose to move forward. The risk vs. reward will
become my daily practice. I will no longer run over
people, act out on people simply because I haven’t done the
internal work to make myself into a better person. I will
not bring negativity to the planet through my actions. I
CHOOSE to behave better.

This is a beautiful example of the difference between a boy

and a man. The difference between a little girl and a grown
woman. Many children are never taught that they must
think before they act. The exact way they acted as children,
with lightning fast speed, didn’t yield lasting consequences
that they couldn’t forget. Since being children, they never
adjusted their lightning fast response time to situations.
However, as adults, the consequences are extreme. They’re
taking their baby behavior to the prison. Guess who is
there? People just like them. Childish, immature boys,
who are extremely sensitive to any slight, and reactive in
violence ways. That’s evidence of child abuse and
emotional neglect.

Not teaching a young man how to control his emotions is

the main reason we have so much violence in society today.
The young men use the very testosterone that God gave
them to protect others, to instead harm people that are
weaker than them. When they get to prison, they’re the
weaker ones, and someone bullies them the same way. The
shortest, smallest, and puniest ones have the most mouth.
They reek of insecurity. They talk about respect.
One guy got mad because a prisoner, with known mental
problems, exposed himself to the men in the cell. He beat
the guy up. He was so proud to tell the interviewer that he
was the only one that acted violently. He was asked why
he didn’t just call a guard. He said that he felt disrespected,
and when he feels disrespected, he assaults people. That is
all he has in his tool bag. He had been to prison for 10
years in N.Y., then got out, now he was back in. He asked
the interviewer, “When you get disrespected, don’t you
assault people?” The interviewer said no. He said, “Well,
that’s just the way I grew up.” It was so sad because I
believe him.

He was sent out into this world with a bag full of broken
tools. He never took the time to learn anything different.
Even though, his way is not working, he doesn’t know
anything different. It’s like those remote-control cars from
back in the day that end up at a wall. They just keep hitting
the wall, backing up, hitting it again. He just keeps hitting
the wall. He can’t learn. I really believe that prisoners
have a learning disability. They definitely don’t know
math, because they’ll see that the amount of time it takes to
do a crime, doesn’t even compare to how long they’ll pay.
If it takes you less than a minute to take a life, you could
end up paying 30 to 50 years. That’s not a smart person.

One young man that has messed me up for days,

specifically because he came from my hometown, was a
14-year old boy. He committed an armed robbery and was
going to be given 10 years to serve at an adult prison. They
offered him 6 months in a boot camp setting, and then he
would be able to go back to school and graduate possibly. I
don’t even think he lasted one week. He said it was too
hard. They showed him trying to do push-ups. He didn’t
even have the minimal pride to not give up in front of a
room full of other boys, men in army fatigues, a camera
crew, or anything. He couldn’t even stand up straight.

He told the people that he would rather do 10 years instead

of 6 months. Let’s think about that for a second. You
would rather spend 120 months in prison than 6 months in
a boot camp. He said he got As and Bs in school, but I
don’t think so. That’s not good math. He said the reason
he was so violent was because of the school he went to.
Typical, to blame other people for your behavior.
Apparently, a lot of other kids go to that school, but they
didn’t become violent. It’s immaturity. You could tell he
was so weak in the mind that he would rather not
experience any frustration now, but would rather sit in a
cell for 10 years.

He said his mother was a postal worker, and she was very
upset with him for quitting. The truth of the matter is, she
knew he was sorry when she had him. She raised him to be
that weak, and now it’s blowing back on her. If my son
made that type of stupid decision, he would be right back in
that damn boot camp. You can’t put a 24-year-old’s life in
the hands of a 14-year-old. He’s making life decisions with
his little small mind that his 24-year-old self will regret.

Another man, was convicted of murdering two elderly

women at 13 years old. He and his friend needed to make
some money, so they went around the neighborhood to cut
lawns. One homeowner didn’t want her lawn cut, so in
their little minds, they pushed the door open, stole $5, and
killed two elderly women inside. This is a classic example
of young boys, at the age of puberty, deciding that
something that belongs to others automatically belongs to
them if they need it. That is the basis of rape. Rapists need
to get rid of this pressure in their testicles, that they have no
control over, and someone else’s body is theirs to take,
because they need it. Same way people that steal items
from stores. They need it, so it automatically belongs to
them. One prisoner told the interviewer that if he was in
his cell, he would take his shoes, simply because he wanted
them. Same mentality as a child. I want it, and I can’t deal
with the frustration of not having it, so because I’m weak,
you have to suffer so I don’t.

If you took a good look at the fathers of these men, they

behave the same way. Low Frustration Tolerance, lack of
self-control, rage problems, hormonal imbalances, sexual
immorality, violence, and lack of empathy. They learned
all that. These types of behaviors are learned. The father
never learned how to control his emotions, therefore he
never taught his son. Now his son, an immature boy, will
go out and get some idiot pregnant, and produce another
immature boy, and the cycle will continue. Honestly, these
people should not be reproducing, but no one can stop
them. Instead, they’ll put their inferior products out into
the world, not care for them, and they’ll wreak havoc on
society. Even if the immature boy doesn’t grow up to have
children, he will destroy some woman’s life simply because
he doesn’t know himself. Who do we blame? His momma.

She didn’t have enough sense to keep her legs closed, and
not give his father a chance to bring his demonic seed to
this planet. She herself is demonic if she doesn’t know that
this man was no good. Many women will keep a man in
the home, clearly destructive, just so she won’t be alone.
Imagine that, a mother who doesn’t want to be alone, and
her son comes out just like that.

This is why society has stalkers. They can’t stand

rejection. They were already rejected by their mothers, in
the womb probably, and some girl activated an unhealed
wound. Even though, she let him know that she wanted
nothing to do with him, he continues harassing her,
bothering her, following her, breaking into her phone, her
computer, etc. simply because he can’t handle the
frustration of being told no. They’re weak-minded
immature little boys who came from immature weak-
minded fathers, who they idolize no doubt, and then the
cycle begins again. Who knows what it actually takes for a
stalker to move on, sometimes it’s a lengthy prison
sentence, sometimes only death will stop them.

They just can’t handle pain. They can inflict pain, to a

scary degree, but let it blow back on them, and they’ll fall
apart. They can’t handle consequences. Because their
mother or father was probably a narcissist, emotionally
unavailable, emotionally unstable, drug addict, drunk,
whore, or just plain incompetent as a parent. There are a
few celebrities who grew up without fathers, but their
mothers still managed to raise fine young men, who grew
up to be great fathers. They’re the exception. It’s so easy
to make excuses for what you weren’t given, and let that be
the reason you turn out to be a piece of shit human being.
That’s a choice we make.

One of those celebrities is a singer/rapper. He talked in an

interview how he was molested as a kid by a male. He
didn’t say who it was, but he did say that he suppressed the
memory. He talked about it openly, and decided that he
wouldn’t let it determine his future. Other men have talked
about being molested by fathers, mothers, grandparents,
uncles, siblings, teachers, coaches, even pastors. From that
moment, they have a choice. Either become a survivor,
remain a victim, or become an abuser. Only the weak
choose to become an abuser. There’s something within
them already that makes them make that choice. Their
conscience has been turned off. They like it like that. They
have seen something in the abuser they admire. Power,
control, treating people like less than human. They want
that power and they’ll do anything to get it. People don’t
seem like humans anymore to them, because they’re
becoming less human. Every time they were abused, a part
of their soul died. Instead of them hanging on, until they
could get away from the abuser, they leaned into it.
Making excuses for the abuser, probably even convincing
themselves that the abuser loved them. This is the pathway
to total demonic control. When a person starts rewarding
the abuser, idolizing the abuser, becoming the abuser,
they’re an agent of the devil.

How can you save a person that has already chosen the
wrong side? They’ll instantly become a recruiter. One man
talked about how his father sexually abused him, and he
only felt loved before his father climaxed. After he
climaxed, he was just another slave. His sense of reality
was so distorted, that he honestly believed that his sick
father loved him. That’s mind control, but he was a kid,
what else is he supposed to think. He learned at an early
age, that kids are there for gratification, and who cares how
they feel. He grew up to become a child molester. He even
said that he was sorry he did it, but he never hurt them.
Didn’t hurt them?

His thinking was still distorted, even towards his own

victims. He said he prayed for death every day, because no
matter who he hurt, they weren’t hurting more than him.
That’s insane. That’s a person who can only think about
himself, and his father taught him that. He also said his
mother threw him down the stairs when he was a couple
months old to try to kill him. First of all, who told him
that, and what was their purpose for telling him that. He
came from two demonic sick people, a narcissistic mother,
and a narcissistic father, and he became a narcissist. He
had a choice, he made the wrong decision, and now he is on
death row. He will die because he’s bringing too much
negativity on the planet. He doesn’t want to change.
People that get abused by their parents have a fatalistic
view of life.

When the very people that brought you into this world are
against you, what do you have to look forward to? Those
are the people that are supposed to love you until the end of
time? If they’re screwed up, who else is going to care?
That’s how they think, very black and white. All or
nothing. And that’s just how these things go.

One guy that called himself a narcissist, not a psychopath.

He said he has high highs and low lows. He said that the
drug he was given, helped his serotonin levels, and gave
him gray area thinking for the first time. That sounds like a
person whose system is hijacked. There’s no middle.
That’s how the devil works. He whips you around like a
yo-yo, so you don’t know which end is up. He can get you
to do anything if you have no middle. He said that he had a
4.0 grade point average for most of his school life.
However, when he was finished with his work, he became
bored and became disruptive. Boredom = Depression. He
always felt like he was ignored, and not valued. Just like a
little baby. Rage was his only other tool.

I experienced that as a child. I can tell you exactly how it

feels. It’s all about adrenaline. Everything is a
competition. Once you win, you fall right back down into
depression. It’s one pole to the next. Whatever you were
running from meets you right after you get off your little
high. You become angry, rude, and disruptive, because
you’re trying to get out of this pit that you always return to.
That comes from unhealed wounds. That comes from
growing up in a chaotic household. That comes from being
in fight or flight mode, survival mode, animal brain mode
24/7. Every time you hear that door, you never know if this
means you’re in danger or not. Parents like to keep kids in
this mode, because they can be easily controlled if they’re
scared all the time. Adrenaline provides glucose, glucose
feeds candida.

Another common theme among the prisoners was

arrogance. They would pump up their little egos so much.
I realized they have no self-awareness. They keep talking
about how they won’t let anyone beat up on them, or take
advantage of them, yet they have black eyes, broken
thumbs, on crutches, and head split open. It’s delusion.
They can’t accept the fact that they’re in a cage 23 hours a
day, with 1 hour to go sit in another cage to throw a
basketball around. Yet, they talk so much smack about how
they command respect, and they’re running something, and
they have a reputation to protect, and blah blah. I wanted
to say so bad, “Can you walk out of here at any time?” If
the answer is no, then you’re a slave. They even have
chains and shackles, on their feet and hands, connecting
them to other prisoners as they walk. They get a reality
check, every minute of every day, that they’re not free. Yet,
they feel the need for YOU, the viewer, to see them as
powerful. The insecurity is oozing off the screen.

That is nothing but ego. Massive ego that they never

transcended as little boys. Their father didn’t teach them
how to surrender their little fragile egos, which have only
grown bigger over time. Instead of getting smaller, it’s
controlling them completely, yet they can’t see it. Their
feelings get hurt, except they act out in anger. Everyone
knows that anger is unexpressed sadness. They still
haven’t gotten over what their parents did, and they’re
acting out their frustration, sadness, anger, and repressed
tears on anyone that they can. They’re little babies, in adult
bodies, with a child’s mind, but a man’s consequences. You
think they’re going to suddenly have a mass awakening and
realize how foolish they’re being. Not likely. They’re
surrounded by people who suffer with the same immaturity
they do. They keep themselves from maturing. It’s a

I’ve watched a series about a very famous school shooting.

It was scary to watch the narcissistic mother talk about her
son. If you can stomach it, you can find it easily.

A few days before the shooting, she said his voice changed
to a darker tone. She let two days go by without asking
him about it. His father worked from home, and I guess he
didn’t have time either. She talked about how she really
wasn’t there for her son to talk about his day. She didn’t
know he was still hanging with one of his friends that he
got arrested with for shoplifting.

When she found out her son was the one shooting up the
school, she prayed to God that he would kill himself. She
didn’t even have all the facts, but she just wanted her
embarrassment gone. The black coat he wore when he shot
up the school, his parents bought for him. I’m not buying
my teenage son a black trench coat without asking him
what the hell is going on with him. Before they confirmed
he was dead, they already called a defense attorney. They
never drove to the school.

The previous year, which was a couple months earlier, he

asked for a gun. She said no and he laughed. She didn’t
know he already had one. Gun catalogs came to the house,
and she ignored them, and claimed she threw them in the
trash. He fished it out, and she threw it away again.
Another red flag that she casually ignored. She focused
heavily on his older brother instead of him. Typical
narcissistic mother, triangulating one child over the other.
She is an artist and a painter. I find a lot of narcissistic
people are involved in the arts. They need attention. She
focused more on that than her own son, who was obviously
struggling with a mental disorder. She also said she wished
she never had children. She was doing her own thing.

He wrote these very disturbing journals that you can find

online. After he was pronounced dead, over the next few
days, people starting hounding her family in the media.
She said her husband became suicidal and so did she. I
find that interesting. Her son was suicidal, and as soon as
he killed himself, they became suicidal. That means
whatever demonic presence that was in him, that they were
continuously feeding off of, came back to haunt them,

See, when a parent is abusive to their child, that parent

creates a trauma bond and feeds off of it, as long as the
child is unhealed and alive. They offer up their child to this
demonic force, and that’s how they get their quota in.
When that child heals, that demon comes back to them for
that energy that they’re now without. Since he was gone
now, they had to find another source. That’s why the
mother started doing all these books, and interviews and
lectures. She had a demon to feed. She got a haircut the
day after her son killed all his classmates with his friend.
Really? She knew she would have to do a press conference
so she wanted to look her best. She said she didn’t cry for
weeks for the victims. Wow.

According to her, this son had poor feeding habits. He had

a low birth weight. He was diagnosed with Pyloric
Stenosis, a swelling of the muscle lining between stomach
and intestines. They say it’s caused by overfeeding.
Sounds familiar, right? She also said he ate more than
anyone she had ever seen. She claims she was strict on
sugar and what movies he watched as a kid. He was an
anxious kid. He bought her a journal with “The Scream”
painting on the front. The next year, he bought her the
exact same thing. She just didn’t take clues very well.

He had a real hard time losing games, basically, low

frustration tolerance. He would get angry, angrier than the
average person. In other words, he felt disrespected. He
didn’t like sharing, didn’t want help doing things, and he
asked her to stop bathing him at a young age. You can read
between the lines on that. He wanted to wash his own
clothes at 10 years old. It sounded like he realized at a
young age, that she didn’t have anything to give him, and
he didn’t want to be dependent on her because she used
that. She said he was very bright and gifted, so I’m sure he
figured out her game early on. He even skated by himself
at a roller rink. He fell many times until he got all the way
around, and it was to show her, “I don’t need you lady.” He
had a lot of unexpressed rage.

His father, was really into baseball and that’s how they
connected as males, he and his brother. When he didn’t
make the baseball team in high school, his father was
disappointed. His dad really was pushing him too hard.
What his father really wanted was for him to play
professionally so he could retire. Apparently, his father’s
side of the family always had that as a dream, and nobody
could pull it off. After he got cut from the team, his dad
developed Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in his knees and
shoulders. The metaphysical cause of RA is being self-
critical. You are resentful, and can’t express your feelings.
You get mad when people can’t just guess what’s wrong.

The fact that he had RA in his knees and shoulders meant

that he had trouble moving forward, and he felt that now
his family’s future was now on his shoulder only. He had
these boys so they could be athletes. The older son was
smoking pot and seeing a therapist, and the younger one
just messed up his shoulder and couldn’t pitch.

The mother even talked about how she triangulated her son
with his own friends, cooking for them, so she could fish
for compliments. This boy never had a chance to get love
from her. She was empty from the jump, and he would
never collect. When he was younger he was a perfectionist,
orderly and a good student. When he got older, he became
a messy boy and a bad student. His mother also considered
herself a perfectionist. It seems to me that he stopped
trying to impress her. She considered him an
embarrassment because he didn’t make her look good

She waited a year before she wrote the families of the

victims. She wrote letters of apology. Her husband didn’t
want her to write the letters, but she did it anyway. She had
to get her fix. She wanted to feed off of their misery. You
might think that’s mean to say, but I know exactly how
narcissistic people work. They need to continuously feed.
She kept retelling the stories to her friends. The news
anchor’s mother also wanted to recount her son’s suicide to
anyone who would listen. Her husband became cranky and
reckless, because they were vampires without their blood.
Their older son had to move back home just to keep them
alive. She developed anxiety. She started taking anti-
anxiety medication which made her grief skyrocket she
said. That’s interesting because when anti-anxiety
medication makes a person dive into depression, they were
already depressed. The anxiety was self-induced.

When she got a chance, she wanted to go to the library

where her son shot and killed all the people. Why would
she want to see that? She looked at the chalk outline of his
body on the floor. I’m sure she got a huge adrenaline rush
off of that. She talks about the movie Gaslight, which is a
documentary on narcissism. I guarantee you she can’t see
herself in it at all. She said mothers grieve the past, but
fathers grieve the man he won’t become. He has no legacy.
It sounds like both of them are thinking about themselves.
She said her whole life, she has been tied up with her ego,
wanting to be liked. Guess what? That’s exactly what she
gave to her son, except she never liked him. She recounted
one instance where he didn’t do his chores and she got
violent with him and pushed him up against the refrigerator.
She is telling us this now with no shame. He told her to
stop because he didn’t want to hurt her. She let him go and
then we found out what she was really mad about. It was
Mother’s Day and she didn’t get a gift. She didn’t give a
crap about any chores. She felt disrespected and not
honored. He went out and got her some flowers, and then
she was feeling better about herself.

She was in denial for a long time about just how much her
son had to do with it. She blamed his friend until she saw
the tape, and realized that her son was not a sidekick. He
was front and center and an equal participant. His friend
shot more people, but everyone her son shot, he killed at
close range. That’s way more personal. When the police
brought her in to view the tapes, she said she wanted to go
through the screen and beat him. I’m thinking that’s your
first response, huh? Maybe you beat him too much which
is why he had to go to school and kill innocent people. She
said she was mad that God did this to her son. God didn’t
do that to her son, she did that to her son. Her and The
Devil. I had had enough of her, and I couldn’t finish her
Further in my research, I started to look into Post-
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A lot of the people that
commit violent crimes, especially killers, have some
trauma that they haven’t dealt with. Hurting people is their
medicine. One Ted Talk that I watched, featured the wife
of a man who suffered from PTSD. They were married for
40 years, but apparently, he’s something to deal with. He
used to be in the military, and according to him, he kept
having flashbacks of explosives that killed his fellow

On one occasion, his family was supposed to go on a

vacation. He was really strict on time and wanted them to
be ready at 6:00 a.m. She said at 6:01, he was irritated, and
at 6:02, he was irate. Then, at 6:03 a.m., he was screaming
and yelling like a madman. It took him 3 minutes to flip
the script. Was it life or death? No. He wasn’t able to tell
the difference between vacation time and military time.
His brain was hyperactive, and he didn’t know how to shut
it off. Her children were toddlers, and she rushed to get
them in the car. She said something so powerful. She said
when they were on the road, he was singing and fine, and
her and her two sons were a wreck. That’s how he’s got to
have it.

I saw a pattern emerging. When I saw the prisoners in the

boot camp, they had to be yelled at, have their hair shaved,
wear the same clothes, do push-ups, and march in very
comical ways to prove how well they took to the
programming. They were being pushed daily into a state of
fear. The main sergeant told them that he was going to tear
them down and then build them back up. Build them back
up to what? Slaves? I know that her husband went through
the same type of training for the military, except it’s not
something you can put on television. Some of that stuff is
probably inhumane. We keep talking about PTSD, but
what we don’t want to admit is that the trauma may happen
before they get to the frontline. I’m going to leave that

Back to the story. In the home, the husband became the

drill sergeant. The wife and sons became the recruits. The
house became military boot camp. What do drill sergeants
get off on? They get off on obedience and fear. What’s the
payoff? Adrenaline. It really hit me when she said that he
was fine after he blew up, but the rest of the car was a
mess. They were experiencing cortisol, which comes from
stress. That lasts longer than the shot of adrenaline he got
from yelling at them. When he gets high off of adrenaline,
it gives him dopamine. In what way do soldiers get their
“dignity” back after boot camp? Violence, booze, drugs,
and prostitutes. When they return home, they have a
choice. Continue being a victim, become a survivor, or
become an abuser.

These flashbacks or really reach-backs. Her husband was

recreating stressful environments, physically and mentally,
to get his own cocktail of adrenaline, just like his abusers.
That’s what the whole breaking down in boot camp is
about. Hijacking the mental system of the recruits to get
them hooked on adrenaline. The recruits are already
dopamine deficient, that’s why they enlisted, and that’s how
you can control them. Who is going to go into a town,
where their enemies are armed and hates them, unless
they’re out of their minds? They’re zombies, seeking the
next adrenaline rush.

I will show you another example. She said they went to a

theme park. He went on a ride that was a ship that went up
and down. He started flipping out. I could tell he was
getting a flashback from a helicopter, because he was up in
the air, and felt out of control. The ride stopped, he got off
and went into the bathroom and threw up. Just like in my
example of the thought process of the mind. These are not
flashbacks. This is a person calling up memories that have
absolutely nothing to do with the place and time. Let me
show you.

He told her later that the ride reminded him of being in a

helicopter, that he wasn’t buckled in right, before it took
off. There was a loud bang, and everyone on the helicopter
died. He woke up on the ground, and had blood and oil on
his clothes. This ride gave him a flashback of that time?
No. His mind told him that he was not in control, just like
this other time he was not in control, his body triggered an
adrenaline rush, and he had energy now that he couldn’t
use, which caused anxiety. When you realize that our mind
will trigger memories from random unrelated events, so we
can get adrenaline, and our blood can fill with glucose, and
candida can feed off of our own unconsciousness.

I realize that people really truly believe the PTSD is real,

and that these people really are having flashbacks which is
causing them to act out of control. They know full well
that they’re not in the place they were. They just don’t feel
like going through the next stage of thinking, which is the
Reevaluation Stage, because it’s just easier to flip the f*k
out on people and get away with it. This woman was an
enabler. Her husband is an immature baby, and her sons
are going to grow up thinking that’s how you act. They’re
going to find them somebody just like her to put up with
their mess, and they’ll have carbon copies of themselves
produced for some other poor woman to baby when they
become adults.

I know I sound insensitive, and I don’t care. I know that

this is demonic possession. They say that PTSD causes
hypervigilance, hyperarousal, nightmares, night sweats,
panic attacks, insomnia, and flashbacks. Doesn’t that
sound like a person with an irrational fear? A person who
has a fear of clowns has PTSD then. Guess what? If you
show that person a polaroid of a clown, they’ll freak out. If
you show that person a picture of a clown on a computer,
they’ll freak out. If you show that person a picture of a
clown on a computer, on another computer, on another
computer, multiple layers from reality, they’ll freak out.
Does this sound like someone who is thinking rationally?

This is an adrenaline junkie who wants attention and an

adrenaline rush. They say what comes first, the behavior or
the brain chemistry. I say any behavior that you repeat, the
brain will create a neural pathway to repeat the same
reaction to the stimuli. It doesn’t have to make sense.
PTSD is a habit, an addiction to adrenaline and dopamine.
Reliving trauma is an addiction. People with unhealed
trauma are ADDICTED to it. Period!

I also watched an interview for a new movie about sprinters

in Jamaica. The lead actor’s parents left Jamaica and left
him with his grandmother when he was 5 years old. His
mother moved to the U.K., and his father moved to the U.S.
When he got his first movie, Voila, now they want to
reconnect. When he wrapped the movie, his father
reconnected with him after 10 years. When the movie was
released in London, his mother met him at the airport after
not seeing her for 17 years. What would make a mother
and a father abandon their child for that long? Narcissism.

Narcissistic people are only concerned with themselves.

They’re deficient in the chemicals that make them feel
good by doing good for others. The only way they can feel
good is to harm others. This is what has been done to
them, and they have to join the very people that abused
them. You can see this repeating pattern in the stories of
criminals. The way they think is a lack of concern for
others. It’s not their fault though. Their brains have been
hijacked, and they don’t get dopamine from doing good.
They feed off of attention. It’s necessary for them to be
feared, adored, looked at, talked to, fought with. Anything
but ignored.

When they’re ignored, they fall into a deep morbid

depression. That depression comes from a lack of
serotonin. The lack of serotonin comes from a mother that
lacks the right hormones to create homeostasis in her
unborn child. She recreates that in the home environment.
She also doesn’t get a reward from caring for her child.
She is limited in how much nurturing she can fake on a
daily basis. It gets to be too much, and then the child
becomes an inconvenience. What do people do when they
aren’t feeling appreciated, aren’t being adored, and feel like
they’re brute mares, pumping milk and laying down on the
bed? They get angry. If she goes off on the man, he’ll
leave. He is probably narcissistic also, so he’ll ask her to
choose him over the child. She starts seeing the baby as an
ungrateful member of the house too. It’s a thankless job,

Now, she has no one in the house that’s worshiping her, so

she will command worship. She does this by starving the
husband of love or sex so he begs. She ignores the baby so
she can feed off its negative energy, flood its system with
cortisol to feed its own candida. She gets a rush of
adrenaline by raging out and denying. The only person in
that house that’s eating is candida. She has no idea that she
is a slave to an organism that doesn’t care about her or her
mood swings. She is just a wooden doll being whipped
around on a string, and she thinks she’s the puppet master.
Narcissism is caused by lack of serotonin, decreased access
to dopamine, and an addiction to adrenaline. The people
that put up with the narcissist are addicted to adrenaline and
cortisol. They misinterpret rage and abuse as love and
affection. When they get older, they either identify as
abuser, victim or survivor. If their system remains
hijacked, they’ll look back in their minds at the people that
influenced them, and decide if that’s the way they’ll
behave. They don’t have anything else. Because they’re
neglected, their emotional development is hindered, so they
don’t even seek a better solution. They also don’t want to
be rejected by the narcissistic parent, because that person is
still feeding off of them energetically. They might even
mistreat their future children or spouse, in view of the
narcissistic parent, to show them, “See, I’m just like you.
What you did to me is okay.” Sad. Who is going to come
along and show them a better way? If they don’t read this
book, I’m not sure. The awakening process can be so long,
that their parents will be dead and gone before they figure
out that they weren’t shit.

That scenario happened on a show that comes on cable,

where this life coach invites people to a home setting in the
woods to solve their family issues. One family was a
famous gospel singing group. All the ladies were obese.
One sister actually couldn’t film the show because she had
a stroke before they could start. When they sat down to the
little living room area, the oldest sister talked about being
raped at 12 years old. She was over her grandmother’s
house to help her after she had a stroke. Her grandmother
sent her up to her uncle’s room to give him his plate of
food. He grabbed her and started raping her. The
grandmother came in and hit him with a broom.

No one talked about it with her, no one got her any

counseling, and she was in her 50s now. Why would you
have your 12-year-old daughter helping her grandmother
when her grown son is sitting in the house, doing nothing?
That grandmother knew her son was whack. If she can run
up the stairs, and wield a broom over someone’s back until
it breaks, she didn’t need any help.

Sometimes, people serve up their children to their demon

spawn. Hey, nobody wants to say it. She bled for 3 months
after. Her parents knew she was raped. Her father knew
she was raped, he did nothing. Her mother did nothing.
Her father had 8 girls, and 1 son. He and the son ran the
roost like dictators. None of the girls could eat until the
father sat down and ate first. Sounds like lions, huh? They
had to call him, King instead of Daddy. Everything in their
house was restricted, except for the amount of food they
could eat. And they ate and ate and ate. One of the sisters
admitted that her brother molested her. The same brother
that ran the roost with his father. She said the family knew

Where was the mother in all this? Anyone who marries a

man that is narcissistic, is a narcissist herself. They call
that a covert narcissist. This is a woman who specifically
has children to serve them up to her narcissistic husband.
They’re there to cook, clean, worship him, get beat up, get
raped, get mistreated, so he can give her a break. When he
gets tired of dogging them out, he will be nice and calm to
treat her like she wants to be treated.

The father and son both died young. They were obese.
The sins of the father. They said their brother was their
biggest fan. He was their biggest fan because they made
him look good, and he got attention by acting like the front
man even though it was an all-female group. Sounds like a
pimp, huh? They talked about how manipulative he was.
Who do you think he learned that from? His manipulative
father. Where did his father learn how to manipulate? His
manipulative mother. Women invented manipulation.
Since we are traditionally smaller than men, we’ve had to
talk our way out of things, and without force. Eventually, a
man will pick this up from his mother, especially if he has
sisters. He’ll produce a ton of girls and then create his
harem, a son for an heir. A man with a lot of girls, is a
master manipulator. A man with a lot of boys is terrified of
his mother.


1. Is your mother a narcissist?

2. Is your father a narcissist?
3. Are you a narcissist? How do you know?
4. Did you get love from your mother?
5. Did your mother say she loved you often?
6. Did your father say he loved you often?
7. Would you consider your mother a happy person?
8. Would you consider your father a happy person?
9. What was their argument style?
10. Was their violence in the home? Fights? Cursing?
11. How did that make you feel? Did they care?
12. What aspects of their personality did you get from
13. Are they aspects you want to keep?
14. Do you wants raise your kids the exact same way?
15. Do you have mental problems because of your mother?
16. Does anyone in your family have mental illness?
17. Does anyone in your family go to therapy? Do you?
18. What are your family’s views on therapy?
19. Are there untold secrets in your family history?
20. How have those secrets damaged the family?
21. How often do you see your family?
22. Is it always pleasant? Who is the instigator?
23. Could you disconnect from your family if needed?
24. How could you cope if your disconnected from them?
25. Would you feel guilty? Seek immediate reconciliation?
26. Why do you think you are so weak in some areas?
27. Is there anyone benefitting from those weaknesses?
28. How are you making excuses for your weakness?
29. What do you do to avoid pain?
30. What would happen if you faced all your pain?

Chapter VII: Healing

1. Diet

The first change you should make is to your diet. Your diet
feeds the candida that’s already in your body. Some of
these changes can be drastic or can be implemented slowly,
but can become permanent staples. The changes are broken
up into two categories: Elimination or Addition.

Foods to Eliminate:

Grains: wheat, gluten
Refined flour, oil, rice, bread, pasta
Meat: processed meats, pork, red meat
Dairy: milk, cream, whey, ice cream, cheese
Fruit juice: orange, grape, apple have high sugar
Sugar, refined, corn syrup, agave, soda, desserts, candy
Snacks: crackers, cookies, pastries, donuts, bagels, muffins
Condiments: ketchup, bbq sauce, soy sauce, honey
Legumes: peanuts, pistachios, cashews, black beans, pinto
beans, lentils, and chickpeas

Foods that produce mucus or thicken mucus help candida

travel to other parts of the body, causing inflammation, and
an immune reaction similar to sinusitis.

Foods to Add:

Probiotics: 40 – 60 billion CFU. (Take at least 2 dosages

to reach 100 billion). This replaces the good bacteria in
your gut microflora, after its been compromised by
candida. If you’re currently suffering with candida
overgrowth, you can take 2x to 3x the normal dosage for 30
to 90 days. Also, add sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, miso,
and tempeh products.

Good Fats: Avocado, unpickled olives, almonds,

hazelnuts, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, coconut, coconut oil,
olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, hemp oil, nondairy
yogurt that contains Lactobacillus (coconut, almond, soy)

Non-starchy Vegetables: Arugula, asparagus, Brussel

sprouts, broccoli, kale, celery, eggplant, spinach, zucchini,
tomatoes, butternut squash, rutabaga, bok choy, Swiss

Spices: Rosemary, basil, thyme, turmeric, oregano,

cinnamon, ginger, garlic (anti-fungal/anti-inflammatory)

Apple Cider Vinegar: Organic, raw unfiltered apple cider

vinegar that contains "mother". 1 capful alone or with
water. Beware of the candida die-off. This remedy is very
powerful and candida will release neurotoxins in your
bloodstream as they die off. The process will make you
want to give up, but don’t. Keep taking it 1 or 2 times a
day, until your symptoms subside. Follow it with a glass of

Citrus: Lemon juice, lemons, limes

Drinks: Cinnamon tea, chamomile tea, green tea, black

tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, chicory coffee, green drinks

Herbal Supplements:

Oregano oil: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory

Milk Thistle: helps liver, digestion, kidney detox
Dandelion Root: helps detox liver, improves liver function
Evening Primrose Oil: corrects hormonal imbalance,
Peppermint Oil: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial
Olive Oil Extract: anti-fungal, prevents oral thrush
Black Walnut: anti-fungal, anti-parasitic
Echinacea: anti-fungal, boosts immune system
Lavender Oil: Inhibits growth of candida
Turmeric Curcumin w/Bioperine (1500 mg): Emptying
capsules in good fats like coconut oil is 20x more potent.
Helps diabetes, lowers blood sugar, heals the gut, improves
insulin resistance, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain.

Herbal Bath:

 2 drops lemongrass oil

 4 drops lemon oil
 5 drops tea tree oil
 6 drops lavender oil

Add to 5 inches of warm water in the bathtub. Soak in it

for 15 to 20 minutes. Can be done daily until symptoms

Oil Pulling:

Use organic coconut oil, take 1 to 2 teaspoons, swish

around your mouth for 20 minutes. Detoxes mouth, gums,
teeth and tongue. Spit out, rinse, brush teeth with natural

Body Oil:

Pick only (1) of these organic essential oils and rub into
your skin. After 20 minutes, your cells will absorb the
nutrients. Store your oils in a dark glass container away
from sunlight.
 2 oz (60 ml) organic coconut oil
 2 oz (60 ml) organic hemp oil
 3 drops frankincense oil
 3 drops cinnamon oil
 4 drops oregano oil
 6 drops lavender oil
 6 drops geranium oil
 7 drops lemon oil
 9 drops rosemary oil
 10 drops tea tree oil
2. Black Seed

Black Seed #1 Remedy:

The black cumin seed, also called Nigella Sativa, is a

remedy that some consider a panacea for all ailments. I’m
not claiming that, because I’m not a doctor, but if you
research all the ailments it cures, you’ll question why
everyone in the world isn’t taking it. It’s very effective at
healing candida completely. It comes in pill form, oil,
powder or you can crush the actual seeds. It takes hundreds
of seeds to get the same content as concentrated forms.

It negatively interacts with beta-blockers, so patients would

have to stop taking beta-blockers to prevent adverse effects.
The reason people take beta-blockers is because they have
depression, and have self-induced anxiety. If they take
black seed, their anxiety will be eliminated, and their
depression will return. If they take black seed, the patient
will have no reason to self-produce anxiety because the
cause of their depression will be eliminated, which is

Black Seed Functions:

 Analgesic
 Anti-viral
 Anti-aging
 Anti-tumor
 Anti-fungal
 Germicidal
 Antioxidant
 Anti-bacterial
 Anti-microbial
 Anti-histaminic
 Anti-spasmodic
 Anti-inflammatory
 Smooth muscle relaxant
 Modulates immune system
 Protects cells from toxic destruction
 Regenerates pancreatic and nerve cells

Metabolic Issues Black Seed Has Healed:

 Reduces appetite
 Prevents diabetes
 Lowers blood sugar
 Reduces cholesterol
 Reduces triglycerides
 Increases flow of bile
 Activate thyroid gland
 Improves fat digestion
 Assists liver with gluconeogenesis
 Aids transfer of insulin into the cell
 Renal protection against kidney disease

Digestive Diseases Black Seed Has Healed:

 Gastritis
 Gallstones
 Pancreatitis
 Esophagitis
 Hemorrhoids
 Crohn’s disease
 Stomach cancer
 Ulcerative colitis
 Pancreatic cancer
 Diverticulitis
 Rectal fissure
 Leaky gut syndrome
 Gallbladder disorders
 Gastric duodenal ulcer
 Helicobacter pylori infection
 Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)
 Liver disorder, hepatitis, fatty liver
 Esophageal cancer Colitis, spastic colon

Heart Issues Black Seed Helps:

 Arterial fibrillation
 Bundle branch block
 Enhanced blood flow
 Reduce blood pressure
 Protects against stroke
 Regulates heart rhythm
 Reduce heart attack risk
 Clears arteries of plaque
 Super Ventricular Tachycardia
 Calming effect, reduction in heart rate

Lung Issues Black Seed Helps:

 Asthma
 Dyspnea
 Respiratory support
 Relaxes bronchial passages

Skin Issues Black Seed Helps:

 Eczema
 Psoriasis
 Seborrhea

Never take black seed on an empty stomach. You can mix

it with a smoothie, with tea, or with sunflower seed butter.
It can be taken in vegetarian capsule form, make sure it’s
not gelatin capsules.
3. Therapy

It’s very important for everyone to seek some type of help

in the therapeutic sphere. You can get therapy in the form
of counseling, or you can seek wisdom and knowledge for
yourself, like you’re doing here. It has to continue though
because it’s a never-ending process. No one just arrives
and knows everything.

Young People Need Therapy:

It takes a young person a long time to realize that they

know nothing, and that they need to start filling their heads
with something other than likes and tweets. The longer it
takes for them to contribute something meaningful to
society, the more destructive they will be. Parents have to
become more proactive about seeking resources sooner.
It’s never too early to get your kids some help, even before
the symptoms.

There’s plenty of young teens walking around like zombies,

looking for dopamine to quickly fix their mental problems.
Between self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, to
bingeing on food, to sleeping with whomever, they’re
constantly seeking peace from their minds. There’s no
peace from the mind. The mind follows them everywhere
they go. To the mountaintop and back down to the valley.
They don’t seem to get that. Every big high comes with a
gigantic fall.

It takes them a while to see the repeating pattern. This is

why therapy at a young age is so important. They need to
learn that they’re about to enter an age where everything is
not going to go their way all the time. It’s a fact. The
sooner they get tools to handle those life events, the less
likely they’ll be an adult drug addict, or an adult rapist, or
adult murderer, or an adult criminal, or an adult menace to

Types of Therapy:

Psychotherapy: meeting with a clinical psychologist that

can help navigate the minefield of a compromised system.
It can take months, or it can take years. That’s really up the
person and how honest they want to be, up front.

Life Coaching: As a life coach myself, I’ll always steer

people towards coaching, because I was able to help people
in a fraction of the time. I know how to cut through the
crap, so to speak. It costs the same as psychotherapy, but
it’s not covered by insurance. You get helped in a more
customized and unrestricted way. It’s done over the phone,
not in an office usually. And there’s homework the coach
gives you. It improves all areas of your life, especially in
business or career, not just interpersonal relationships. A
life coach can specialize in business clients; these are called
Success Coaches. Life Coaching can help CEOs, athletes,
singers, entertainers, moms, dads, teachers, students, teens,

Nutrition: You can easily be your own nutritionist. All

you have to do is go get a book on vegetarianism,
veganism, raw food, or ketogenic diets, and follow the
recipes. If you don’t have that kind of self-discipline,
watch online nutritionists that give tips on how to improve
your diet. Especially watch the ones that help you
understand how the body works. If you want to step it up a
notch, you can get a nutritionist that specializes in total
health. They help you make a lifestyle change that is
permanent, not just a fad diet. I would always recommend
a vegan nutritionist, but that’s just my own bias, but stay
away from anyone that emphasizes meat, dairy, non-
organic produce, or if they heavily rely on supplements.
Don’t waste your time speaking with a doctor, they aren’t
going to tell the truth about the food and drug industry.

Self-Help: I really encourage taking the reins and doing

things yourself. I guess that’s just my personality. I feed
my brain every single day with podcasts, books,
audiobooks, articles, tailored news that I want to read
about, not the chum they throw at the mass public. Find
some authors that are really talking about something of
substance. Read the bible. I can tell you right now the real
story of Job has never been preached as far as I can see.
Read that story by itself, and it will take you a couple hours
if you really want to get into it. All the bible stories that
you’ve ever heard, go read them for yourself. You’ll be
surprised at the parts preachers leave out of their sermons,
and why.

Just make yourself a well-rounded individual. Turn off the

FM radio. It’s mostly garbage on there, especially pop
music, which is nothing more than sex, drugs, hate, crime,
stupidity, and immaturity. If you must listen to the radio,
listen to jazz, classical, gospel, contemporary Christian
music, lectures, seminars, or instrumental music. Lyrics are
spells and the people making this music are some of the
most demonic people you will ever NOT know.

Go find some books to read. Learn about the human body,

study Quantum Physics, study the philosophers of Ancient
times. They know a little something. Only the wise
readers are teaching their children to think for themselves.
The unwise aren’t passing down the knowledge. Stop
going out to events that cost money, especially when they
don’t put anything valuable back into you. Spend your
nights working on yourself. Give yourself a bubble bath,
rub your feet with coconut and mint, self-help is the
definition of self-love. Then you won’t seek it from outside
sources. Then, you won’t look for it in the bottom of an
ice-cream carton, or at the bottom of a bucket of fried
chicken. Feed your MIND!

Journaling: If you don’t know your issues, then you don’t

know your motivations. Journaling is so great because it’s
like having a conversation with yourself. I heard this
pastor say that he writes letters to himself all the time.
Another pastor says he writes letters to his dead father. Not
sure how that’s useful, but writing a letter to yourself is
healing. You can get some powerful insights into what
you’re going through now. You can plan your future, read
it later, and be amazed at how meticulously it comes true.

If you’re angry, write it down. If you’re happy, write it

down. I heard another man say that before he even leaves
the house, he constructs his day in his journal. That’s not
the first time I heard that from a successful person. One
man said, he journals in his mind, no pen necessary. That’s
pretty creative. That’s how I think successful people
accomplish so much in their lives, they custom design their
lives. They’re not just happening upon anything, it’s a
thought first, and then it manifests.

Journaling can also show you exactly how you’re

manifesting negativity in your life also. That same person
that can make something out of nothing, can also make
something turn into nothing, because he is a hot mess and
can’t control his emotions. Same power, same intention,
wrong result. Mind over matter, actually means, mind can
control matter. We are the matter we’re controlling.

I have about 30 journals that I’ve written in over the years.

They’re letters to myself, and you can really learn a lot
about how disturbed your mind can be, when you believe
that your current situation is the end of the world. Guess
what? It isn’t. And the next disaster won’t be either. Write
it down so you can reread it later, laugh and move on.
4. Meditation

Meditation: My absolute favorite type of therapy is

meditation. It really doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It
has nothing to do with anyone but you and God. If you
want to get a true understanding of yourself, you have to
hang out with the one that made you. Prayer is you talking
to God. Meditation is God talking to you. You actually
have to close your mouth and listen, even when it’s painful.
God will show you yourself, in excruciating detail. Many
people say they can’t meditate. What they mean is they
can’t shut their mind off. That takes practice, and it shows
them what their mind is doing to them when their eyes are
open, all day long.

Meditation brings the subconscious to the forefront. What

a mess it is in there. The session can be 30 minutes to 2
hours. It just depends on how much of yourself you can
handle. The state of being you should reach for is, NO-
THOUGHT. It’s not something I can really describe. It’s
something you have to experience. Everyone is not going
to be allowed into the Gates of Heaven, which is in the
mind, by the way. Newsflash: Hell is in the mind also.
You can go to heaven through meditation, and you don’t
have to die. The way to know you’re even close to heaven,
is when you enter the area of blackness known as The Void.

There are no thoughts in this zone. As long as you have

thoughts running through your mind, you’re still learning.
If you can have 20 minutes of No Thought, all I can say is,
“Welcome To The Stratosphere”. A person that induces
anxiety in themselves, will never see heaven. A person that
wallows in depression, will never see heaven. They have to
be willing to disconnect from the spirits that are keeping
them down in Hell. Don’t get it twisted. Although these
are spiritual realms, you can be bound here on Earth. The
powers that be know that. This entire book is to teach you
how to get unbound here, which will translate to be
unbound in heaven (your mind). I have an entire book
series on that, it’s too advanced for Joe Blo. It will be out
one day soon.

Nature: I sat in the park the other day. I watched a few

crusaders that belong to a religious organization in the
neighborhood. They gave me a pamphlet about the end of
the world, condemnation, and dogma. I just looked at them
and thought, “Wow, you really don’t get it.” None of those
pamphlets are going to save anyone. The enemy is within.
I watched them talk to people that passed by, praying with
them, putting oil on them, and explaining the pamphlet. I
just wondered how much would people be saved if they just
sat under a giant tree.

I used to meditate under a giant mango tree. I was

meditating so much, me and the tree were on the same
frequency. That tree was talking directly to me. I just can’t
express the magnificent dimensions that are all around you.
We’re going out into space, looking for aliens, and other
lifeforms. Whatever you find is already here in another
dimension. Look at the birds, flowers, dragonflies,
hummingbirds, clouds, ocean, wind, and the blue sky. I’m
not even over that yet. I watched squirrels run up and
down the tree. Isn’t it funny how they all disappear at

You can whisper to the wind, and tell it to comb through

the trees. At will. Power unused. Power untapped. You
can change the way a flower blooms, just by talking to it.
This is true magic, the magic of intention, and has nothing
to do with spells, amulets, wands, or incantations. The
human is God in human form. What else do you need to
change this world. The Creator and The Created in one
body. We keep waiting for Jesus to come back. We are
waiting for someone when we are him, God in human form.
We’re here for our souls to evolve. Your brother is you.
Under the influence, he becomes someone else. Help him
return to who he was. That’s our mission in life.

You can meditate in 2 different ways. 1) Active

Meditation: where your eyes are opened and you’re
actively doing something. 2) Passive Meditation: where
your eyes are closed, and you’re in a seated or rested

Active Meditation:

 Singing
 Painting
 Dancing
 Gardening
 Listening to music
 Playing an instrument
 Walking in a labyrinth

Passive Meditation:

 Chanting
 Listening to music
 Playing a singing bowl

It’s important during passive meditation that you listen to

something that will not take your mind off of the present
moment. Beat-driven music will make your mind too

1. Do you meditate?
2. How often do you meditate?
3. How long do you meditate? Have you reached 2 hours?
5. Exercise

If you’re working on your spiritual, mental, and emotional

health, you should also be working on your physical well-
being. I’m not saying you have to be a bodybuilder, but
you can be active physically. It doesn’t have to be in a gym
either. You can achieve your goals in a non-traditional way.

Yoga: I did yoga after I had a bad accident. It was very

helpful in realigning my spine, and making me more
flexible. It also gave me a chance to sit with my own
thoughts, and achieve spiritual goals of mindfulness. I got
in tune with my own mental and physical limitations. I had
a DVD that I would watch every morning, in my living
room with my yoga mat. It was very personal. I didn’t
have to dress up, and deal with the yoga queens at the
studio. I didn’t have to pay extra, or feel embarrassed
about the moves I couldn’t do. You can go to the studio if
you want to.

There’s hot yoga, Ashtanga – which is the same poses done

in the same order, Vinyasa – is Ashtanga in a random order
based on the instructor. There are other types like Iyengar
and Kundalina yoga – which works on your spiritual
blocks. It’s up to you what you want to do. It’s all
available online or at a studio. It’s beneficial for body and
mind, and can help you balance out your compromised

Strength Training: Your core is really all you should be

working on. It’s what keeps the center of you functioning
great so the rest can thrive. Body weight exercises are my
favorite, because they don’t involve machines. In a field,
you can get ropes, tires, jump ropes, medicine balls, kettle
bells, mats and blocks to use your own body to determine
the intensity and weight applied to each exercise. It would
be great if you could work with a trainer, but again you can
go online and find a plethora of exercises, with videos of
how to train your own body with your own goals in mind.
It’s a great feeling to put yourself through a regime, and
accelerate your program based on how you feel. It’s a mind
trip that a trainer will steal from you if you hand over all
your power.

Some people need encouragement and pep talks. I find

people that need a lot of pushing, prodding, and poking are
very childish and draining. Over time, they don’t progress
enough to make dealing with them worth it. They don’t
progress as fast as they should, because they’re
oppositional, stubborn, and really care more about getting
attention than moving forward. I give myself a pep talk.
You have to become your own leader. It’s the only way
you’ll grow spiritually, so you can apply these same
techniques to other areas of your life. If you always need a
cheering section, then you won’t go very far when they
aren’t there. What about when you fail? Do you still
expect them to cheer? Be your own cheerleader and figure
things out for yourself. Confidence is gained by doing, not
by external validation.

Walking: Walking is a form of meditation. Especially if

you have a nice scenery to look at. I don’t necessarily care
for treadmills, because you aren’t using all parts of your
body. There are stabilizing muscles you use when walking
up real hills and on real terrain, real inclines, real concrete,
real bridges, and against real elements. Your oxygen level
is increased when you walk outside. You’re getting the
sun, the wind, the salt water if you go by the ocean, the
rivers, the songs of the birds.

It’s just a different experience then walking like a zombie

in a stale environment like the gym. The gym is for people
who like to be looked at. It’s people that want to feel like
they belong to something. Working out by yourself is such
a personal thing. It has nothing to do with anyone else, and
you really are close to God when you’re in nature. There’s
absolutely, zero nature inside a gym. A person can lose a
ton of weight, just by walking in nature every day.

It’ll take longer than spending hours in the gym, sweating

in recycled air, but it’s more fun. The heart and liver
respond well to natural air circulating through your blood,
lungs, and circulatory system. Who knows what’s in that
air conditioner at the gym. They said the workout
machines have more germs than the toilet. Have fun with
that. I just think we as humans have been given everything
we need. We just need to recognize that there are people
that are making money off of our ignorance. Save your
money, and walk every day. Take the stairs. Put your
grocery cart back. It all adds up to good things. Did you
know you actually don’t need a six pack to live a happy
life? I know someone with an 8-pack, and he’s one of the
most miserable people you have ever seen. Go outside, it’s
good for you.

Cycling: You can get a nice beach cruiser and travel

around your city. If you want to hike it up a bit, you can
get a mountain bike with 6 levels. It will take you a few
years to max it out. Ride on trails at your local park and
really immerse yourself in nature. The air, the sun, the
trees, and the animals, make it an outdoor wilderness
adventure. In the park, they have amateur trails and
advanced trails. Start slow, and watch how you grow
naturally to increase your endurance and strength. It’s a
very personal quest, but you can do it with your friends.
However, keep track of your own growth. Don’t compete.
Run your own race with yourself. If you enjoy street
riding, you can get a road bike and go long distances.
Riding on the streets of Miami is a little dangerous, but if
your city has bike lanes, you might be able to feel
comfortable. Find out how drivers feel about bikes before
you do. It’s a contentious relationship. I know when I
went to Amsterdam, there were more bikes than cars.

Martial Arts: I think martial arts like Kung fu, Tai chi, Qi
gong, Xing yi, Taekwondo, Aikido, Jiu-jitsu and Muy Thai
are great, but I don’t condone violence. If you use the
classes to improve your fitness, or to maintain a sense of
mental clarity, or to attain spirituality in some way, then its
beneficial. You have to study the philosophies and
teachings before you join. You might not agree with the
doctrine that corresponds with these teachings. People that
just sign up their kids to a class they know nothing about is
scary to me. Spiritually, you can be opening up your child
to something you don’t understand. I recently went to a
Asian show in my city, and afterwards I had some of the
most twisted dreams.

I asked God why I was having these dreams, and he

showed me that I had the brochure by my bed. I threw it
away and the dreams stopped. A week later, I brought my
mail into my house, but didn’t look through it and the
dreams returned. I looked through my junk mail and a
brochure for the same show was inside. Threw it away, bad
dreams stopped.

I went to see a movie and I was handed a poster that I put

on my refrigerator. It took me a couple months to realize
the twisted dreams were coming from that poster. Be very
careful what you bring into your house. Be very careful
what ideologies you partake in. They come with some
things that you know nothing about. That goes for statues,
paintings, jewelry, photographs, DVDs, wands, tarot cards,
calendars, pens, letters etc. The Devil is always looking for
a door. People that watch street fighting or MMA are
looking for an adrenaline rush. My next book will explain
why that is.
6. Environment

In order to create lasting change, a person has to be willing

to make drastic changes. In the following section, I’ll
detail exactly how you can change your environment, so
you can create epigenetic changes to your DNA, that put
nature vs. nurture in the boxing ring with each other.

Friends: A friend of mine from Puerto Rico told me that

her grandmother said, “Show me who your friends are and
I will tell you who you are.” If your friends are going out
drinking and doing drugs, that’s what you’ll do. If your
friends are sleeping with a bunch of people, you’ll do the
same. If your friends are eating fried food, drinking sugary
drinks, or watching porn, you, clearly with poor taste in
friends, will do the same. Birds of a feather. Weak people
hang out with other weak people. If someone from the
group tries to evolve, the status quo will be disrupted. You
have to always find the one person that is the most
successful, because he is the one who is enjoying the
devolution of the group the most. He, himself likes to hang
out with chickens although he may be an eagle. He doesn’t
want anyone around that is more successful or better-
looking, because of his fragile ego.

Nightlife: There are plenty of ways to enjoy one’s self at

night. I personally like to stay inside, but if you enjoy the
nightlife, there are plenty of places that don’t include
alcohol. Places like art galleries, bookstores, classical
music concert halls, drive-in movies, sporting events, plays,
shows, cooking classes, glassblowing classes etc. Places
that will feed your mind, not your candida. When a group
of friends specifically want to go to bars, clubs, or strip
clubs, these people are dopamine deficient and seeking
adrenaline so they can feed their candida. They’re infected
and they feed together on the energy of the people like
vampires. They have one goal: to take someone home to
spiritually infect them with their demonic sperm or their
demonic vaginas. I think many young people don’t know
the spiritual cost to partying with drugs, alcohol, pills, and
casual sex. There is a very nasty surprise waiting for them
when they try to get off of that stuff. Clueless parents
encourage it, because they think it’s just normal teenage
behavior. It has adult consequences, like being a lifelong
customer of the pharmaceutical industry and the
psychiatrist’s office.

They wonder why they’re full of mental issues and

addiction problems. They had mental problems before,
that’s why they ran to the drugs and alcohol in the first
place. Self-medicating only makes the problem worse.
Not to mention that they find it hard to function in
relationships that don’t involve binge-drinking and
unlimited sex, because now they’re married to a real
woman, not a porn star.

The expectations of a dumb boy, is that every girl is going

to be easy to bed like the whores in the club were.
Especially men, they think that if you buy a woman a drink,
it automatically means sex. They’re Sadly mistaken, and
the rape culture will continue to explode, because of young
boy with these expectations has no ability to handle
rejection. No first date should ever involve alcohol.
Women that don’t teach their young sons to respect
themselves as divine beings, or to respect women as divine
beings, are the culprit in these super predators inflicted on
the unsuspecting public. A mother that never tells her son
so, is creating a rapist. A mother that always tells her son
no, is creating a domestic abuser. Either way, No, creates
Your children are watching you. If you get drunk every
night, they won’t see anything wrong with it. If you eat to
excess and feed them the same thing, when they get older
they’ll do the same thing. It takes a strong young man or
woman to see the poor tools they’ve been given by ignorant
parents, and to drop those tools and get new ones, quickly.

Traditions: Family traditions are hard to break, especially

if they’re forced on you, by holiday gatherings where
everyone is fast asleep in a food coma. Thanksgiving is the
biggest holiday in America, and it’s centered primarily
around unhealthy food. It’s the norm to overeat and make
excuses about it. Anyone that’s trying to live a healthy
lifestyle will be made fun of, and would have to eat ahead
of time. Someone who spends good money on their
organic, Non-GMO produce, will not want to bring over a
healthy dish to sit on the table with the dead carcasses. I’ve
made food for family gatherings, but it barely gets eaten.
You might want to try it with your family though. You may
be the only thing standing in the way of your family and the
Grim Reaper. You have to lead by example.

I personally don’t eat on Thanksgiving, simply because the

smell of dead bird is just not it for me. Watching people
going up for 2nd and 3rd helpings when you know they have
serious health problems doesn’t put me in the giving thanks
mood. You hear that they’re in the hospital weeks later,
and you want to have sympathy. Watching people talk
about their weight when they have 5 or 6 takeaway boxes,
is a true out of body experience. It is what it is. The
change has to start in your own home first. With your
spouse, your kids, yourself. Women are the gatekeepers of
the nutrition in the home. Even if they don’t do the
cooking, they still give recommendations on the shopping,
and her opinion weighs heavily concerning her children’s
health. If she’s logged off, the man will probably be logged
off because men will eat anything. Tradition needs to be
analyzed, reviewed, revamped, or abolished. You have my
permission to do so.
7. Hygiene Products

The one thing that all of us have in common is that we have

to use hygiene products. That’s soap, toothpaste,
deodorant, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, lotion,
perfume or cologne. We do get to choose what we use,
which is why choosing what you were taught to use as a kid
is a huge mistake. Your mother and father most likely
didn’t thoroughly vet the companies that made the
products. They didn’t analyze each ingredient on the
internet, because there was no Internet when most of us
were growing up. They didn’t test these products on your
skin first, to see what reaction you’d have or how it
contributed to your behavior.

Detergent: Parents just weren’t that knowledgeable back

then. They can be now, especially if you are a parent.
Parents are a lot more concerned now than even 10 years
ago about sustainability, and how supporting certain brands
affects the environment. That’s a really great start. The
first thing you need to change is laundry detergent with
perfumes and dyes. If you can smell the liquid before you
get the cap open, it’s no good. You think the company is
measuring their product’s toxicity to humankind over time?

Each person is different. There are people that can wash

their clothes in very purple liquid, use blue fabric softener,
dry it with perfumed dryer sheets, and not even notice the
100 ingredients that are now circulating their bloodstream.
If I were to use even one of those things, my skin would be
red, itchy, and experience a shortness of breath. That’s
because my system already knows that something isn’t
right here. Most people’s alarm system is shut off to toxic
chemicals, and they have been poisoned by their parents
since they were children. They also have been unhappy
since they were children, unable to grasp this joy for life
that everyone talks about. It’s the chemicals. And the
momma is poisoned too. She didn’t know any better. She
was watching TV just like every other ignorant woman,
that thought these chemical companies care about her kids.
Every item in your laundry room should be turned over,
and prove to you why it still deserves to be in your home.

What about the children’s bedding, and the parents’ own

bedding? Those laundry chemicals don’t just rinse off. If
you can still smell the detergent on your sheets after you’ve
dried them, then they’re overdoing their job. Your clothes,
sheets, towels and comforters should smell like nothing. I
know that’s a foreign concept, but if everything is washed
clean, why is there still perfume on it.

When a child sleeps on a pillow that is still perfumed by a

visit to the washing machine, those chemicals are now
airborne and going right into their nose and lungs. They
sleep on that all night. Their clothes, still smelling like
chemicals, while their trying to go to school. You think
they can learn when that’s going into their brains. It’s on
their skin, the red dyes, the blue dyes, the purple dyes. You
wonder why they have ADHD, it’s because mom is
poisoning them. They don’t even need the candy.

Deodorants: The deodorants that we put under our arms,

goes directly into our lymphatic system, blocking it. The
average deodorant stick, that you find in the drug store has
about 30 chemicals, with “unknown effects”. The effects
are known, it’s called cancer. Antiperspirants with
aluminum, plug up the sweat glands and cause a person not
to sweat. The ingredients are absorbed and have estrogenic
affects, which causes hormonal changes, that produce
breast cancer cells. Crystal deodorant is very effective,
except you have to rub it on 50 times each arm. If you
can’t be bothered to take a few minutes out of your
morning routine to do that, then you can get a product that
doesn’t contain aluminum.

There are many natural products out there that are organic.
Just do your research, and make sure they’re cruelty free.
If you sweat a lot, you’re going to need something that
contains baking soda or kaolin clay. Order an assortment
with your friends or family members. You’ll be amazed at
how something works perfectly for them but not for you,
and vice versa. You probably won’t find the perfect one
right away.

Toothpaste: Brushing your teeth with the toothpaste that’s

on TV commercials is the quickest way to get a mouth full
of fluoride. What does fluoride do? Calcify your pineal
gland. The pineal gland is in the brain, and is called the
seat of the soul. If you have it full of toxins, you can’t hear
God. Why would the toothpaste company want us to not
hear God? Better question is, why would they want us to
hear God? The water you use when you brush your teeth is
full of fluoride. Is that a coincidence? Nope. There was a
time when it wasn’t. It was added, because they say it
stops people from getting cavities. That’s funny. Why has
the number of cavities per household skyrocketed then?
People can say anything if they know you’ll believe it,
simply because they know you aren’t going to look any

If I wanted to hide the fact that I spilled a drink in

someone’s car, I would go to them before I gave them the
keys and say, “Oh, I wanted to get your car detailed for you
to say thank you for letting me borrow it.” That way, I’m
trying to hide one thing, make you look this way, so you
don’t look that way, and then you never know what I was
really doing. Same sleight of hand. Is that person going to
go check out why I really wanted to wash their car? Would
they get suspicious because I never said that before? No,
they’ll be so overjoyed that they’re getting a free car detail
that they won’t question it. By the way, what I spilled in
the car could be blood from a crime. It’s never what it
looks like. The Man isn’t going to give you anything
unless his pockets are getting fat some other way, and
you’re getting screwed, you just can’t see it, because you’re
just too gullible and grateful.

Many people use pure baking soda, or charcoal, or brands

that don’t contain 1,000 chemicals. There are people in
Africa that use a little brush made out of twigs. In Senegal,
the twig is called “sothiou”, and in east Africa, the stick is
called “mswaki”. They chew on it all day long, and the
liquid that comes out of the wood makes their teeth pearly
white. I’ve never seen whiter teeth in my life. They aren’t
using bleaching products that get into your bloodstream.
These twigs come from a tree. It’s natural and healthy.

I have nothing against people doing what they can to

whiten their teeth, but there are ways to not poison yourself
to do it. I find people that use bleaching teeth products to
be very neurotic about it. If their teeth are not white, they
feel like they’re less of a human being. It’s not that deep.
If you eat an apple or a strawberry and brush your teeth
immediately after, your teeth will be white as snow.
Nobody needs blinding white teeth that you can see from
the moon. That’s just a standard the music and
entertainment industry has created to make people feel less
than. Meanwhile, who they are inside is as filthy as a
garbage can. It’s just a game.
Soap: Bath soap comes in many forms, such as body wash
gel, foam, bar soap, even bubble bath. Most of it is toxic.
If it has a color, it’s 99% toxic. If it’s not scented with
natural essential oils, it was probably made in a lab to
imitate naturally occurring herbs, flowers, spices, and oils.
Scents like Island Breeze, Summer Wind, Day at the Beach,
it just means made in a lab. If it foams a lot is has foaming
agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This product is
derived from coconuts, but it becomes toxic in the refining
process. Look for Sulfate-Free and Paraben-Free soaps.
You may pay a little more now, but if you don’t you’ll pay
a lot more in the long run. The cost will be to your health
now and later.

Shampoo: When you wash your hair, you’re cleaning the

dirt out, the previous day’s or week’s product buildup. The
problem is that these products are getting onto your scalp,
which are then seeping into your brain. The scalp is skin,
and it is porous and can absorb what you put on it. The
conditioner that we let sit on our hair from 3 minutes to 30
minutes is just as important. It gets absorbed into our hair
shaft, and travels down to the root, which is open at the
pores on top of our head. Nobody thinks about that.

Turn over your shampoo and conditioner bottles. Ask

yourself, if these products were on a menu at a restaurant,
listed as ingredients, would your order it and eat it? Guess
what? You are eating it, except it’s skipping your mouth
and going right to your brain and bloodstream. Don’t
Panic! You can wash and condition your hair with natural
ingredients like apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, lemon
juice, coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and even
avocado. You have choices. Or you can choose Sulfate-
Free and Paraben-Free shampoos and conditioners. Choose
ones with organic ingredients that you recognize. Skip the
ones with fragrances, perfumes and dyes because that’s just
as bad. Try to choose organic, cruelty-free, hypo-
allergenic, and ones that have some type of message about
their sustainability. Your choices have global

Perfume/Cologne: Everyone wants to smell nice.

Everyone wants to smell unique. The best way to smell
unique is to create your own fragrance. I don’t smell like
anyone else on the planet, because I make my own
perfume. I use essential oils as a base, and my lotion,
perfume, and body spray, all come from a different place.
No one can duplicate my scent, and I get comments on it all
the time. I really don’t need to put on anything but the
essential oils, and some lotion. My own body chemistry
makes it unique. The perfume company is trying to do that
when they make a scent. However, most times, they aren’t
using actual ingredients, they’re using something made in a
lab to smell like something else natural. For instance, there
are no apples in the perfume lab, no apple juice, or apple
extract. Somebody created a potion to mimic what they
think the average person thinks an apple smells like.

Green apple candy tastes nothing like real green apples. I

know, because I eat green apples every single day. They
mimic the sour twang and color the candy light green.
Same thing with perfume. They mimic naturally occurring
things to trick the senses. If they used real flowers, real
fruit, real spices, that would cost a ton. They really aren’t
trying to do that. However, you’re going to pay the price
for the lab concoctions, because you don’t know what’s in
these perfumes and colognes.

If you want to smell like peppermint, go get some

peppermint essential oil, put it in a dark perfume bottle and
fill it with alcohol, or unscented oil, and get on down the
road. If you want to smell like gardenia, go get a flower,
put it in unscented oil for a couple days, and you’ll see that
the scent is so light, but lovely. If you want it to be
stronger, put more flowers, press them to get the oil essence
out of them, boil them even. Unless the perfume or
cologne says they put real flowers in there, there aren’t any.

Go find a bunch of essential oils and mix them up until you

make a unique fragrance that represents you as a person.
You can still buy your perfumes and colognes, but buy
samples for $1. Put your mixture in a sprayer and enjoy
your life. Spending $100 or $300 on a bottle of who knows
what, is absurd. These people creating these fragrances
could care less about you, and how their chemicals are
affecting your biochemistry. These perfumes and colognes
are toxic, are not cruelty free, tested on animals, and they
might even be causing cancer. It gets into your
bloodstream, your lungs, your lymphatic system, your liver,
your heart, and you really don’t know what’s in it. Guess
what? The person whose name is on it doesn’t know either
and doesn’t care. Find natural essential oils, natural
perfumes, natural colognes, and natural ways to accentuate
your natural lovely scent.

Dish Soap: We wash our dishes but never realize that the
very soap we’re using is going into our food right after.
The dish soap with colors and dyes and perfumes is going
right into your bloodstream, because you’re using your
hands to clean the dishes. Have you ever washed a cup,
and realized too late that you didn’t rinse it good enough,
and all the bubbles are showing in your water or coffee?
You taste your drink and it’s all soapy. That happens
anyway, you just caught it this time. Your dishes are
covered with soap, and you’re making your family ingest it.

You must use natural ingredients that you don’t mind

swallowing. There are plenty of great products out there
that clean well, wash off clean, and even if swallowed don’t
become toxic, because their natural ingredients like teas,
lemongrass, lemon, lavender, orange, ginger etc. Would
you pour blue dish soap down your child’s throat? I hope
not, but you do it anyway, every time you feed them a drink
washed with blue dish soap.

Hand Soap: I know I’m breaking these up in a way that

you probably think that they should be combined, but
they’re marketed completely differently in the grocery
store. Hand soap comes in a much smaller container, and is
designed to be put next to the bathroom sink. When little
boys and girls finish using the bathroom, they’re supposed
to wash their little hands. If the soap is not anti-bacterial,
they’re just moving germs around. If they have to press
down on the soap dispenser, they’re instantly getting every
other person’s fecal and urine germs that pressed it before
them. Ideally, you would have an automatic dispenser that
uses motion detection. Even better, is to have an automatic
faucet that turns on and off by itself like in the movie

Then, there’s always the toilet. When parents clean the

bathroom with bleach, it gets into their children’s feet,
which seeps into their skin, which creates an imbalance in
their microbiome gut flora. Bleach kills good bacteria and
bad. Candida can still thrive because it grows faster, and it
can be resistant to bleach. After they wash their hands,
then there’s the door, with all the bacteria still sitting there.
How many times have your kids not washed their hands
after using the toilet? Those germs are floating in your
kitchen because they immediately went to the fridge. You
wonder why when one kid gets sick, the entire house gets
sick. It’s science. That kid went to school and was absent-
minded, sitting next to a germy kid who also didn’t wash
his or her hands. They borrowed their pencil, or drank off
of their drink, or sneezed in their faces, wiped their nose
etc. Then, your kids, being sweet little germ carriers,
brought it into your house. Now, you’re taking it to your
job, and that’s how germs spread.

Believe it or not, hand soap alone, can stop your family

from tracking germs all around the world. Everybody goes
to the bathroom. Rain or shine, night or day, nobody
misses their bathroom appointments. And the bathroom is
Germ Central. You go there to get clean, but you leave it
dirty too.

Lotion: After your shower, you want to moisturize your

skin. Some put the same lotion all over their bodies. How
many people put baby lotion on their babies after the little
baby bath. You will find the exact same baby lotion in
every clueless household. It has a pink bottle and filled
with toxic chemicals. I mean, gosh, the baby hasn’t even
gotten a chance to live before it’s overloaded with crap.
Any baby lotion that has a color, dye, perfume, is TOXIC!
Mothers that don’t do their research are probably the same
mothers that kiss their kids in the mouth.

When we grow up as adults, we are followers. We let any

lotion come in the house, as long as it has a good graphic
design, and some fruit pictures on the front, at a cheap price
we like. Turn it over. If it has 30 ingredients, it’s not for
you. There are known brands that use organic ingredients
that you can actually read on the back. Coconut oil is
lovely for the skin, even extra virgin olive oil. You don’t
have to become a lab rat to moisturize your skin. Half of
these lotions don’t even work. You can use it one minute,
and the next minute you are as dry as sandpaper, even dryer
than you were before. You should pick a line of products,
and stick with it. Don’t randomly buy whatever is on sale
because the drug store is usually trying to unload what
nobody wants. There’s one brand I like that has
chamomile, oatmeal, lavender, and rose hips. It’s just
lovely. Find your favorite lotion, or make your own.
There’s nothing like making your own everything. It may
take a weekend of trial and error.

Sanitary Products: Women know that we have no choice

whether we want to deal with the menstrual cycle this
month or not. It’s coming no matter what. We can choose
to use tampons, pads, or cups. If you use tampons, there
are so many chemicals inside those tampons and you are
inserting that right into your system, like an airplane into a
hangar. You don’t know what that airplane is carrying. I’ll
tell you what the tampon is carrying, #1 ingredient is
bleached cotton. Cotton is not white-white like you see in
the stores. It’s an off-white. It is bleached to get that

If you use tampons that have fragrance, you’re really

playing with fire. That fragrance can upset the pH balance
in your vagina, and cause a whole bunch of problems when
your cycle is over. If you must use tampons, use organic,
non-scented, non-bleached cotton. You might have to pay
more, and you won’t find it in the brands you’ve grown to
love since you first hit puberty. The good brands don’t
spend a lot of money on neon colors, fancy wrappers, shiny
boxes, and flashy commercials. You have to look for them.
The applicator is plant-based, not plastic. Plastic has its
own chemical composition that gets a free ride into your
vagina. Again, good brands may cost a little more, but
they’re worth it, considering the long-term consequences
could be cancer. You don’t want to gamble with your
reproductive health like the suits in the boardroom are
willing to do. Better wake up.
The Menstrual Cup works great. You have to find the one
that’s right for you. They come in different shapes and
sizes for light to heavy flow. They’re made of medical
grade silicone, which is supposedly safe. Do your own
research. You can find them online as Venus cups,
Menstrual cups, and they’re reusable. Since tampons get
flushed down the toilet, it can’t be good for the
environment. Since pads are put into the garbage with tons
of plastic around them, they can’t be good for the
environment either. You have to do what’s right for you
and your body.

I found one company, Genial Day menstrual cup, that does

not contain any silicone, phthalates, heavy metals, lead,
PVC, or latex, and is soft, durable, tear-resistant, and
hypoallergenic. Silicone sensitivity is rare, but there are
cases of silicone allergic reactions. Genial Day is made
with thermoplastic elastomers, which are reported to
perform well in the acidic vaginal microflora.

“This material is suitable for direct contact with blood and

is widely used in the production of medical devices that
have direct contact with the human body.”

The product can last up to 5 years, depending on how well

you take care of it. Using a menstrual cup will reduce your
chance of getting (TSS) Toxic Shock Syndrome, a
condition that can be fatal, and associated with tampon use.
The cost of one cup is $36.99, but if you calculate how
many boxes of tampons you buy a year, it pays for itself in
less than 6 months, plus you get to keep it for years.

There are less trips to the bathroom, because they hold

more than a tampon. They’re easy to clean with water, and
they don’t hurt the environment. Imagine if every woman
stopped using tampons, what ecological effect that would
have on the planet. It’s astounding.


1. How willing are you to make these changes?

2. Are you willing to tell your family and friends?
3. Do you see the benefit of changing your lifestyle?
4. What resistance do you feel when you think about it?
5. How quickly can you get over your resistance?
8. Media & Entertainment

Media is run by corporations that want to push products or

agendas. They push agendas through the programming and
content of the shows, then they push products during
commercials and product placements in the shows. TV
shows are about selling products. If you laugh, they’re
selling you a product. If they make you mad, they’re
selling you a product. If you think these shows exist for
any other reason than that you’re delusional. They pay the
actors based on how well you buy the products after you
watched their show. Why did the actors in the show
Friends make 1 million dollars an episode? It wasn’t
because they were such great actors, or the writing was just
so phenomenal. I watched it as a kid, it was fun to watch,
but as an adult I can’t bare even one episode, because I’m
just not that logged off anymore. The reason they made $1
million an episode each, was because a bunch of cult
followers watched it and people bought a lot PRODUCTS.

You might say, “I don’t buy any products that they show on
commercials.” You have no idea if you do or not. Name
the last commercial that you saw. Name a commercial that
you saw last night. Name a commercial you saw last year.
You have no idea what you saw, and you have no idea how
it’s influencing your buying choices today. You think that
the wheel doesn’t keep on turning. It does. You could
watch a commercial as a child for a prescription that you
will use in your 40s or 50s. These people don’t play
around. They play the long game. You see a commercial
for a theme park this year. You know you don’t have any
money for that, and won’t for the near future. You will one
day, and guess where you’re going.

Ask yourself why you ever went to a theme park? If you

didn’t live in Orlando or California, how did you even
know theme parks existed? A radio ad, a commercial, a
billboard, word of mouth. It works, and that’s why the
actors get paid. People pay big bucks to get your attention.
Especially, if the show is a “hit”. What makes it a hit is that
a bunch of people watch it. There are plenty of shows I
thought were terrific and they got canceled. That’s because
enough idiots weren’t watching it. Trust me. If you ever
see a lot of people watching something, run.

There is a show out now that everywhere I go people are

talking about it. I refuse. I haven’t even seen one episode
because I already know that the advertisers are making
bank off of their eyeballs. Someone told me there are taboo
subjects in there, that 20 years ago would never see the
light of day. The first episode had incest, pedophilia, and
demonic undertones. The name of the show is drenched in
occultism. I’ve seen Christians watching this filth. Why is
everyone flocking to the show? Because they’re followers
and want to be accepted by the masses. They get tired of
going to work or school and they can’t fit in. Companies
like people like that, because they’re easily stimulated,
easily influenced, and will become good customers. The
viewer cares more about being with the popular crowed,
rather than looking for quality. These same people are in
the mall every week, and teaching their kids to follow the
crowd. The bus to Hell is going to be jam-packed. Get off
that ride.

Turn off your T.V. Turn off your radio, or at least listen to
commercial-free radio, curate your own playlist on
streaming platforms, don’t listen to what they choose, and
please don’t read magazines. They’re filled with ads and
nonsense to make you think you’re less than enough. The
women’s magazines are the worst. They say one thing one
week, and the next week they say the opposite. Gossip
shows, gossip sites, gossip blogs, gossip vlogs, it’s all crap.
They’re trying to get you to feel good about someone else’s
misfortune, so they can sell you some products.

What happens when you turn off all mainstream media, is

you’ll start to think for yourself. You won’t want to fill
your days with what everyone else is doing. You will start
to look for your own voice, and your own opinion. You’ll
have no idea what’s in style because you won’t be
programmed by the fake trends that they create. Somebody
is behind every trend you see. It’s leading people with no
self-control and no identity to chase after significance.

As far as entertainers that you follow, be very careful.

What you see is not what is. Some of these people are not
happy at all, no matter what they show you. They’re some
of the most insecure people you will ever find. They’re
chasing after money, fame, likes, followers, and awards.
Their lives are so empty, and if you follow them, your life
will be empty too, because they’re not showing you how to
be happy. They’re showing you how to fake it. If you’re
going to follow anyone, follow someone who has a good
handle on who they are spiritually. Follow someone that is
doing good in the community. Who are they outside of
what they’re known for? Do they stand for something?
Are they a selfish prick who craves attention, or is their
career about the betterment of his fans’ lives? Don’t give
your time, attention, money or support to selfish celebrities.
They got up there with their talent, but once they got up
there, what are they doing with their fame to deserve your

You could be the blind leading the blind. I look very

carefully at the people I follow. If they aren’t constantly
evolving, improving themselves, doing charity work, or at
least visiting schools or donating money to any cause, I’m
not following their career. You make millions of dollars
and people are starving all over the world, and I’m going to
give you my money so you can buy luxury cars, jewelry,
watches, and visit strip clubs and throw money on the floor.
Sorry, these people need to start earning your loyalty. If
they’re selfish, starve them of your financial support.
There’s plenty of celebrities who dedicate their lives to help
others. Support them, and go watch them in concert. The
ones that always display how rich they are and rapping and
singing about their 100k cars, and $1 million dollar
necklaces, are really narcissistic and don’t care about you,
your city, your family, your health, your future, or your life.
Starve them!

Don’t buy their products, don’t buy their merchandise,

don’t listen to their albums, don’t like their pictures or
tweets, don’t request their music, and for damn sure don’t
go to their concerts. How are they giving back to their
fans? Take a good long look at how celebrities give back to
the very people that made them who they are. You’ll see
that they don’t even give back 0.001% to their fans,
because they’re SELFISH! Stop supporting people that
don’t give back to the people holding them up. They take
you for granted. They’ll bleed you dry, bleed your city dry,
take money out of your city, and they don’t know anything
about your city, or your dreams as a fan base. They barely
give away any free tickets, they don’t give tickets to
disabled people, they don’t visit hospitals in the city, they
don’t visit schools, they don’t have scholarships for their
fans, they don’t let you into their lives. They just promote
themselves for likes and $$$.

Please stop supporting these empty vapid people who only

value their fans as $$$$. There’s a couple people that are
big celebrities that “compulsively give”. I mean it’s almost
an addiction. I realize that God has rescued these people
from some difficult circumstances and they’re well aware
that the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. They got
the message early on in their career, that God was putting
them up there for a reason, and the reason was not for their
own self-gratification. He’ll take them down off of that
platform so quick if he can’t get the glory. All that money
they have is HIS. They must honor him in all they do.

I really love the celebrities that give even when no one is

looking. They aren’t trying to get press for it, or trying to
boost up their image in any way. They already know that
10% of their earnings needs to go to charity. You can call it
a write-off or for a deductible, but God doesn’t care what
you call it. As long as you help his people with it, you can
call it Pennies from Heaven for all he cares. When you
decide who to follow, see if they follow this principle. If
they don’t, then you’re probably following Satan’s Best,
who probably won’t be around long, because God exalts
people that he can use for his glory. He’ll enlarge their
territory and they’ll be given more to help more people.

Selfish people will eventually run out of gas, because the

blessing that they had on their life will dry up. God is very
patient, and he will give them plenty of time to figure it out.
If they don’t, then he’ll just choose someone else for that
city. Especially, take a look at celebrities from your city, if
they aren’t doing anything for your city, stop supporting
them. That means they don’t even care about where they
came from. Who is going to care more about you than
someone who went through the exact same struggle as you.
Look at your idols through a different microscope. Look at
what they show online. If you have someone whose entire
timeline is pictures of them, they’re narcissistic. If they
never post anything, like a positive saying to get you
through the day, and not just something to get
likes/retweets, then they aren’t providing anything valuable
to your life. I call it “a la carte”, things you get that are not
on the menu. Look at their Twitter timeline, if all they do is
post marketing, sales, promo, and pictures of themselves,
then these are not people you need to follow. They see
themselves as a product, and you are a customer, not a fan.
You’re just a number in an algorithm to them and they
don’t love you.


1. What shows do you watch?

2. What is the theme of this show?
3. Would you watch this show if God was in the room?
4. Do you allow your children to watch filth on TV?
5. What celebrities do you follow?
6. What do these people stand for in society?
7. Are they narcissistic?
8. Is their timeline full of pictures of themselves?
9. Is their music all about themselves, sex, drugs, money?
10. Do they give back to society in proportion to their
11. Why support someone who doesn’t give back?
12. How do they show they appreciate their fans?
13. Does it look like their doing the absolute minimum?
14. Do they ever say anything encouraging? How often?
15. Are your favorite actors well paid? Why?
16. What is the net worth of your favorite celebrity?
17. How much money did they give in charity last year?
18. How does that celebrity support his or her city?
19. How much money do you spend supporting this
20. Are the shows you’re watching influencing you?
21. How often do you watch commercials?
22. How much money do you spend at the mall a month?
23. How much savings do you accrue each month?
24. Do you ever spend time with your family without TV?
25. Could you eliminate all media/social media for 1
9. Medicine Choices

Natural medicine is the way to go in all circumstances,

other than in the case of head trauma, broken bones, and
emergency situations which require surgery. Over the
counter medications have side effects, that are only known
to the person who turns over the box to read them. The
funny thing about pharmaceuticals, is that they’re
mimicking herbs and remedies in nature that can’t be
patented. You can’t patent an herb, so you can’t get
exclusive rights to a remedy. Everyone and their mother
can copy you because copyright infringement can’t be
enforced. You’d have to alter the herb in some way by
adding to it, or taking something away.

Again, anyone can look at your process and copy you. The
best way to create a remedy is to mimic the behavior of the
natural element. This is done in a lab, and it takes years to
get it to work. Since non-natural elements behave in
unpredictable ways, especially when they’re combined with
other hybrid substances, the process involves large-scale
testing and clinical trials. Some people who take over the
counter medication are in a clinical trial. They just don’t
know it. The average drug store consumer is a guinea pig
for somebody’s science project. It may seem like the
company just wants to help people. They know that there
are ancient natural medicines for everything under the sun.

I’ve heard of pharmaceutical companies threatening people

that claimed to have cures for terminal diseases. Some of
the natural medicine sites I researched had their articles up
one month, and the next month, the article was pulled
down. Some videos, for really great remedies are from a
few years ago. The channel has great content, and they’re
still selling common remedies. But the video description
for these powerhouse remedies is gone, and the products
that they talk about is gone from their site. It makes you
wonder if they’re being told to remove the information. I
find that the natural remedy world is a rabbit hole. If you
think you’ll find what you need within a few clicks, you’re
not up for the journey. There are things I found after hours
of searching, one site leading to another, and the site that
had what I needed had no keyword leading me to it. You
have to be relentless in search of the truth, but the weak
will never find it.

A family member of mine had a stomach flu. He suffered

with it for days on end. Went to the doctor and he really
didn’t have much to tell him other than he’ll be sick for 6 –
7 days, and to just ride it out. He gave him medicine to
take only if he started vomiting. Other than that, he was
just left to sit in bed. When I heard about it, I went over
and gave him 20 drops of wormwood. I knew he had a
parasite that was going to town on his digestive system.
How did I know that? Because I had the same symptoms
many times, especially when I ate out at restaurants that I
had no business eating at. He took the medicine in water,
and he said he would rather melt the dresser down, put it
into a bottle and drink that. Within hours he was feeling
like he was never sick. I also brought my peppermint
essential oil and had him rub it on his stomach. His doctor
either had that information or he didn’t, but I wasn’t going
to let him suffer another day. His symptoms disappeared.

There are cases like that all throughout my life, where

people told me they had a problem, and I told them exactly
how to fix it. Within 24 hours, problem was solved. Did I
make any money off of that? Nope, don’t need to. Will the
doctor make money off of that? They sure won’t, unless
he’s a naturopath, which is not the path most doctors take.
When people say they want to be a doctor or a pharmacist,
they’re really saying they want to be a drug pusher,

Every single item on the drug store shelf has a natural

remedy associated with it. Every drug in the pharmacy has
a natural remedy it’s trying to imitate. Our grandmothers
didn’t use all these chemicals to make us feel better. They
boiled grapefruit to make a liquid. We drink the water, with
the rind still on, and it cleared our mucus. They rubbed
aloe on our wounds, we drank castor oil or Epsom salt in
water when we were constipated. My grandmother was a
nurse and she never gave us traditional medicine. She fed
us fruits, vegetables and roots from her garden in the back
of her house. She had fruit trees in the front yard, and a
cabinet filled with herbal medicine.

My other grandmother came from a rural background. She

lived 25 miles from the nearest drug store in the back
woods country of South Carolina. It’s only when she came
to the city that she even knew what drug store remedies
were. It was the prescription medicines she took in her old
age that contributed to most of her health problems. What
did people do in the old days? Why is all this stuff coming
out now? What happened to natural ways of healing?
Money, class dismissed.


1. Do you ever research natural medicine?

2. How often do you take traditional medicine?
3. Do you pop pills daily for headaches and body aches?
4. Have you researched the root cause of these aches?
5. Have you investigated the metaphysical cause of
6. Are you willing to throw out all the medicine you take?
7. Do you have parasites?
8. Do you detox your liver, colon, kidney, blood regularly?
9. Where did all the natural medicine healers go?
10. Self-care & Maintenance

I’ve been a victim of wanting to change my appearance to

please other people, usually boyfriends or coworkers. Even
some of my friends influenced what I wore to the club or
out with them. Trying to fit in with a crowd. When I was
in high school, I couldn’t compete with other kids, because
my parents didn’t spend money on designer shoes, bags,
clothes, or jewelry for us. My parents dressed really nice,
because they had people to impress people at church and
their jobs, but to them, a kid shouldn’t need to impress
anyone at a school. I’m grateful for that, because I didn’t
stay in that people-pleasing mode very long. I couldn’t
keep up with it, but if it’s all you know, you can get stuck
there for life.

At church, women dress up in their fine clothes, hats,

shoes, and even wigs. I know for a fact that a woman can
spend up to $300 for an outfit, all put together for one day
of church. It doesn’t even have to be a special Sunday like
Easter or Mother’s Day. When a woman needs a fix of
attention, she will drop serious money because attention is
currency. How often do we pay attention to what she’s
wearing? Probably when she first walks in and if she gets
up to speak, other than that she is sitting on it and nobody
really gives a damn. She cares, because she needs to feel
less inferior to others.

That means the world to a woman, because she’s always

inside her head, watching other people, trying to see if she
is inferior. For an insecure woman, she’s buying the outfit
so she won’t have to sit inside her head for 3 full hours,
hanging with the monsters that tell her she’s not good
enough. That’s worth more than money, that’s priceless.
She’ll do this continually, everywhere she goes, and if she
can buy a wig, a dress, heels, or a bag, to stop those voices,
you aren’t going to stop her because she suffers without

The whole idea of self-care has been manipulated to mean

spending money on things you don’t need to impress
people who don’t matter. The beauty industry is making
obscene amounts of money off of people’s deep insecurity.
The obsessive-compulsive person that is insecure is a gold
mine because they’re never happy. These are ways I
believe that self-care has been hijacked, and I will also
explain what I think it should mean, and how it can be

Hair Care: I think the hair industry is the most profitable

business in all “self-care”, because it has a broad spectrum
of products and services. We already talked about the hair
products that people use when they’re home. This is
something completely different, when they actually go to
the salon and pay someone to do it for them. Services

 Hair coloring, highlights

 Blow drying, blow-outs
 Haircut & Styling & Up-dos
 Washing & Conditioning & Treatments

All of these are standard services at any salon, and have

been going on forever, however there’s another more
lucrative side to the industry. It’s on another level of
insecurity. This area involves hair that’s not even yours.
Fake Hair!

 Wigs
 Braids & Twists
 Weaves & Hair Extensions
 False Eyelashes & False Eyebrows
 Tattooed Eyebrows

People think it’s only African-American girls getting fake

hair and extensions. They’re actually buying the majority
of it about 80% of it, but the White-American girls are
catching up because they’re buying hair extensions by the
pound. No one actually can tell that they’re wearing it, so
they go under the radar. Most celebrity women, are forced
to cover up their thin hair with extensions, in order to keep
their jobs because of the heat damage and breakage caused
by too much styling. It’s nothing for a model, actress,
entertainer, or host to put on a wig to go to an event. She
can’t be “herself”, without consequences. If her hair is not
on point, other hating women will make her feel bad by
putting her on gossip magazines, or blogs. She has to make
sure she is camera-ready. These women look nothing like
they pretend when they get home.

White girls, Spanish girls, Black girls, everybody uses hair

extensions. Many businesses know how desperate people
are to look like someone else, and they’ve made millions
off of it. In the past, only the Koreans and Chinese were
making the money. They got the hair from India or Brazil,
and they sell it to the beauty supply store. A door to door
salesman goes directly to the salons to peddle his ponytails.
A few savvy young girls saw that the markup was close to
200% and they went into business for themselves.

Hair weave is like drugs to an insecure girl. These pieces

of hair are usually coming off of oppressed women in
impoverished countries. Did you know that if you use the
hairbrush of a person, you can actually start having dreams
about that person’s life? The oil from their hair will seep
into your hair follicle, and into your DNA, and people are
putting another person’s dead hair on their head without
knowing them. The mind control is serious. Some men
only like women if they have long hair, and they’ll gladly
take a woman with weave because he knows she has low
self-esteem. He doesn’t want a natural woman, with self-
confidence because he doesn’t know what to do with a
woman like that. If she is Black and she’s wearing a
European wig or weave, he already knows that she has self-
hatred. He can work with that.

If a white girl is putting extensions in her hair to make her

fragile weak hair with split ends look full, he knows that
she is insecure about it and he can work with that. If she is
constantly wearing bright nails, exposing her stomach,
hiking up her skirt, he knows that she’s insecure and will
probably sleep with him pretty quickly, and he doesn’t have
to do much work. And these are the people we’re trying to
impress? Weak ass man that are looking for a quick and
easy screw. Is that why we’re spending $1000s to impress
men who aren’t even work $2.

The entire beauty, fashion, and magazine industry is run by

misogynistic men that hate women, and we’re letting them
determine beauty standards. They want the extreme
because they know it’s unattainable. You can have one of
the most beautiful women in the world, and a man will still
cheat on her because he needs to break her down, and boost
is fragile ego. Any man that demands that a woman dress a
certain way to advertise that he is the man, is a simp, and
really has the mind of a pimp. He really wants her to
attract attention to him. She is just bait. These men are
empty and vapid, and not worth anyone’s time, but if they
can get you to hate yourself, the way they hate themselves,
then they can relate to you better and control you.
If you’re wearing your natural hair, not subscribing to
beauty standards, setting your own trends, and walking in
your regal natural beautiful God-given essence, you will
repel sorry insecure men, that are so unhappy themselves,
that they wouldn’t know how to make you happy, if you
wrote it down on a piece of paper. They’re trying to get
you to forget who you are so they can manipulate you.
Leave people, men, friends, family, coworkers,
environments like this because you can’t grow there. The
soil is stale, unfruitful, and a man that is also seeking
validation from the outside world, can never lead you to
freedom. He is a prisoner himself. He will make your life
a living hell if he can see that you have any kind of peace,
because he has the devil in his balls.

Beauty comes from within. If he can’t see yours, he

doesn’t have it within. Move along. Save your money
from going to salons and spas that will drain you of your
bank account. Some of these women are paying $1000 to
$5000 for wigs and weaves. For what? To make an
insecure man feel good about himself. He will probably
cheat on her anyway. The weave doesn’t matter. If it were
her natural hair he would still cheat on her, because nothing
can make an insecure man feel secure. He is bringing his
sickness with him wherever he goes. If you’re unlucky
enough to be “stuck” with one, you’ll go around in circles
trying to figure out what he wants. As soon as you do what
he wants, he will change it up, because you are never meant
to catch the rabbit. If you catch the rabbit, you will learn
that he has no substance. As long as he can convince you
to deny your divinity, he won’t have to admit that he can’t
find his.

He will go from girl to girl, even from girl to guy, trying to

find his lost soul. Damaging everyone in his path looking
for something he’ll never find. He is running from himself
daily, whether you are around or not. Run and don’t look
back. If a man can’t accept you the way you are, and
constantly trying to change your appearance, this is a sign
of a damaged man, and he will not stop until he damages
you. Ever since my hair has been natural, and that’s going
on 10 or 11 years, I have noticed the simp ass men don’t
come anywhere near me. I had braids for a short time
because my niece wanted me to try it. I attracted the
youngest, trifling, little boys, and I saw them the week
before and they didn’t pay me any mind. It’s only when I
looked like I didn’t accept myself that I got on their radar.
Now, I actually attract men that are not intimidated by a
woman with confidence. They look at me like they saw a
shooting star because it’s so rare. They can’t stop staring,
because I’m a goddess in their midst. They don’t have the
guts to speak, but I appreciate that they recognize that
they’re not qualified to approach. They say hi and that’s it.
A woman that a man thinks he can easily get, he’ll go right
up to her, and spit all kinds of crap game. She’ll be
flattered, and she won’t know she’s being hunted.

Spa: I believe a person should go get a massage here and

there, but every week, no way. That’s a person that’s
desperate for human touch. I personally don’t like
massages, because I end up knowing too much about the
masseuse. I can sense energy, and when I’m open, lying
down, in a subdued state, their mess can mingle with my
spirit. Even after I leave, I’m still dealing with their
traumas and dramas. It’s just not for me. Some people
need it I guess for their back or stress or whatever. It’s not
cheap. It can cost $45 - $175 for a massage. These are
usually people who were not held as children. Sounds
unrelated, but they’re trying to get the mother’s love and
nurturing that they were robbed of as a kid. People are
making money off of their immature self.
These are the treatments you can get at a spa or home visit
from a massage therapist or aesthetician:

 Botox
 Facials
 Waxing
 Massages
 Body Wraps
 Collagen Injections
 Pedicure, Manicures

All of these are done by people with extremely low self-

esteem, and need human touch so they can exist. Just like
their mom did not touch them enough in a loving way, they
go seek that touch from someone they don’t know, so they
can heal they deep wounds. These are nothing but little
babies looking for their moms. They call it self-care. If it
was really self-care, you would go do these very same
things at home. I give myself mud mask facials, and foot
massages, and nice shiatsu massages on my back, and
essential oils on my sore muscles. Put peppermint oil in
my shower, aromatherapy, candles, music, meditations, and
nobody massages my feet like me. I mean, I can really get
the tension out like no one because I know how much I can
take. That’s self-care. You don’t have to pay someone to
do something you can do yourself. That’s laziness.

I don’t have eyebrows. I just don’t. Never did. They’re so

thin, that you might as well say they aren’t there. I have
grown to love them. I have thin eyelashes, and guess what
I don’t care. I might put some mascara on, or I might not,
but I am not hung up on it. When you realize that nobody
really gives a shit except basic people, you’ll learn that it’s
not life altering. People really believe that their eyebrows
determines the course of their life. It’s sad if their life is
that meaningless that a pencil on your face can change your
destiny. All of these little tricks a person does to make
themselves feel less like a piece of shit are making money
for some very selfish people.

I watched this documentary called, “Good Hair”. This one

lady, with a salon in a poor neighborhood, was taking
money from poor women, to the tune of $3,500 for an ugly
wig. She said one customer was buying weaves from her
for 10 years. That’s a long time to hate yourself. Her
pockets were getting fat off of people’s silliness. I’m sorry
but I’m disgusted by that. Your own people. The Koreans
set up beauty supply stores in the Black neighborhood, and
you have to buy from them. They set up nails shops and
you pay them to make you feel better about yourself. The
Koreans don’t wear fake nails or fake hair. They’re selling
you your own dysfunction. When you realize the men
behind the camera shooting the models, actors, entertainers,
and musicians don’t even buy the stuff they’re promoting,
you see the game. Insecurity is profitable. Imagine us
going to China, selling them new eyes, new noses, and new
hair to look more American?

Another thing I saw was the perm/relaxer industry. People

perming their hair to get curls, and relaxing their curls to
get straight hair. Everyone wants what they don’t have.
They think it’s going to make them love themselves. You
are going the wrong way, my dear. Hair relaxer has a
chemical in it called sodium hydroxide (lye), and it is
flammable, can cause blindness, burns the skin, and leaves
a residue under the scalp that affects the brain. It is
believed that uterine fibroids are caused by black women
relaxing their hair. Dumb mothers are relaxing their baby’s
hair as early as 3 years old, because they don’t feel like
combing the kinks.
Even in the hair magazines, everyone has straight hair. The
European straight, blonde hair is considered the epitome of
perfection. Even white women with dark hair will dye their
hair blonde, just so they can seem like they’re more white
than they are. Anytime I see a white woman dying her hair
blonde, I know she has low self-esteem. The blonder, the
lower the self-esteem. Why would anyone want to dye
their hair a color that most people in America deem to be
the hair color of the dumbest people on the planet. It’s a
running joke. Why would you want to look less smart? A
blonde woman is considered an idiot. It’s not true, but they
have movies about it. They have comedies about it. The
kids in school constantly talk about how someone is a
dumb blonde. Why would a woman purposely make
herself blonde, unless she wanted to seem less smart and
easy? It’s deep. You can really get into that one sentence
right there. Marinate in it.

When I see black women trying to become blonde, it really

makes me wonder what they’re after. When men are
suddenly attracted to black women with blonde hair, it
makes me wonder what they’re after. Somebody should
investigate, but I don’t need to. I already know. The
intentions are not pure, and if the people only knew what
the underlying reason for them wanting to look like
something other than what they were, they would be in
shock that it has nothing to do with what they aren’t, and
more to do with what they ARE. That’s another subject for
another time.

One more area of fake self-care and maintenance is body

reconstruction, which is a booming business in South
Florida, as well as, California. People pay upwards of
$8,000 - $20,000 for body enhancements. Some of the
services offered are:
 Botox
 Face Lift
 Neck Lift
 Thigh Lift
 Fat freezing
 Ear Surgery
 Lip injections
 Hair Transplant
 Nipple Procedures
 Laser Hair Removal
 Brow/Forehead Lift
 Male Breast Reduction
 Cheek & Chin Implants
 Vascular Laser Treatments
 Tummy tuck and Liposuction
 Female Genital Rejuvenation
 Butt implants for women, chest implants for men
 Facial Feminization Surgery for Transgender men
 Breast Augmentation, Reduction, and Breast-Lift

The plastic surgery industry is making billions off of

people’s insecurities and low self-esteem. I’ve seen women
get breast implants and become unhappy with them within
months. They aren’t getting the attention they wanted.
Another woman has bigger implants than theirs. They
come back in for 2 or 3 sizes bigger, because their low self-
esteem has returned. The main people that are performing
these breast surgeries are men. Most, if not all, plastic
surgery doctors say they’ll never get plastic surgery
because they know how dangerous it is. They say elective
surgery that puts you to sleep is not worth the risk.
However, they put women at risk every single day for a
paycheck. They’re laughing all the way to the bank. So
many industries are making money off of insecure women.
Who is making these women insecure? Insecure men who
hate their mothers.

A man that wanted to look like a Ken doll had over 90

surgeries, and spent $122,092 on plastic surgery
procedures. My first question is, where did he get the
money? My second question is, what happened to the
psychological evaluation that they claim you’re supposed
to have before they can perform these procedures? The
reason he is making headlines is because he’s a man. For
every man doing this, there are thousands of women doing
this. A woman spent $30,000 to look like a Barbie Doll.
People like Michael Jackson had a Body Dysmorphic
Disorder (BDD), a psychological condition when a person
is never happy with their appearance, no matter what they
change. They always see the original person in the mirror.
Many celebrities suffer with this disorder. They allow
social media, their PR team, their label, their agency, their
peers, their fans, even their family to convince them that
they’re not enough. Some of these triggers come from
childhood trauma, sexual abuse, neglect, rejection, and

When a woman constantly changes her hair color, or her

hairstyle, or changing her style of dress, or her image is in
constant flux, she is battling a mental disorder. Whoever
she thinks she pretends to be can only hold up if someone
else approves of it. Without validation, approval, and
attention, she doesn’t exist. Body Dysmorphia is a
symptom of narcissism, a preoccupation with the self, and
the lack of identity. Their sense of self is so fragile, that
they can become suicidal if they aren’t looked at enough.
The worst thing you can do to a narcissist is ignore them.

The beauty industry knows this and uses it to its advantage.

No one should get plastic surgery for vanity, ever. If you
aren’t happy with how God made you, then you should
really take it up with him. I know that some people have
clef lips, noses that don’t allow you to breathe properly,
cysts and tumors that interfere with daily life. I’m not
talking about that. I’m talking about using plastic surgery
as a Band-Aid for low self-esteem. You’ll never get self-
esteem from altering your body through plastic surgery. All
you will get is a false sense of self that other people will
feed into, and your ego will be massive. It will constantly
need to be fed. The day your appearance doesn’t garner the
same attention it did yesterday, the ego will not be satisfied,
and the cycle of self-destruction will begin again.
Something new will not be good enough. The surgeon is
waiting with his scalpel to charge you another bill to
attempt to repair your low self-esteem. Set your watch,
because the self-loathing will return, and it’ll always return,
until you heal your original wound, which is a lack of self-
love and acceptance.

If people would spend that money on a therapist, and spend

more time alone looking in the mirror saying, “I love you”,
until they start to believe it, they would never enter a
doctor’s office to alter their beautiful selves. They’ll see
themselves the way God sees them. Absolute Perfection.

Weddings: Families spend a lot on engagement parties,

rehearsals, wedding ceremonies, receptions, dresses, shoes,
and honeymoons. The family of the bride usually ends up
footing the bill, but nowadays young couples are forced to
save their money and pay for it themselves. They can
either drink the Kool-Aid and pay too much to impress
people, or they can save that money for a downpayment on
a house.

A woman with any sense will have a backyard wedding,

and get a seamstress to whip up something original to wear.
Get grandma and aunty to cater, and have people give
money instead of any gifts. Go secondhand shopping for
furniture until you can afford what you want. People get
caught up in trying to impress people who have less than
they do. Nobody wants to be seen ruffing it, but that’s
reality. If you are in the 99th percentile of the population,
you struggle. No need to pretend that it’s not the case. If
you get married, you two will struggle together.

People that plan ahead get the benefits of enjoying a

smoother ride, than people who just live for the moment. I
spent so much money on my wedding, that I didn’t have
that exact amount in my bank account when the wedding
was over. We lost money by having a lavish wedding.
Nobody gave us anywhere near the cost of the wedding.
It’s stupid when you think that tradition will cause you to
spend $13,000 - $20,000 a day. The only people making
the money are the planners, caterers, florists, dress retailers,
DJs, hotels, bartenders, registry retailers, paper invitation
companies, photographers, videographers, and whatever
else I forgot. I’m just talking about people on a budget.
I’ve heard celebrities spending close to $1 million on a
wedding. They have the money and its more about
marketing than anything.

If I ever marry again I will not be spending all kinds of

money on something that doesn’t even matter. That money
could be used to send kids to college, to feed the homeless,
or to build a school. I just don’t believe in wasting money
for temporary things. Brides really believe that they need
to spend $450 on a wedding makeover. They think that’s
getting them ready for their big day. Their dress has the
same amount of fabric as a ball gown. I’ve seen dresses
cost $5,000, and it looks more like a slip, but because it has
some lady’s name on the tag, they buy it. I have overpaid
for items in a Wedding store, and found those same items in
another place for less, much less. They take advantage of
your blindness. You’re so caught up in the wedding blitz
that you don’t realize you’re getting inflated prices, because
you’ve already budgeted your foolishness.

A photographer costs $3,000 for a wedding, including

development of photos, and album. You could get your
friend for $300. You can develop the album yourself. We
think we’re caring for ourselves by spending more. The
food that’s being served at a wedding reception is not
delicacies from the damn moon. It’s the same chicken and
rice that you cook at your house. It’s on a china plate that
has been reused hundreds of times. The linens are reused.
The room you’re holding your reception in has housed
thousands of other events. The salad is the same lettuce in
the grocery store, but you’ll pay $100 a plate for it because
you’re “getting married”. They know you’re drunk on false
reality. I paid more for flowers on top of the table than I
ever bought for myself personally. If I had gone to the gas
station and cleaned them out of all their little cellophane
bundles, I would’ve paid ¼ the price. That’s a 75%

If people found a restaurant owner willing to share his

depot card, you can save thousands of dollars on a wedding
reception. Restaurants do not pay the same prices that we
do for groceries. I went into a restaurant depot, and what I
paid $5 for in the grocery store for 1 container, was $2 for a
pack of 4 containers. We’re the ones that don’t know that
this is all a big game. Co-op local farmers offer boxes of
seasonal fruit and vegetables for $40. The box is
overflowing, and you can ask for what you want. If
someone wanted to cater a wedding, all they would have to
do is buy 5 huge boxes of seasonal produce, and let the
magic begin. Hand that to your family, and cater easily 100
people for $2 per person.
Inviting a lot of people is also a waste of time. Not that
many people are happy for you and the love of your life.
Many of the family members and friends sitting in the
audience are just there for the food. The more people the
more chance for drama. It’s not about the up-dos, the
makeup, the dress, the photos, or the champagne. If you
and that person didn’t go get pre-marital counseling, and
find out who you’re really dealing with, you’re wasting
your money. Nothing that happens on that day will help
you when that person turns out to be the devil in disguise,
and all your photos are hanging on the wall, and you’re
trying to figure out how this evil got into your house.
Spend that money on a therapist, get down and dirty about
what you expect from them, and what they expect from
you. Here are the questions you need to ask:


1. Does he expect you to be OCD like his mother?

2. Does he expect you to baby him like his mother?
3. Will his mother be coming over trying to run your
4. Will his father be all up in your business?
5. How often does he want sex?
6. Does he watch pornography?
7. Has he ever cheated on anyone?
8. Does he snore?
9. Who will pay what bills?
10. What is his argument style, does he like to hash it out
right away, name-calling and all, or does he like to calm
down and be reasonable?
11. Do you have completely opposite conflict resolution
styles? Is he okay with that?
12. Is he violent?
13. Does he drink or do drugs? How often?
14. Does he hang out with his friends? How often?
15. Is he a morning person or night person?
16. Is he regimented or more flexible?
17. Does he have a problem with you being the opposite?
18. Is he a person that wakes up in a grumpy mood? Does
he have depression? Is he bipolar?
19. Is he prone to disappear, for hours, days, or weeks?
20. Does he have weight ideals for you?
21. Will he be comfortable with weight gain if you’re
pregnant? Will he be okay if you don’t want to have
sex while you’re pregnant?
22. How long can he go without sex before he cheats?
23. Does he have a wandering eye?
24. Does he need constant attention when you’re not
25. When he’s out of town, does he get very lonely?
26. Has he ever used a prostitute or escort?
27. Does he have a criminal record?
28. Does he have a criminal mind?
29. Are there any unhealed wounds from his past?
30. Does he have PTSD from childhood trauma?
31. How much is he like his father?
32. How much is he like his mother?
33. Do you want your children to be like them?
34. Does he have bad credit?
35. What are his retirement plans?

If you don’t have each and every one of these questions

answered, you shouldn’t even be buying a dress. Women
need to answer the same checklist from him also. Young
people just jump into things without knowing that they’re
on a diving board, bouncing up and down, and somebody
forgot to fill the pool with water. Just because you go in
blindfolded doesn’t mean you’ll be the lucky ones.
Statistics say that 50% of marriages will not last. That
means if you get married on Saturday, half the people
walking down the aisle are already divorced. I guarantee
you those people didn’t do any premarital counseling. It’s
the same kind of people that get on the road without a map
or directions. Just hoping that they’ll figure it out. That’s
immature and ignorant. They don’t want to have to walk
away, because they’re greatest fear is being alone.

I find that to be extreme laziness. It’s the same kind of

personality that crams for tests, instead of studying well in
advance. Exact same personality of a procrastinator. They
would rather “save” their energy for the final push. What
they’re really after is adrenaline. They like the excitement
of the unknown, the mystery, the lights, the cameras, the
wine, the gifts. They have no clue that once they get off
that plane from their honeymoon, shit gets real – really
quick. This person that you “love” is about to show you
what it really is, and it’s not what you saw in the brochure.

He farts, he belches, he leaves his clothes on the couch, he

leaves his wet towel on the bed, he gets mean and nasty
when things don’t go EXACTLY his way, he’s a brat, he’ll
be quick to call his mama on you, he acts just like his
father, he has unrealistic expectations, he can’t handle
consequences, he fights dirty, he walks around the house
mad for days, there is no end to his vindictiveness. Oh, you
thought he was going to show you all that before you
signed the dotted line. Now, that you live with him there is
no escape. You’re trapped, and you would rather endure
that, than learn who he was ahead of time, because that
would mean you might not get your fairy tale wedding. I
say bump the fairy tale wedding if you’re going to get a
monster after. It just takes a little bit of digging, a little bit
of investigating, a little bit of talking, to find out who
you’re dealing with. He’s not all that, just get ready for that
revelation. He’s flawed, he’s probably a liar, but if he has
enough good qualities, and he’s working on himself, you
might have a keeper.

If he looks like the perfect guy, run for the hills, because
that means he is a perfect fake. No man is perfect.
Whether God sends him from above or not. He has flaws.
One thing that is absolutely not acceptable, and is
impossible to deal with is a selfish person. Never marry a
selfish person. That person will literally drag you through
the streets. Love bomb you at first until you’re attached,
and then the rest of the marriage will be spent trying to
keep this person happy which is virtually impossible.
They’re manipulative, liars, cruel, and will make your life a
living hell. A man that has no compassion for others, no
empathy for you, is always right, never apologizes, and
always makes you the one who is crazy and can’t stand
consequences. That is not love. It will never be love, and
it can take you 20 years to get free.

Meanwhile, you have kids from this man, are stuck to him
for life, and you wonder where your youth went. He
sucked the life out of you. You had every day to figure that
out before you married this person. If you did your
research, prayed about it, asked God to give you
discernment, you probably would have thrown his ass back
into the dollar bin, because he wasn’t anywhere near the
man you deserved. He knew that. You could have had a
better man if you waited, and now your 20 years is wasted
on a man incapable of love.

Proms: A friend of mine told me that people were

spending money on their child’s 8th grade prom by renting
Rolls Royce, Bentleys, and Maserati. I thought she was
lying. She said the trend is to treat your daughter like she’s
getting married, but in middle school. Some of the girls
were wearing red bottom shoes, being brought in to the
prom with horse and carriage. Sheer dresses that costs
hundreds of dollars. As she was talking, all I could think of
was how much is in these kids’ college fund? How many
of them are going home to no food in the refrigerator or no
lights? How much did the mother have to lay, beg, borrow,
or steal to afford making her insecure daughter feel
important for one day? If my daughter asked me for that, I
would spend the rest trying to find out when and where she
lost her mind.

Many of these women are living vicariously through their

children. If you were to interview these children, you will
find that they’re not loved, not cared for, don’t receive
affection, aren’t read to, not nurtured, ignored, but pacified
through material things. The parents don’t have
confidence, they don’t know how to teach their kids to have
confidence, so they make up for it by creating these
elaborate displays. These elaborate displays are to cover up
a wound so deep, that only a Rolls Royce and a diamond
necklace can cover it. When the party is over, that same
child will return to school with the same scars. They might
be able to relive the moment a little through pictures,
online, likes, tweets, and the little clout they get peer to
peer. However, at the end of the day, that child is going
back home to an empty house, with no love, no care, no
wisdom, no identity. God forbid when they get to the 9 th
grade, they find themselves back at the bottom as a
freshman. What will they do now to get back to the top of
the food chain? Sleep with an upperclassman, do drugs,
skip school, vandalize, or wear fancier clothes?

I even heard that during the senior high school proms, girls
are getting pregnant, and not saying anything until they get
to college. Then, they have to return home. Every parent
that sends their child out to a junior high or senior prom
needs to explain the possibility of rape, teen pregnancy, and
contraception. Only an idiot would send their son or
daughter on a “date” without preparing them for the
expectations that come from that. Boys are horny. Period.
They always think they’re going to score. A woman may
think her son is “just not the type”, but he is. The girl can
easily be pressured into something she’s not ready for, and
the mother has already dressed the girl like a slut with red
lipstick, heels, and perfume. These are mating rituals.

The prom has lights, music, probably spiked punch, no

doubt drugs, and they’re not followed around the whole
time. They sneak off and do whatever they want to do.
Anyone that trusts kids to do the right thing is gambling
with their child’s life. Guys that pick up the date are more
likely to sexually assault the girl before he brings her home,
simply because she is at his mercy. The possibility of her
telling her parents is significantly reduced, especially if
they approved and liked the fool. She doesn’t want to tell
her friends, because they’re telling her how great their first
experience was, and she can’t even imagine exposing this
predator to the authorities. And for what? So her mother
can live vicariously through her, heal her own bitter past,
act like she is the prom queen, when she has her own horror
story that she never shared with anyone either.

Girls, guys, young people, need to forget about dates, and

just go to the party with their girlfriends, and just dance and
have fun. The pressure of “dates” for prom creates an
unrealistic expectation that ends in costly sorrow and


1. Do you have low self-esteem?

2. How do you improve your low self-esteem?
3. Do you encourage your children to do the same?
4. How are you showing them to have confidence?
5. Do you let your daughter dress like a slut?
6. Do you let your son ogle at girls without correction?
7. Have you talked to your children about sex, pregnancy?
8. Do you have unhealed wounds from your school days?
9. What are you doing about it?
10. Are you willing to share those with your child?
11. How much did you spend on your wedding?
12. If you are unmarried, how much will you spend?
13. Are you saving for your future?
14. Are you saving for your children’s future?
15. How much do you spend at salons?
16. What is the monetary value of your self-esteem?
17. Could you stay away from salons for 1 year?
18. Is your hair in its natural state?
19. Are you trying to look like someone else?
20. When is the first time you felt not good enough?
11. Water Sources

The human being is made up of 80 – 90% water. If you

don’t drink water, you could literally die. You can actually
go longer without food than you can water. The type of
water you drink determines how well your body works.
There are some types of water you absolutely should not

Tap Water: Depending on your city or municipality, the

water that comes out of your faucet is filled with chlorine,
fluoride, trace elements of prescription pills, urine, semen,
body waste, hormones, pesticides, bacteria, toxic metals
etc. Keep in mind that this is going on your skin when you
take a shower. It also is on your hands when you wash
them, and you’re putting it under your gumline when you
brush your teeth. Most people that take medicine will use
tap water. It’s not safe, and unless you use your own
additional filter on your faucet, you’re at the mercy of the
city. Drinking out of public water fountains is disgusting.
First of all, the handle itself is covered in germs, some kids
put their mouth on the spout, people drool on the spout and
handle, and you can smell the chlorine and taste it if you’re
not too desensitized.

Mineral Water: This water comes from underground, and

contains magnesium, calcium, manganese, and other rich
minerals. The minerals vary based on source and brand.

Spring Water: This is rainwater that has to be treated to

soften it to make it drinkable. You can actually visit these
places to collect the water yourself, and filter it yourself.

Purified Water: This water comes from different sources,

but goes through a purification process. It’s usually cheap,
and you can buy it at the grocery store. It’s basically
bottled tap water. There’s nothing “pure” about it.

Distilled Water: Water that is retrieved by reverse

osmosis, meaning it removes ions, and other molecules
from drinking water. Minerals and salts are removed, and
you can drink it after this distillation process. The more
distilled it is, the more expensive it is. You can distill at

Artesian Water: This water has a claim that it has never

been touched by human hands. That it came straight from
the source right to you. People like that because it feels
like they’re not being contaminated. It’s still in a plastic
bottle, but the taste is definitely something you would
appreciate. It basically tastes like nothing, which is
assuring for people.

Alkaline Water: The market is now full of specialty

waters that claim to have a pH of 7.7+ or higher. This is
supposed to make your body more alkaline. Waters natural
pH is 7.0+/-, and anything that is lower than that is
supposed to promote disease because it’s acidic. However,
candida thrives in an alkaline environment, so these waters
could fix a problem or create a bigger problem.

Infused Water: I personally like fruit-infused water,

especially one brand that has found a way to make it seem
like you’re drinking something sweet, but you’re not. They
aren’t all the same though. Some of them have extra
chemicals that you’re not sure of. Everything that says
vitamin-infused or vitamin-rich could have a ton of sugar in
it. Also, the vitamin content could be so miniscule, it’s not
even worth mentioning. It’s a gimmick, but you have to do
your research. Some water is lined with toxic packaging
that totally negates any positive benefits. Let every bottle
of water prove to you that it’s worth your money. Read it,
because it’s the fuel that makes your body work best. You
are what you drink. Be the best water.

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Inga Ambrosia