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Tezra Deaton

Technology in Education
Dr. Orr

Research Tool using Mullins Library

Journal Article: Using knowledge of the past to improve education today: US education history
and policy making, Maris A. Vinovskis, Paedagogica historica, 2015, Volume 51, Issue 1-2.
In this article they discuss using the past to improve education. We constantly refer to history in
making decisions for the future. By learning about the past we can work on improving and
learning from mistakes made. It is also important to know where we started from so we can
strive for better in the future. The role history plays in education is important and vital.

Dissertation: On Teaching American History: Major Problems in Secondary Instruction, Grace

Sokolow, Lehigh University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2011.
In this dissertation Grace questions how, young Americans are deeply injured by their
incomplete and incorrect understandings of their history. She focuses on the use of outdated and
incorrect textbooks used to teach American History and the effects that it has on students. She
questions the way American history is taught in classrooms and the students understanding.
Including patriotism and its place in education she moves toward final thoughts. In the end she
offers solutions to the problems she sees in the education system regarding American history and
how it is being taught in secondary education settings.

Video: History Class 1: Plan for Progression

Producer – Institution: Double Exposure/Flashback TV
Publisher: Teachers TV/UK Department of Education
Release Date: 2006

Genre: Instructional Material

Book: Teaching history with film: strategies for secondary social studies, Alan S. Marcus, New
York: Routledge 2010.
The book teaches strategies to teach history using film as a secondary source, movies as a
primary source and to teach empathy.

Reference: Rethinking Homework : Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs, Cathy Vatterott,
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, 2009.
Cathy Vatterott addresses the issues and benefits of homework while trying to discover if
homework is still beneficial in our changing world.