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Juneteenth is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come while

We are making real-world impact that affects

assessing how far we still have to go. June 19, 1865, changed the life
the lives of everyday Black people.
trajectories of enslaved Black people across the country. On that day, news
that the Civil War had ended and that the enslaved were now free finally
reached Galveston, Texas. This opened up a world of opportunities denied to
generations of Black people — the people who were forced to build this
country, fought for centuries to end legalized slavery and paved the way for
us with their blood, sweat, and tears. We owe it to them to keep up the
fight until we are all fully free.

Over the years, Color Of Change has been able to make a transformative
difference on a variety of issues thanks to the commitment of generous
Donate $4 to keep building our capacity to win
supporters like you, who gave their time, money, or both toward fighting
real change.
the many injustices that plague Black people throughout the country. We
have been victorious in our media, culture and economic justice campaigns, DON AT E!

from calling out Disney over Princess Tiana’s skin being lightened to getting
white supremacists banned from Facebook. Collectively, we are making a real-world impact that affects the lives of
everyday Black people.

Today, we are asking you to support our continued work toward ending racial injustices with a donation of $4.

In the last year alone, the Media, Culture and Economic Justice team has won some amazing changes, including:

1. BART surveillance reform (2018) - Color Of Change and our partners successfully advocated for legislation that prohibits
secret surveillance and gives Bay Area residents the tools to block new surveillance programs.
2. SF facial recognition ban (2019) - Color Of Change and our partners worked to pass legislation in San Francisco banning
discriminatory facial recognition technology.
3. Kicked Alex Jones off Spotify (2018) - We got Spotify to kick Alex Jones and InfoWars off the platform for pushing white
nationalist conspiracy theories.
4. Facebook civil rights audit (2018) - We got Facebook to commit to an independent civil rights audit examining all the
ways Facebook has failed Black people.
5. Facebook bans white nationalism (2019) - We got Facebook to enact a new policy banning white nationalism from the
6. Keep the polls open, Randolph County (2018) - In the face of Georgia's campaign to suppress Black votes, we stopped
Georgia from closing polls in majority Black Randolph County.
7. Drop R. Kelly (2019) - We pushed RCA to drop R. Kelly from its record label and pushed Spotify and Tidal to introduce
"Block" buttons so users could mute R. Kelly.
8. California net neutrality (2018) - We helped pass net neutrality protections in California, ensuring millions of people have
access to a free and open internet.
9. Princess Tiana (2018) - We got Disney to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to un-whitewash Princess Tiana in
“Wreck-It Ralph 2.”
10. Stop the College Board from erasing Black history (2018) - We got the College Board to reverse its decision to erase
Black history from its AP World History course.

As we take this time to celebrate the progress we have collectively made in making the world a more just place for Black
people, we also acknowledge more work needs to be done — which is why Color Of Change has invested in expanding the
Media, Culture and Economic Justice team. In just the last month, we’ve added two full-time staffers to the team to push for
and achieve even more real-world change for our communities. This Juneteenth, help fund our media, culture and economic
justice work as we continue to build this movement.

Donate $4 to keep building our capacity to win real change.

In honor of those who paved the way, we must continue the fight.

Until justice is real,

Brandi, Rashad, Arisha, Evan, Johnny, Sareya, Eesha, Samantha, Marcus, FolaSade and the rest of the Color of Change team

Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political
change. Help keep our movement strong.

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