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Personal Pronouns

Rewrite the paragraph below using personal pronouns.

Alvin said Alvin was hungry. Lily said Lily was hungry too. When Mrs Homer
hear that Alvin and Lily were hungry, Mrs Homer gave Alvin and Lily a piece of
cake each. Alvin and Lily thanked Mrs Homer politely.

Possessive Pronouns
Rewrite the paragraph below using possessive pronouns.

Siti had a new watch. She couldn’t believe it was Siti’s. It was given by
Siti’s brother as a birthday present. He had bought it using Siti’s brother’s own
pocket money. Siti’s friends complimented Siti’s new watch because they
thought it was beautiful. Siti’s watch’s frame was pink, which was Siti’s favourite
colour. She became quite proud of Siti’s new watch. One day at the canteen, she
dropped it. Unfortunately, a dishonest boy found it and gave it to the dishonest
boy’s brother to wear. Siti never saw Siti’s watch again.

Read the sentences below. Try and find out who or what is referred to by the

Sentence Reference Noun
Exampl Alina is my friend. She likes to play tennis. She Alina
e My the writer’s
The athletes have finished the game. They
look tired.

Hazmi took a bite of his apple. “It is

delicious!” He said.

Amira and Azmil were sleepy in class. So

Mrs Wong told them to wash their faces.
Fahmi and I are good friends. We play the
same sports in school.
My cousin Shirley lives in China. She sends
an email to me once a week.
Let’s go to a party this weekend. It will be
Myra and Jason are sibilings. They have a
puppy. It is called Panda.
JK Rowling is a famous author. She is well-
known for her Harry Potter series.