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Mobile application –

 Improve customer engagement

- Customer helpdesk – for customers to get in touch with the organization
 To improve the business –

What is shop floor

 an area where people and machines work together to run the business

why shop floor automation is required –

 to monitor the activities accurately

 to know and monitor the material status
 to calculate machine and labour usages
 to allocate the resources
 improve shop floor operations

what could be the challenges –

 equipment failure
 collection of sensitive data of machines and shop floor labours
 accuracy of the information
 information loss
 regulation

benefits of automation –

 99% visibility of shop floor

 Efficient and streamlined operations
 Reduced cycle time
 Data driven quality and production
 Improved efficiency of supervisors and managers
 Effective reporting
 Accurate usage of machine / labour / time
 Proper allocation of resources
 Reduced labour and machine cost
 Less production downtime
 Predictive analysis

Areas where IoT can help –

 Data-Driven Decision Making

- Collecting the data within the shop floor and across the locations for cumulative working
- When combined with analytics, organization get better insights,
- optimize plant operations,
- reduce defects and
- perform preventative maintenance.
 Monitor and measure asset performance
- Predict and prevent accidental failures of machines
- Schedule and execute downtime and maintenance without loosing the productivity
- Record and monitor the power consumption